Search engine optimization is so simple thing.

search engine ranking pursuit

when have a comprehensive understanding of Shanghai dragon, we will reflect on the search engine, the mass of web search results appear in the page and show what is the purpose to the user. What we need is a web site traffic, why a lot of people I know are very hot words still hesitate to optimize, because once the word optimization do go up can bring a lot of traffic to your site. In many webmaster eyes, the flow is money. Like Sina, the Sohu the portal is not care about the search engine rankings, they care about is the site visits, of course this is somebody else has the brand value of the website. Many farsighted webmaster can not only in the search engine rankings, usually I see a lot of the site’s ranking is not necessarily good, but they flow is very much. It is that they know what they need, their optimization promotion is no longer a search engine but the real needs of the people. They will have a forum, micro-blog these platforms more intuitive display their own website, to the pursuit of the flow.


first heard Shanghai dragon is confused, because not get involved in this industry, when know it is search engine optimization, this thing is still very confused. Modern everyone’s habits are not understand to ask the love of Shanghai, as China search engine giant love Shanghai will be based on their own algorithm, for each site in the Internet ranking, every webmaster will want their website has a good ranking, so there will be more people to visit, this needs webmaster for their site optimization ranking. In a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er have some of their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon, some people think that Shanghai dragon just copy and paste machine, which can be said this is their understanding of the deviation, believe that most beginners think is by all means will do their own site ranked the best. In fact, Shanghai dragon can be said to be a science, our understanding of it is gradually deepening. Have a goal in each of the Shanghai dragon Er heart, and in different stages of the pursuit of purpose is different.

site traffic quest

Considering the conversion rate of the pursuit of < >

believe that many novice including the author, are with great enthusiasm in just in the Shanghai dragon industry, because we will be your site’s ranking of the success to feel a sense of accomplishment, is the way we are obviously on the internet. We may not have too much to think about why the site’s ranking will sit, we care about is how the application optimization method is more obvious, we are concerned with the snapshot of our website has not been updated, are not included in the chain increases, is what kind of situation and so on. We want to know what is the purpose of our website, the website to promote their things, to know the Internet platform, where the search engine is the people’s living habits, so do the ranking will increase the site degree of concern, also achieved promotion effect.

Wait for the joking Shanghai Longfeng black June website was inexplicably right down

I said: This is not necessarily, the server nets of others say occasionally not open, although the west is commonplace, perhaps not. The website you are collected?

said: I love Shanghai should know this, you first light designated

also talked a lot, but some things are of no great importance, in fact, in the chat, you can see that each website webmaster, more or less will do some illegal operation of the Shanghai dragon! Even if you do not, there are uncertain factors. As the server and so on, most of you have is not the technology to maintain, and IDC business, so many of their customers, how can you walk around, leaving the program, webmaster can do is wait for the only.

I ask: your site is the original

site is down right after you call love Shanghai


Hello, Zhu Weikun for a long time not to contribute, today to write an article on the June 22nd batch site is love Shanghai right down the topic! On this topic, originally did not want to write what, because too many people the right to be reduced, but all this is not an accidental phenomenon, 1:30 would not what good results! So wrote an article to commemorate it, after all the many friends, have experience, half of the station will fall right.



A Jun: my article eighty percent of the original, often are collected, said the gas, many people reproduced, are not URL, Kun brother, is this love was collected, Shanghai do not know from where the original


a lot of stationmaster, the first reaction of abuse, love Shanghai and convulsions, of course, there are dozens more scolding father rude! Not advocating such practice, first of all, Zhu Weikun thought to the question and answer form to let everyone see:

of course, the site was collected, and it is also one of a very big factor, like a man, I know someone, I read his article, very touching, and never see in other places, because of understanding, so I decided that was his original article. After a period of time, I went to another site, see the same article, because they do not know.

A: Jun Kun brother, website ranking didn’t drop, the weight does not fall in love with the sea. Daily snapshot, included is normal. This is how

I said: This is not necessarily, perhaps there are other reasons, how is your web server

! ?

A Jun: Eighty percent of the original, occasionally see good articles reprinted here, is this love Shanghai to know

A gentleman: server good, has been very stable, with the west, a week, up to one or two times is not open, looking for their Western customer service, make it open, it will lead to the server site ranking

? off?

Cai Wensheng really understand the industry VC, in order to find a good entrepreneurOnly 99read Autu

99read book O Temegumi, nearly a thousand kinds of books to 1 yuan, 3 yuan, 5 yuan, more exclusive my surprise price, 61% off 50 percent off books back, infinite value!  

The number of

1. from living to living for the sake of dreams. Like China’s first generation of Internet entrepreneurs, 90% are in order to make money, in order to improve their lives. But now the situation is somewhat different, many people are already in a large company to get stock cash and then out of business, these entrepreneurs consider certainly is no longer a question of survival is to a more ideal, in order to change the entire community and change the environment.

2. from personal heroism to teamwork. In the early days of the Internet, some entrepreneurs were able to rely on one person’s ideas and ideas for a big company, but this stage is becoming increasingly difficult. By comparison, if an entrepreneur can organize a team and coordinate more people, you will have a higher chance of success.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

in addition to entrepreneurs, China’s VC industry is also undergoing great changes.

2.VC began to fight together. In the current entrepreneurial environment and venture capital environment, if you want a good project to develop rapidly, it needs institutions to fight together. If you can have two or three good organizations, please

chatted with an entrepreneur the other day, talking about VC, and the other side came with a "VC must die"". When I heard it, it seemed exaggerated, but because we were not talking about VC at that time, we didn’t talk further from this angle.

3., when the Internet becomes a nationwide service, competition among Internet companies will become more intense. Between the previous Internet business is more competitive in this industry within the competition, we often see is a war of words, online abuse, these are actually the primary competition. In many traditional industries, competition is far more fierce and cruel. As the next Internet start-ups have not limited to the Internet in this circle, so entrepreneurs will also face comprehensive competition.

1.VC changes from less to less. Cai Wensheng recalled the day when he went to see IDG in 2004, a day and night without sleep, because there were too few investors in china. But now things are quite different. It’s easy for an entrepreneur to see investors. A good entrepreneur can even choose an investor or an investor.

address: weiyi/

but that doesn’t stop you. Entrepreneurs and investors around me are getting more and more. If you are in China’s Internet industry, I think you should feel the same way. As a well-known entrepreneurs and investors, Cai Wensheng in innovation works will share some heroes yesterday for his China Internet entrepreneur and VC situation change view. In my view, this partly explains the seemingly exaggerated conclusion of the article.

in Cai Wensheng’s view, China’s entrepreneurs are undergoing 3 major changes.

Simple web design helps you to attract customers

recently, a lot of e-commerce sites put a lot of information on the landing page. While they are "an immense number of books" logic is simple: the more information, more users. Unfortunately, people who shop online are always very picky.

Jacob Nielson reports that Internet users are becoming more and more impatient in the selection and purchase process. They don’t spend their time looking for information on the basis of categories or product introductions, and most people prefer to use a convenient search engine. If the user can’t find what he wants, the transaction will fail.

makes simple web design a key, especially when you need to sell, which allows users to find information faster. If a web page is filled with lots of useless text, widget or unrelated products, then the page can be said to be void.

, however, some e-commerce sites are just the opposite. They like to "blossom more", in order to give potential users as many choices as possible, and add a lot of useless information, advertising and irrelevant products to the web page. Rather than a clear web page, a product.

less products mean more attention to

many Internet companies may forget the basic rule of e-commerce: the simpler the online shopping, the better. You can buy DVD at a few clicks of the mouse at Amazon, and no one wants to drive for a few kilometers to buy. If the shopping process is simple and quick, the customer won’t even mind spending more money or waiting for some time.


Apple Corp has mastered the art of "minimalism design. If you open their home page, you’ll only see three things:

* a simple top navigation

* a product of the main part

* in the reflection section of the product related link

in addition to the standard footer navigation, the entire home page consists of only three parts. Here is a web page that hits a product (as iPhone).


on the product page, you’ll be able to see what this page is about at first glance: iPhone. The product itself occupies most of the page, surrounded by the features of the new iPhone and some applications. But more importantly, we need to know nothing on this page:

* unrelated products

* irrelevant sidebar ads

* excessive repetitions of

* messy typography

Apple Corp displays enough information with a comfortable page. There’s nothing wrong with displaying a lot of information just to make it look less. So you can see all of them too

Open shop to make money and coup 4 points to help you find a good source!

want to start a business, want to shop, in the end there is no faster and better way? Now there are a lot of entrepreneurs is the first choice in the online open, either online or entity, the supply is very important, especially on the Internet, online shop to make money tips, also is the low cost, and this one, to find high quality and inexpensive goods is not yet.

a cargo because of its quality, style, price and other advantages, has been the online marketing "pet". Hundreds of dollars in foreign brand-name goods, the price is only a few hundred dollars online, many buyers have a bell. Miss Zhang Shanghai from 2000 started a smooth channel, because the added products follow the trend, 4 years for millions.

2, brand shop to make money trick stock is the meat and potatoes of

3, foreign goods shop to make money trick

bring high profits

High tech Zone Innovation entrepreneurs on the same stage PK 7 projects stand out

innovation and entrepreneurship more and more fiery, more and more scientific and technological personnel to actively enter the entrepreneurial team, therefore, the competition between entrepreneurs is also increasingly fierce. High tech Zone Innovation entrepreneurs on the same stage PK, 7 winning projects will receive interest free loans or equity investments.

we developed open industrial robot teaching is a miniature for six joint robot teaching and research." "We developed a 3D fitting mirror."……

3 month 31, the city of science and technology to cultivate a small giant special venture venture weekly travel activities held in the High-tech Zone International Business incubator. High tech Zone 20 innovative venture projects on the same stage PK, after fierce competition, the project comes to the fore, will receive a maximum of $300 thousand interest free loans or not more than $200 thousand of public equity investment.

It is reported that

"next week, the venture capital activities will continue in the conditions of the counties, parks, public record space, incubator development." Event organizers responsible person, but also through online promotion, project guidance, under the line and other forms of cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship to provide more support and services.




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Integrity hospitality allows customers to attract customers

the same products, different times, different operating markets, operating conditions will be different, such as low-grade smoke. Now low-grade cigarettes less and less, and occasionally a few weeks a few, I believe we are also no longer sell. However, there is a next door of the female customers, in other places to buy a similar cigarette, deliberately go from my door, said, "you sell so expensive, I can buy two people in the other two!"

heard that, at that time I was really afraid for a moment, "not ah, the other sister family how still here with me to buy it cheap, they will not buy, and five cents are about two dollars, will be completely indifferent?"

shopper is approaching, although few low-grade tobacco, but the whole buy, I will free a lighter, said under his mind.

a few days later, they together JieMenEr still come to buy one, I still get a lighter, she did not like other places I can say cheap two dollars, but with a lighter she has to say "thank you", then I think her a female customer is definitely in fooled me.

indeed, a few days later, the self proclaimed I sell your customers, the house said: "I have a right, can you give two lighter?"


" is to take care of everyone, the end of the low end of the cigarette is in short supply, I this extra gift, many places have not yet."

"line, ah, there is a better than no strong, one also line ah."

listen to what she says, and break her two cents in the other provinces.

people often say that the customer is God, the customer, sometimes may not believe, they may say hidden opportunities; but sometimes it is not the whole letter, in your home and said to his home to his home is cheap, say your home is cheap, they caught businesses reluctant to lose the customers’ psychology in order to buy their own things less dig a few dollars.

business can not be changed because of the customer’s words, but should not do something without integrity, it will only destroy the reputation of the store, the store’s long-term operation does not help. So, as long as the owner of the general manager in good faith, honest treatment of customers, and then seize the opportunity to grasp the market, will be able to define their own business ideas. Customers can do some reference or thinking, but do not be some lucky customers around your direction!

90 girls Chen Xiaomin operating rules

everyone has their own set of rules to do business, and this criterion is effective, the reality is the best test criteria. For 90 girls Chen Xiaomin, their business approach is undoubtedly very effective, it is worth insisting on their own. So, after the 90 girls is how to run their own shops, what kind of business rules?

customer: "boss, this’ golden leaf ‘Zha rose 5 wool, close to 10 yuan?"

Chen Xiaomin: "Sir, this is a national unified market price. Otherwise, you will receive 11 yuan, and then give you a $1 lighter."

"look, the lighter looks like it’s made less, but the price of cigarettes has been recognized and a customer has been stabilized." Chen Xiaomin explained to reporters.

this is an interview with reporters in Shaanxi, Hanyin cigarette retail customers Chen Xiaomin scene. Chen Xiaomin is 24 years old this year, is currently the only "90" retail customers, she operated "Meiyijia store" is also the only 24 hour convenience store. Talking about Chen Xiaomin, cigarette client manager Chen Xianan commented: she is a very thoughtful girl, the idea of doing business is very capricious, many people can not think."

Chen Xiaomin grew up in the countryside, is the only daughter. In the traditional concept of the local people, she is not a good education and did not marry the girl. Chen Xiaomin after graduating from high school, "willful" to go to the south to work, the end of the plate, put a stall, selling mask. Go home until the end of last year, overheard her parents talking about neighbors and say "look at their home girl", behind the talk of nature is not too good, she realized that nearly 60 years of parents under a lot of pressure of public opinion.

over the years, after some reflection, Chen Xiaomin and capricious, took out their parents to prepare their own 70 thousand yuan dowry, opened a convenience store in Hanyin county. Chen Xiaomin said: "at that time in my mind only one idea, to be admitted, let ‘see people after the neighborhood girl."!"

after intense preparations, in March of this year, Chen Xiaomin convenience store opened. In the operation of Chen Xiaomin is more capricious: first, 24 hours of business. This is a lot of people do not keep shop, Hanyin County as a poor county, spending power is very weak, at 10 on the back of the street there are few pedestrians, where the business? Followed by small shops. There are not many kinds of goods, but she is also a part of the goods shelves. This and the convenience store "complete varieties, commodity rich" business philosophy does not match it? Here, the author also doubts.

in the reporter’s questioning, Chen Xiaomin leaked secret". There are two KTV near the shop, as well as the night market, although the traffic is small, but only after 11 p.m.

Cost analysis of a small dry cleaners

is now in the winter, but also in the middle of the year, the dry cleaner business is a good season, in such a season, the dry cleaners to make money, then how much cost? In fact, according to the dry cleaners or dry cleaners to determine the size of the. How much does it cost to open a small dry cleaner?

but because of dry cleaning costs will be affected by many factors, the investment scale of different dry cleaners, dry cleaners, the cost is not the same, as long as investors according to their own situation and market demand in a reasonable investment, can greatly reduce the cost of investment. How much does it cost to open a small dry cleaner? Investors only need to spend more than 5-8 million to open a small dry cleaners.

How much money to open a small shop in

? There are a lot of investors are on the way to join the dry cleaners, another is self cleaners, if choose self driving small dry cleaners, the investment cost is generally around one hundred thousand, all have to investors to arrange in the shop before and after moreover, such a small shop in the market can not be competitive, it would be easy to be eliminated by the market.

How much money to open a small shop in

? Is estimated 50 thousand to 80 thousand yuan, but if you choose to Hefei, the estimated price also cheaper



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Hefei City Bureau of Lin Yuan added more glasses

spring, Hefei Luyang district has also undergone a great change, because many flower appeared in Hefei’s major streets, to bring more people to know. Red flowers, green trees, green grass, art to be matched, a beautiful landscape of the road came out. Yesterday, Jianghuai morning news, JAC reporter learned from the Hefei District of Luyang municipal green tube.


Office official told reporters, according to the Hefei Municipal Bureau and the Lin Yuan Committee of civilization in the city to carry out "beautiful Hefei colorful flower" 2017 flower road race, the area will be selected 20 plots meticulously, total area of over 4800 square meters.


border relying on the construction of main road intersection island and street greenbelt existing landscape, using low shrubs, perennial flowers, flower bulbs, one or two year old flowers and some ornamental grass art in landscape, natural and harmonious color, rich landscape level, seasonal changes obviously do articles.

"we strive to achieve a flower a theme, such as" Ying Road green belt, with the change of wood, red iron, Dracaena, Verbena, lavender, flowers and other plants to funnel the theme of "brilliant purples and Reds" flower. Linquan road and canal road junction with four green guitar carving, leaves, flowers, Chlorophytum Phnom Penh, Shima Mihito, Daisy and so create the melody of spring "theme landscape. It is understood that next month, people can feel the value of the island’s head out of the house to change.

in Luyang District, people see a different beauty, it deserves more attention, the majority of consumers optimistic. The new glasses Distribution in the Enron Oasis (four miles southeast of Guzhen and the River Road), Bozhou Road (North Huanjiaokou North), including North Road and Fuyang Road intersection, food market road bridge, Fengtai Road (and the intersection of the northeast corner of Lu), Linquan road and four mile Canal Road intersection, Shouchun Road, Ying Road (Ying Road and north northeast corner), a Huanjiaokou Rui garden, Guzhen Road (Lu and the northwest corner of the intersection), Lu (Linquan road and Cross Island Head).

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