Discussion for the love of Shanghai ranked the how to solve the floating

home page we want to find what are the causes of website ranking floating so much, so that it can make the site to continue to operate it.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er there will be some mistakes, when the operation site optimization such as: Keywords accumulation, back chain, link, link, a large number of garbage foundation optimization is done in place; whether the use of black hat means, these issues will be on the site keywords ranking factors have direct effect; so we need to check a website every detail there is no problem.

second: love Shanghai

when we query your web site details, and found no problem what no what changes recently. Then we can preliminary considered love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, so our ranking will change so much.


: the first

website itself if there is a problem?


we can know about the four pictures above website keywords ranking changes is how terrible, at 100, temporarily returned home, a ranking by.

ranking query:

April ranking query:

often it is easy to ignore the website details, such as the presence of the plate every page appears, then the similarity between pages will increase, the search engine will be filtered to repeat the page will not be included. Keywords accumulation: people will know, a lot of key words written on the website three labels inside; such as: "Shenzhen | reflow reflow reflow | producer | reflow welding equipment this is accumulated obviously, a keyword in the title is not to try to control the repeated more than two times; keywords accumulation will lead to the existence of a large number of spam sites.

recently everyone feel their sites are changed to reflect the change, the ranking is the most concerned today; query keywords ranking when found on the home page, second days when the query is not found in the home, be in the second page; or direct 100 abroad and this situation is found from the beginning of March, until now. Including our Guang Sheng De website also encounter this kind of situation, here I come to see the data we Guang Sheng De site and ranking floating change;

there are some other details such as: page optimization; information is complete, the home page layout is concise, title, description, keywords (product page, the article page, column page and other pages; don’t duplicate information, >)


1. web based optimization is done in place of

algorithm in adjustments

we face the problem of ranking floating

, how to solve? This is March

Shanghai Longfeng optimization key inside and outside the double site

in the process of the optimization of the website, the website chain is the most webmaster to do. But how can the chain do? What is the high quality of the chain? Why is the competition included and the chain is not my opponent, ranking is in front of me? This is a webmaster has been unable to get it. In fact, the website chain has two functions, one, improve website ranking, from search engine. Two, improve the site traffic and exposure. Therefore, the chain is not only their own website links sent so simple. You have to consider the release.

The internal structure of

website construction, keywords creative and setting is to consider various factors, not only do the survey of the whole market and competitors, and the correct analysis of their main business. Therefore, it requires the staff, both have enough writing skills, but also have a clear market analytical mind, more important is also very familiar with their own business.

website "repair", that is to optimize the site outside the chain.

The 1,

Shanghai Phoenix are so familiar to everyone involved in Internet service of the people, but also so mysterious. The network video teaching materials and the Shanghai dragon flying all over the sky, on the Shanghai dragon skills and knowledge, the rhetoric is not a. What is the right way? How to optimize it right? Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the specific operation in the end should be what look like? Here, to search the optimization of the website, senior engineer, Shanghai dragon network marketing planning positions along the edge to remind you that Shanghai dragon optimization is the essence of "Neiwaijianxiu", Shanghai dragon optimization principle is "content is king, the chain for the emperor".

framework, this is the art with technology convergence, make the website structure clear at a glance, give a person a kind of pleasure to read. If it is not good to do so this site will not have too much attention. So a website to have the basic foundation. Only lay a solid foundation for well, basically this website has been on the verge of success. In the combination of foreign propaganda of the site optimization can be successful even if Shanghai dragon.

website "inside", namely the optimization of the site itself. Including:

website is to edit the internal keywords by participation, and participation in technology. The editor and technology together to pave the road for the search engine, search engine can make in your website crawling smoothly and, more to grab your site information.

Reasonable layout of

4, the content of the websiteThe

2, the website internal links and pictures.

Optimization of

3, the website internal keywordReasonable layout of the

site keywords, title and

site itself optimization focus on the optimization of the content, website content to the original content, writing to meet Shanghai Longfeng keyword layout, website content to attract people, but also to attract search engine.

optimizationWe must take into account the work site optimization after Optimization of

A comprehensive analysis of some of the reasons of the site is down right

we know that a regular website down right reasons include:


clear down the right site, you will not fall into the search engine optimization and misunderstanding; your optimization is to do the real Shanghai dragon or do a devastating Shanghai dragon? This needs everyone at work constantly learning and experience.

we know that the chain is conducive to a reasonable increase keyword ranking improvement and stability; so what is reasonable to increase the chain? The chain is the chain should be reasonable from a website user perspective to increase, rather than a webmaster perspective to deliberately increase the chain. Single chain such as let search engine is questionable, because if it is website users to a website to vote if not may only be home to vote, it is more useful to me to vote ". Of course, this is just one aspect of how to increase the chain we need to constantly sum up experience, find more effective methods from the web user’s point of view. When it comes to single chain, personal use of a skycc combination marketing software, it has a huge release of effective external chain resources, we can make the site chain quickly to sending a variety of different sites, the formation of the diversity of the chain, we can try to look at the use of.


this point the author is deep, the establishment of the use of two domain names for different site content, which made each other, and in the chain.

1, the site server is not stable

6, frequently modify site title or revision

content increase of

but some people did not pay attention to the site right down to the familiar reason:

3, two domain names are not reasonable to use

according to the survey, not necessarily included more than page rankings is good, on the contrary there are some small sites included page can get good rankings. Why? A website is useful for users to see whether in fact this website overall page facing users with the help of some websites, although only a few hundred or even dozens of pages but these pages to the user is valuable, the search engine will give the site a good ranking. How long from the direction to do this one? We need to regularly increase the content of the website. The content of the website does not increase law why would be down right? Imagine, if the law can not increase the content of the website that this site is not a professional website, no dedicated staff to manage? Then the search engine will think this website content is not valuable.

2, website content quality and low

1, the chain increased unreasonable

3, website optimization is not reasonable


4, the black take Shanghai dragon

site outside the chain of unstable

The site of the internal links in the process of Shanghai dragon design

four, the chain of keywordsKeywords within the chain

three, chain number

chain is often webmasters ignored, always thought that as long as it links back to the home page, or a link to their website page on the line, what is more lightly chain, don’t consider spiders and user experience, when they entered into by this page and this page no relationship feel. This experience and spiders are very friendly to the user, the bounce rate will also affect the site keywords ranking, therefore, the internal structure of the website must through reasonable inside chain them together. For example, you update the article to the "Links" as the anchor text to make a connection, you can add "Shanghai Dragon: Links choice" of such links.

many people do within the chain will often make such mistakes as soon as possible: if you want to improve the site’s ranking, will try as soon as possible to improve web page ranking, the website of the internal links are linked to the site’s home page, that can increase the weight of your home page, for example, you update the article "Links" anchor text direct chain back to the home page, but if the internal links throughout your website, do not ask what is the word chain back to the home page, you imagine that there will be what kind of situation? Website the internal structure of the so-called natural is a mess, whether a spider or users will only enter the web page, and other page but no channel can enter.

of a web site may have a lot of, or are concentrated at what point, then, requires you to put these keywords within the chain of reasonable distribution well, in general, an article in the same.

is a website with natural keywords you want to do, but on the page, link to do a few words more suitable for? In this regard, personally think that a word link is enough, but when the keyword appears for the first time, if the same keywords do too many words, search engine is the same some may think that you are cheating, so as to reduce the weight of your site, this The loss outweighs the gain.. For example, you in the "Shanghai Dragon: Links choice" article, do the anchor text can be in the "Links" appeared for the first time, the following is not necessary to do the same link.

chain back to the home page of

, a chain of correlationThe

In two,

Reasonable distribution of

has been and we say that the chain is very important! According to industry statistics: the chain probably accounted for the entire web site keywords ranking factors 25%, as in other content, anchor text, chain and other factors is not much to say. Since the construction of the chain is so important, so we have a good grasp of the chain site? In improving the weight site, everyone in good use in the chain? In fact, the site within the chain is organically organized to link between the web pages and pages, browse and crawl the user convenient spider. You said some of the practices below and emphatically and points in the chain.

Some do website user experience is the need to pay attention to

3, website visitors choose to reduce the window,

love Shanghai released "love" sea search quality white paper ", I also carefully looked at, in fact, love Shanghai no matter how to change, or cannot do without the user experience of this standard, in this paper, I share with you is recently for some experience of feelings, and hope to communicate with you to the

to do a simple web site, simple does not mean simple, need some elements have, can let visitors find the information, so that visitors can easily fill out the registration information or submit orders online, etc.. To see the clear structure of website visitors at a glance, can easily access the site, not looking for a long time could not find information for.

1, simple but not simple, convenient for visitors is the hard truth

before we have been emphasizing the content of the web site to the original, but now more attention should be paid to the content is not valuable, now also released "love love Shanghai" sea search quality white paper "also emphasized the value of this point. If you always boast in the article and boast, visitors actually do not know whether it is true, there is no way to determine what visitors from content. Compared with these empty articles, want to clear, is more valuable than a visitor product data and attribute display, supplemented by a large number of customers can really attract visitors to the case.

estimated that many enterprises in the construction site, will tell the designer, beautiful atmosphere must be done and what kind of website to the atmosphere was beautiful? This is not what a fixed standard, actually by each enterprise boss love what kind of style, but generally speaking, are required make that picture display more or there is a station of flash animation. Such elements may be combined, visually very good-looking, but obviously the site is not what substantive content, but also influence the website open speed.

2, pay attention to the construction of website, valuable content to create high conversion website

data is the most authoritative thing, want to improve website traffic and conversion, a taste of the original release is certainly not, must have to be able to help visitors where the authenticity of data and answer type articles to support products and services, which is one of the value of the content. Only valuable content will really led to the conversion of the

visitors to visit our website to see valuable information, what is valuable information, of course, is useful for them, they can help information. If the home page is all some not essential pictures or ZhengZhan flash visitors, a long time could not find the key information, then who will continue to watch.


my own time to visit other sites, in fact, is not the most objectionable website open speed is slow, but too many websites pop, some >

to improve!

The website of Shanghai Longfeng introductory tutorial optimization


written note: different website page description can not be repeated, describing the content and the page content is highly correlated; fluent, concise statement to attract click; key words, core keywords in front, with more long tail word, but not malicious accumulation of keywords; reasonable repeat keywords, keyword appears 5 times, the auxiliary keyword appears 1 times.

Selection and optimization of

5, and UR>


1, 3-5

For example:

1. site title (title) website optimization: different pages can not be repeated title, title content and page content are highly relevant, without the use of special symbols, not accumulation limit [love Shanghai 30 Chinese characters, Google 32 Chinese characters];

3, each channel column page set 2-3 keywords;

optimization and selection to welcome you here to view, we say the layout of the key words:

3. (keywords): Web page selected different keywords cannot be repeated, no accumulation of keywords, generally written about 3-5, keyword and page content is highly correlated between keywords and symbols with a comma "," English; of course, now the Shanghai Long Fenggao hands are not set up key words

2 and channel column page keywords closely related;

2. description (description) is written: refining summary of the contents of web search engine, the importance of description is far greater than keywords, description to write a good, can improve the site rankings, improve the user clicks, the website can not keywords but not without description.


key once identified, do not easily modify the above three labels, or the consequences of

4, each article page corresponding to a

is the master of Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge, is one of the necessary conditions, website construction is simple without bullets, how to shoot birds? Today Guangzhou Shanghai dragon will give you a share of basic knowledge and the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon tutorial, novice Shanghai dragon and Phoenix should carefully read the following content, that will give you help.


home page keywords setBetween

site step label title, description, keywords:



keyword optimizationKeywords

control: 70 Chinese character words, no more than 100 characters Chinese;

, a Shanghai based Phoenix entry:


Grassroots idea how to break the monopoly of the search

several properties or product elements has been moved many of the products used, especially in the mobile Pangu, development strategy, function has been elevated to a strategic height. But in the traditional search.

love Shanghai gives us the user’s search quality can meet the basic needs of the search is no problem. But a single large scene must for the long-term development of a product without benefit. Love Shanghai before bidding scandal has it all. But when the existing development environment basically has been completely cured, any product to continue to do a search, what needs to change, because love has proved that Shanghai’s strong search pattern change needs innovation.


In fact, this

but love Shanghai strong we are met, whether it is Google or Sogou, or turned out 360, the love Shanghai threat is just the tip of the iceberg, true love can shake Shanghai in search of a strong dominant products can be said to have not yet appeared.

from the desktop to the mobile terminal, a search of the struggle has not stopped, no matter who is weak in bad mouthing the desktop search, mobile search to weakness, astute practitioners still will not give up this fat search. From Zhou Hongyi to search for we can know, search in many Internet giant heart still has a very important position.

has a great flow of users. This is a company to do the search key, is the only way out. From this, Ali cloud even Pangu, immediate body we can clearly feel no user ready-made is difficult to bring a new search product do wide. This is not only the environment makes the situation, but also because of the pursuit of obtaining vertical information user for the search request is not simple, but like Shanghai that contains Post Bar, know, social media, and even other aspects of music library, for any company that wanted to live on their own difficulty is not small so, the use of direct traffic ready to build their users but is a more sensible approach. Look at the 360 grades can know the power, so compared to Pangu and immediately, without a strong reading crowd, meaning is certainly not again to compete for the desktop search.


using the existing flow into is a more efficient thing, but if you have no immediate advantage of this, then we should be the center of development where? And vertical social networking is a good direction, in this two aspects, Ali cloud and so have made an example, although data from look, they share a number of poor or even lower in the market, but in the long run, try this search is necessarily a meaningful challenge. But at this stage, I personally feel that in addition to the vertical development of its own search, we should also be given more search function, fragmentation and aggregation.

Analysis of a cat is what to do in the station optimization

snapshot of loveReading

interested students can see, learn about how a cat is word, a word is out in alphabetical order to word. But according to my observation keywords Amoy should be collected and generated, the number of millions of words is not able to complete the manual.


is here to share it, feeling can give some people want to do a large site optimization idea, should upgrade from the idea of small website. Where to send the chain these bitter > don’t think every day

A good



, the establishment of key thesaurus

Amoy network do is very good, but also in increasing the correlation and increase the keyword density, and it is not reasonable keyword density, the user does not need to, if we can also consider the magnitude of the word in this way.

construction programThe

we are in Amoy literally search a word can take you to see a XXX, this process is the realization of Taobao or CPS links to various customers.

love from station data

user experience, the page can basically meet the needs of product search words, and the page is very clean and tidy, the overall color collocation is reasonable, but also on the right side of the page and code share love Shanghai.

is a Alibaba owned Amoy network shopping search site, on-line time on October 9, 2010, a scouring of the website to see figure

construction program, we only see a scouring network product optimization aspects of the program to realize the function, (1) collecting data from Taobao, the function of data acquisition from Taobao is a Taobao authorized to PID. (2) to generate static, we can see the popular keyword classification links Amoy are static pages, this process should be collected from Taobao and then generate static. But pictures are called absolute baby pictures. Taobao products such as the massive pictures collected does not occupy the space. (4) the link to jump off the Taobao

Amoy network weights of 8, the chain 1512, here do not discuss his chain in what form, because the resource is not more than the average person, we only thought of the station optimization Amoy network in the following article.

from Shanghai

correlationThe correlation between

which is a special relationship between optimization of the page, above the words "POOVE shoes"

user experienceThe


no matter what the industry, do the optimization if you want to do a comprehensive, have the effect on the need to do a critical time to establish thesaurus thesaurus, according to the demand of personal feelings of the industry can be divided into words and words into traffic. A cat made a popular keyword list in the collection of words.

The discussion of new Internet technology in profit modelAsk shlf1314 AdSense tour hotspot shlf1314

1. can I join the shlf1314 search League,


all Chinese publishers may join the shlf1314 search alliance. For publishers willing to use shlf1314’s existing online search products, under the AdSense policy allows you to increase the shlf1314 search alliance while retaining the original search box, and enrich the search form.

2. how to join the search League:

1. Visit https://www.shlf1314/adsense,
3. Set the AdSense for Search
5. Select "shlf1314 style search results
6. Other options
7. To get the code from the code box, placed in the position corresponding to the

by Chongqing Bureau of information industry, Chongqing business newspaper, Tencent jointly organized the first Chinese Regional Internet Development Forum on November 2, 2006 – 4 day held in Chongqing. Chongqing industry representatives, representatives of well-known domestic enterprises, media representatives, industry customers, nearly 300 people attended the event. Tencent webcast.

question: hello! I am a science and technology development limited company, we have a layout that is related to the blog, and the blog is actually a BSP operator, we do is an integrated promotion, so what do you think about the integration of promotion? Like Chongqing, Nigeria, he did quite well, so I want to know how to look for Mr. Zhou the development potential of this one?

question: Hello I’m from Chongqing of the electronic commerce website, the question I want to ask the general manager Yuan Guohua, I would like to ask yuan total, the whole situation of our , and Chongqing net popularity?

for more information, read the following instructions:


3. promotion period begin?

4. can I set up popular search terms?

we currently provide this functionality only for large clients. We will consider popularizing similar settings based on user feedback.

shlf1314 search alliance is a new product AdSense, publishers can add a search box to provide quality services to users to search the corresponding location in the page, the search results will be displayed in shlf1314.cn, to provide the best search experience for users. Meanwhile, during the one – year promotion period, the publishers can get more competitive and higher profits for the users to click on the ads effectively.

in the tour process, publishers have on our new product – Search alliance is very interested, also asked a lot of questions related to the search alliance. We collected several major questions and answered the following:

pageWhen will the

1. search results page will be displayed at shlf1314.cn to provide users with the best search experience.
2. to join the search alliance publishers can use this product with other online search products of higher proportion, the promotion period for one year.
3. search box interface extension shlf1314 concise style consistent, to ensure a good user experience.

features and advantages:


promotion period from the beginning of the product line, that is, in September 2007 -2008 September.

How can enterprises innovateOperating Taobao’s single page station for several months of experience

ha ha, although the results than the master, but still feel good, ha ha, good, the following to share in detail their own operational skills and optimization techniques.

Hello everyone, I’m a fish, a few days ago because watching peers do Taobao guest single page small hair, so a few months ago, I also set up a Taobao guest page site. But look at other people to do simple, they started doing, but it is not the same thing, to tell you the truth, now the Taobao competition is only to the white hot stage, no keywords ranking, everything is empty talk. But probably because I do stand for a year to have accumulated some SEO experience, so the website in a few short months ranking has received gratifying results, not a good thing to do exclusive, so today specifically to A5 share their do stand experience, hope for the same operation of such sites have friends some help! Well, nonsense not say, the first grade

first we talk about the selection of key words, the selection of key words directly determines the direction and difficulty of optimization after you website, so this must be careful, many novice friends always get throught a thing carelessly when the key word, so I don’t agree with very much. In choosing the key, I put more emphasis on long tail words, first, because of smaller competition, but because of quick results.




, this is the site included volume and snapshot, as well as sh419 brings traffic map

every day

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

, this is the current keyword ranking table, what keywords, here I will not disclose, ha ha,

, you want to dull enterprises into fresh air? Do you want to revive your dormant creativity?

Are you going to innovation in

The spell

start from failure in fact we are not wild fresh creative genius, not Everfount. In order to find a more appropriate idea, you need to try a lot of things and try many failures, even if things have already been fixed. Moreover, when innovation is put into practice, the organization will undergo large-scale changes, and people will change their ways of doing things. You can’t compare with those talented artists. They just create and create a lot of different things in silence. They gain more, but fail more, and your team and the public.


keyword selection is completed, we must decide the domain name of the website, due to fierce competition in the Taobao customers, many are ranked in the forefront among the old station, in order to make their stand has the advantage, I chose to A5 forum Amoy an old domain name. Here I want to say is the focus of the old domain name choice, many novice friends think that time domain names are on the site of benefit, in fact, uneven in the domain name market quality domain name and domain name of inferior goods, we must polish his eyes well, here I suggest you pay more attention to your need to buy this domain name is a bad record, for example, used to be K, had been punished search engine etc..

in the late optimization of the site, mainly divided into two categories, one is in station optimization, and two is outside the station optimization. Station optimization is mainly website content construction and website structure, as well as in the chain, the external optimization is the chain and friendship link. In the construction of the chain in my soft look at the priority among priorities, because he is the best, you release a soft link to your own, articles easily by other stations or reproduced, and then a link was away, so you may have a moment of hundreds high quality.