Analysis quality is what factors affect

5, page

page layoutThe design of 3, the quality of ?


also known as web page links in the chain, is part of each site is essential, but to add sites within the chain should be moderate, a >

loading speed , 4 similarity

is now the site is built with the use of readily available source, so many web site structure and page style is almost the same, but the high similarity is an important factor influencing the weights of the website. So learn to modify the page let it out of the ordinary is successful webmaster essential skills.

station page quality is one of the most important parts of the site weight, composed of website content, title, page layout, inside the chain and other factors, these factors directly reflects the quality of the web page level. So how do we control these factors in

page links

The quality of



is one of the most important factors of the quality of web page, a good article should be rich in content and not lose time. The richness refers to, when the user is not limited to text, we need to use more rich content to meet him, for example, such as graphic combination in the content and video, such as the content of the bottom and comment on this and users interact, so increase the content richness allows users to get better in time browse the contents of the experience. The timeliness of the content is mainly divided to different industries, some industry users need to have the timeliness of the content, so we must provide, such as many users need in tourism and tourism tourism Raiders recommended, such as decoration users always need the latest cutting-edge decoration renderings Daquan, the content in the US must meet.

web page loading speed is to bring the user experience first, a qualified page must ensure that the minimum speed. Therefore, we should not only select a stable and fast server, but also to carry out some optimization of the web page code. Through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform query deficiencies can easily find and modify the page code, such as JS merger, CSS merger, GZIP compression. Secondly, to clean up the web page and die blank page to avoid negative emotions on Web spider.

web page layout should be based on the user’s browsing habits to decide, not their own design can not simply the most probably it did not actually happen to good design. The important content should be from left to right from the top to down sort, is simple and does not lose the atmosphere.

site of many sources of income are dependent on advertising, but many advertisements occupy most of the page position, seriously affect the appearance of the page, causing the user out of the high rate of. Advertising should be the combination of the page content do not blindly seek, advertising will put in place the income than the whole page advertising is low.


Golden Wangzhuan four steps to speed up your email marketingGame day advertising alliance successful

first, the mail content font is best to use large black font, and if we use letter format, the success rate is often the highest, so that writing is more formal. We’d better keep the word within 200 words. The key words can be bold and colorful, but the whole content is up to two colors

"creative I call the shots, easily won awards", in order to repay the support of the majority of owners and the current situation of network advertisement China lack, sponsored by the advertising alliance "game day game day cup network advertising contest" at the end of 2005 was opened the curtain.

With the development of

whether it’s something in life or something on the Internet, we can only let people know when we send them out. What’s good is that if you can’t send it, then nobody else knows. In real life, we have to solve this problem, I do not need to say that we all know that there are many ways. So what’s on the network? What’s the answer,

the first step, the arrival rate of

as the saying goes, do anything we want to work, can not be reckless! It tells us a truth, that is what we want to do everything skill. And can’t do it blindly. The same principle applies to our network. Now I’ll talk about the skills needed for email marketing in online marketing. Red Wangzhuan forum probably summed up less than four of the most important steps, for everyone to share, I hope to help you!

click rate and mail content are closely related, if the content is too long, there are not many people would like to read, too short, the meaning of the expression is not clear. Well, how do you write it? What do you think we should pay attention to?.

third step, click rate

second step, open letter rate

this requires a mail delivery software now online mass software is particularly much, although the appearance or the price of a wide variety, but all have a common characteristic, each seller will say that they are good software. So how do we choose our own mass software, as the saying goes: "a penny, a sub goods.". Price is, of course, a reference factor. In fact, free mass software also has, but they have limited functionality or time. If you want to buy which software, you’d better try it first, so that you can use it in the process, if you do not understand where the seller can teach you. We use the main purpose of which is to test the mail success rate, if the software has opened the letter and clicking rate tracking is worth to pay attention to you, of course you can also by mail or FOXMAIL finishing sent, but this requires you to have absolute confidence and patience, but this way is too slow.

this is the most important of all the steps. It is the key factor that directly influences the success or failure of marketing, so we must pay attention to this. We must have enough charm to attract readers to write the subject of mail. Understanding the psychology of mail recipients. Then write out what the audience is interested in. The premise of this is that you must know what you know, because you will be regarded as spam as soon as possible, and a few words will determine your email fate.


What kind of website is worth stationmaster to go to stick all the time

last night in browsing the IT blog, see the February blog this article, the author of this question is also very interested, today and everyone together to discuss what kind of website is station always stick to it.

said, "personal webmaster" this word, I always think of "cock silk"". I haven’t seen the real data about the number of personal webmaster, but I must believe that many people have been webmaster, just a period of growth process, perhaps only for a short period of time. Every grass root has counterattack become rich handsome dreams, hope that their website can some day in the future Mingyangtianxia, therefore, has been quietly struggling, round the clock effort, what we have been going to the station is


first, the

that interests you

interest is the best teacher, interested in something, do so, this site will be more effective, must be your love, if not love, nor is their hate, after all websites need to work, need to spend a lot of time and energy to the camp, not a love website it is impossible to do.

second, a promising

what is a promising? A distinct theme positioning website will have development prospect, therefore, understand the industry environment at the beginning of the site, the user needs something big, market size, these are the need to understand the simple, not simply to do their own interest something, such as a very love to write the log, just to get a pure mood log website, not to say that no money log website, just a personal diary website can get one hundred thousand IP/? Besides, single profit model log website, in addition to advertising, there is no better profit point.

third, to have traffic

no traffic to the site is difficult to adhere to, the flow will have the opportunity to earn money, if your site is not like traffic flow, method since it, how to engage in traffic? To learn CHINAZ, A5, can also go to visit some professional marketing blog, like grass off the network, a large number of personal webmaster above experience sharing of experiences, the absolute dry cargo.

fourth, to make money

website core purpose is to money, many people will say that I am covered with money, always say money, actually do not make money, what is to let the website develop? After all, the Internet is money, interest, enthusiasm also need stable economic base to support the. After all, the website how to make money, nothing more than the following: website, website, sell sell advertising; flow; selling services; website, website, sell products; no matter what kind, are related to the positioning of the site, the site is located at the beginning of the site to determine the site the user population is what type of person what, to provide services for users, what attract users often visit the site, the site won "

How small and medium sized enterprises do a good job in brand building

what is a brand,


brand for enterprises, is an intangible asset, is the consumer’s mind for the enterprise’s impression, good brand can add value to the enterprise business play a huge role. With the development of the market and the enhancement of consumer brand awareness, it is particularly necessary for brand building.

misunderstanding of brand awareness of SMEs

although the necessity of brand building of small and medium-sized enterprises shall not be denied, however, in the process of development of the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, but there are misunderstanding of brand awareness, which directly affects the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise brand.

1, small and medium-sized enterprises lack strength, shape brand

this kind of misunderstanding is the narrow sense that the small and medium-sized enterprises generally exist. They think that the brand construction must put in a great deal of manpower and material resources, and this is what small and medium-sized enterprises can not afford. This leads directly to the neglect of brand shaping and avoidance of problems.

2, emphasis on products and ignore brand


enterprise’s core competitiveness lies in the product and brand, but most companies put all the focus on the enterprise daily management above, pay attention to product creation, production and sales, capital accumulation, ignoring the brand development process, resulting in a good product, a good market is not a good brand, this is a great waste of brand value so, the product strategy is not desirable.

3, wrong brand operating philosophy,

brand is not an overnight thing, it is accumulated in the process of enterprise development and precipitation of wealth. Some enterprises have brand awareness, but not the correct concept of brand operation, brand concept, fuzzy inconstant in policy in the process of brand building, leading to the brand image is not clear, the weakening of competitive brands. What is more, the overhead of the brand on the product, ignore the brand carrier, in fact, their products are excellent.

how do SMEs make brands?


brand construction is a complex system engineering, but if the enterprise from the beginning pay attention to brand construction, will effectively reduce the future enterprise after brand import cost. Compared with the most direct "TV advertising" means of large enterprises, the lack of financial strength of SMEs is obviously not practical. In fact, whether it is television advertising, or media publicity, it is simply to increase the exposure of corporate brand, so as to strengthen the awareness of the brand in the minds of consumers. Therefore, in the day-to-day operation of SMEs, the same can be taken more practical way to enhance brand awareness in the minds of consumers. Specific from the following three aspects to gradually strengthen the brand building.

1, product

in the process of product operation, we should have a profound understanding of the relationship between products and brands. Product is the carrier of brand building, starting with products is the cheapest and effective way of brand promotion. Specific manifestations are:

1) the quality of products "

In today’s environment, the webmaster can only win-win cooperation

you, the younger brother and I. Remember when the site, wrote a "to two or three line city BBS webmaster a letter", in this first thank you see this article. At the same time also saw a lot of people have expressed different views, that is my main this idea is not feasible, it is difficult to implement in practice, I have to make a few empty the own opinion today.

well, let me see what everyone replies. The main points are as follows:

question 1. Whose domain name is it? How about the website space? How about the distribution of


question two who would like to cooperate?.

question three, everyone has their own direction, and there is a station, and you can not be together.

question four, it is difficult to realize the sharing of benefits.

for the above questions, I talk about one of my experience, my station is in online is a regional website, is in the south of Anhui Province (Southern Anhui) website, for the majority of the people of Anhui, their understanding of this area is not enough, I at first is the spirit of publicity in Southern Anhui the idea is to do so, only to build a forum, but we did not agree no interest to visit, which caused my present day IP are not very high, but I believe that as long as we insist on to success. But I also like most of the webmaster, just part-time to do the next site, officially because I usually do not have much time, so it is difficult to do news section. So I just remember starting a forum, because it takes a lot of time to collect news and information, which I can’t do. But I want a regional website. What about a forum?. But I don’t have the time to do it anymore. It makes me a dilemma. This time I remembered some of the ideas I had written about that and wanted to put it into practice and see how it worked. My goal is clear, is to find a southern news network, is he can’t have a forum (this is the most important factor), or certainly will cause my loss of users, I find that there is such a website, is Anhui network (, although the site just started not long, but I think there is such a news network is better than nothing, but he did not set up the forum, this is just what I need, so find the Anhui nets webmaster, a talk with him, didn’t know each other very readily agreed (for you and you will answer it)! After all, to do so is to benefit both sides of things, Why not?? and I will be his website as my news site, and he will be my website as his forum, so that you can save your time and focus on their website, it will not cause The loss of the user, I think this is where I originally wrote the original intention of the letter is it?. Finally proved that the feasibility is there, depending on the object you look for.

, through a brief introduction above, I think that for question 1, question three, I can stop explaining, "I don’t say domain here."

Qingyuan Qingxin district is committed to women’s employment services

rural women have been able to take care of their families while at home, the income is still relatively low. Now with the deepening of the policy forces, the government led the majority of rural women to start a business to become rich, open a new career in rural women.

Jian’an housing, to a poor mother

the day before 4 pm, the drizzle is still in the door, the corridor has been contaminated. Jin Tan Zhen Tang Xiaoling took the tools at the door cleaning, her extra care on the house.

it is reported that Linda decoction is a poor single mothers, usually rely on subsistence planting and selling vegetables at home. According to her introduction, she used to live in a mud house, every rainy day will leak, had to take the basin water, such as windy weather is more afraid of the collapse of the house. She is dying for a new house.

according to the District Women’s work 5 years of planning, the future will continue to integrate resources, build a platform, and actively carry out the employment training, entrepreneurship refers to recommend

Marriage Yiwu ushered in the first intercollegiate entrepreneurship as an exchange student in Taiwan

The development of

in Taiwan and the mainland in recent years there have been significant changes, the first choice is close to the Fujian Guangzhou, the mainland is more in-depth, to start the media, inter marriage, Yiwu for the first time in Taiwan exchange students.

It is reported that

when Yi Tai cultural messenger

"on both sides of a pro, we are one family. The school has arranged for two students to live in the student apartment, peer visits to school teachers are arranged in the teacher’s apartment." Party secretary Wang Zhenhong, Yiwu business school said that cross-strait youth have grown up in the Chinese national culture, in the way, pioneering the concept of even the pursuit of life there are many similarities, should make scores for cross-strait business exchanges and will do our best to make contributions to the school, creating a new situation of Chinese entrepreneurship education.

to let Guo Junhong and Liang Yaqi can adapt to life in Yiwu as soon as possible, Yiwu business school is also dedicated to their life with and learning assistant assistant.

"elegant chess really polite, meet for the first time also bow to say hello is that from the bottom of my heart, which I think, the students really want to Study hard." Roommate Chen Xiaoting said, Ya chess also explained to us the customs of Taiwan, I grew up longing for Riyuetan Pool, now more yearning. I also want to travel to Taiwan, to feel the natural scenery and cultural history."

Yaqi beam another roommate Chen Xiaoting jokes, although Taiwan and mainland ancestry, but in daily life, there are many different ways of expression, and even created a lot of oolong. "Yesterday, I asked ‘Ya chess action station on Saturday whether to open the door," I really shocked. Tangled for a long time, I know that ‘mobile station’ is the meaning of the mobile business hall."

Compared with

"Yiwu’s booming electricity supplier, Taiwan electricity supplier development has been relatively backward. In recent years, there are more and more people choose to come to Yiwu entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship through Yiwu to achieve personal dream has become a trend of many young people in Taiwan." Liang Yaqi said that now the Internet is so developed, and other skilled, she also tried to sell Taiwan food on the electronic business platform. "Of course, I would like to be able to become a cultural ambassador, to promote cultural exchanges between Yiwu and Taiwan to make its own contribution."

Want to do poineering work the company must walk eight steps

a lot of people want to start a business, want to own a company, then the first thing you have to know to open a company in the end what steps to go, what to go. The whole network Xiaobian take you to see how the founder of the company.

second steps: self sustained growth and learning.

has a complete business idea, the next step is to try to make their contact information and resources such as pipelines; professional associations and organizations and other organizations. These groups, organizations can not only help you assess their entrepreneurial opportunities and potential, and can be as early as possible to make the business plan on the positioning.

third steps: choose your brand or company name.

How to open a new shop through the trial marketing promotion of the shop

now, through the open shop to the gold rush in the young people. The new open shop owner, as a result of the beginning of contact shop operators, most do not know how to promote their own shop, just drift to the forum, micro-blog and other platforms to do soft Wen promotion.

1, the product must be released to meet the needs of the current commodity, and fashionable products popular. In order to attract people’s attention after the release of the trial activities, to win a lot of attention.

2, select the appropriate trial promotion platform, the perfect platform for the trial process, the more traffic, the greater the degree of concern, the better. Only in the popular trial promotion platform to launch trial activities in the event of a large amount of attention to store goods.

The idea of foreign employees to start selling the idea of good faith management became an online sh

"rich dad, poor dad," there is a word deeply moved by Jiang ruyi. "You work for others, pay and return is always proportional to so much; for his work, although the beginning less bitter Dole but stick to it, you can do more with less." As a large foreign company’s senior staff, despite considerable income, but the life of nine to five Jiang Ruyi boring boring. He began to dream of being rich dad.

"online trading is different from the normal trade, it has its own set of rules. Among them, the credibility of the two most important words." Don’t look now business is booming, but the first transaction is not shun Jiang Ruyi, because the buyer’s promise and then deny in succession to soak up the soup. Through the investigation of credit records he was informed that the user has just registered, very low credit. Thus, Jiang Ruyi reached the first experience – the credibility of online transactions for the first!