Shanghai dragon Economics the invisible cost

Shanghai Longfeng the choice of many enterprises, is two words: cheap. They think that advertising is always the most expensive, but do not spend money in Shanghai, advertising on the Internet, as long as a person or a team to bring up, you can wait for the Everfount flow rolling in, and can continue for a long period of time. But is it really? Shanghai Longfeng service is really a so good? Would not comment, let’s look at Shanghai, the invisible cost.

. The Shanghai dragon service, its mission is often only a ranking. They are only responsible to bring up the flow, to attract customers to the website, but after how to deal is the boss himself. But the reality of the practice of many bosses are let Shanghai Longfeng station maintenance and sales personnel into account, the consequences of doing so is to flow, rarely the real deal. Because of the Shanghai Longfeng personnel often only provide outsourcing services, and there is no in-depth understanding of the products, they show how to guide customers to buy products or is not good, do not know how to customers into the new and old customers, and caused serious loss of customers, so as to discharge waste from the ranking dropped. Potential customers did not translate into revenue, this is not a great loss of

?2, poor rate of

1, scary risk. Why talk about the risk of Shanghai Longfeng, mainly on account of the recent two love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. I believe we are on the two most recent love Shanghai Holocaust haunt. If a station is right down, the loss is very large, K it is what is gone, not only cut off the new user channels, hard operating a group of loyal old customers also disappeared overnight, the tall buildings come to naught. Even more frightening is the update speed of the search engine algorithm is very fast, and it will become more and more fast. Think of this year from June 28th to August 23rd, just two months to do a number of large and small update, each update produced a number of ghosts. The risk of Shanghai dragon also reflected not only in the search engine, is also reflected in the malicious attacks on the rival. It can be said that your ranking more prominent, more and more people want to get you down, by the containment of the attack is a big possibility, who knows the malicious competitors have ranked use unscrupulous divisive tactics for


3, the brutal competition. Shanghai dragon competition is? Input a keyword, the search results at least tens of thousands of millions, more than ten sites, and can obtain the income is often only the first page, such brutal competition you ashamed? Can row on the first page is wonderful, but behind the first page is a spell, but did not return a life-and-death struggle fight at outrance Shanghai Longfeng useless. Even if you came in the first page, you can view? You don’t think about how many people are trying to squeeze you look at fiercely as a tiger does, go back. Such cruel Shanghai dragon battlefield, it would lower the cost of? In the battlefield, busy year Keliwushou probably accounted for.

How to do business should seize new opportunities for gold prices plummeted

some time ago, after a year of deliberation rally, Wall Street giants finally sell short gold, gold plummeted, world outcry. Unexpectedly, a group of Chinese aunt halfway out, 100 billion yuan in an instant, the 300 tons of gold was " Chinese aunt " they swept. The Wall Street was shocked, someone said: "China aunt, you win!" Part of the media here also reported that gold long short war, Chinese aunt victory over Wall Street predators.

what do you want for your holiday? A considerable number of ladies preferred gold jewelry. In fact, with the price of gold plummeted, gold has become the most popular commodity.

at present, the price of gold fell for the traditional jewelry retailers to bring business opportunities, there is a luxury brand diamond suspected touted.

by young consumers, and jewelry store launched customized diamond service. Guo Zhaojun said that the jewelry store computer has about one hundred thousand of the world’s top naked drill, they will hire senior jewelry designer, to provide customers with a unique style design services.

Good investment projects worth investing in the Internet Era

games can ease the pressure of people in the huge social competition, and with the gradual promotion of Internet technology, online games allow people to play at the same time more than a platform for communication with people. With the development of the industry, the surrounding products have gradually become popular!

game peripherals products industry has been in people inadvertently catch up, the industry does not require a large investment, but there is a huge market, and in the future will have more potential!


Bold business rich patent cigar Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan for two years

business, dare dare dare to try, have a chance of success. The hero of this article is a good example. In Shanghai, there is such a clever girl, she runs the rich bold "patent" cigar, two Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan, personal wealth has been increasing at an alarming speed.

2004 the year before the Spring Festival, the consent of the employer’s consent, Liu Xuemei nurse fellow in Shanghai invited her to play in the past show. Liu Xuemei came to Mr. Shen Hsiu’s employer, was immediately attracted indoor luxurious decoration. In the afternoon, Mr. Shen went home with several guests. Just sit down, he let out a Xiu a beautifully wrapped box from the storage room: "today I ask you to taste the authentic Cuban cigars."

Cosmetics stores the location of all

now, the development trend of beauty cosmetics franchise industry is getting higher and higher. Want to take the initiative in the beauty cosmetics franchise market. Usually the store location is good or bad influence to the day after the operation. Choose a good location is operating cosmetics shop to join premise for good development.

decided to invest in beauty cosmetics stores, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to compare all the site selection and some details of the preparation. In the roughly estimated that the premise of the site profit situation, make cosmetics franchise company development personnel to conduct field investigation and judgment, and finally determine the choice of shops. Beauty cosmetics store how to choose? No matter who joined the shop has no experience, should be in accordance with the franchisee to join the policy implementation.

a survey shows that there are 60% causes of business failure is due to poor location. So in the choice of shops is not hasty. As far as possible the few locations within the district preselected number of inhabitants, floating population, consumption level, consumption habits, vehicle line condition list, and a detailed comparison. To avoid errors due to empirical judgment and arbitrary operation process, beauty cosmetics store how to choose? All kinds of adverse effects on both sides of the franchise, the franchisee should maintain a good attitude of cooperation, in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the franchisee to operate, and actively cooperate with the franchisee to carry out various operations. Both sides work together to achieve a win-win effect.

beauty cosmetics store how to choose? In the investment business of cosmetics stores before, the location is very important, usually want to cosmetics stores choose a good location, except in the accident location, but also to the local market environment as a basis. Cosmetics should also be combined with the surrounding business environment, find a suitable for their own business methods, this is the successful way to open a beauty cosmetics store.

Turn style in action City District to create the first smile service brand in Xining

February 2nd, Xining City District People’s government administrative service center, turn style, in the series of theme activities in the city of South Beach office started.

January 20th, the newspaper published reports of "administrative service center of Xining City District People’s government 8 staff to chat on the Internet to watch the movie", reflecting the Administrative Service Center City District People’s government, 8 staff members to access the Internet, chat, watch the movie situation during the work. The report was published, by Xining City District Committee and district government leaders attach great importance to, and immediately organized personnel to the Administrative Service Center City District People’s government investigation and verification. After the City District Committee, district government departments to investigate and verify the report reflects the objective existence of the situation. In January 22nd, the city district government held a special meeting, each unit requires a profound analysis of the root of the problem, improve their work style, improve work quality and work efficiency, and earnestly, in order to promote the improvement of work style of cadres, and puts forward five specific measures.

in turn style, in action "series of theme activities, the city district to establish and perfect the relevant rules and regulations, signed by the undertaking, making" the smile in the window, satisfaction in the service quality assessment center "report card," star service staff ", enhance the service level of the staff. In addition, the central information center will not conduct regular inspections, investigations, and resolutely put an end to the use of office computer entertainment, and set up two service supervision public telephone: Urban District Commission for Discipline Inspection Office of the 8248836 city district government office 6512326.

not only that, the administrative service center to the Central People’s government will also provide candy, tea, newspapers and computer for the masses to work, improve service levels, enhance service capabilities, to create Xining’s first smile service brand. (author: Wu Yachun)

Three provinces in southern Qinghai Province officially signed a cooperation framework agreement

for the full implementation of the Sixth Central Working Conference on Tibet and the Tibetan work conference, to speed up the southern three states to protect the ecological environment and economic and social development, national unity and progress, social harmony and stability, the smooth realization of the "13th Five-Year" goals and tasks, and ensure that all of the synchronous comprehensive well-off, Yushu Province, May 20th Huangnan, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture three officially signed a cooperation framework agreement. According to the agreement, in the future, the province of Southern three states will strive to build the Internet visits cooperation mechanism to jointly promote economic development, ecological security barrier, strengthen efforts to improve people’s livelihood, to create national unity and progress of advanced areas and work together to promote the six aspects of the construction of the party to achieve win-win cooperation.

The main contents of

in Yushu Province, I Huangnan, Golog three state cooperation framework agreement includes: first, establish Internet visits cooperation mechanism, Yushu, Huangnan, held annually three Guoluo Prefecture zhouweishuji meetings, study and solve important negotiation development and stability in three states; three Prefecture Committee led by the deputy governor and deputy secretary. The State Commission, the state government office responsible for the establishment, working mechanism, coordination development cooperation programs to achieve cooperation, promote the work of normalization. Two, to promote economic development, development, ecological agriculture and animal husbandry resources utilization, cultivation of characteristic industry and tourism development and other fields, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, the introduction of technology, personnel training and other work, to achieve mutual benefit. Three, build a strong ecological security barrier, three, based on careful implementation of the Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of the two phase of the project, accelerate the source of the Sanjiang national park system pilot, good exchange of experience and successful practices, and actively explore cooperation in promoting ecological protection mode, protect the ecological environment of Sanjiang yuan. Four, focus on improving people’s livelihood, seriously implement the national policy of strengthening Huimin Limin, precise poverty alleviation, in order to speed up the development of rural and pastoral areas, farmers and herdsmen get rich as the starting point and the foothold in the export of labor services, skills training, occupation education and regional connectivity of road construction, power supply, the promotion and other aspects to strengthen cooperation and exchanges, so that people of all nationalities sharing the dividends of reform and development. Five, promote the deepening of "banma experience", focus on creating advanced areas of national unity and progress, exploration and innovation of safe construction platform and friendly cooperation, perfect information consultation, national unity, religious activities, build cross regional joint pipe, disputes the FBI, social security defense coordination mechanism, to maintain harmony and stability in pastoral area. Six, efforts to promote the construction of the party, to the "three basic" construction as the starting point, to strengthen the exchange of experience, and actively build the party building brand, perfect the border joint party organization, build a linkage system of Party building work; establishing Cadres Learning, communication, testing and training mechanism, improve social service management ability of all ethnic groups and consolidate the party’s base in agriculture pastoral area.


How about opening a western style hamburger shop

China’s low threshold and high food items may also appear in the snack and fast food industry, the Chinese fast food market is so strong, one of the most critical point is that fast food coverage of the crowd. Western fast food in the country’s status is getting higher and higher, not only because Western fast food convenient, delicious, and hamburgers are rich in nutrition, so through the development of hamburger shop is a very good choice. And open hamburger shop to make money? If you can choose the right way of operating expenses, as well as the choice of the ideal location of the store, can achieve the purpose of profit. So do you make money? Look at the following analysis.

market demand is very large

in recent years, slowly advancing the process of urbanization in China, the expansion of the city is also the peak of slowly coming, a large number of people into the city, led the city to speed up the pace of life, fast food consumption has become a broad public demand, to join the fast food industry has become a trend in this environment.

fast food industry in the global food and beverage occupy the proportion of the United States, including 35%, Europe, Japan, 20%, Hongkong, etc., 10%. In China, even in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, the proportion is only 5%. Due to the introduction of the provisions of the eight countries, China’s food and beverage industry is inevitably affected, the growth rate continued to decline, a further decline in the expansion of high-end dining is a serious setback. With the decline of high-end food and services in a comprehensive transition, the development of China’s food and beverage industry will focus on fast food, group meals, casual meals and meal market. Hamburg is a western style fast food, in the future is also a great development.

join headquarters to support more than

now joined the Hamburg project, the headquarters for you to support the whole process, in order to be able to help you succeed in business. Choose to join the hamburger shop, you do not need to worry about a variety of things, do not need to worry about no shop experience, the headquarters will have a systematic training, and constantly improve the ability of all aspects of franchisees, franchisees can make money.

shop low cost

open hamburger shop, materials, equipment, housing rents are to be considered, different regions of the housing rent is different, of course, if you have a store that you do not need to consider this problem. Housing renovation is a cost, according to the housing is blank room, the cost is different. If you have a job, then consider the human cost. In general, about fifty thousand can be opened up.


above is the China western fast food business prospects are briefly introduced, of course, open the western fast food restaurant is profitable. If you also want to open a western style fast food brand, please give us a message below our website, we will be the first time to see the message back to you.

Jewelry stores need to pay attention to what display skills

jewelry profits are high, and the opening of the jewelry store, then the general business is not bad. Want to open a jewelry store need to pay attention to a lot of details, then, in jewelry display, what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

although the jewelry store display skills are no other sales industry is very important, but the problem is still related to the success of the jewelry store in the market can be profitable. And, this problem is also in the market as a result of the competition in the jewelry store in the middle of the increase in pressure has been favored by sales.

skills: jewelry store counters in the best placement of jewelry. How to display the jewelry store? Although the number of counters placed in the jewelry can be freely determined, but the placement will affect the sale of bad. For example, put too much not only takes money, will also appear in chaos because of its vertigo and make customer hesitate in the selection; put too little although saving money, but make the customer the choice of small, unforeseen purchase will peak because of the goods shortage and missed business opportunities; there is a goods display too little for the mall does not agree, because of the large shopping malls usually require the counter of the goods can not be too small, but also so the counter in the jewelry number placed there is an optimal problem.

tips two: jewelry store counter jewelry varieties. How to display the jewelry store? It mainly deals with two aspects, namely gem type and jewelry type. There is also a problem of quantity and proportion in these two aspects, and the proportion is more important. At present, the domestic sales of jewelry chain market is mainly diamond jewelry, because the propaganda is not enough people know little about other gems, and followed by a small amount of ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl jewelry, and other precious stones is even more scarce.

tips three: jewelry shop counter jewelry style. How to display the jewelry store? Many counters blindly pursue new models who do not know the old and new is relatively, the old and new styles tend to vary with the geographical, cultural differences and the trend of the ocean and the difference between the new and old. There is also a market acceptance of the problem, in one place is the new, and in another place may be old, so the style is always dependent on time, space and human.


above is for stores in jewelry when business entrepreneurs of this project, a detailed analysis of the content need to master the skills to make the display, after everyone through the above reading, must be done well! Want to manage their jewelry store, you are understand!

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Z20 train derailment linebreak no casualties

  travel of the people cannot do without a good traffic, at the same time, now the whole domestic transportation network is very developed, the main railway is a kind of social mode of transportation, if the railway train occurred in some situation, it will seriously affect people’s travel.

According to the


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