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Abstract: This is an old business. In an interview with reporters earlier, Wang Gongquan said, after reading his autobiography, he was particularly touched, however, the next second, he decided not to invest in old. Feelings are not equal to business.


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as an investor quipped, China entrepreneur executive power is the strongest, Chinese in such a homogeneous competition environment to survive, to any other foreign markets also can live very well, because it was played tough.

: the CEO is always in front of the staff to play the bad


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

in general, the entrepreneur’s hours are calculated in seconds and hours, and their time use efficiency is much higher than the average person, so their work rhythm is not consistent.

the man who fight is doomed to be lonely because he does not dare to have any leisure.

and, on the other hand, according to a co-founder of mind, entrepreneurs are mostly busy with entrepreneurship, less social and dating, and naturally less connected to old friends.

of course, such a company is far more humane than the company to go far. After all, the company survives or sends out

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in the workplace, result oriented is always the first.


unless one day he breaks down, like the accidental death of Dr. Zhang Rui, it will always be a war.

so in this background, from the starting point to the final result oriented, as a team, black and evil is little not a leader, otherwise it will never be, as bread sticks with the truth, in the temptation of bread, also need to stick to the management system.

because the background is too similar, the path of entrepreneurship is also very different, and frankly speaking, "peer is a friend", then you dare to make friends with peers?

especially in China, entrepreneurial companies among Sisha can be used to describe the tragic past, Internet Co, in business model innovation, this means that the threshold is low, as long as there is a workable business model, hundreds of similar entrepreneurial projects will emerge, the homogenization of serious competition, various taxi applications as before, the o2o community is so, this is the key to win the operation, and quickly occupied the market, entrepreneurs between personal melee combat is more and more intense, in boosting capital, the winner of the time has been shortened to one year or half a year. Whether in the financing scale or in the subsidized market, a slight loss means defeat in this area.


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entrepreneurs usually don’t have many old friends.


no one sees how hard, tired, or how difficult you are, but just to see if your results are perfect.

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Shanghai Longfeng domestic market development status and future trend of development (a)

Shanghai dragon

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Of course, these are only part of the phenomenon of

is currently Shanghai Dragon Technology by many short-sighted people, improper means of cheating by some Shanghai dragon, at the expense of the user experience, pandering to the search engine defects, to improve the ranking, this mainly rely on advertising alliance revenue garbage station, the market is so stirred. With the Search Engine continues to mature, this phenomenon will continue to reduce. Abroad not to do more analysis, can understand the nobility baby under the foreign comparison.


, get the profits of the enterprise or by Shanghai dragon There are plenty of people who. The enterprise can gain by Shanghai dragon is not the product, or that person! Is this network company or team to make the enterprise strategy of Shanghai dragon, which is the most important.

now China Shanghai Longfeng market basically presents such a scene: a large number of Internet companies into the Shanghai dragon market; general large and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon will hire a team of personnel or the enterprise website; another is that we do this, the SOHO class individual or team studio.

market on the surface tend to a saturation state, or in fact. The incoming A bystander is always clear-minded. fan. Although Xu Jin is an insider, but from some customers and business entities of Shanghai dragon mouth subtle understanding: Shanghai dragon is just a superficial, enterprises can bring economic value less and less. From the Shanghai dragon er’s own point of view this is a joke, I can not bring value to you, I do Shanghai, what is the significance of

but the fact is that, like a lot of enterprise site many Internet companies to operate, in addition to enhance the maintenance of Ranking Ranking, he will be on your site to enhance the user experience of data analysis?? PV? A lot of Network Company Limited, impossible to achieve, can concern under your web traffic is very good. In addition to many Shanghai Longfeng keywords are given when customers. The words given to customers, as long as make up, maintenance, Shanghai dragon er’s work is done, can also be a presentation. So it is with the customer first budget effect had essentially different, word up, their business did not come to a. So the customers have the misunderstanding.

The Spring Festival is approaching website optimization how to rainy day seize opportunities

After the



Spring Festival is approaching, you is how to optimize the site webmaster? Has always been in the new year before and after a month are some website ranking jump near flow rising opportunity. And half a month is the new year, are you ready for the webmaster optimization ready? Is said to be a turning point, mainly due to two points: 1, the Spring Festival Internet information search, 2, more individuals and enterprises slowed the pace of optimization, how we use this opportunity if you have two? In may with a binary network into the near today’s topic:

Spring Festival, which is most concerned about the topic of the users? If you will do the search engine ranking high, there must be a fire. We will see the following analysis of a simple set of data for the webmaster, reference:

found we have to seize an opportunity, but because.

two: how short time ascending ranking

shows a "2012 Spring Festival"

two: "2012 wishes"

above a recent extreme in the "2012 Spring Festival" in the search for a visible, generally increasing trend in the increase, as a webmaster, if you are in the 3 months before it began to do the word, believe it has achieved a certain weight, can get good rankings. And only "2012 Spring Festival" this one word will have such a high index, website optimization, Keyword Driven overall improvement, if early to do, I believe that the flow will be very alarming.

in 2012, we search the word "2012" is not difficult to find the relevant search, "the 2012 Spring Festival in 2012, the latest movie, the Spring Festival holiday arrangements 2012" why is there such a word? First, one thing is for sure, there are a large number of users in search of a repeat these words, so the search engine in the data analysis, given the key word display. These are just outside show things, as we further observed:


is also a striking improvement, and where is the key to enhance the last week? It is a "new year", if the webmaster to grasp this point would be to increase the income opportunity, so geometric times, it is really a multiplier. I believe in the coming days, "the Spring Festival" the search volume will become increasingly rising, there have been a lot of people are greeting a rainy day, not to mention the stationmaster? About 2012, the Spring Festival, blessing SMS, gifts, travel, these words are the most popular in the near future, you can hold a webmaster this "good luck"? Others holiday relaxed, it is the best opportunity for us to fight these personal webmaster.

: a new year trend of search

The early new can not be ignored in the five major killers

damage: assumes

. > .

this is a new taboo, must locate your website title and keywords in the web site before the online, can not arbitrarily change the line after the change of the title of the page, the result is very serious, the search engine that your site positioning is not clear or do not stand firm, the light is right down, heavy is not included or included delete this is one of the main reasons, many new sites.

, a website structure is not reasonable

damage: assumes


early new can be a small amount of the chain, but also should pay attention to the chain correlation. See many friends eager to get ranked, the new line after crazy hair chain some even use tools group, which is not consistent with the logic and algorithm of search engine, new haven’t no chain and vote, but the chain is too much will make the search engine mistaken for cheating to pull into the blacklist, it is difficult to stand up, this is the other a common cause of many new sites.

recommends the use of clear classification, such as home – category tree structure the content of the page, so that visitors are relatively easy to understand, the search engine is easy to grasp. But to make the robots file, which pages can tell the spider crawling, which can improve efficiency of grab, grab and included, should be fully tested before the line on the website, avoid dead links and error link, this will make the search engine that you are very professional.

two, frequently modify site title

four, the chain growth

three, update no rules or too low quality

damage: assumes

a lot of new friends after the launch in a variety of problems, such as the site is not included, the snapshot not update and so on for a long time, every new problems are not exactly the same, but the essence is the same, did not get recognized by the search engine. Why is there such a situation? The birth of a new dream that Dongfeng, like for like to get the search engine in the trial and the examination, assessment during the following aspects is very important, will directly affect the new weight distribution included and later, the following five aspects are more prominent in the new situation, the dream Dongfeng is tentatively called the "Big Five" new deadly, and do a detailed analysis and the damage degree of the matter:

damage: assumes

web site space is not stable

original content is very important, high quality original content will make the search engine that you are very professional, that your site has value, and giving you some photos right and rankings, if your website content repetitie value is very low, is unable to obtain the recognition and trust. When the update also pay attention to regular updates, this is work on time attendance work, if the content is updated without the law, will cause the website snapshot is also irregular.

damage: assumes

The exchange chain trick can not meet it!


small in Shanghai Longfeng although not so long time, but some small skills than novice to understand some of the friends of the chain, such as the exchange of tricks. We should all know, Links has a positive impact on the site can not be replaced, so more and more people spend a lot of energy in the construction of a chain. Although most webmasters exchange for Links have "serious and responsible" attitude, but it is only a part of the webmaster, we cannot avoid meeting a lot of tricks so that novice webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er to polish his eyes, to avoid the exchange of such a chain


for small, small idea is "you also decisively to delete the site". Of course, in order to avoid the influence of the way of the site to bring the webmaster friends every day to check the Links

this is one of the most simple way, of course, the other does not immediately take delete means, only after a period of time, in case you did not inform the site. If you are not a regular check chain webmaster, it will likely be found very low, may you find, the other party has attracted a lot of traffic from the site.

some of the site’s Links page looks just like the ordinary page does not have what difference, the link structure is normal, but the webmaster can use robots.txt files or meta Noindex tags, let Links page could not be included in the search engine. So you er in Shanghai Longfeng exchange links before, must first determine whether the other link pages indexed by search engines.

2, deliberately put the weight Links page reduced

do not know if you have seen the site, Xiao Bian found that more and more sites will Links individually designed to show the form of the page. If at this time, the other control station link structure, the weight of Links page are very low, then exchange a link with this site, you’ll only lose a. Once encountered such a site requires you to change link, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must have a good view, it is best to

4, Links itself does not transfer the weight of


in fact, the so-called trick is the use of fraudulent practices cheat to link exchange, although you earnestly to exchange links, can be adversely affected by your site. What tricks are used to exchange friend chain, let Xiaobian to give you Ten thousand steeds gallop.


if you do not want to let some of the site’s page to spread the weight, then add the nofollow attribute is a very common way. Some owners to make the weight Links not sharing site, will also take.

This means

3, Links page not included in


1, exchange end link, put your deleted

How to use SNS platform for website promotion

second: Registration Platform account, plus their customers. Later to find a suitable platform for the promotion of their own, we must think of to the corresponding platform registration account, plus their target customers, or to establish the corresponding group, invited the corresponding customer groups to join the group, the formation of the target circle after promotion will facilitate a lot. SNS group of users is very large, for Adsense promotion, the more the better join the group, joined the group and their target users more accurate and better. After registering your account, the first is to improve their user data, try to accurately describe their information, so users to add friends, could have a profound impact on your point, thus play a role in the promotion of products.

platform application. SNS platform for internal application function is many, like social media micro-blog now, we use some features of micro-blog, try to add their own advertising information. The SNS platform is the same, owners must know how to use its internal functions, to maximize the promotion of their products.

Third: the use of

social networking sites on the Internet development is obvious to people, the development of social networking sites has also brought the gospel to the webmaster, recently reported renren贵族宝贝 acquired 56, also represents the further development of social networking sites. Owners must use this platform to promote the rapid development of SNS, the service has a strong user base, marketing case on SNS platform is no lack of success, if you can skillfully use SNS for website promotion, you can successfully create a perfect marketing case. Kedeng bloggers share with you how to use

second: individual mood diary. The use of SNS platform personal mood and date >

: the first perfect information. In the personal data to improve their information such as avatar, personal information, personal profile, personal signature, the information you need to add your products and related information, the best use of real picture image in the image, you can add the appropriate promotional information, but not too much advertising. Personal information is friends into your home page first sight, so personal information must be carefully set to describe, in detail, the advertisement information also can be added, but not too much impact on the user experience.


: the first method to analyze the promotion. No matter what kind of method bloggers to share, will give us the first analysis of the promotion methods, method is good but not the timing for our method, before using this method requires a general analysis. SNS platform is diverse, the webmaster should be chosen according to the corresponding platform website characteristics of their own, like the German cPanel data distribution business sites such as IT, will choose to like 5G using IT as the target site promotion platform. After finding the corresponding platform, need to find the corresponding groups of their own, to direct the user’s own body, so after the promotion process will be a lot easier.

Grassroots mood silly to do stand honest man

I started the station by the end of last year,

after 3 months of suffering, Baidu began to include me

, I admire myself, I thought I was K, but I still try my best to do

no matter what,

now Baidu, I also received 15500, the heart is also very happy, except that googlePR did not update, there are Sogou not included

early this morning went to see his own station, there is no change in the amount of change, suddenly see PR actually 1,

was so happy,

I don’t have any special places to stand,


compared to those who can SEO and stand

, I’m really bad,

I can only say, do stand, I silly to do

keeps updating

every day

is just like a man. I just walk slower than others,

so here’s a suggestion for friends who haven’t been included in Baidu and not PR,

, we’re not standing here for Baidu PR, these

, but if you do silly things for a long time, they will add

to your station for you

‘s writing sucks,

, my station,, the same silly friends like me, can contact me, QQ:36285199

The success and failure of an enterprise website

for a successful enterprise, regardless of which industry is engaged in, it is necessary to build a website of their own, and for large enterprises, the number is more than one. From the current means of advertising, network publicity has become a television and security magazines after another major means of publicity. No matter how cattle breaking industry, now have to embrace the Internet, as a business, if you have not yet realized the importance of the Internet, can only indicate that you have out. It is precisely because of the rapid development of the Internet, a variety of website construction companies will emerge like mushrooms, and for these web production companies, enterprise customers have been their pro gaze. There are several reasons for this:

first, saving manpower and material resources,

enterprise website can not spend too much time, an enterprise will not like online shopping mall or forum like that, there are very many functions, and content construction is relatively simple. Just the artist to do a good map of the effect of a little bit of it, and if it is to do with templates, it may also be finished in a few hours.

second, to enhance their visibility,

to do a business station and the enterprise if there is a certain popularity, so for the station, is a very good publicity, and website construction company after the station will take first place this site on your own web site "classic case". Proud to show that you have provided service to such a big customer, and in the next business negotiation, it will serve as a case for customer service.

third, profit from the high

to enterprises do not worry about the station can not receive money, because when the station will certainly request the establishment of the company signed a contract, to know what enterprises do, it is to do things according to the contract. So for web companies headache is not received payment, do not receive the website the tail to hit the hands in their own hands, the website that some pictures and code together the data only, only to the hands of customers that is profit. And as a big company, if you give him the price is too low, they feel that such a low price, quality must not be good, so the company will not miss this good opportunity.

although there are many benefits of enterprise web site for the company, but to really got a big business order that is not an easy thing to do, the first big enterprise production company station will find the big brands to do, then large enterprises generally have their stable cooperation the relationship between. But this does not mean that the site construction company in small had absolutely no chance, just like eating fatty food rich occasionally want to eat coarse grains vegetables for a change, as if a small website production company received a big customers, so must pay attention to it, it should be noted that there are the following points:

Website promotion team building three focus

website promotion is a long process, you need to have a persevere spirit, and in the current network environment, we can clearly feel, access more and more Internet companies, which give the individual webmaster more challenges. How to deal with the increasingly severe market test? We must build their own team, in this world there has never been a meaningful thing is a person to complete, we must need the support of the team, then you have a good idea, no one with you, it is just a single-handed, not what, at best is out of the limelight, meet the individual performance desire.

so how do we finish our team building,


number 1: selection of team members

If the

is doing business I want to give up a lot of things in this world you don’t want to combine to do all things, if you want a woman doll hot Kang life that take home early well, know how to give people can get more people to the world is to prove yourself, leave your the traces of let the world know that you have been to, have said that the ordinary is rich, the pig is not very ordinary? That day alive muddle along without any aim as early as the heavens, go to heaven to enjoy


team’s start-up personnel must be to share power, energy, not for trivial matters you may have to do a thing, a man must be not trivial things to the family a before, for behind a successful man must have a extraordinary women silently support him! Many times don’t understand why many people prefer to go to a success, because they are afraid of the family to bring greater interference to his career, maybe there are a lot of people don’t agree with me, you can also support the opposition, but I have described is a fact good! If you can’t find the other half, the other half is your stumbling block, let you become mediocre, no power, know the grave, you know what your life None of them,


second: reasonable assignment of jobs

whether partners or your employees, each person must have their own specific work, once established the goal and direction of development of the company, it must carry on, I often see a lot of people say, he can talk rapidly but is not off the reel, see him do seem to understand what however, they do a thing, we often say than to choose, if we only choose without action is futile. Everyone should do what work must have their own plan, how much do, have what effect, must have a return and a summary of experience some time I found this return and summary is not a formalism, but urge your company personnel to work better. People are inert, and there are many ways to turn this inertia into a positive one. If there is a better way, you can replace it. Return >

Two years of career DedeCMS to accompany me through the webmaster.

yesterday (July 23, 2008) I contact the webmaster industry 2nd anniversary anniversary in July 23rd 06 by graph king boss with my career, learned a lot, thanks a lot, after will return.

two years ago, I was just using the easy website management system because I wouldn’t use the PHP class management system. Join the webmaster nets ( with a new partner, Zhao (East), continued Wang Kai (silent wind) now, three net sweat flying fish, Xiao Wei, Zhang Dong Zi, which taught me the use of MYSQL database, and three perspiration taught me to configure the PHP environment.

twenty-two months before, I contacted DedeCMS (it should be said too late), was the son of the East, trying to persuade Khan three figure King website platform replacement! Lasts for a month, such a system that they first met so persistent.

twenty-one months ago, I used the DedeCMS, because the webmaster nets in Khan three under the full responsibility for the platform, completely revised by the webmaster information resources network into "webmaster nets"". The use of the process, has been inconsistent with the DedeCMS, because the 3.1 version of the time not only feel that the front desk default interface ugly, backstage feel ugly.

eighteen months ago, I have completely fallen in love with DedeCMS, and love is so thorough, the heart is completely unable to accommodate other.

fifteen months ago, I started to use the DedeCMS website, although he still won’t do, will not install the plugin template, but does not affect my commitment to DedeCMS, I found myself in the East and 31 kind of crazy sweat.

twelve months ago, my first website let me taste the magic of the website. The website was more than 10000, and I was completely conquered by the website, and even more to identify my obsession with DedeCMS.

, ten months ago, my website died unexpectedly, and Baidu completely blocked me. Find out the reason is unknown, the guess is because Baidu get traffic is too large, the peak of 8, 90 thousand IP.

, nine months ago, I continued with my second web site, and it was still my lovely DedeCMS who accompanied me on the line for less than a month. IP was as high as 8 thousand a day, so fast that I didn’t expect it to happen.

seven months ago, the site traffic reached twenty thousand IP, so this kind of growth rate, I’m a little scared, afraid of Baidu this Si, if in cut me, is not the end?. Admin5 Trading Forum appears in a fixed paste, buy the website, a thread inadvertently received a phone call at night, buyers, after negotiations, site twenty thousand yuan turnover.

six months ago, he was engaged, and my girlfriend formally agreed, never abandon. During the period, the website has only two small stations, and there is no main website.

, four months ago, step on the fly