Zhu Xinping a proposal for a web site owner in a development siteIntensive backdoor listing, the acq

intensive backdoor >

website profit is not easy, how to profit is also the site of the most headache!

what kind of website would be profitable?

personally, the first in line for a very simple example. You build and rent at the cost of 3000 yuan; and you are each worth 100 yuan, so long as you through the website to sell 11 products you profit. That’s one reason why many companies build their own websites.

personal website to do pure Internet advertising is really difficult. Millions of lattice is a good idea. But Chinese has a characteristic is: follow suit. You search millions of lattice, the number of classes to the site? Some of the cells might be artificially boost popularity site made himself, not everyone really willing to spend money to buy the lattice. As for other website alliance. By clicking the money. The money is not enough to say you buy the domain name money. But lots of advertisements influence website will let the members in addition to more disgusted. The first time I felt curious access to millions of lattice, no one will go to look at the ads.

N05. public service website

station when your intention is not to make money, but sometimes you have to let your money. As long as you sincerity service, for a long time, you will have a good reputation. Reputation. Good reputation. This is more important than what. The intangible value.

may bring a lot of surprises for you.

No6. free blog / forum moderator


intensive backdoor listing, the acquisition of the courier industry why the capital operation frequently?

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

why is daily express

according to public information, the Daily Express Co. Ltd., founded in May 20, 2010, since its inception, the daily express focus on logistics, express delivery business, courier business scale development, 2015 operating income increased by 50.6% compared to 2014, significantly faster than the comparable company Shen Tong, tact, rhyme and average revenue growth of 28.8% in 2016; the whole year is expected to complete the ticket is about 1 billion 260 million over the past two years, the compound growth rate of 57.30%, which in 2016 fourth quarter average daily volume reached 5 million 500 thousand more than single ticket.

Su ningyun January 2nd evening announcement said, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Suning Logistics Co. Ltd. and the Daily Express Co., He Wenxiao, Zhang Hongtao and other natural person shareholders signed the "equity transfer agreement", Jiangsu Suning logistics in cash 2 billion 975 million yuan including the transfer of stock rights transfer tax acquisition holds 70% stake in the daily express.


why buy daily express


for the significance of the acquisition, the announcement said, express delivery network every day and mature courier logistics capabilities, Suning logistics is in the eyes of the more appropriate cooperation targets. Through the acquisition of express delivery every day, can be a good way to strengthen Suning logistics delivery capacity in the last mile. With the development of online business, the distribution of single volume growth, companies need to invest more money and manpower to broaden and deepen the logistics network, through the acquisition of the daily express, can in a relatively short term integration of the two sides in the warehouse, trunk, end and other aspects of the express network resources, improve distribution efficiency, reduce operating costs, and to improve the scale and flexibility of the whole logistics network.

express industry by the capital touted the momentum has continued to 2017. On the evening of January 2nd, Su Ningyun trading company announced that it would acquire 70% yuan of 2 billion 975 million shares of the daily delivery of the renminbi by the transferor in cash. With the "SF", "three links, one Tatsu" and other large enterprises listed on the express, the future competition in the courier industry will show a white hot trend.

in the completion of the delivery within 12 months after the establishment of Jiangsu Suning logistics or courier industry operating company hereinafter referred to as the "" operating companies; by way of equity transfer and then buy some time every day to express all or part of the A round investors have the remaining 30% of the shares, the transfer price of 1 billion 275 million yuan including equity transfer tax. After the completion of the aforementioned 30% equity transfer, Jiangsu Suning logistics and its operations company holds a total of 100% stake per day express.

Why do we start our business 80 years from nowElephant condom Liu Kenan after 90 entrepreneurs logic

"you can look down upon our young, we will prove that who is this era". This is the first Wei Chen "I speak for himself, in the" elephant "condom founder Liu Kenan, it is again appropriate.

!"We don’t want to

first of all, I would like to say why we should start a business. The China excess personnel, more and more low price of labor force, in 2004 730 thousand of college students have not timely employment, and work was more than 10 million? And you can’t find a job or you do not want to work, what do you want? Only entrepreneurship! Domestic business environment is becoming more and more perfect entrepreneurial culture is becoming more and more popular, more and more thinking creative people have the ability to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, surrounded by their ability to make more and more people a career. This is an inevitable! The survival of the fittest, only the survival of the fittest in natural selection, grasp the trend of social development and to adapt to this trend to the achievements of their own career! Life is a rare few fight back, not at this time when the fight fight? With envy than others as soaring and majestic, make their own strong wings; and the envy of others with their career enjoy your life, not their own efforts to do a career, if you really have good ideas, or you can find your team work together!


marketing NO


and the user is trading relationship, we just want to make friends and users, so we demand is our product demands. We basically put all the world to buy condoms to study, found that their pain points were improved."

package: a box of 7, significantly different from other products. The design on the one hand from the "overnight seven man", is said to be the greatest ability to man is seven times the other night, and we hope that the "7 pieces of deception, the elephant see every day".

!The second question is

even elephants and men in a pocket sewn socks, socks on learning French can practice condom.

Name: see the elephant’s nose, is not easy to think of what

"we have not done any marketing and promotion, there are some things we do to help users, some things are a partner to help us do this, such as Valentine’s day, 360 / M chat / the way cattle looking for us to do.

Liu Kenan, 90, 11-12 channel in Millet technology, 13 years to start, want a lot of things, including beer, Viagra, hope to do a spirit of power. Later decided to do with condoms, half a year to do the first product "elephant condom".

our enthusiastic friends "ancient Jizhi" finishing the share of mad praise! Everyone in all aspects of our subsequent micro sharing are involved in the organization, when we can give everyone a display space, this is we enjoy the feast of the rhythm of


fourth 12 floor micro share invited "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan, a very warm atmosphere, full of 150 people in the WeChat group as in the past.

"so the elephant is for friends of the products, our company is called" the elephant and his friends."

business, in the eyes of many people is the noun form of the word hard! We are very familiar with, but we only know this word, how many people really know the meaning of it? How many people truly understand the meaning of it? Is added to the business of this team is less and less, why? Where is the difficult business difficult?

when elephants in saying this, perhaps he did not realize that the elephant’s lot of argument and practice is strongly differentiated, for example:

can lead to different flood of attention, in February 12th 12 B floor held WeChat group sharing activities, in the words of the elephant show all belong to the young people of different.

? The difference of

second, then we want to start a business. What’s the difficulty? What are the advantages at the moment,

‘s hard work is money, which is the main reason why many entrepreneurs have good ideas and are afraid to put it into practice. Most people think they are good ideas, but no money, I think this is a common business ideas and not put into practice people! In fact, this is the ideological problem, money is not a problem, if you believe that your unique creativity, to meet the market demand and development of public life you believe, it will certainly make a lot of money for you, will you still worry about the problem of investment? This is like saying that someone promises you today if you take out 1000, immediately give you 10000, I want to eat now even if you are difficult, you can think of a way to get the 1000 block the only difference, why? Entrepreneurship is just a matter of time, the premise is your idea is indeed through demonstration and market research can be implemented! On the other hand, you have a good idea, and a large number of investment companies in order to get Profits are searching, expect to find suitable projects, as long as you are of the same mind, money is a natural thing

customer is God? NO

? NO


why did we start

difficult start technology! Now with constantly updated technology and master the technology upgrade, more and more people, the technology bottle neck had been broken, as long as your creativity to attract people, there will be a lot of technical personnel in order to realize their entrepreneurial dreams or reflect the value of their own. "

? ! ?The first problem of 80 years later?

the elephant: "I don’t pay too much attention to the difference, but consider what are the real needs of friends."

100% improve the long tail keywords ranking method

, a good collection of the long tail, we began to do the long tail keywords, the specific operation is as follows:

5, can improve the long tail keywords article directory (the directory page, home page, by weight.

to do the long tail ranking first we want to know what is the long tail keywords, how to collect them? To love Shanghai as an example, collect love Shanghai tail, we first get through the main keyword search long tail keywords some difficulty (search keyword search after falling in love with 10 sea is shown below), many can as a directory to optimize, we go through the ten search keywords in the same way as a way to get the key words, so you can get many related to your site keywords. You can also get the long tail by some tools, such as movement of the long tail keywords tools etc..

2, please do not effect on other words, even so, also let the additional effect of the long tail word up.

meet the long tail word article

5, the long tail keywords in bold, color, increase (I do not recommend

The weight of

do you do in the long tail, trouble is the long tail but no ranking is? Maybe this is for you

4, for the anchor link

the station did not do any long tail keywords, all traffic from the basic to the main keywords, one day about 1000IP. Site a total of about 4W data, if these data are long it will be? So it is necessary for us to learn to do long tail keywords ranking, the direct access to the theme.

3, in the article, must take the picture description Express (mouse over the display text above)

two, we know how long after, still have a lot to learn. The start of its ranking techniques:

4, the character of less than 120, do not add more than 3 links (the more weight the number of links more dispersed)


2, the title, the first section and the tail section of the words, the title must appear.

1, the article must be original There are pictures of taste!

3, under the permission of the title to add H tag

1, if your article is less than 120 characters do not add more than 2 long tail keywords

is the source of the whole committee as everyone knows keywords website traffic, popularity. A website to develop and grow, the long tail keywords is a must. Before I talk about how to improve the website main keywords ranking, is based on the classified information website as a teaching case to explain, and I do well, interested friends can love Shanghai "Shanghai classification information" which has a domain of SIOOS is my website (this station only as a test site).

How to use high weight website keywords

although we do almost no search volume. But once the search must be our article, later our own official website introduction of traffic will be more and more.

yes, many people think of the original submission in the mainstream website. For a long time, our keyword search results more and more. For those who may be the mainstream keywords ranking is not very good. However, some uncommon keywords in the absence of people do, of course, the search results are basically their own articles.


work well, the most important is:

you know, high weight website is very high for the original article included very quickly. We often use this feature to the laying of keywords they need in the original article. But the article was collected, then the search keywords ranking results is the high weight website.

second, in order to prevent late closure competition it is necessary to do a long-term plan, we need to do a website of your own. This is the website of the corresponding website and keywords. The best choice of the nature of the blog website template.

The key of

first, in order to ensure that the search results increase gradually, we will continue to contribute in the website. Is the fastest to do so.

so that our new line, basically include the second day.

After the previous

compared with those of mainstream keyword competition, this method is fast and real. Not long after, his words occupy almost two pages before the search page.

during this period, we need to fill in the timing of original content website. We need to ensure that a period of time the site of the original article needs to be higher than that in other platform article submission. The use of high weight website gradually focus shifts to your own website, more and more articles will be included in our own website later.

method is to provide an idea, the specific operation is to pay attention to many details. In Shanghai Phoenix on the road, many people do not know how to use.

at this time, our new accounts for the ranking of search results by nature is the proper use of some brush flow software here, must not be mass brush. Then when we climb up gradually a new ranking will stop the flow of the brush.

when building the website, we have the advantage. On the one hand is the keyword has been included and ranking. On the other hand is a large number of weights using search results can promote the site’s rise. Why? Because the main keywords and long tail keywords we built this website contains more than we contribute the laying of the more accurate original keywords.


, we have finished most of the work. We need to do is how to improve the long-term flow, and use the site to do.


WordPress themes and web design development manuals and resources


if you want to start operations and released their first site of words, to find a suitable CMS or free platform, is a key step, usually we may choose WordPress, because it is the most popular site set up the framework and product, look at this information map you understand. In this article today, we will introduce WordPress related design, development resources and manuals, we hope to help you develop and build your own web site!


WordPress Theme Design and appreciation

, if you’re not familiar with the WordPress design, look at these designs and believe it will bring you lots of new ideas,


Theme Design Gallery


WordPress Tag


WP Inspiration




We Love WP


WordPress Cheat Sheets

, if you don’t know much about the WordPress development process and the code structure, these cheat sheets can help you,

Interactive WordPress Guide


Basic Theme Anatomy


, WP, Code, & Tags


, The, Loop:, Visual, Model


WordPress topic development framework

, if you want to quickly develop WordPress Themes, using a mature framework is definitely a good choice,



Rookie webmaster also talk about friendship links

, the son of fish do a very short time, has been in a daze of toil, up to now there is no what achievement.

all day looking at the overwhelming information on the Internet, what SEO, what optimization, what short of traffic surge?…… The son of fish envy ah, but also want to, these are really? The son of fish is not a smart man, just know everything to go. I’ve read a few articles and heard some friends’ advice,

, the son of fish do two garbage station, to the hand, at present through the two stations, learned a lot of things are not fish have a blog system, used to write what they want to write. Key words used "fish not fish" three words, very cold key word, Baidu is absolutely the first page. Said so much, should return to the topic of the son of fish of the Links is not much, the quality is not very good and some of them to a friend or to increase station chain do only on the blog above, there is a sub unit fish links are not fish in the school work, school in order to raise PR4 sites in the imperceptibly many people said to PR high site links, but the son of fish when exchange links in the application, are often rejected, the reason is very simple: 1, the new station, no PR, no; 2, included too little, do not do; 3, type do not match; 4, the flow is too small, do not do; 5, there is no reason, just don’t do. Sometimes, the fish is not thinking, those so-called old station, PR high, large flow, included more sites, they are not bit by bit grow up?


do not know the future son of fish station, the old station make it would look like this…… So, after experiencing too many rejections, the fish are very happy to get the link. However, what should be how to cherish? The son of fish because it is a rookie, so don’t know what to do now, just do not fish, every day up, all the Links point again, through several pages, although a little IP, but can guarantee effective flow, quality should be some better than some of the flow of the so-called alliance.

a lot of people say, do stand to write soft Wen, son not fish although learn Chinese background, but write this kind of article is very bad.

Adsense brother, your ad, I will dedicate a click

is 23 years old this year, has just graduated from University, said from the first use WORD software to make the website now, I have spent 6 years, a remote town I live in Sichuan, high school after school before opening the computer curriculum, high school to install their own teaching materials to do a "word that is a few pages with hyperlinks that together, ha ha, now think that time is really a child.

University for the past four years, is the true four years when the owners, in the four years from the foundation of "making research start to learn some programming language slowly began to learn their art, PS technology, flow slowly in the hands of the station is also high, I learned more and more slowly slowly, like income can also ha ha ha.

I am not here to say I is how to make the website, but what we may ignore things, for we may not have what practical help, but the owners are brothers, we can do more.

study in recent years, although he is the webmaster, every day around the site, see the advertising revenue, every day is not wrong, in fact most of our webmaster grassroots, rely on a point of advertising alliance to maintain life, we are vulnerable groups, but the feeling is not unity, a lot of black Horse Station, many malicious the attack, absolutely meet the eye everywhere. Well, there is less of these things among the stationmaster. Is it good to have more helpful help? How can I help you with kindness,


webmaster brother, your ad, I’ll dedicate a click.

to go to school, find information is inevitable, write a paper what ah, to check the Internet? After class homework can go online to find some time to find the answer? What, easy to find, will inevitably feel glad that this time? Do you know how to do


yes, these years I deeply know the webmaster is not easy, so I have 2 habits, the first is: for what I want for my advertising, I will point; second, I will put my habit to tell my friends, tell them the webmaster hard, hope you can return a little advertising.

do is hold: help each other’s attitude to the webmaster, provided you want something for you, and the way you can point the advertisement for you, one click not what, but for the webmaster, do you know what this means?

webmaster, you often grateful heart, when a web site provides better content to you, don’t forget he is the same as their own grassroots webmaster, we are brothers, so you ad I will dedicate a click.

now he is beginning to buy a special love polymerization interactive system to start his new website www.dangran.net, not much, although the work but the stationmaster’s heart is still there, leaving the site seems to feel empty. I’m a lazy person

Blog on behalf of the Ming Dynasty most of the 10 factors that do not affect the ranking of the webs

many webmaster friends are very upset, website ranking is always not go up, with a lot of SEO operation method, but the effect is very little, and even appeared ranking backward or ranking disappear. To this end, on behalf of the blog summed up the most influential website rankings are not 10 factors, for everyone to analyze in the end where the problem is.


below 10 factors, the importance of descending, hoping to help webmaster friends quickly positioning problems and reasons.

influence 1: keyword optimization over.

is mainly manifested in three aspects: keyword stuffing, creating false keywords and deliberately hiding key words.

(1) keyword stack, mainly in the title, keyword tags, description tags, ALT attributes, anchor text links, web content, a large number of keywords pile up. The solution is to gradually replace duplicate keywords with relevant keywords and dilute the density of a few single keywords.

(2) to create false words, is too much "and insert keywords theme in the three pages in the independent label, such as" poly travel way "insert the words" Dai Ming blog "deliberately page three tags.

(3) deliberately hidden keywords, mainly in order to increase keyword density, deliberately set the font color and background keywords similar or the same color or set the font size into a tiny, naked eye can not distinguish. If you have these operations, it is recommended to immediately restore the keyword to normal, and then gradually replaced with relevant keywords.

impact two: spoofed web redirection.

basically is to make the page that the user visits the first time without any time jump to a page with very different content completely. In general, this jump occurs in less than 3 seconds, and the jump page is not related to the current page topic.

three: "malicious exchange advance secretly by an unknown path.

is mainly in a page to get a better ranking, the content of this web site to another site, and then this page put other content, continue to cultivate. Once this technique is discovered, it is likely that two websites will be lost by K.

impact four: copy, mirror, site, or content.

is mainly about making the content of two or more websites very similar or exactly alike. This approach is easy to get rankings in the short term, but the ranking disappears very quickly.

impact five: Bridge page / door page establishment.

itself is beneficial to the user experience, but after a lot of SEO operations, the search engine began to feel disgusted. The main idea is to train a page to act as an agent for search engines to users, and to create a page that is optimized for SEO, until the page is good

It’s my destiny to meet you

love songs under high mountains

is this meandering river,

my heart is swimming in the river..

Acacia under the blue sky

is this winding road,

my dream installs

in the pack

all waiting is no longer waiting for

, I’ve chosen you all my life,

, meeting you is my destiny,

watch, you’re my song,

dear, dear, dear..

.. I love.. you..

it’s the snow lotus flower in Xiangshan..

on the snow in Xiangshan. Ephraim… Flowers,.

hi. Hi. Hi,.

although I’m not close to you, but I use this song to describe you, I feel right,


I just graduated into an Internet company to work, do more than 5 months there to learn, have some understanding for ASP, have a certain idea of website promotion, began to use their meager wages to spend money to buy space and domain name, made the first of my website, more than 200 money. Not much, but it cost more than half of my salary, so I worked hard to promote my website.


is available with the reform program, do website is simple, but the promotion is not smooth, has changed several times, still feel inadequate, not your promotion methods, or have not done enough, promotion does not understand, not to flow, access number. How do I increase the amount of access,


wrote here today and suddenly couldn’t write, —————–

what happened to the mysterious hero, then,


please see continued ——————————–

feel shy so that everyone laughed at the ———————————————————————-


continued ——————————————

is not willing, I will find the tutorial, website promotion and online search, also is this stuff is really much, so he began to read from the SEO tutorial, came into contact with Wang Tong, then according to the online tutorial step-by-step learning.

code to constantly modify and debug, for a few days time, is really too tired, sometimes a little modification of the wrong position, the structure of the page are all messed up, then check again a line.


Web user experience design efficient design visualization


every day, people are drowning in the ocean of information. In the process of active acquisition and passive acceptance, users always avoid an "efficiency" appeal. In this information ocean, what are the current difficulties faced by users,


some design details of "hidden", "fold", "progressive" design consumes the user’s rapid cognitive appeal;

tends to be complex and bulky, rendering the interface a burden, aggravating the confusion of user operations and allowing users to understand and make ambiguities;

design too much operation, click, the user’s hand muscles non-stop movement, switching different pages to view;


as a designer of information transmission, how to make information more intuitive, clear and eliminate uncertainty understanding is the most important thing in the work. And "visualization" is one of the most efficient ways to transmit information. For information visualization, visualization and graphics, it has become a hot point and research direction in the design circle.


‘s visual design for products mainly aims at transmitting and communicating information clearly and effectively with the help of graphic and other intuitive means, forming efficient functions, using mappings, and completing user tasks. Select the right interface elements for the tasks that users want to accomplish. They are displayed on the page through a quick and easy to use expression that reduces the user’s cognitive burden and physical burden. It can be divided into four levels: function visualization, structure visualization, operation visualization, and control visualization.


functional visualization: to determine the priority of requirements, to ensure that the high priority functions are displayed to the user, so that users can easily identify and find, so that the design has the right hierarchy. The user’s understanding of the information hierarchy requires two processes, the first is rapid capture, followed by a more detailed understanding of the specific content. In the rapid capture stage, the time span is short, and the main function points of the product are highlighted through color, contrast and positioning. For example, in Figure 1 the famous Korean portal / search engine site owned by Naver Naver Shopping, the product positioning which provides goods search service, by searching for the name of goods, according to the commodity category lists almost all South Korean large e-commerce website provides the product link. So, on the interface, highlight search features and navigation areas with strong contrast tones. Through the visual guide, allowing users to focus on the core content, focus on the user’s line of sight, the main colors in the white pages, you will see the strong tone of the line of sight, so it can be used to highlight the strong tone of the core content, let the user visual focus there.