A5 marketing enterprises to recognize these erroneous views of Shanghai Longfeng website to quickly


today to write this article is not dry cargo, nor Shanghai Longfeng topic how profound, but simply pointed out that the enterprises is not right in the practice of Web site optimization and false ideas. Of course, the original intention of writing this article is to tell the majority of enterprise website boss, Shanghai Longfeng responsible person able to correct the face of this article mentioned problems and timely treatment. If handled properly, the website will very good promotion

Although This article is written in

I’ll give you an example: I have a diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng customer is doing tourism website, they did not cooperate with us in Shanghai Longfeng.

The story of …

is the most common, I and some enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng exchange in this area, many people have said: the boss gave the word, we must optimize, do not optimize up will have to face the low wages or dismissal, but their suggestions are not through the boss of the audit, so many the suggestions are useless. You don’t need to say what the search volume, target keywords "little competition, only those who truly understand the Shanghai dragon boss who, do not understand in Shanghai dragon boss who has absolutely no effect, the choice of keywords boss only look for their own subjective consciousness.

a little but had to write a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the reason is: since the Internet plus by many well-known enterprises, the transformation of traditional enterprises have Internet, almost after the transformation of enterprises will be an independent recruitment website, then Shanghai Longfeng optimize a series of websites, and many enterprises are more attention to the development of. Unfortunately, the site in the optimization is not very satisfying, many things are messing around. Cause the website optimization effect can not play to the maximum. In addition, if the enterprise is not to fiddle with my personal website. In fact, it is very believe, as long as the enterprises attach importance to Shanghai dragon and the intention to do enterprise site optimization, Shanghai dragon will bring high value to the enterprise.


first, not by the subjective consciousness to the choice of keywords. At present, many enterprises have "a rensili" enterprise, ask Shanghai Longfeng idea, does not consider the user’s thoughts, directly with their own subjective consciousness to choose keywords, not to do the work of keyword research. Then enterprises put his own view on the keywords to Shanghai Longfeng personnel, or outsourcing to other Shanghai Longfeng service providers, directly to the selected words to tell each other to do.

seems to think so, but it is not ideal. At present most of the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in the aspects of Shanghai dragon has had the wrong understanding, especially the two or three line of the city’s enterprises. Then, the following A5 Huang Zhong’s simple and communicate with you, if the readers of enterprises encounter such problems, immediately recognize and improve, if not met the following questions when reading a free paper. We then read…

, an enterprise not by subjective consciousness to choose keywords

Flip type web search engine is how to grab


may sound a little little wood Shanghai dragon to take a very simple example, for example in the website flip directory added 29 articles, that is to say the last one is thirtieth, and the spider is a one-time grab 10 article links, this spider.

The principle of How to determine whether the

for this page type page, the spider is mainly through the records of each article found that crawl the web links, and then found the article links with the history of the discovery of the link on the comparison, if there is intersection, the crawl and found all of the new article, can stop on the back of the page to grab; otherwise, that the crawl did not find all the new article, need to continue to crawl under a page or a few pages to find all of the new article.

capture mechanism?

why do we need this capture mechanism of

to judge whether the article published by arrangement is a necessary condition for this type of page, as described below. So how to determine whether the resource release time arrangement? Some pages in each article followed the release time, through the link corresponding to the time set, time to determine whether the collection at large to small or small to large order, if it is, then the web resources are released according to the time order the arrangement, and vice versa. If you didn’t write the release time, the spider can write the article itself according to the actual release time of judgment.

is ordered flip

?Most web sites use page?

Spider system’s goal is to found and all valuable web crawling in the Internet, love Shanghai official also made it clear that the spider can only crawl to as much as possible and valuable resources and keep the page system and the actual environment of consistency at the same time not to give the site experience pressure, that is to say all the spider will not crawl all pages this website, there are a lot of spider crawling strategy as soon as possible to complete the discovery of resources links, improve the efficiency of capture. The only way to try to meet most of the web spider, which is why we want to do website link structure, then the wood just for a Shanghai dragon spider on the web page type mechanism to seize a few comments. (this article will not test the rate of other grasping mechanism, from a single point analysis)

page form to orderly distribution of web resources, when a new article increases, goes back to old resources page in the series. For the spiders, the index page of this specific type is an effective channel for crawling, but the spider crawling frequency and site update frequency is not the same, the link is likely to be pushed to the page, so the spiders could not every day from the first page climb to eightieth, then an article in an article crawl to the database comparison, this is a waste of time but also a waste of your web spider, the spider included time, so the need for such a special type of page type "an additional grab mechanism, so as to ensure the complete collection of resources.

Want to do webmaster, you should know some web site

real life every day of the new store opening day, there are new shops closed, the same as in the network, a new website also has a new website down every day to stand up every day, so is the webmaster. A veteran of the retreat, but did not prevent a novice webmaster rookie step the pace of the ranks. The following from different aspects to introduce some people who want to be their own webmaster, need to know some websites and their brief introduction. Veterans can bypass.

behind the forum, http://www.im286.com/ relatively large Adsense community, there are many contents, but also very miscellaneous, now closed registration, new webmaster do not go every day, every week to see can.

webmaster network http://www.admin5.com/ comprehensive Webmaster Station, there are more network operation content, suggest daily attention, pay attention to the article, soft Wen more, to distinguish between

China Webmaster Station http://www.chinaz.com/ comprehensive Webmaster Station, provide all aspects of webmaster knowledge points, add, program, code download, content is all, can be used as knowledge base, need to see

nets http://www.net.cn/ largest domain name business, don’t buy a domain name, where to find his agent to buy expensive. General query domain name, where

programmer’s home http://www.csdn.net/, if you want to write your own program, here it seems, the Chinese programmer’s home

if you want to set up articles, classes, sites, forums, blogs, portals, pictures, music, movies…….. Basically have more mature system for use. Programs based on the LAMP architecture are recommended.

Google http://www.google.com/, if you like Baidu, you can try to modify your habits, first use Google search

Baidu http://www.baidu.com/ added Google

Admin5 IDC http://idc.admin5.com/ I buy buy space domain name, virtual space can be bought here, can set up several small first practice. Wait for you to go to buy their servers or flat-share would be more cost-effective, as if it will support. Many new webmaster will withdraw from this industry within a few months, so the monthly purchase is the most cost-effective.

Small talk about the site was linked to horse prevention and solution

was a grassroots webmaster do stand is not easy, but some senior weight, also for us, for their own desires, at the expense of our site does not say, the key is to combat our establishment of passion, I know I will give some new Adsense write prevention and solution. Experts can smile over, there are wrong places, please correct me!


first, free website forum what, not as their main energy input point, because even if is linked to the horse or be removed, they do not need to bear what responsibility; free space;

second, the choice of procedure please try to choose some good reputation, the more famous program, certainly not to say that they don’t have security vulnerabilities, relatively speaking, less holes in them more, and repair it immediately;

third, the program now generally have a verification code, function, security problem and so open, especially to the administrator, must, background login page name, proposed changes, to remember but not the default management page of his name; by the way, the install directory must be deleted, many procedures this has prompted


fourth, first strong password management, although the keyboard recording tools such as your password more complex are useless, but for some of the basic tools for guess, it is your safety! In addition, when the input password please also note that the input method now has a soft keyboard, hey we have to use it, and use the mouse to click the soft keyboard to enter your password, so that can prevent a keylogger tool part;

fifth, the managers of their own computer environment is also very important, anti-virus software must be installed, which is not recommended, after all, I use the rising, each one has his good points, Kaba did not say that he is not good, but I can’t stand it in some places; installed antivirus software will not have Everything will be fine., updated regularly, ensure to the new virus can be against


sixth, good surfing habits, now some of the horses are cattle, can directly off your anti-virus software, but the premise is that you want to trigger it, for example, when you use the Internet, see something very attractive, a little trick, Ecuador… This is the trigger; horse is also this download the middle of the process, can understand the Internet;

seventh, backup, this is very important, and often need to backup, if your service provider for the service, but it is the best, but you have the time, or to keep backups of your own web site, once the point what, hey, You’ll see. good backup, backup first of all, there must be a complete procedure of the backup, then, is a regular backup template file, and cannot have a backup, for example, by date backup, archive every Monday, good ~ ~ problem reduction on the line; the database backup also remember Oh ~ ~ but the horse usually don’t move your database and other documents.

How to do propaganda work

is now sure to use a variety of shops to do publicity, if you want to further enhance the popularity of the store, you need to use all possible ways to promote the new store. What specific methods can learn from it? Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, I hope to bring you more business guidance.

A, the advertising campaign preparation

which is the basic plan for the whole shop activities, so to develop the overall progress, the ideal situation is to be filed in the 10 months before the opening, to be finalized in the shop 6 months ago, so the activity can be fully prepared and effectively.

two, the specific implementation of

need to shop in about 1 months before the start, so that the whole shop information to inform consumers to shop day reached the climax of the activities, the implementation way and the content can be divided into employee access to the values of family, the use of media advertising, public relations activities, the implementation of the open day celebration provide special services, etc..

leaflets. Send leaflets is the fastest and most direct way. So, how to attract customers to the leaflets? This is the business of most concern, Huadu distribute leaflets Ltd. based on years of experience and a summary, provide unique ideas and solutions to the customer, at the opening of the best time to print some leaflets and effectively distributed, so that it can quickly enhance the shop popularity, attract more new customers, increase the turnover value.

three, publicity

this is in line with the series of activities, in order to achieve sustained open pomp, continuous activities launched, such as cultural activities, commercial promotions, service measures, make the whole shop promotional activities can achieve expected effect.

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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge for 120 thousand people free life is true

Zhangjiajie is an important tourist scenic spot in the country, which receives a large number of tourists every year. Not long ago, Zhangjiajie for the glass bridge re issued a notice on the Internet, 120 thousand people involved in the final decision of the tourism scenic area to provide free travel for these 120 thousand people is true?

includes the world’s highest and longest ten "world first" Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge is the last batch of bridge glass installation, is expected to open this year, 51 trial operation.

2015 in December, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic release word ten thousand, the global name of the announcement, for the global gathering of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge name, caused uproar in the network.

3 1 hearing on February 29th, at a time when the word for a period of 57 days, Hunan Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge global name of the activities of the end of the. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic WeChat official platform received a total of 120 thousand users of the world’s real name of the effective name.

unexpected heat of the event, so that the scenic spot will be announced for the extraction of 1000 people for an unlimited amount of free life, extended to participate in the active participation of nearly 120 thousand users.

nearly 120 thousand names, nearly 120 thousand people’s efforts, hundreds of millions of people’s attention." Chen Zhidong, chairman of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic sigh. Baked this generous free policy, that is, to repay users and the community of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge of this special attention and trust.

According to

news bulletin show time scenic, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon of the real name registration and submission of the levy participation of nearly 120 thousand users each presented a special "package": awarded the "Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk participants" lifelong honorary title; all the personal information of all input scenic intelligent management system, open the glass bridge I brush directly after the two generation ID card (with sign registered) unlimited free access to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic tour and visit the glass bridge (glass bridge adult visit tickets 138 yuan).

Chen Zhidong introduced, nearly 120 thousand names, the final one is "look for a needle in the ocean". In order to ensure that the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk zhengminghuodong fair, open and impartial, finally to get a good name worthy of the name of the glass bridge, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area will be held on March 5th to 6 at the Peking University, Fudan University, Zhongshan University, three university synchronized development levy name selection, college students and graduate students led by professors of the school above the team on the scene of the primaries.

each area from each of the 120 thousand names in the first filter out the name of the 100, and then summarize the area of the three, and finally get about 300 Options >

Business consultant tells you how to get rich

venture, you need to find the right project. Sometimes, such a project, in fact, around you. How to get rich? How do look at some creative people:


the million dollar homepage "is divided into one million pixels, each pixel charge $1 that is it possible to come out, the most stupid idea for online business. But, at the age of 21. Figure (AlexTew) invented the idea, now become a millionaire.




LaserMonks.com laser monk is affiliated with profit website spring Gloucestershire monastery of Notre dame. A total of eight monks in the monastery is located in Monroe hills, northwest of Madison, a distance of 90 miles. Yes, for you to add a printer cartridge is a real monk! Halley! Their sales in 2005 were $2 million 500 thousand! Praise god.



7.PositivesDating.Com (HIV />


Open nail shop is a small investment in small business profits

as the saying goes, women and children is the best to earn money, this sentence is true, especially women earn more money is good, now popular Manicure, this is a very low cost of the industry, after training, can get started as soon as the industry, if you just want to do this business plan you can see.

"bottom line net profit from the basic level of the industry, the net profit for each store in 40%~50% recommendation

Children’s clothing store in the autumn to promote a large analysis

although the autumn has come, but autumn in a very long time, if now, will make your business is hot, the key is that many business owners do not know how to promote children’s clothing store in the fall, the following small for analysis on this issue!

1, do a good job in the new listing promotion. But for the majority of franchisees, it is necessary to take the most original and most effective way to promote: display inform. It is through the vivid display, inform the customer: This is the new clothing! This way you can through the window display, can inform the customer by Chen Lielai store these are new. Of course, in addition to display outside, staff promotion is also very important. The changing trend in the market today, no one can accurately identify the trend of the smell, so is the transfer of personnel promotion is an important means to instill this information.

2 to judge whether the goods are marketable or not. According to the customer trial rate and the communication with the customer in the new season to make marketable or not judgment, and do a good job in the exchange and storage of goods. Such as: there are several colors of a certain style can be appropriately increased or reduced color varieties; some clothing styles are very popular to increase inventory, some of the low rate of trial is less into some. Prepare for the upcoming sales season.

3, clean up the previous quarter inventory, which is also very important. Now a lot of businesses in the season when the conversion will be the first year of the old money out to display in order to mislead consumers this is the new. In this way we not to say yes or no, but at least it shows that the seasonal transition is an excellent opportunity to deal with the stock last year, this year is now an important sales work.

these although only the most simple preliminary promotion work, but I believe that as long as these do, only do these, can get ahead in the autumn winter season, success is always prepared to leave, do the clothing is the same, the preliminary work done, in order to win the harvest in the back of the sales in the process of.

Entrepreneurial phenomenon report relying on subsidies to start the business of cock wire unsustaina

krypton space released entrepreneurial phenomenon report, the current venture capital market survey, although the threshold of entrepreneurship in the lower, but only rely on policy subsidies to survive the cock wire entrepreneur is difficult to hold on for a long time.

12 21 pm news, krypton space in this afternoon, held a graduation ceremony of the project on the fifth, krypton space released the report of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship 2015. The report pointed out that this year, the capital market by the heat into the cold period of adjustment, the subsidy model as the representative of the economic development of the cock silk ceiling, the value of the economy is rising, entrepreneurial threshold is gradually improving.

space krypton co-founder John believes that the current business threshold is gradually improving, lower technical barriers, subsidized by the mode of development of entrepreneurial projects will be faced with fierce competition, new entrepreneurs need to have a strong ability to integrate resources. According to John introduction, in 2014, 15% of college students to apply for krypton space, this data in this year, only the remaining 5%.

however, rose in 2014 compared to large companies and start-up companies for talent, talent meet as equals price, enhance the effect of capital and talent gathered this year, early industry leader enterprises will have a chance to become a unicorn.

in terms of segments, although P2P rely on money lent to the model of the Internet financial projects in this year are frequent negative news, but did not affect the Internet banking in the second half of this year in all areas of consumption wantonly penetration, by the integration of consumer projects, a number of areas throughout the property, maternal education etc..

now, our policy is to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, but for a long time in the past, lack of competitiveness and ability to finance start-ups will still be out of the market. Entrepreneurs need to focus on the future development of the market, adjust the direction of development, as early as possible to prepare.

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