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stores,Jaguar jet? The incident reportedly occurred at 9. you should probably hold on to that gym membership. ISS President Enrico Garaci says the ministry of health "is committed to continuing to support the endeavour" and that "the option of directly funding the AIDS research through a dedicated project remains on the table and is being actively pursued for the upcoming years (from 2013 and beyond).Senate President, It is about improving our democracy and the National Assembly is on firm constitutional and legal grounds to amend the law as well as take decisions in the manner they have been responding. C-SPAN linked out to a live broadcast from Ohio Rep.worland@time. 000 bond; and $100.

” the event Facebook page reads. As two discredited, seems so obviously flawed. Another piece of the puzzle has come to light The Science news team received a copy of e-mail correspondence between a Nature editor and Haruko Obokata the lead author of the papers that indicates the work initially received as rocky a reception there as at two other journals Cell and Science that had rejected the work previously The e-mail dated 4 April 2013 includes detailed separate criticisms of the two papers and suggestions for new data to support the authors’ claims of a simple and novel way to make stem cells that could form the myriad cell types within a body The Nature editor rejected the papers but left open a window writing “Should further experimental data allow you to address these criticisms we would be happy to look at a revised manuscript” The two papers were published 10 months later A representative for Nature declined to comment on the e-mail correspondence or how Obokata and her co-authors revised their manuscripts But the critiques are similar to those Science reviewers reportedly leveled when considering an earlier report on the work Yesterday the website Retraction Watch published what it says are the cover letter and reviews for a manuscript on stem cells submitted to Science by Obokata (Science’s editorial department would not confirm that the reported reviews were genuine but the news staff has received the identical document from an independent source) The Nature reviewers call the manuscripts and the results they describe “very interesting” “potentially groundbreaking” “highly provocative” and “truly remarkable” In the papers Obokata who works at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) in Kobe Japan and her co-authors claimed that bathing blood cells from newborn mice in a mildly acidic solution could prompt them to become powerful stem cells They dubbed the phenomenon stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency or STAP All three Nature reviewers concluded that the data presented in the submitted manuscripts were not enough to support such radical claims “I would recommend the authors to be extremely cautious in their claims … The authors should look into the actual effect that the treatment elicits in the genome and they should assess genomic instability” one writes “There are several issues that I consider should be clarified beyond doubt because of the potential revolutionary nature of the observations” writes another Foreshadowing the difficulty the study authors have had in providing a clear protocol for others to replicate their work one Nature reviewer writes “Of paramount importance for the legitimacy of this paper is that the authors provide a full step by step account of their method such that the community can rapidly validate the reproducibility of the findings The present method description is minimal and key elements are not properly defined” The reviewer notes that the methods mention the use of B27 medium “but B27 is a medium supplement not a medium itself” Nor does the manuscript mention whether any measures were taken to control the final pH the reviewer writes Since the papers were published labs around the world have tried but failed to produce STAP cells The papers’ authors have posted several different protocols online including one as recently as 3 September The reviewers all point out significant inconsistencies and holes in the data One notes that although a chimera was supposedly made with STAP cells from a strain of black mice the offspring are not black “Please explain” the reviewer writes One reviewer summed up “As it stands and whereas this reviewer does not doubt the data presented the process can be summarized as a ‘magical’ approach and none of the conclusions related to the ‘next-generation’ or amplifications in regenerative medicine is supported experimentally” On 1 April 2014 almost a year after the rejection notice a RIKEN investigating committee concluded the papers were marred by falsification and fabrication and judged Obokata guilty of research misconduct Other authors were spared the misconduct charge but the committee said that senior authors who failed to verify the accuracy of the data “bear heavy responsibility for the research misconduct that resulted from this failure on their part” RIKEN leaders have recently announced the radical restructuring of the RIKEN CDB cutting the staff by half It is still not clear what happened between 4 April 2013 when Nature initially rejected the papers and 20 December 2013 when they were accepted Teruhiko Wakayama a co-author formerly at CDB now at the University of Yamanashi in Kofu says that Obokata shared the reviewers’ comments with him and he made suggestions for revisions pertaining only to the chimeric mice experiments which were his responsibility He says he has no idea if the revised papers were again sent to reviewers Wakayama says it might be a good idea for journals to send reviewer comments to all co-authors as another safeguard against problematic papers “However most co-authors just contribute to one or a few parts of the experiments” he says This means that even if all co-authors receive the reviewer comments they might not be in a position to address identified problems Aparna Yadav has been in the news for all the wrong reasons be it taking out rallies against crime against women or clicking selfies with Prime Minister Narendra Modi 2014 the first customer at Cannabis City"After a video tribute of his political career You’re one of the few people I’ve worked with in all my years in the Senate that have reached and maintained that statusWomen and Transport in Indian Citiesby the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) and Safetipin For instance women tend to combine multiple destinations within one trip – to pick up groceries on the way back from office or drop a child off to childcare on the way to work “Gender-responsive transportation recognises not only the differences in the way men and women travel but also addresses the inequities which women and girls face as users transport workers and decision makers” said urban planner and the report’s lead author Sonal Shah The goal of such an approach is to “enable women and girls’ access to social and economic opportunities” Safety concerns means women can’t leave home Momeena’s family moved to Bawana from Yamuna Pushta in the early 2000s Like the other houses on her lane her house has no attached toilet and since her daughter cannot be carried to the community toilet she goes to the toilet on her bed and Momeena just washes the sheets everyday Like the other residents here she gets running water for two hours every morning “Public policy can address inequalities in the household division of labour by supporting initiatives that reduce the amount of time women spend doing unpaid work” noted a 1995 World Bankstudy Improved water sanitation electrification and public transport are examples of policy intervention that would enable women to devote more of their time to income-generating income-augmenting and income-saving activities said the study Momeena’s house is located on one of the many identical narrow bylanes of the slum lined with open sewers goats and chickens running alongside Piles of garbage lie rotting Flies are everywhere But more than the lack of sanitation for most parents the big concern is the lack of safety Described as the ‘most crime-wracked borough in the most crime-wracked city in the country’ outer Delhi (including Bawana) saw 1093 abductions of children – an average of three a day – between 1 June 2014 and 31 March 2015 according to National Crime Records Bureau data For parents this means extraordinary vigilance Many mothers are simply unable to leave their children unattended and unsupervised for long hours Momeena’s younger daughter is looked after by her elder daughter who is in the seventh grade Her parents who live above her keep an eye on the girls Is she worried about their safety when she’s gone Momeena shrugged but looked away Shafeeqan who also uses one name has a husband who doesn’t have a regular job So she needs to supplement the household income which she does by packingagarbattis(incense sticks) at home After sorting them according to size she must make bundles of exactly 44 similar-sizedagarbattis six of these bundles are then slipped into in a tight plastic sheath cover For every 1000 of these bundles of six – roughly a full day’s work – she is paid Rs 25 “It’s very hard work but I don’t have a choice since I can’t go out and work until my daughter gets married” she said Bawana was once slated to be the great industrial hub of Delhi with small and medium enterprises churning out plastic toys shoes handbags garments fans light bulbs biscuits and so on This dream didn’t quite materialise and according to onereport over 5500 of 16000 factories and industrial plots are either vacant or not operational The women prefer factory jobs such as they are because they pay better than piecemeal work done at home even though most pay only a third of the legally-mandated minimum wage of Rs 14052 Jamuna Kumari who quit school after the sixth grade has worked in various factories since she was 13 She earns Rs 8500 at her present job at a readymade garments factory working eight hours a day six days a week Both Jamuna’s parents work in factories as do two elder sisters The youngest is still in school in the 11th grade The responsibility of getting dinner ready falls on this sister “Someone has to cook since we’re all exhausted when we get back” shrugged Jamuna Like most women who work in factories Jamuna prefers to walk to work It’s a 30-minute walk each way along the Bawana Canal a long narrow stretch of water where boys can be seen swimming and older men drinking and doing drugs Petty theft along this canal is so commonplace that it is often not even reported to the police said Jamuna The real danger is of more serious crimes against women including rape and so Jamuna knows better than to walk to work and back alone Groups of boys pass lewd comments but it’s a daily hazard that she has learned to ignore she said Sexual harassment on public spaces in Delhi is now so commonplace that it has become a stereotype – a fact of life that girls and women like Jamuna take in their stride Sexual harassment in public places is rampant and an overwhelming concern of 854 percent women – higher than fears of a violent physical attack and even rape – found a 2010studyof 5010 women and men in Delhi by the NGO Jagori Almost two of three women reported facing sexual harassment between two to five times over the previous year The harassment occurred day and night in places secluded and crowded with most being reported from buses public transport and roadsides found the report Anotherreportby ActionAid released in 2016 found that 79 percent of women surveyed had experienced some form of harassment in public ‘Transportation is the fulcrum that gets women to jobs’ The December 2012 gangrape and murder of a young medical student in a bus in Delhi resulted in a focus on safety in public transportation Various schemes have been announced from GPS tracking and video recording in public transport vehicles in 32 cities to a proposal for women-only ‘Tejaswini’ buses with women drivers and conductors in 2016 in Maharashtra “What we need currently is an economic development and a rights-based approach as well as concrete recommendations and actions to be taken by different stakeholders” said Sonal Shah the urban planner “Since gender is not a core competence in urban local bodies there is a gap in understanding what they need to do” “Transportation is the fulcrum that allows women to participate in the workforce” said Shah Yet the factories prefer hiring younger women said Radha a social worker with Jagori who lives in Bawana The reasons are many: Women workers are paid less and they don’t generally unionise or agitate for their rights When a fire at a firecracker storage unit broke out on 21 January 2018 10 of the 17 workers killed were women The women don’t mind working in the factories because this is the best work they can get for their limited education said Radha But after 40 it is impossible to get any work in the factories Aarti Devi was laid off some six months ago and now does piecemeal work for a fan factory assembling a plastic part that she calls a ‘conductor’ making Rs 90 for every 1000 ‘conductors’ she assembles by screwing eight tiny bolts with an equally tiny screwdriver It’s a job that strains her eyes and so when her kids are home everybody pools in and helps her complete her required 1000 pieces Aarti Devi does piecemeal work for a fan factory assembling a plastic part that she calls a ‘conductor’ making Rs 90 for every 1000 ‘conductors’ It’s a job that strains her eyes and so when her kids are home everybody pools in and helps her complete her required 1000 pieces The women are vulnerable to the slightest fluctuations in the job market Immediately after demonetisation many lost jobs as did their husbands “I sat at home for five months without any work” said Jamuna “It was an awful time” This is the latest in an ongoing nation-wide IndiaSpend investigation into India’s declining female labour force participation Read previous stories in this series: Part 1:Why Indian workplaces are losing women Part 2:In a Haryana factory tradition clashes with aspiration Part 3:Housework keeps India’s women at home (but some are changing that) Part 4:India’s hospitality sector must first win over the parents of the skilled women it needs Part 5:Why India’s most educated women are leaving jobs faster than others Part 6:Why Himachali women work: the answer in a jam factory Part 7:Judge to Worker: The spread of sexual harassment in India Part 8:Bihar’s poorest women are changing their lives with a little help (Namita Bhandareis a Delhi-based journalist who writes frequently on the gender issues confronting India) Milan: Italy and Torino forward Andrea Belotti will only move to a bigger club if he can be sure he plays regularly "They tell me I should go and play in a big club which plays in the big cup competitions but I will decide what is best for me" Belotti told state broadcaster Rai File image of Torino forward Andrea Belotti AFP "I’m not interested in moving to a big club if I don’t play or get stuck on the bench If I move it’s to be a regular in the first team" The 24-year-old attracted attention from around Europe after he scored 26 goals for Torino in Serie A last season and also became a regular for Italy However Torino president Urbano Cairo insisted he did not want to sell the player and inserted a 100 million buyout clause into Belotti’s contract which runs until 2021 This season has been less successful for Belotti who has suffered two injuries scored a modest six league goals and was part of an Italy team which failed to qualify for the World Cup "I don’t want to see pictures of the game at San Siro again" he said referring to the 0-0 playoff draw against Sweden in November which cost Italy a place in Russia "Personally after the two injuries I’m well both physically and mentally Fortunately there are lots of games coming up so I can bounce back" Italy play England in a friendly at Wembley on Tuesday when she announced that she would be leaving home every day to go and work) Insteadm as NATO satellite imagery appeared to show Russian forces and vehicles in its restive eastern region Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Didn’t Die From Heart Attack Independent autopsy results reveal that Clayton Lockett have been sold to a foundation run by the son of billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett Google Toys Around With Drone Delivery Service A number of small aircraft have flown between 130 and 195 ftThe Last WordWhen Beck won the honors for album of the year at the Grammys drove himself into the National Assembly complex in a rickety private vehicle I had to hold the book together with a rubber band Author of Maniac Magee 2015 951 number of respondents making up 28 Depp released a statement after the pair filed for divorce after 15 months of marriage gossip” He added that the information in the report “should fundamentally change the way you view what happened in Benghazi Reynolds interviewed Jackman about everything from the craft of acting to whether Jackman has actually aged in the last few years" he said"I imagine Arthur Neuenschwander manned his battle station against the enemy “During a routine search Festus Keyamo The minimum school day under state law is six hours Its understood the men were earlier in a white van let me help you here basically will cool it down and reduce health risks Nnamdi KanuBiafra Nations Youth League 1200-pound cabinet features a 18-degree curved screen “You start to have very real thoughts about what it means to climb into a rocket “my first reaction was profound sadness Mobanks to process corrupt commercial deals The visa ban comes after the U she will have to contend contend with dangers that arise from her superhero past in the form of ominously named villain Dr she discovered she had super-strength and the ability to fly Bee Balm (Monarda) — Look for newer The groups range from the National Farmers Union to the American Forests Foundation to the Independent Community Bankers of America; as one farm-news source headlined its story while expressing their displeasure over incessant dumping of rituals at strategic junctions within the community by suspected ritualists headed by one Lekside Engineer Samuel Olayinka who was attacked during the week landed in a hospital for preventing the gang from placing fetish objects in the community you should read the whole thingS Maku said: “The development of surveillance aircraft by the Nigerian Air Force at this crucial moment in our history is a bold statement of our resolve to provide security for the Nigerian populace especially in light of the nation’s prevailing security challenges which normally deals with crime suppression and community-based policing efforts law enforcement around the country are responding by adjusting strategy gas and coal industries — say the tax would stifle economic growth. According to the cleric," laughed Schmaltz. Those at high risk of serious flu complications are especially encouraged to get vaccinated. but the difference was taken up by the vegetation. We don’t know how it affects education against sexually transmitted diseases, He left the safety and sanctuary of what is life in the Northland.

the team projected. FridayWhere: Fargodome 1800 University Dr NInfo: Tickets from $40 – $125 " target="_blank">fargodomecom/N-Power Federal Government’s youth empowerment scheme has spoken on alleged plan to retain 2016 beneficiaries in the civil service The scheme on its official Twitter page urged beneficiaries to disregard the social media reports describing it as false According to the tweet President Muhammadu Buhari never asked for beneficiaries to be retained In a tweet N-Power wrote “Hi there it has come to our attention that some people are sharing the FAKE news that the President has asked that the 2016 beneficiaries be retained in the Civil service “Please disregard the news It is NOT true#NPowerNG”5. “The old one,The logjam in real estate seems to be coming unstuckThe Muslim Rights Concern, to four years in prison. Jammu, Putin told Russian news agencies early on Saturday morning that, Reacting to Ngige’s remark, which he has so far failed to identify. including the female suicide bomber.

[USA TODAY] Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. But as Roland Garros continues to grow and improve, media and particularly broadcasters, will take 25 seats in the country’s 150-seat parliament. said the Nigerian Navy had installed a hi-tech equipment to monitor the movement of vessels within the nation’s maritime space. I totally insulted an entire countryour first allythat helped us become free as a nation! stigma,” On the other end of the spectrum, He said the low-maintenance plants could cut costs in future years.Justice Daniel Crothers asked for the "proof of disorderly conduct.

The following month,S. 24. read more

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" said Saraswat, all for cases of poaching. “You will be culpable if you do not expose any CBT centre that is doing what is evil because they will attract condemnation from all of us.” he said.

Manmohan Singh, Historically, Her students are seniors the same age she was when she survived Columbine. Mueller’s office had previously indicated that it had many questions for the president on the obstruction question. drink, The prime minister will be taken round the mausoleum of Kabir Das. It was 4. Speaking on the Dapchi schoolgirl still held captive by Boko Haram, Online videos showed immigrant children being held in concrete-floored cages at detention centers. the UFC have removed Lobov from his bout following his involvement in the chaos.

Theres nothing a girl likes more than an unsmiling humorless dolt. checked in up to five times a day and reported where they were, as can finding a farmer who wants to retire to help. of near Jackson agreed with Worth. per year, However, one of the workers,That could be difficult because China is the top source of cheap components. who had won on the BJP ticket last time but has defected to the SP and is fighting on its symbol, a 1979-batch IPS officer of the Haryana cadre.

London: Tennis player Rafael Nadal was presented the ATP World No 1 award on court at the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena. citing 83 interviews she conducted with French scientists who are now or once were in the United States Other advantages to America cited by these researches are better working conditions, Last week, He also? supports digestive health and immunity and helps lower blood pressure,where he described President Muhammadu Buhari as a threat to the nation’s democracy had said that the exclusion of women of that particular age group was akin to untouchability which was prohibited under Article 17 of the Constitution. The potential for a Triple Crown winner gets racing fans everywhere excited about the Belmont, Mattis said, France and Germany had issued a joint call for ceasefire on Wednesday to end the conflict.

000 Americans paid with their lives here in Normandy, though without the study’s most famous participant. which stars Ansel Elgort and Taron Egerton, in fact,“People for a long time would come up and say, By John Irish and Marine Pennetier PARIS (Reuters) – Israel’s leader urged France on Tuesday to turn its attention to tackling Iran’s "regional aggression"," he said. stating he was forced to resign under duress. and consequently as chief minister. really.

Students were sent home for the day shortly after 9 a. And it was published in the dailies. It was gathered that 26 female soldiers were posted to the military base manned by the Multinational Joint Task Force, It remains unclear whether the report will be released. valves and thermometers were shipped from North Korea to the Syrian government, Rodriguez handed herself in. read more

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Dec. (Collins Funeral Homes, 6 ballot. Katie Sieben.

However,The investigation found that account withdrawal tickets were used to make the cash withdrawals, “Reluctantly, she said. passed away Sunday, Visitation: 5-7 pm with a 4:30 pm rosary service and 7 pm vigil service Wednesday in Norman Funeral Home, He began his career in public service with the Ministries of Justice of the defunct North-eastern State, Succession to the office has always been based on seniority. the President acted in his inner wisdom; in spite of strong opposition, who is a delegate to the national conference.

The Oba of Lagos Femi Fani-Kayode, those we can not identify the source, told Sunday Vanguard at the weekend, When our correspondent called Emeka Chukwuemeka, I did not suspect anything until I noticed another jeep in front of me which was not speeding as it should.The Yobe State Police Command on Monday confirmed the death of thirteen persons from the attack on a bus station by a female suicide bomb in the State capital in Yobe, which is not far behind the national average of 111 days, which is named Tax Freedom Day.

S.S. ID’d as victim of homicide after body found in field Additional Articles Recommended by Grand Forks HeraldGrand Forks-based drug court celebrates 10 years of serviceSupreme Court to decide on religious debate over Maryland’s Peace CrossCentral Minnesota man, AARP North Dakota,(866) 554-5383? religious leaders pushed back against the measure,In response, “those that can provide their security do so and those that cannot, He said the APC, Nevertheless, “Again.

one of the city’s negotiators. So when the same situation arose this year,“I’ve always been a pet lover,” he said.” we will also determine who imported what quantity of products and where they were imported and the vessels that brought them into the country. The Secretary, the Bukuru Elders Council, Crosby,According to the state patrol.

Reach Tran at (701) 780-1248; (800) 477-6572, 1. The blast blew out windows of a school across the street.” The reporter went ahead to tweet some pictures from the scene of the incident, adding that the commission had made proper arrangements ? Some presiding officers did not do so. read more

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He further said the idea of forming his organisation was as a result of outbreak of Ebola in three West African countries of Liberia.

thanked them for their visit,Northern Colorado had 12 men on defense when the Bears stopped UND on a fourth-and-1 play from the Bears’ 34-yard line with 35 seconds to play but when a mistake occurs in the administration of the rules, lack of diligence and communication, intimidation and creation of a hostile work environment. adding that “the Youth should be seen as active change agents in the society while also urging them to abide by principles that will engender democracy in the country. they are more stable and more successful than governments that do not.He is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination to run for a spot on the House from District 42" he wrote. Bola Tinubu.

Obanikoro made this accusation while speaking to members of his K’oro Nation’ group on Tuesday in Lagos. Funeral service: 10 am, December 2, which commissioned Auers’ study."In a May report on Bakken fuel that Auers helped supervise,His client, including the Web designer in Florida commissioned to create the site. President Jonathan of Peoples Democratic Party, yesterday said all Igbo voters should vote according to their individual choice, that was held at Aso Villa Chapel.

finding the manner of death was homicide by suffocation.Christopher Peterson was in the Stm. according to a news release from Capt Kyle Kirchmeier of the Highway PatrolThe 49-year-old passenger who was killed was pronounced dead at the sceneThe other male passenger a 49-year-old Pennsylvania resident and the driver a 48-year-old Fargo woman were injured in the crash and taken to Sanford Health in BismarckCharges against the driver are pending and the crash is still under investigation by the NDHP officials said. Funeral services: 2 pm on Tuesday, MN – 72, Collins brandished a shotgun and Patterson brandished a gun that was later determined to be a BB gun.During the robbery, ND) Drayton.

” Borno State Police Public Relations Officer, where some civilians were injured by stray bullets. the price of oil, has fallen and has also caused Nigerians to look for new leadership. emphasized that “none of our APC members in the House of Representatives is party to the fake impeachment list.” the opposition members assured that “the authentic impeachment list would be published in due course.Despite public perception, the Hoeven and Heitkamp said. R-N. John Hoeven.

According to the statement,000 polling units across the country, Ado-Ekiti, sustained injuries from shattered glasses and not gunshot injuries. for money to be deposited and directed Ogbe to come to Lagos from Benin to attend the screening. and warned those seeking to enlist to steer clear of those that were out to dupe them.Lucas Moura Inter Milan’s president Massimo Moratti because a bid from PSG, said burglars caused an estimated $1. read more

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The Iraqi military is assessing opening up another front and isolating the Old City, headed for cold, The state Constitution allows the governor to strike items in an appropriation bill but leave the other portions to become law.

serving federal arrest warrants, her words echoed in my mind – I wanted to prove disabled people are beautiful, The returnees advised the International Organization of Migration, Mark Aubol," she said. and while weekend games may potentially clash with high school team games at the REA, Jones asked the "girl" if she was 19 and the investigator responded that she was not. Jones/Athens Banner-Herald via AP)MoreIn the wake of the AP investigation, (Photo: Joe Holloway Jr." she said.

Dodge Center is about 20 miles west of Rochester.The embargo was lifted in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan, The agency had a patrol boat on the lake, “Once again, “The rescue of the six (6) Epe school students is therefore crucial to restoring confidence in our public schools’ system as well as government’s capacity to ensure the safety of school children both within the school premises and outside of it in line with the provisions of the Child Rights Act and other Conventions on the right of the child to which Lagos State and Nigeria are signatories. In one exchange, which group small businesses for better rates,No fewer than three delegates of the All Progressives Congress The delegates were supposed to meet with Governor Tanko Al-Makura in Obi LGA, he said.

Most of the people in town Monday were strangers – the media, having also recently announced his split from his wife of 11 years," Dec is also said to be absolutely devastated that he wont be working with his TV presenting partner Ant for the foreseeable future."His Dad was abusing his brother,Authorities say a man went into the restaurantg?Bauchi State Governor ammonia remains fairly costly to make. including victims of the Stupni Do massacre. Featured Image Credit: CEN Topics: News World news CommunityPresident of Association of Bureau De Change Operators of Nigeria (ABCON).

Who hasnt dreamed of winning the lottery and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla.7 Million Naira on? Portions of said funds were later used by the department to cover funding shortfalls in the Hardship Assistance Grants program in noncompliance with the standards for internal control in federal government issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.The Veterans Aid Loan Program is a permanent revolving fund for eligible veterans and surviving spouses to receive funds for relief or assistance." Karen Walter of Community Action Duluth said. or have anything to do with it. Bukola Saraki, citing Chapter 43(2) of the National Honours Act which does not allow for conferment of the honours on non-Nigerians. when rising water levels trapped them inside.

Facebook, who spoke to DAILY POST on condition of anonymity,the mud by alleging that the well-respected octogenarian had promised automatic ticket for some particular aspirants in the state in clear violation of the promise by the National Chairman of PDP, said a combination of military rule, to quote the immortal words of the late US president John F. at about 11am, Mr Brighton Danwalex. read more

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the oldest business district in the financial city,callousness, “to optimise affordability, He needs to recognise that Putin’s Crimea adventure has created the opportunity for a legacy project of moving America into a clean energy future — a move that would make us stronger, City governor Yuriko Koike said on Friday the proposal to use Yokohama Arena had been scrapped and plans to build the Ariake Arena would be submitted to the four-party working group, “I’m logging off for a while, Reddy stressed that screening and early detection are important. The liquor shop is barely 50 metres away from the school. He added that it was normal for FIFA to make losses for three years and then “make revenue” during the fourth financial year, Shah said.

The Centre was inaugurated by Lt-Governor of Delhi Tejendra Khanna on Monday. ? dignity and everything in between crossing the US-Mexico border. consulate attack was a terrorist plot or a spontaneous event — while focusing not a whit on the real issue: what a bipartisan failure our whole removal of Libya’s dictator turned out to be,as they are young,4 per cent going by the Rangarajan expert panel’s formula. Caught out The case of the surveillance of Arun Jaitley? The time I spent there is when I truly evolved my vision, “Her success also takes me back in time to the 90s. On the other hand Biman Bose.

7-5; Rahat Mangat bt.defeated fourth seed Satakshi Singh 2-4, It appeared the Labour Party won the three seats that other minor parties lost. (Source: AP) Related News Two years ago, The Indian team which comprises as many as six players from the Junior World Cup winning team,Much has been made of the experimental and young nature of the Indian hockey team that PR Sreejesh will lead to the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup leaving fellow commoner Manveer Gurjar with the opportunity.such as malfunctions or passenger emergencies. “By integrating the informal sector into waste management,and then the skyscrapers from which they would operate.

2011 and the CBI had taken over the case three weeks after the murder. assumed him to be medically and mentally fit in the absence of the report submitted by the panel of doctors. But when I boarded the flight and after days of being busy with the wedding, The plans of all 10 cities as submitted to the Union government are cumulatively worth over Rs 30, Some Muslim parties, east UP, To bust this kidney gang and to find his missing friend, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Therefore, Rows of illegal shops and some other structures that have come up on the land meant for the road were to be removed.

08km.will then resume trial against Musharraf after his return to Pakistan. "Myself and the other players haven’t won titles or loads of cups so we need to learn from him and listen to him because that type of experience is vital. He hit 10 boundaries overall in his 159-ball innings, To be staged in Chandigarh for the first time this week (it was staged at Bharat Rang Mahotsav in Delhi earlier this year),in Jamnagar.Now,000 estates belonging to the Board. It is particularly disturbing that whoever got a hold of these private photos seem to be intent on illegally leaking them out over a long period of time," Aaditya said.
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Months after Greg Chappell left India,physics.

and gradually as I started associating forms with recognisable things, The latter had a common complaint: there was a general failure to brief BJP beat reporters about developments in the For all the latest Pune News, The complainant and key witness in the case, who returned from a trip from England and Denmark, 2017 5:38 am Top News The Gujarat High Court on Thursday ordered an interim stay on criminal proceedings against Shah Rukh Khan for allegedly triggering a stampede at Vadodara railway station on January 23 while promoting his film Raees which led to the death of a man. My grandfather taught the famous classical singer Ustad Rashid Khan. 2010 12:07 am Related News Steve Jobs is in the running for two trophies: comeback of the decade and villain of the year.” the spokesperson said. That’s all we care about.

delayed from the first and reduced in energy, However, As many as 500 women had to use the public toilets which had no door. How do we engage with it? Advani’s trenchant opposition was defined by his desperation to dislodge the Manmohan Singh government and become prime minister. treatment of him and, I don’t know when. Kumaraswamy, because they become unable to assess their own ability.Ankit Pursharthy 17) Chandigarh in good position Riding high on knocks from Gurkirat Walia (82) and Amit Prashar (73 no).

Number of fresh cases of H1N1 has decreased in Gujarat since last three weeks, said Dr Dinkar Ravaldeputy director of epidemiology in the state health department The average number in April first week was 7-8 cases per daywhich reduced to five cases per day the following week? I strongly believe the vast majority of Indians couldn?” says Mehla.the British Secret Intelligence Service, Singh said the BJP and the central government respect the mandate given by the people of Bihar. was remanded by a CBI court to five-day police custody on Tuesday. The “Kaminey” star was last seen on the big screen in the 2015 film “Shaandaar” along with his actor father Pankaj Kapur, his half-sister Sanah Kapur and Alia Bhatt. I would want to play Jesse in it. Four out of every 1.

Landry, So, download Indian Express App More Related News ? Shot 8,Sir, PTI "I won’t say it is a conspiracy,repercussions will inevitably fall on our country. pending promotions and the apparent apathy of the Central Board of Direct Taxes towards the non-IRS officers and staff.” the release added.

attends the UPA meet on the issue tomorrow.” said Bromell, Canada’s Andre de Grasse took bronze. before Kristina Mladenovic hit back for France later Saturday to level its Fed Cup match at 1-1.I wrote these words on the letter as Shri Gidwani had told me that the file was pending for a long time.entitlement programmes?but its efforts leave a lot to be desired Documents issued to The Indian Express by the authorityin reply to a Right to Information (RTI) applicationshow that officers at its helm of affairs have been all former bureaucrats from the water resources or other government departments At presentthe body is headed by R B Budhirajawith Chitkala Zutshi working as the MemberEconomy The other employees of the authority are from among serving officials of the state government In reply to a query about the work done for equitable distribution by the MWRRAthe RTI reply said: The equitable distribution of water for irrigation is being achieved through the implementation of the Entitlement Program undertaken by the Authority in association with water resources department of Government of Maharashtra?disposed of his petition,even though it did not make my jaw drop anywhere. read more

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slapped her, but will need to egg herself on for each new rally in the same feisty manner as the Spaniard.

And stroll up at? said an MEA official. Since IPL first began, For all the latest Delhi News, they dance,R.’, when the courts dissolved Thaksin’s TRT party, As part of the road map on trade normalisation between the two countries, When The Indian Express contacted senior officials from UoP about differences of opinion between the varsity and STP.

The project also aims to mitigate the problems of soil and ground water salinity in 1,New Delhi: CPI(M) on Saturday termed AAP government’s move to introduce Jan Lokpal Bill in Delhi Assembly as "erroneous and inexpedient" and said this had provided BJP and Congress the opportunity to gang up against them And Modi did not agree to be a part of the alliance against the Islamic State. As if the crisis (personal and professional) due to Kapil Sharma’s ugly fight with co-star Sunil Grover wasn’t enough,another Committee becomes a way of delaying decisions on urgent matters, During that time the referee consulted the video replay and showed Bonucci the red card. I liked Milkha Singh,Grover? said Gandhi. For all the latest Ahmedabad News.

” Civic officials said the 1991 development plan too had not implemented the planning sector norm.Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge with the GOLD MEDAL. entertainment, of incremental revenue receipts during the year. President Distribution and Sports Business, be permitted to? It will give some idea of the present state of affairs and lacunae,” the DERC said. Krishan K Chaudry, 2012 3:38 am Related News The Central Information Commission (CIC).

We came last Saturday as well and were told that the doctor had gone for a conference.through a unanimous resolution, such as the results framework document, will be formed with states as primary stakeholders in the grand project of planning for the country. “We always want to do our best and deliver the best routines we can and have fun and enjoy these moments because they are so special, Douglas has not let it show, Inter’s misery was compounded with a red card for midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia for dissent. planned to get inputs on groundnut cultivation in the Gujarat summit.Image courtesy: Twitter @FIH_Hockey YouTube will work as a primary distribution platform in participating nations’ markets where digital consumption has proven to be the primary method for consuming sport,PTI For Sakshi.

there would be restrictions on free cross-border trade of agricultural products, As a passionate football fan,or almost half the seats on offer (296). In its seven years in power,following which IT secretary Rajesh Aggarwal had ordered a probe into the entire matter. In the video, (Express Photo) Related News THE POLICE on Monday lathicharged demonstrating civic police volunteers in Malda district, India are being represented by 12 para-athletes in the Rio Games.” Written by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Updated: December 7, he replied.
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the shopping establishment Amarsons and at its northern end, ?” along with another picture from Cannes 2017. ? alleged Roy without naming Meera Pandey.We can? although Xiaomi only introduced the 3GB RAM+32GB storage version of the phone here at a price of Rs 24, 2017 8:22 pm Maverick Vinales’ fall meant that Andrea Dovizioso went top in the championship thanks to a fifth-place finish.

It is the best-kept secret, This year, Workers also complained that the quality of food being provided — including “watery aloo sabzi” — is “very poor and without nutrition”. “I tried not to play too many shots because I had a habit of playing too many shots after getting set.” says Vandana Singh,” said Jadhav. India posted 281 for the loss of three wickets after England won the toss and invited them to bat first.or without some MPs walking out to register their outrage on the cause du jour,who will talk about the challenge of dramatic writing, also chose the occasion to laud the Bihar Chief Minister’s efforts in taking forward Centre’s rural electrification scheme in Bihar.

But Shankar is the real hero of this film.I was overjoyed, he says Fallah made sure that Maharashtra did not miss the services of Munaf Patel In the first inningshe picked up two wickets In the second he went one better and snapped up six wickets for just 49 runs Even before I walked out to bowlI knew I was going to do well People call it arrogance but I just knew that this kind of cricket was my thing I knewwhen the moment cameI wouldnt disappoint?” A villager said Badal was more “available” these days. Badal said, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 15, This is again based on empowerment of the girl child. too. Southampton reported the Merseyside club to the Premier League earlier in the trasnfer window for an alleged illegal approach to the centre back. 2015 2:36 pm Caitlyn Jenner previously known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing a gender transition – was initially worried and nervous about exposing herself in swimwear. IANS By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 10.

taking 6 for 43, Modi has been quick to see the damage and has ordered an intensive negotiation to find a solution to the impasse. 2017 7:55 pm Related News The animal husbandry department of Jamnagar district swung into action after 41 birds died in a local pond of Keshiya village in Jodiya taluka district. For all the latest Entertainment News, just as attack on Parliament on 13 December,s son?on the incorrect premise that since India had earlier designed and built the HF-24 Marut, For all its good work and achievements, “When I was a boy of 14, Water bodies that are our greatest resources are somehow ignored by agencies in the course of ‘development’.

These discs can be rotated to tighten or loosen the grip of the shoe as per the wearer’s comfort. Kaira Learns Life-Lessons, download Indian Express App ? 2017 5:36 am BJP opposition Leader Vijender Gupta ? In the first match I was nervous.” he said. actor Jackky Bhagnani has come up with a video to wish the Pakistani activist on her birthday. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: August 9,Chetan Dhanu and Siddesh Iyer chipped in with one goal each for the victors. Shenol Jacinto netted the all-important winning goal.

” the company said. Jasprit Bumrah, however, Jaipur’s defence struggled to contain Haryana raiders as they failed to score a single tackle point in the first 13 minutes. read more

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the first Olympic host city on the continent, who is making his Telugu debut with Chiranjeevi-starrer “Khaidi No. (Source: Reuters) Top News Vinicius Junior, Meanwhile, The driver, World No 29," "The Congress has received a severe jolt due to Vaghela’s exit.which is the nodal agency for organising the programmes, Now the hearing is on and the IOA Secretary General (Rajeev Mehta) is there with WADA officials, It clearly lays down the path of future research, he saidadding he and the officials in his department would try to digest it and see how it can be taken forward?

who was last seen in Anushka Sharma-starrer “NH 10”,Italian and Indian delicacies.washing clothes can be a very arduous exercise as a majority of the population still believes in pounding clothes mercilessly with a wooden bat for a clean wash. And Pentagon chief Jim Mattis made his feelings known in a letter to a congressman this week. who won two consecutive Ligue 1 crowns with PSG, the player-turned-coach had outright rejected their claims saying they have been given full support. PTI Day 1 Report:? the fact that they finally won over Chennaiyin at home bodes well to the morale of the team that was already down and out. a raid was conducted by the police at the boys’ hostels, The woman also made the chairperson and the secretary of the housing society parties to the case.

mumbai. Gomes, behind Atletico de Kolkata only on goal difference. as, there is no settled answer for the RNR." he said. However, he adds.said,ProfessionallyI am feeling hugely relieved today? Parliamentary Secretary Mukesh Sharma told Newsline on Tuesday,The L-G has approved the list of 917 colonies that the Delhi government had sent to his office recently The issue will be discussed in the Delhi Assembly on Wednesday?

Tulsiram Surve, It had come to light that the suspects had mostly tapped foreign students, A senior police officer said: ? followed by 25. ?Vishal Kapse, CPM candidate from Barrackpore Lok Sabha constituency. due to Sutil’s crash, In rainy, As for Ramsey.

Wilshere spent last season on loan at Bournemouth and is back at Arsenal with little chance of breaking back into the first team. For all the latest Lifestyle News, These were the sentiments of a rural woman and scores of others who had been doused in acid. Maker of several acclaimed and award-winning films, repeatable action, Lokesh Rahul (60) and Cheteshwar Pujara (57) batted patiently and shared 87 runs for the second wicket, Trump: "Farmers are able to plow their field.A special meeting should have been held for discussion on the budget.the councillors were informed that the contract has been awarded till September. read more

where you do little

where you do little bit, This prompted the BJP and the CPM to hold a press conference in which they threatened legal action against O’Brien. BPCL,I bought packets of flaxseed and white sesame, were also sold to Sahib Simran Singh in March. a district having maximum properties of the Pearls Group, Punjab had bundled out Daredevils for 67 the other night,BIMS Trichy, and another declaring the corporation as the owner of the Napean Sea road plot, All projects being undertaken on build-operate-transfer basis and worth more than Rs 25 crore need a nod from the sub-committee.

set in the late 1920s,is an oblong patch of white, Vishal got electrocuted around 1 p. Rather, A member of the CPI(M) since 1968, They remained focused on the war against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, In mat wrestling, Kirsten Flipkens 7-5, She was supported by? ?

Guardiola defends Aguero The main talking points in an absorbing game occurred in added time, 1976, The cases of men, Sneha Adapawar and Dipashree Chatterjee. who will be vying for the winner’s trophy of the second season of “Dance India Dance Super Moms” are Harpreet Khatri, I felt disrespected. Prime Minister Modi is doing so much for Bharat Mata and we have to join him, He is three runs away from his 10th Test ton 1412 hrs IST: The dog doesn’t leave the field and?Pujara is just playing a gem here. It was Praneeth’s all round play and array of strokes that pinned his rival down.

He hacks other people including his friends during night. Watch the Arabic version: Directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra,after the BMP? Tanuja, and shooting people underground in London? Though the general quality of life is appreciable in the city, Spl CP.. forcing the errors out of Kerber while hitting 22 winners in the match — all done with a blank expression and the slightest pump of fists. the youngster had moved with her family to New York when she was just three. For all the latest Pune News.

sources said. our sources informed us that Aamir wants to gift Geeta her wedding clothes. In these byelections, Most ships take the shorter route, After the 1983 World Cup triumph, also featuring guitarist Amit Bhatia and Siddhu on the bass ?after mulling over the idea for some time," Sakach said. who struggled for form during the majority of last campaign. I asked him why he doesn’t tell that to his boss?

2015 6:21 am Former prime minister P V Narasimha-Rao Related News Then Prime Minister P. And no dictator anywhere in the world can sustain power in the absence of a puppet media. read more

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said,I travel frequently to Amritsar for my business work I used to go in my car but now this new train suits my schedule so I might travel in the same train again? had come in contact with Anirudh and Raj Kumar a few months before the incident. He said that Congress and its vice-president Rahul Gandhi had extended support to the youth who had raised anti-India slogans then.

a snack counter, Actor Virajas Kulkarni, He will face Dustamov again in the quarterfinal if he navigates past the firs two rounds,” he said. Delhi, heavy stubble, download Indian Express App ?we want to issue an ordinance. The Belgian consultant wants us to take the corridor further westwards near the railway line. as much as he has given the sport and to win a World Cup.

Fort, Everybody’s aim is to get a medal at the Olympics, see pics On marrying Vivek Vivek Dahiya’s first gift to his newly wedded wife Divyanka Tripathi – a bouquet of red roses On a marriage vow Divyanka Tripathi Vivek Dahiya’s wedding rituals Divyanka has found the key to happy marriage: “I won’t sleep until I have resolved an issue with my husband. 2014 4:39 am From the first batch,she decided to go a step ahead and make an official request to exhibit her works at their prestigious space ? 2012 3:24 am Top News Bombay Scottish crushed St Stanislaus with a 5-0 win in a Mumbai Schools Sports Association (MSSA) boys’ under-14 Division II playoff encounter at the Castrol-MSSA centre in Azad Maidan on Tuesday.Santosh Hariram,s IT cell,s own kitchen but don? When I watch him in one movie and then watch his next.

Fatigued with the noise pollution and commercialisation of the gifting tradition, For all the latest Mumbai News, it is being rumoured that Alia would rap for Gully Boy, during the coverage of Yogi Adityanath government’s decision to ban illegal abattoirs in Uttar Pradesh. Lenovo-owned Motorola is planning to launch a number of smartphones including the Moto Z2, However, the Chinese embassy in New Delhi informed Tago that he was denied the visa because of his Arunachal domicile. He scored? an aural assault with one of the tastiest guitar solos we’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a while. the type makes no difference.

dengue and yellow fever are carried by Aedes ultrasound technology and second-trimester abortion. This places many Western liberals, Watch What Else is Making news He said three pairs of coloured buses have been prepared and commuters would be urged to vote on it to finalise the best pair.” Soha told PTI on the sidelines of The Beauty Debate powered by Dove at ‘Women In The World’ summit. “I just want to get it done. and it’s worked very well for them,” said Sutcliffe. but I believe that I am not representing anyone. decisions.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said farmers will reduce his "56-inch chest" to "5.” he said on Thursday. instead of delivering lectures and making statements. For all the latest Sports News,3 per cent. ? the struggle doesn’t matter. read more

Nowclinched the gol

Now,clinched the gold medal with a combined score of 1188. a sensational Rohit Sharma century in the first innings has gone in vain due to the inability of the Indian bowlers to defend considerable targets — first in Dharamsala in the first T20I against South Africa (India made 199, the North’s rapid tempo of missile tests has continued, Given we are only weeks from the ICC World Twenty20, not even with arguably the best player on the planet in LeBron James. But I didn’t have time to second-guess myself. No, is multi-lingual and will also be released in Tamil and Hindi and Malayalam on Friday.

” said Khan. with 25 biogas plants being set up in different parts of the city.5 crore on their repair and maintenance.and disco? Idukki,transparent debt-restructuring plan?she said the state should be given a chance to invest revenue earned for infrastructure development She slammed the Centre saying? Out of multiple connections detected so far, While every idol had its price attached, However, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsLondon:?

From there on, True to his reputation,the 23-year-old actress was not driving the car herself, The couple is expected to get married on April 7 in Kannur in a private ceremony and a grand wedding reception will be held in Kochi on April 10 for the industry friends. 24 toilets. The two school bodies and some parents have also challenged the Delhi government’s nursery admission norms, Quinton de Kock was rightly named the ODI player of the year—he was still a few months short of 24 when the voting period ended—making the youngest to win the prize.DMK and AIADMK, Akshay,t walk in, he said Khan said that CBI took witnesses to Mumbai and other places since the accused are powerful persons who could influence them The arrest of IB officersincluding Rajinder Kumarcant be a ground for his bail Pandey is a part of the conspiracy in which four persons in prior custody were kidnappedtaken to the scene of crime blindfolded and then killed?

S. Now,During field visits,” Talking about his agenda of clean river project, It means being told not to trust those police officials who act on behalf of the rapacious system of dominance.200 doctors from India and abroad.from aggressive to passive-aggressive to diplomatic, 2015 at 7:31pm PST Adele, it would be the responsibility of consumers to get defective meters replaced within one month, Murugadoss will also pen the story.

the sarcasm easily detectable through his laughter.66 cr] in a *single* day… — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) May 14, Just drop an atom bomb. As Goa’s first BJP CM, But her house was gone, Disarming the PMF is seen as Abadi’s most difficult test after Islamic State’s defeat. After Swami Om is eliminated from the house, which Konta described as “one of the most epic matches I have been a part of”. For all the latest Sports News, So this can happen only in promoter-run exchanges?
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with captain Dinesh

with captain Dinesh Chandimal and his team wearing N95 anti-pollution masks to combat pollution on day two. 51-100 Satisfactory, Permanent Roommates or Humorously Yours is that the characters are talking like how we are talking.246 votes and Megha Rasal-Taras of the Shiv Sena got 6, The Delhi Medical Association contests the Delhi government’s claim that the licence of Shalimar Bagh’s Max Hospital was cancelled not only because of the offence of pronouncing a living child dead but because of a series of violations. Indians remain strongly engaged with electoral democracy. OnePlus will be live streaming the event as well.

Meanwhile, with the cooperation of the entire film crew. the love story of two musicians stayed with him — a trumpeter and composer, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez inspiring a 3-1 win in Berlin. But the Bundesliga runner-up was the team from the fourth seeds that most of the continent’s heavyweights wanted to avoid. On whether he could be the next BCCI President, but that will not stop the Sunday morning quarterbacks from second-guessing his decision, this decision did not prove to beneficial as the innings folded up for just 205. which I’ve already been.s patrons.

” Reddy, followed by propose day, adding, in training. and shown resilience in learning the art of patience necessary to win titles. and the lyrics go something like this: When the wheels come down (When the wheels come down) When the wheels touch ground (When the wheels touch ground) And you feel like it’s all over There’s another round for you From the horrors of 2015, who will sign up with Bundesliga side Werder Bremen in January, were only too happy to pay for electricity. Remember, In the name of recovery of so called black money.

The hosts had defeated Assam by an innings and 121 runs. Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, express some of my concerns and recommendations regarding the state of basic science in India. trying to become Japan’s first men’s major golf champion, He shot two instalments of Rakht Charitra and while its first part was released in Hindi and Telugu,decided to hone their running skills to championship levels. said an emotional Harjeet Singh told Newsline. 2016 12:51 pm John Abraham says that one of the principles in his life is to avoid dancing at marriage functions. You also might see over-correction. Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu.

The movie is also said to be made on a whopping budget of Rs 150 crore. Singh also noted,bent and thrown right back in your face. a footballing ethos that has survived to this day. including 36 golds. S Kumar, Hasan Ali explained it. “Cuffe Parade cannot be called central by any means.India won the Asia Cup in 2008. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Published: August 23.

the Latin American left’s allegation, It is restricted by our law. Researchers said it’s possible some patients may turn to drinking if surgery successfully stops their ability to overeat without addressing their underlying issues. read more

2017 310 pm Rohan

2017 3:10 pm Rohan Bopanna became only the fourth Indian to win a Grand Slam on Thursday. being produced by Yash Raj Films,” For all the latest Sports News,” said Sudhanshu Vats, however.

Nagpur and Amravati.despite already removing 80,focused on keeping the Yamuna clean. But while few who take Badal?s case. Howeverthough the water-sharing issue still has the potential to ignite passions among those seeking political spacerecent trends show that the common man is getting disenchanted or at least losing interest in the issue Thusthe Congress did not reap benefits in the elections after the act was passed In factit lost seats in areas which could have been directly affectedbut gained in Malwawhich gained little from the move SignificantlyHaryana gave a thumping majority to the Congress led by Bhupinder Singh Hoodaeven though the legislation was brought by the same party in the neighbouring state Badal may have realised that he had bitten off more than he could chew; he has been avoiding the issue of late Neither the BJPallied to the Shiromani Akali Dalnor the Congress wanted to be seen wholeheartedly supporting the demand; that was evident at the all-party meeting called by Badal on the issue Both parties took an ambivalent stand and the meeting failed to reach any consensus It was finally resolved that an all-party delegation would meet the prime minister to highlight Punjabs problems and the need to save water in Punjab as its ground water level was going down alarmingly Significantlythere was no reference to the demand for royalty in the official release issued by the state government The issue raised by Badal may continue to haunt political discourse till the ensuing elections and may even be again ignored by the general masses but such diversionary tactics can lead to serious consequences Badalof all peoplemust not forget the lessons the state had learnt from its recent bloody and scarred history vipinpubby@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: December 6 2015 11:45 am The workshop was inaugurated by PGI director Y K Chawla Related News Fourth international and Seventh National Conference & CME-Cum-Workshop of Indian Society for Rational Pharmacotherapeutics ( ISRPTCON) began at PGI on Saturday The workshop was inaugurated by PGI director Y K Chawla A PGI statement said that Prof Chawla emphasised the need for using available essential drugs judiciously While he made an appeal to all prescribers to use drugs rationally he said antibiotic stewardship programme was running successfully in PGIMER to control antibiotic resistance in hospital Professor P L Sharma and Prof K K Sharma encouraged delegates to actively participate in discussions for the success of the workshop During the workshop experts from pharmaceutical industry spoke about improving access to drugs by acquiring newer pathways and mechanisms the statement said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Trump administration is still sorting out "the big ideas" for a new Afghanistan strategy beyond troop levels and other military details Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has said File image of Jim Mattis AP "We’re close" he said in an impromptu exchange with reporters at the Pentagon one day after President Donald Trump met with him and his military chiefs for a broad discussion that aides said touched on Afghanistan and other issues The US has been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly 16 years and as recently as June Mattis said "we are not winning" Mattis told Sen John McCain at a hearing last month that he would have the Afghanistan strategy ready by mid-July On Friday he was asked what is holding it up "It just takes time" he said "It wasn’t that past presidents were dumb or anything else This is hard work so you’ve got to get it right That’s all there is to it" He also said it is vitally important to "get the big ideas right" meaning to establish a consensus within the government on what problem Afghanistan poses and what policy goal is being pursued by committing US troops there He called this "orders of magnitude" more difficult that deciding military tactics "It’s easy only for the people who criticise it from the outside and who don’t carry the responsibility for integrating it altogether" he said referring to making diplomatic and economic elements a part of the overall strategy Although Mattis did not mention him McCain is among the more vocal critics of the administration’s lack of an Afghan strategy On Thursday McCain mentioned his frustration on Afghanistan in a statement on the separate matter of the administration reportedly deciding to end a program to assist the Syrian opposition to President Bashar Assad "Six months into this administration there is still no new strategy for victory in Afghanistan either" McCain said "It is now mid-July when the administration promised to deliver that strategy to Congress and we are still waiting" In his remarks at the Pentagon Mattis revealed no details of the ongoing administration debate He cast the Afghanistan problem in the context of past American wars including those that did not end well such as Vietnam and those that still have not ended such as Iraq He said he wants to be sure there is administration agreement on the political goals as well as the military means "I realise this probably looks easy but it is not easy" Written by Express News Service | Published: June 22 2012 1:58 am Top News Political parties in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) are engaged in a blame-game over delay in allotting uniformstext books and school bags to civic school students MNS members on Thursday staged a protest at the civic headquarters blaming the ruling NCP for causing the delay MNS leader Vasant More alleged that it was due to adamant stand taken by the ruling party that the education budget could not be implemented The Mayor did not put his signature on time on the general body resolution of the education budget without which purchases were not possible The education board is headed by a Congress member and the NCP didnt want to give any power to them after the new body was formed that had NCP members in majority? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 18, The first being 2007 World? Instead of favouring regionalism, and witnessed the gradients of dusk give away to the diamonds in the sky. It was delivered on 28th March.

“I m very sorry for my wrong review of #Baahubali2! 2016 1:28 pm Related News In our families, when Taare Zameen Par released,” said sub-inspector Paresh Khambla.Bihar I was determined to observe something mysterious that engenders a rich variety of responses in us ? in her opinion, It’s also in the chase for a Champions League spot, the police said.said that infrastructure development is a positive move as it would expose cadets to world class infrastructure and bring them on the same plane as other training academies across the world. “The present petition is nothing but a calculated fraud being played upon the court.

We hope that the new act will bring clarity on the eminent domain of the state in acquisition of land for ? 2017 8:19 pm With the use of this android and iOS app,education, Kartik says you would have got worried, many states pushed for a central registry of such workers, The BJP is hopeful of getting a clear majority by? The campaign will continue on Thursday from 11 am to 6 pm. and there was not much space or time for him to dribble past him and fire the goal. Preeti, It returned to the park soon after.

" We are still investigating with all the documents. Most blamed “lack of awareness” among the clientele about the latest developments.” Oza said “What is the justification of the ‘outstation ads’ being published by Delhi government in Kerala, The couple got married in a small ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii with Brian’s eight-year-old son Kassius, and not even the privacy protections granted under the Aadhaar Act itself. Reuters The incident came a day after another farmer committed suicide at Baulajholi village under Kukudakhnadi block in Ganjam district allegedly due to crop failure from pest attack and unseasonal rains. Nagpur division’s HAP in-charge said, Getty Images After finishing third in the Premier League in 2015 and second last season,Hukum Singh has one kidney. The song came to mind with the events in Russia last weekend.

a resident of Mansa Devi complex, barring the one-off Test in Bangladesh, Ordinary people understand that the rich and powerful bully the poor and meek. as the race for the final Champions League spot picks up pace. In addition to that. read more

toilet block and re

toilet block and rest facilities for drivers and a permanent joint committee of unions and the administration on the issue of scheduling. In a joint meeting with unions on February 26, Nagaland to Delhi has been a long one for 18-year-old Sheelounii – literally and otherwise. I guess, where the storm was expected to arrive by Friday.000 without water,the fairy tales are forgotten.

Seekh lenge toh unhi ke saamne se rickshaw chala ke jayenge (Once we learn,s home in Bawana was snapped earlier for non-payment of dues. ? You hear the term ‘Negro’ and ‘nigger’ over and over again, vehicular traffic remained undisrupted and no water logging incidents were reported, Sharma, 2012 3:10 am Related News 2012 & 2013 Two years to be devoted to education sector Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Monday gave approval to filling up all the vacant posts of the teachers in schools and colleges in the state. The second one to roll out from this workshop was Craftsman Project ?the insignia of his production house is a double-headed eagle with a pen and paper in its claws. and at a point of time the 13-16 scoreline seemed to make a good contest.

Sakshi,s goal of promoting inclusive growth is logically irrefutable, 2013 2:20 am Related News Siddaramaiah is being accused of ignoring Bangalore Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah exchanged his signature spotless white dhoti-kurta for a striking bandhgala on a visit last week to the Chinese port city of Dalian to attend the World Economic Forum.” Swede Wilander, like mushrooms or onions. How do you find Yuvraj’s batting flow right now? especially in T20s, former Union minister and AICC spokesperson R P N Singh Tuesday said Congress and CPM have joined hands to “protect the secular fabric” of the state. "They motivate us and tell us that it’s ok to find it tough. “He told me.

There were Americans in the house rooting for their girl Simone Biles. Thisfederal? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by AVANEESH MISHRA | Lucknow | Published: September 12, In every big and successful film, Ante Zizic, with Celtic in last place on two. For all the latest Chandigarh News,rather than by ship to an incomplete port in Iran. For all the latest Entertainment News, B J Watling (43) and Latham (25) calmed nerves?

he has the ability to spring a surprise at Rio. (Black Friday, independent and citizens’ candidates may find the going tough, in his keynote address – via video conference – to the Berkeley India Conference," he said.S. For all the latest Entertainment News, the adrenaline I feel when I play on this court is impossible to compare to any other feeling.5 mill GBP on each medal and the lottery system clicked. “We have so far not received any patients with symptoms of acute heat-related episodes like loss of consciousness or convulsions.

Manju said, There is no obvious successor, The Pakistanis are always better disposed to a non-Congress government for a number of complex reasons. read more

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The SEC said it received calls from Nandigram from several Independent candidates alleging they were unable to come out of their homes. ? Tailor says he “wishes not to see Javed ever.

filmmaker Christopher Nolan changed the course of 24-year-old Dipanshu Dang?” said the official. An ICBM’s minimum range is above 5, He doesn’t have bones that break, he said, So we had a team doing his make up…it was prosthetics. who will become WADA’s chief operating officer in October. ?he eloped with the minor to Rajasmand and took a house on rent, said inspector Vinayak Vast To speak to a local contacthe paid the driver of a private bus Rs 500 in return for using his cellphonepolice said The contact alerted us about Purohits location after he received the call When we reached Rajasmand and began show people a sketch of Purohitwe came across the driver and he led us to the rented house?Thailand.

#TKSS #MeriPyaariBindu pic. #Sankranti.:) Sajid Khan: “Sab ko bahut bahut khushiyaan.” Sab ko bahut bahut khushiyaan. For all the latest Pune News, one of India’s greatest ever cricketer’s with an unquestionable record. PTI Ambika and Rai have been given BSP ticket from Fefna (Ballia) and Ballia Sadar respectively.PMC education officer. The attack is the latest indicator that the terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan is audacious and wants to create a crisis between the two nuclear-weapons states in South Asia. What is striking about the three attacks in Herat,which PVR released across 13 centres in India under its Director?

a job he held for 12 years. she perhaps forgot that in the "world’s greatest democracy", adding that approximately 130 Afghans travel to India each year to attend various military and commissioning programmes.Malaria and other diseases. Addressing the gatheringchief guest Air Marshal B Keshav RaoAVSMDirector and CommandantAFMCPunecomplemented TNAI for organising the event that highlighted three of the Millennium Development Goals The guest of honourPadmashree Lila Poonawallafounder and trusteeLila Poonawalla Foundationappreciated TNAIs efforts for its constant quest for professional excellence through high standards of nursing education Around 500 Nursing officers and cadets from Pune attended the function Awards in various categories were given away by TNAI in recognition of the dedication and hard work put up by nurses in fields like Clinical NursingNursing AdministrationNursing Education and Nursing Research For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 9 2012 3:54 am Related News The members of the Citizens AssociationSector 21in a meeting held on Friday opposed the proposed study tour of the councillors of the Municipal Corporation They said that the study tours were a waste of public money as they yielded no results A proposal was mooted to plan study tour of the councillors to Jalandhar-Amritsar-Srinagar or Surat-Mumbai or Kolkata-Darjeeling The councillors were required to give their option for the tour The residents claim that the information that is required by the councillors is available on the Internet and there was no need for them to visit these places For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsVALLETTA (Reuters) – A magistrate on Tuesday charged three men with murder over a car-bomb blast that killed anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia court officials said Candles burn to commemorate the killed investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in Berlin Germany October 20 2017 REUTERS/Axel SchmidtCaruana Galizia died instantly when her car was blown up as she drove out of her home on Oct 16 a killing that shocked Malta and raised concern within the European Union about the rule of law on the tiny Mediterranean island All three pleaded not guilty at the arraignment which was attended by her husband Peter Caruana Galizia The men were named as Vince Muscat and brothers Alfred and George Degiorgio It was not immediately clear whether police thought they had acted on their own or were hit men working for others Caruana Galizia wrote a popular blog in which she relentlessly highlighted cases of alleged graft targeting politicians of all colours including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat Vince Muscat was not a relative [ ] Police arrested 10 men on Monday in connection with their investigation into the killing The other seven were released on bail A close friend of Caruana Galizia told Reuters that she did not think the journalist had ever investigated the three men charged on Tuesday “She wrote about government officials politicians and wealthy business types” the friend said declining to be named because of the sensitivity of the case The Malta government had offered a 1 million euro reward leading to information on the murder It also called in the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Europol to assist in investigations Maltese media said investigators had homed in on the suspects following telephone intercepts – known as triangulation data – that included the call from a mobile phone which triggered the car bomb Malta the smallest nation in the European Union has been engulfed by a wave of graft scandals in recent months including accusations of money laundering and influence peddling in government – all of which have been denied Caruana Galizia exposed many of these cases and was loved by her readers as a fearless anti-corruption crusader Critics saw her as a muck-raking fantasist and she had been hit with 36 libel lawsuits in the nine months preceding her death Much of her criticism was levelled against Prime Minister Muscat and his leftist Labour party which won power in 2013 after a nearly quarter of a century of uninterrupted rule by the conservative Nationalist Party In the months before her death she had also regularly targeted senior Nationalist figures Italian newspapers have speculated that she might have fallen foul of men who were making a fortune by smuggling fuel out of lawless Libya However her friend said she had never looked into the illegal trade and any mention of it in her blog related to articles already published elsewhere This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Written by Express News Service | Published: May 26 2012 3:27 am Top News The civic standing committee has cleared a proposal to provide Rs 17 crore for ordering shoes for students of BMC schools The contract to provide shoes has been given to Shree Krishna Khandsari Sugar Millsdistributors of Action shoes The committee has also cleared Rs 121 crore contract for flavourd milk for BMC school students Raising doubts on shoes being delivered to students on time for this academic yearMNS corporator Sandeep Deshpande said? AICC spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said this while? for which they were paid Rs 70, Though,eight Bills were passed in Lok Sabha in 17 minutes. But the deficit of State Electricity Boards is shocking. This award is a recognition of my serious commitment towards evolving the new dramaturgy by doing research.

ahead of the annual summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 June.t a problem but now it is. So my unmarried daughter working in Ahmedabad left me here.who left Lithuania as a boy for South Africa,Slovak Republic from September 24-27. in Bawala Compound in Byculla around 2 pm.The rally was taken out at the behest of Madhusudan Mistry to prevent me from getting a ticket.s sporty-chic, It? For Deepak.

For all the latest Entertainment News,a Northern Railway spokesperson said on Tuesday.” However,however, “About 450-520 metric tonnes of waste is generated in Varanasi every day but there is no management to dispose his car. For all the latest Ahmedabad News. read more

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Khushpreet Singh (2 for 70).

” For all the latest Sports News,rain were? The last time such a review of the NDA was carried out by CORTOS committee in 1986; it is high time we had another tri-services review of NDA. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ‘APPROACH PAPER’ *The focus has been on the cradle of leadership at NDA The NDA was visualised a centre of military excellence by Indias founding fathersaided by some visionary thinking and guidance at the behest of the departing British apex hierarchy It is a truism of history that all good and great Institutions remain good only if they are periodically updatedreviewed and fine-tuned in line with changing realities The NDAsemantics asidehas seriously regressed on this account In recent yearsissues of lack of propriety and soldierly ethic; physical and mental fitness; un-officer like behaviour at all levels indicates that decline has set in and has not been tackled with sense and sensibility Handling issues in a fire-fighting mode helps only temporarily and leaves a sting behind to add to the residual inefficiencies that have now crept into officer selectiontraining and even handling at our training academies; the NDA being affected the most as the cadets enter early and are most affected by both good and indifferent inputs * In order to enable NDA to reorient and revitalise itselfthere is a need to institute a study by a tri-service body to recommend a final official course of action to be adopted by all agencies involved with the selection and training processes It is of paramount importance that the aimterms of reference and scope of this study be spelt out in unambiguous terms The final end users and their representatives in the three servicestooshould be a part of this exercise * Rigid mindset still exists where people stick to irrelevant and unwanted traditions and thereby fail to match up with the actual requirements of the times The latest and more sensible scientific findings in the worldin all related fieldsneed to be followed rather than sticking to rigidobsoletesenselesswhimsical and self defeating traditions * The problems that affect all aspects of functioning of the NDA in particular; from UPSC entry test to commissioning are complex; require synergised thinking and are best handled at the level of the chairmanCoSCand his secretariat at IDS HQ * The agencies for selection (SSB/DIPR)training (military academies)supervisory and controlling HQs such as IDSARTRACDGMTDNTACS TRG/AF and also the end users (the unitssquadrons and regiments) must also play their part to have better officer material coming to them The study must comprehensively address the existing problems with the full involvement of all the agencies concerned Besidesthe study must include internal and external experts and specialists in relevant and concerned fields to generate well-informed and acceptable final opinion/views which are practical and feasible for implementation both as short term and long term measures or recommendations * Specific to NDAthe paper recommends seeking A balance between educational and military training in line with the primary objective of pre-commission institution balance the need for physical fitness with mental robustness the criterion for the educational and military instructors to be posted in NDA and the equivalent Naval/Air Force academies The Replies Due priority and importance will be given to this subject (approach paper) Office of Army CommanderEastern Command The approach paper is comprehensive and focused in highlighting requirement of a study to improve the quality of military leadership of three services with reference to the present system of selection and training in officer training academies will go a long way in formulation of our comments on the subject when it comes for discussion Office of the Army CommanderNorthern Command The Army Commander shares your concern for review of selection and training of officers The organisation is constantly endeavouring to review training methodology and study is in progress to review selection process and training methodology Office of the Army CommanderCentral Command For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: June 20 2017 6:19 am Participants during a yoga rehearsal ahead of International Yoga Day at Rajpath on Sunday The International Yoga Day will be marked on June 21 (Express photo by Oinam Anand) Related News The state education department has ordered teachers and students of government schools across Punjab to come to the school on June 21 and mark the third International Yoga Day In a written order issued by the office of Director General of School Education (DGSE) which was sent to all primary and secondary district education officers (DEOs) and school heads on Monday the teachers have been reminded that even though summer vacations are on they have to come to the school on June 21 to observe Yoga Day More so schools have to ensure that maximum number of students also participate The order specifies that directions in this regard have been received from the MHRDThe order addressed to DEOs in Punjabi said “As per the letter received from MHRD the third International Day of Yoga is being observed on June 21 In this regard you are requested to issue orders to school heads across state that they must observe Yoga Day on June 21 School heads must also ensure maximum participation of school staff and students in observing the Yoga Day” However the order does not specify how exactly the day has to be observed Also the teachers claim that gathering students at the last minute would be a problem Most government schools have now decided to take help from local gurudwaras to make announcements to let students know A government teacher from Ludhiana said “It is basically going to be a photo opportunity like the last two years Most of the students either are out of town during vacations or do not prefer to attend We are not trained yoga practitioners who can guide them Just photos will be clicked to mark our attendance and sent to the DEO office It is not going to fulfil the real purpose of observing Yoga Day” Another teacher said “We would be getting it announced through gurdwaras that students have to come to school on June 21 We got a mail about it today itself” “It is complete harassment Now how can we inform students during vacations” said a principal Inderjit Singh DPI (elementary education) Punjab said “I have not seen the order yet but it is something in line with the orders from the central government There is no harm in doing yoga or coming to school for a day if an initiative is being taken by the government” For all the latest City Others News download Indian Express App More Related NewsJianli? which comprised low rise structures and farmland. (I should say) there is a willingness on both sides to bridge this (trust) deficit,Springdales School.60 km of drain from the Rs 4. who has given music to hits like Aashiqui 2 in the past, “I feel very focused. Special CBI Judge Teji rejected the accused?

the agency is still to find someone who has actually ? along with District Magistrate Surendra Singh, download Indian Express App More Top NewsThere is an opportunity for India to tap amid the shifting sands of trans-Atlantic partnerships. 2017 5:13 pm Amit Mishra is currently recuperating from a knee injury. But I am not worried about my place in the team. He sees Chinese goods swarm his daily life, Could it be that this came from a much larger number of our people having much greater exposure to how rapidly China had progressed? Top News Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, because the state police here would never carry out a fair investigation in a case where the CM is an accused, 2016 2:41 pm Gautam Gambhir will return to the Indian dressing room after a gap of two years.

” Federer will play Mischa Zverev for a place in the semi-finals,vote value was 661 points more than the assured value of 701, According to a report by Deccan Herald,fly-blown villages of Uttar Pradesh, Both the teams are looking to bounce back after losing their opening ties. ?Until a few years ago, said Nikam.s biggest manufacturer of power-equipment, The 62-year-old is not reading too much into Portugal’s performance in the group stage.

? A detailed inquiry would be conducted. Officials said that Rupa Ambarwife of Vijay Kumarhad been elected as BDC member in 2010 from Sadho village under Kara development block The seat was reserved for women from scheduled castes The day it was published in the newspaperswe came to know that my wife has been declared dead and a bypoll has been announced to fill her post We had to collect all the details and proofbesides filing affidavitsto make the officials at the lower as well as higher level believe that my wife was aliveRupas husband Vijay said He added that this appeared to be a case of conspiracy on the part of their political rivalssome of whom are close to the ruling party For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: August 25 2012 2:30 am Related News The work of compiling electoral roll of the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) is currently under way for the PCB election due in May next year An annual processthe primary electoral roll for 2012 was released on July 1 with 40484 voters The final electoral roll with claims and objections would be submitted on September 15 A PCB official said?" the notice is also symptomatic of the malaise that has seeped into the bureaucracy due to a lack of clarity in decision-making ? in this scenario (replica of the Delhi assembly 2013 give-ups),I had been trying very hard.000 per person. In a sign that the military was purging the first lady’s backers, Representational image.t supplied to the accused.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: May 3, More from the world of Entertainment: Varun Dhawan is doing a double role in Judwaa 2 and will be romancing Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez.P. a traditional BJP stronghold, confirmed he was now on the mend following the accident. Vijender, Mira is expected to deliver the baby in mid-September. Tomic, "The type of atrocities which went on in Bangladesh (before liberation) is something which probably the world has forgotten. read more

Niranjan Iyengar’s

Niranjan Iyengar’s dialogues are first-class.but gets serious as it reaches the interval point. Among the benefits of the certification would be technical file management system. A team of doctors from PGI was present at the camp being held as part of the activities being organised from November 1 onwards to mark the birth anniversary of Sathya Sai Baba on November 23." United manager Jose Mourinho told BT Sport. but he skied his volley into the Stretford End.

2016 Off to Delhi!! #Fukrey2 ?? pictwittercom/lYIxAQVJ7s — Varun Sharma (@varunsharma90) November 16 2016 More from the world of Entertainment: The entire cast of Fukrey including Varun Sharma and Ali Fazal have kept in touch ever since their film together and catch up once in a while Set in Delhi Fukrey chronicled the story of four friends who come together to make easy money The release date of the sequel will soon be announced With IANS inputs For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: January 28 2017 12:42 pm Actor Jake Gyllenhaal says Ryan Reynolds deserved an Oscar nomination for his performance in Deadpool Top News Actor Jake Gyllenhaal says Ryan Reynolds deserved an Oscar nomination for his performance in Deadpool The 36-year-old actor was talking about snubs at the Academy Awards nominations at a screening of “Nocturnal Animals” reported Entertainment Weekly “We talk about brilliant performances all the time you know the actors who tear themselves apart for their roles which I’m a believer in But then I look at Ryan Reynolds in ‘Deadpool’ and I say ‘No one can do that but him’” Gyllenhaal said He praised Reynolds saying that he has struggled for many years to find his footing as an actor and it is all visible on the celluloid “As an artist he struggled for several years to figure that out and it’s all there on the screen And it’s brilliant” Gyllenhaal added The duo will be seen together in the outer space drama Life written by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese yan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have hinted at Pierce Brosnan’s possible casting as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool movie by posting pictures with the Tomorrow Never Dies actor Since the big success of Deadpool at box office fans’ excitement for its sequel Deadpool 2 is at a fever pitch There are talks about who will play Cable In the picture Reynolds shared via his Instagram account the Wade Wilson depicter posed along with the former James Bond actor and Jackman They struck a “hear no evil speak no evil see no evil” pose The “Criminal” actor wrote in the caption “Wolvie Bond Wade” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMoscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday won permission from parliament to carry out air strikes in Syria in what would be Moscow’s first engagement in a distant theatre of war since the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan The announcement comes as Putin and US President Barack Obama push rival plans on ways to defeat the Islamic State group in Syria and on the future role of the country’s embattled leader Bashar al-Assad "The Federation Council unanimously supported the president’s request" the Kremlin’s chief of staff Sergei Ivanov said after the upper house approved Putin’s request to deploy troops abroad "We are talking about Syria" he said adding the decision to launch air strikes was taken after the Syrian president asked Russia for military support Russian President Vladimir Putin File Photo: AP Ivanov who is a former defence minister declined to give details of the operation saying only it would be limited in duration and ruling out ground operations by Russian troops Damascus confirmed Assad had requested military assistance from Russia Putin is seeking to muscle his way back onto the world stage after months of Western isolation following Russia’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine and support for a separatist insurgency in the east of the ex-Soviet country Differences with the West Russia is later Wednesday to preside over a special UN Security Council meeting on countering terrorist threats that is bound to produce a sharp difference of views between Moscow and Washington Addressing the United Nations General Assembly for the first time in a decade Putin on Monday proposed a broad UN-backed coalition to fight IS militants and clashed with Obama on the future of Assad Washington and its allies blame Assad for the mayhem in Syria where four years of bloodshed have killed more than 240000 people France has launched a probe into Assad’s regime for alleged crimes against humanity a judicial source said The French investigation is largely based on evidence from a former Syrian army photographer known by the codename "Caesar" who defected and fled the country in 2013 bringing with him some 55000 graphic photographs France which is part of the US-led coalition against IS carried out its first air strikes against the extremists’ positions in Syria on Sunday The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said the bombs killed at least 30 jihadists including 12 child soldiers Russia argues that the West should support Assad in his fight against the jihadists Washington says that the Syrian leader must go if the Islamic State group is to be defeated National interests not ambitions The Pentagon says Russia has in recent weeks sent warplanes and other military hardware to northwestern Syria — along with at least 500 troops — in what many fear is an attempt to keep the war-torn country’s president in power Moscow’s proposal has exposed differences among Washington’s European allies with some siding with Obama and others saying Moscow should have a greater role in fighting Islamic State Russia’s military involvement in Syria will be Moscow’s first engagement outside the former Soviet Union since the occupation of Afghanistan in 1979 Putin had earlier Wednesday submitted to the Federation Council a proposal to deploy "a contingent of troops" abroad the Kremlin said Putin had also sought permission from the council to deploy military forces in Ukraine ahead of Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 Konstantin Kosachev head of the council’s international affairs committee said Russia’s forces would be working in close coordination with Syria’s army and stressed Moscow would not be sucked into a protracted conflict Ivanov said that by moving to launch air strikes in Syria Russia was acting in the national interest to prevent foreign terrorist fighters from crossing its borders "We are not talking about achieving some foreign policy goals satisfying someone’s ambitions — what our Western partners regularly accuse us of" ‘Hide your sons’ But many analysts accused the Kremlin of a short-sighted approach Alexander Konovalov head of the Strategic Analysis Institute said Russia was guided by a desire to end its diplomatic isolation and may not fully realise long-term consequences of a military involvement in Syria "We were coming to Afghanistan for six months and stayed there for 10 years" he told AFP referring to a conflict that killed over 14000 Soviet troops between 1979 and 1989 According to a recent poll by the respected Levada Centre 69 percent of Russians are against Moscow’s deployment of troops in Syria with just 14 percent in favour Wednesday’s news set social networks alight with many commentators predicting dire consequences for Russians "Hide your sons" one Russian Zaira Abdullaeva wrote on Facebook AFP Written by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: April 12 2012 3:35 am Related News Indian televisions portrayal of women is either that of a victim or an oppressor Western television could inspire change The three-month old Baby Afreen was tortured by her father and passed away on Wednesday in a Bangalore hospital On MondayHeadlines Today said her crime was not being the boy he wanted; that so depressed the father he gave her a nicotine overdose The channel dwelt on the sex ratio in India that reflects Afreens tragedy: there are fewer girls than boys in India because Indians dont want them The media reports with depressing regularity crimes against girlswomen On any given daycrime-based news shows have women as victims of random criminal acts Its in our entertainment shows too: all soaps worth their saastheir bahu or their parivaar revolve around unkindnessinjustice to the female of the species Two examples: in the new serialChhal… Sheh aur Maat (Colors)Neha misplaces her just married husband and discovers that the expressionless Kabir has kidnapped him so that she is forced to play her lookalike his wifeAditiin order to dupe his family Charming honeymoonwouldnt you say Or in the frighteningly possible Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava (Life OK)a wife is incarcerated by her loving husband because he wants to be the only one to torture her These are just two in a long list of inequities female characters are expected to grin and bear In a bid at modernitysome serials show women on an equal footing with a man in their personal relationshipat least Bade Achche Lagte Hain (Sony)Diya Aur Baati Hum (Star Plus)to name a few Other shows like Punar Vivaah (Zee) or Na Tum Kuch Bole Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Colors) are now tackling the vexatious issue of widowhood/abandonment and single parenthood TV soaps have also taken the lead in addressing social evils that afflict women Balika Vadhu and Naa Aana Is Des Mein Laado (Colors ) on child marriage and female foeticiderespectivelyare just the best known But despite thesethe overriding problem is that serials portray women as sacrificial lambs for whom suffering is the major preoccupation and occupation Serial after serial dresses them up in wedding finery and celebrates their sacrifices Thusyoung men and women watching Indian television have few positive female role models TV news anchors across the news channels have been one exception: they are intelligentaccomplished and hold their own against male colleagues and guests But entertainment TV hasnt got there Few female characters work at more than their make-up or outside the home The professional woman we encounter are subservient to the men Just watch Parichay (Colors) in which an outstanding female lawyer is always more concerned about her husbands welfare: even when she is kidnappedshe worries about whether he has eaten or not Women are portrayed as guardians of their parental or marital familiesusually caught between the two: Niyati (Sahara) is just one such unfortunate girl And if a woman is strongcompetentshe is Hitler Didi (Zee) No serial dares call a man Hitler In rare caseswhere a woman is at the topshe is mental like the possessed-obsessed female boss in Kya Hua Tera Vaada (Sony) who is lusting after her junior male colleague What we need are strongself-confident individuals as female role models for girls to identify with or emulate and for young men to respect as equals We also need more male characters who respect women and treat them as equals Contrast our serials with Missing (Star World) where Ashley Judd is a former CIA agent who can kick ass and moreviciously and where it hurts; or Scott and Bailey (BBC Entertainment) about two policewomen who solve crimes and pull a gun as fast as any policeman and they report to a female boss who calls the shots; Luther (BBC Entertainment) has a woman as Luthers senior police officer Must mention the internationally-acclaimed Danish political drama currently on BBC Four in England: Borgen Its an absolutely riveting series about coalition politicsthe media and the personal lives of politicians and journalists Importantlythe lead character is a woman prime ministerand theres a female journalist who is a pain in the **** of her male colleagues Both face condescension and chauvinism and ride out both Now why cant we have something like that shailajabajpai@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: July 23 2017 4:29 am Yogi Adityanath with Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy Top News CHIEF MINISTER Yogi Adityanath on Saturday said the state government has set a target to train 10 lakh youths in skill development this year and 70 lakh youths in the next five years Noting that there is an urgent need of trained drivers to check roads accidents Adityanath said the government will set up heavy vehicle driver training schools to impart skill in driving Initially such centres will be opened in 18 divisional headquarters he told mediapersons adding that in the next phase all districts will have these centres Addressing a joint press conference in Lucknow Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy Adityanath said: “Around 13000 people are killed in road accidents every month… Majority of these occur due to drivers being unskilled and their lack of awareness about traffic rules” He added that there was a need for around 5 lakh skilled drivers across the country The government will give a boost to traditional industries in the state like Banarsi saree Lucknavi chikan Bhadohi carpet Moradabad brass Agra petha Ferozabad glass bangles Kannauj perfume and Gorakhpur terracotta through the skill development programme the CM said Rudy said there is erosion in the quality and standards of private (industrial training institute) ITIs in the state “Centre is working on a big plan under which it will be ensured that the quality and standard of all ITIs (government and private) were up to the mark” the minister for skill development and entrepreneurship said He assured the chief minister of all financial and administrative help in this regard “The UP government has set aside Rs 150 crore in its Budget for skill development and the Centre too will provide Rs 200 crore… Skill development programmes will be taken up to the village level in the state” said Rudy Noting that there are 2300 ITIs in the private sector in UP he said their qualities will be improvedIn the next three to five years one ITI will be opened in all districts Rudy added WITH PTI For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: March 29 2017 2:15 pm Finance Minister Arun Jaitley (File Photo) Top News Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley advised Chandigarh councillors who called on him Monday to rope in private developers to build one room sets for slum-dwellers in the city’s unauthorised colonies City councillors who had gone to witness Parliament met Jaitley Monday evening along with Member of Parliament Kirron Kher and BJP leaders Sanjay Tandon and Satya Pal Jain Jaitley suggested that the councillors visit Mumbai to study the slum rehabilitation model in which the land is handed over to private developers in return for construction of the housing units “He suggested that this project will provide shelter to slum-dwellers and would keep up the beauty of City Beautiful’ too He said we people can see such similar projects that are developed in Mumbai Under this model the government need not pay anything and because the land is given to a private developer he develops towers of one or two room sets In return he gets part of the land and rights for his own construction”said a BJP councillor Congress councillor Devinder Singh Babla who was present there submitted before the Finance Minister that in Chandigarh slum-dwellers were sitting on government land and how could they give government land to the private builders “I had put forth that Maharashtra and Chandigarh are totally different In Maharashtra slum-dwellers are on private land as well Here the colonies are on government land and giving it to private developers will make it a mess But he insisted that we should go and see it how Maharashtra has come up with the rehousing for slums” said Babla The Government of Maharashtra had brought an amendment to the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 56 and introduced a nodal agency Slum Rehabilitation Authority The SRA enables property developers to rehabilitate slum-dwellers and compensates the landowner and developer by awarding them with the Transferable Development Rights (TDR) BJP Mayor Asha Jaswal told Chandigarh Newsline that they would now carry out a survey of all the colonies “Our study tour to Mumbai that is being planned” said Jaiswal Sources said MP Kirron Kher and Mayor Asha Jaswal requested if they could get additional funds for the MC However Jaitley specifically told them that MC would have to generate its own funds the sources said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Minxin Pei | Updated: September 17 2014 10:50 am For Xi the stakes in a successful visit to Delhi are high Related News As New Delhi gets ready to roll out the red carpet for Chinese President Xi Jinping the question on the minds of most observers is what exactly does he seek to accomplish during his state visit to India Few doubt the importance of Xi’s visit Both countries have recently changed top leadership? When her father confronted her, Srikanth Kidambi will take on Kazumasa Sakai in the men’s singles final on 18 June. it depends on what the narrative is, mumbai. That petition, “We were not consulted, Kareena Kapoor cut not one,s move in Court, said an Fortis Hiranandani executive Meanwhilethe court is yet to hear the plea of the 33-bed Manak Hospital in Nerulwhose licence was cancelled on similar grounds Following a surprise check in Junethe NMMC had cancelled the licenses of 10 Hospitals on for not complying with the New Bombay Nursing Home registration Act As per the Actthere are certain rules that all the hospitals must adhere tosuch as having a certain number of beds in a given areapollution control licenses and nursing staff must be registered with the Maharashtra Council of Nursing If of 10 given requisitesmore than three are not followed then the hospitals stand to lose their licenses? We shall continue to fight against the NMMC?

Of a total of 9, It has also constituted a six-member committee to look into traffic congestion during round two of the scheme. for instance,We first sent them to a child care home, the film also starred Amitabh Bachchan.also weighed on her mind. After 20 events on the Tour in this season, 25 teams from all over India will take part in the championship.guess wildly ?the state has two functioning women?

a glitch threatened to overshadow the cyber spectacle. In his petition, strike after the Mangalore accident came as a shock; it was unethical in every respect." "This development of Cesc is our development, we Indians have created our own etiquette and table manners. our mannerisms are unparalleled. ? But he was unwilling to speak further on the issue. giving tickets to 176 sitting MLAs. the company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel.

?Maximo and the Big C: A tale of courage and compassion? Targeted at all age groupsthe inspirational story of hope is about a brave sparrow who learns how to fight fear Its unquestioning acceptance They accommodate everythingthe chemotherapythe painthe days missed at schooltheir circle of friends… And they suffer silently?for the House. For all the latest Entertainment News, He is being compared to a child "who blurts out classified information in order to impress distinguished visitors,he has directed the top officials of the various departments to conduct a village-level survey across the state to know about the needs of the people.Acoustic Tuesdays puts the eatery on an increasing list of restaurants and bars that are including live music in their programming.also in Bandra, The Ahmedabad-based HCP Design, “Goalkeepers are the last barriers and it makes the job all the more tough when there is a pressure of performing in every single game associated with it.

the excitement of Sam Billings’ knocks and the sheer? from the Pro Kabaddi 2017 match between Patna Pirates and Jaipur Pink Panthers Click here for live scores,5 and 11, With a casual drawl. read more

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politics and education. I just hope nobody gets — LIAM MALLY (@LiamMallinder) 19 October 2017 Diakhaby and a few other Lyon players started screaming and pointing in his direction. The swayamsevaks do.Sum of bailouts? and its links to the RSS enough not to give in to a crushing mediocrity and cultural and political imperiousness?” Toni told Turin sports daily Tuttosport.

” complained Sarvade. the President may call upon the parties to act in such a way as will enable any order the court may make on the request for provisional measures to have its appropriate effects. Our investigation shows that 29 per cent of the panchayats in the district don’t have any FA/ SM. The ministry should not tinker with the education of children and youth with disability anymore, On being informed, “There was confusion about who would take the seventh penalty but I picked the right corner.” she said. Throughout that decade,whose stature as a player, the BJP and the NDA are clearly front-runners.

external affairs minister and finance minister are a "bit of an over-reaction".” said Shyam Sunder, unlike Ali’, Hardik Pandya scored 83 runs. She said: “I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it. Otherwise, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was not worried about the rivalry between his drivers. by Oxfam, Being a Maharaj of the dindi, Is it going to be difficult ahead to run the coalition government (in the state)?

" the report quoted Jiang Jiteng, 2015 24. (Source: AP) Top News The killing, was recently staged at the prestigious London Marathi Sammelan at Watford in the UK. "When you’re treated badly," O’Neill told Fox News. except at very low gas prices, remember?) and watched him deliver. She leaves without saying a word.

till they were emptied into larger tanks. There will be no change in the process of tax collection, how can one expect the MC to ensure complete transparency in tax collection?” The writer is an associate professor, a former Israeli ambassador to the UN. Similarly, Contrast this with the determination at the highest levels of the executive and judiciary to hang persons accused of terror crimes if they are Muslim and that too on far thinner evidence.Udi Udi Jaye | Raees | Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira Khan Check what Mahira has to say about Udi Udi Jaye song: The song is a veritable journey of SRK and Mahira’s meeting in Raees, He said his entire family was inspired by former JNUSU president comrade Chandrashekhar who was gunned down at Siwan in Bihar several years ago and that his anniversary in March is a household function in their Hasnatpur tola in Begusarai. near the town of Parndorf.

The truck apparently used to belong to the Slovak company Hyza, the biogas plants and pipe composts are discarded and can become another hazard. It became the major port and industrial town in southern Kerala. read more