Visible value interpretation of how to bring a soft face

three, get some traffic

useful?We found that

two, pure text

you can think of, in stationmaster net submitted to the soft Wen can bring a lot of reproduced quantity, and the chain we can also get the article with the spread of. How to directly view the soft Wen brought about by the chain? The author will simply share a few of their own views.

2 +, quotes the title of the soft paper, there are many people reproduced by this query soft method, but this method also has limitation, a, we found only the soft was reproduced, B, delete our link soft reprint cannot check, C, to search for possible the other is on the next page or directory in the title, there are some errors.

, the most intuitive value chain: to obtain high quality

soft Wen promotion has been one of the most popular ways to promote all the way, compared with the rigid promotion, soft Wen promotion is the subtlety that a "soft" word. As a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly. Soft Wen promotion is in pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. So for us to promote the value of visible people how to face a soft brought? Below the author in stationmaster net analysis shows that the value of the delivery soft case.

3, the first method is using the command "domain+ domain" view of our anti chain information, and then click on the search results page footer of the "advanced search", at the time the option to choose one of these days, of course, you can also choose the screening last week, last month and other options to the chain so, can be more intuitive to see the chain soft Wen brought.

The chain

four, the quality of soft.

today many portal site is to put with the anchor text text directly, so we can visually see the visitors by, visitors may see our links and direct input address to access our site, and it also can be said to be building an online brand.

This is definitely the first

investment in stationmaster net soft chain with only pure text, some promotion personnel may still pure text outside the chain does not have what effect, at first the author is the idea, but later after submission of personal experience, found the pure text outside the chain can also bring good results. The most obvious effect is to site snapshot stagnation problem, of course we can’t bring the myth of the chain effect and other aspects of the optimization work we still have to continue to do.

1, domain+ domain name, this is our common query outside the chain, if your site is a new station outside the chain of only a handful of good, you can see the visual chain soft reprint brings, but if you have a chain of thousands, and to use the method of statistics is some weak heart.

How easy it is to get the website popular keywords flow

secondsWebsite optimization

I wrote "mad cat network: a fictitious video network company", in fact, I just try to do a test, "the mad cat keywords network". If interested friends can use love to check the keyword index in Shanghai, currently has about more than 800, the highest reached more than 1200, but the key competition can be said to be very small, very easy to do.

website right down topics:

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

"mad cat network" the reason why there are so many people to pay attention to, because in the recent TV "impeccable master competitors". In the TV series mentioned a "mad cat network", a lot of people want to watch this TV drama did not know this company mad cat network ", so there will be such a large number of search, which will Qingyang brand is the reality of the existence of the.


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

from "mad cat network" keywords the temporary heat, I found a little, it is know that. If you know how to find the new popular keywords, as long as around the keywords to write a good article, then we will be able to get good rankings, flow also came naturally. This keyword interested friends can write the "Pepper uncle, I want to write, but don’t think it’s necessary, certainly this traffic is not stable, it can be a test.


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

I first talk about the performance of it, it has just released yesterday, Google ranked third, Shanghai ranked seventh in love. This morning in Shanghai ranked third, but less than two hours, this article went to the second page, again let me burn in my synchronous online article ranking up. In fact, I have been in I burn nets set up not to let the search engines crawl I sync I burn in the online article, it seems that this love Shanghai or not obedient! Not only included, there is a good ranking. From this point we can see that love Shanghai not included your article is decided by it. If you want to collect, then how to set the useless. In other words, you have good originality, it doesn’t want you no way.

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: !

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked


Work at least in this month I don’t site my site

the last time sitting in front of the computer, but in the search engine input "", and the memory of the figure is similar, although I also strive to enrich my station; the last time in the CNZZ at the deserted online list, statistics of dead and I have no vitality. Bite my teeth and stamp my feet. I made up my mind not to search for more than one article on the site search engine on a wealth link in a month. I don’t see how many people are interested in the number of articles linking to fortune. He what keywords ranking, tube he what SEO optimization?. I don’t understand, and I’m not interested anymore.

I have some

, slow. A little programming foundation, long wanted to be a small station, think oneself have foundation, write code. As soon as I write it, I find that my foundation has been abandoned for many years. That’s OK. Let’s go to school. In this way, write, stop, learn, I do not know how many days and nights passed, with 1.5 finished products, but found that others use some new technologies, new methods more convenient, more powerful, more secure. A dilemma: with the CMS system, some functions can not, to write a part of the code (CMS code to read before write) with their own, tinkering; or. Eventually gave up my self-sufficiency in small farmers consciousness, using the CMS system, study the source code, coupled with their own needs.

although the Internet has repeatedly stressed: the core of the web is content, the appearance is not important. But I still feel good for pick and choose a template, change after the station was built up. I collected behavior by manually adding content. According to the elder’s advice, the title and content of a part of the article have been modified and perfected. Did not do any promotion, just submitted to the search engine, made two exchange links post just. My idea is: the content of the website is too thin, even if the Chinese energy to promote, users will not be impressed, it is better to feel at ease to do the content, and then promote. Sometimes, in order to add an article, I’ll find five or six or more of them. Slowly, Google began to collect, although only a few articles, but felt a return, the hard work did not waste. Then, Baidu also included, cnzz finally see someone through the search engine to find my small station, traffic began to slow growth. Soon, some of my key words "Samsung development history", "NOKIA" the history of all ranked in the top or first, at that moment, I was contemplating a keyword: bring more than 10 flow, if he do a keyword, can have thousands of traffic (I this person is not very not the pursuit). In the link, I ask the patient, to find relevant, thanks to Japan in my PR Cathay capital, or 0 of the time, gave me a page link.

day, I opened the wealth link, pleasantly surprised to see that PageRank green, a careful look at the PR=2, a mad heart.

What are the tips of female entrepreneurship

although women have now become the main force in the big market, however, due to different gender, resulting in a lot of things will be different. In short, different gender entrepreneurs, in fact, will have the skills to master. So, what are the tips of female entrepreneurship? Let me see small series of.

1, what are the tips of female entrepreneurship? Do not start a business to set their own high position, to slowly. For example, to open a small commodity store, store location, the items are in line with the tastes of the market, it is not difficult to make money. Of course, the premise is that you have to have that vision.

2, silver is never out of date, its texture with all kinds of clothes are very match, there is a huge market potential.

3, what are the tips of female entrepreneurship? Unique aesthetic and design concept is an important basis for the operation of silver shop, which is related to personal talent, keen business sense of the fundamental success.

4, although a small cost of investment, but still want to establish investment risk awareness. For example, do not think that the store is not much investment, open a store may be enough to fifty thousand, to know that this is only the initial investment, but also need to continue to invest in the future, the key is the rent expensive. Of course, small shops will have a large income, depending on the organic composition of capital, depending on the profit margin, not just look at the size of.

5, what are the tips of female entrepreneurship? Many women have entrepreneurial dreams, but it just did some investigation, sort out some information, and then to the lack of like-minded partners, lack of funds, lack of energy, lack of experience and a variety of reasons and died. Success, in the continuous passion.

6, the most important thing is to have a woman entrepreneurship. For example, if you are the 50 thousand pieces for travel, you can also put it into a way of business, you can take pictures, write blogs, and then sold to the fashion magazine for travel money, you can also discover the local specialty or nice clothes and jewelry, and then open a shop on ebay……

7, success consciousness. What are the tips of female entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurial success, first of all depends on the desire to succeed, which is the talent and success should have the prerequisites and the inherent quality, is the so-called do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier".

8, do not think they will buy things will sell things! You’ll find it’s not the same thing.

9, what are the tips of female entrepreneurship? Even if you have money, but if you do not have the energy to do it yourself, or do not invest in good, especially do not understand the industry.

10, you can do it yourself through a professional career counselor

Beauty salon management process should pay attention to what issues Trilogy

now both men and women are very concerned about their personal image of the problem, so the market will continue to appear all kinds of beauty salons, beauty salons in the process of management should pay attention to what issues? Let’s look at it together.

for beauty is, the quality of service is indispensable. Therefore, the choice of address, but also to take into account the traffic, as well as the corresponding consumer groups. How to run a beauty salon? Then, to build their own stores and now the most popular trend of the dress, so, will let these people see a beauty, a taste.

for the customer orientation, beauty salons can not only locate the white-collar women, for men, but also must be considered, and other classes of people are to be taken into account. How to run a beauty salon? So, you want to the customer level and consumption level of refinement, and then targeted to develop a wide range of policies and the level of consumption.

for the beauty salon, the best is to have a group of loyal consumers, these consumers can unconditionally come here for beauty, and then through their propaganda, consumers can get more. This is a good thing. How to run a beauty salon? Beauty salons must pull these people come in, you can give them a proper discount or what kind of free beauty opportunities, so that they can feel the benefits and get a discount.

operator must master the correct way of doing business can make their stores gradually on the right track. Beauty salon management process should pay attention to what problems? See the above introduction, I believe you have some understanding, I hope you can be inspired by the great success.


Dark horse contest ShangHai Railway Station ended

now want to start a lot of friends, how to succeed in business? In fact, this problem is a lot of people want to ask, however, venture without rules, we must always be ready to deal with unexpected challenges! There are no rules for entrepreneurship, investors and entrepreneurs need to be ready to deal with unexpected."   Shenzhen Albert Albert partner Zhang Xiaozai as dark horse contest judges, which describes the current entrepreneurial environment.

6 26 April 2015 dark horse contest ShangHai Railway Station formally ended, the event focused on the cultural and creative fields, O2O, all players with their team and cordial exchange in Shanghai   project. The annual horse contest and entrepreneurial energy partners Red Bull again jointly attack, in the "house of cards Red Bull" final unit by lucky card, limited roadshow, four links will answer and time integrated   for entrepreneurs; quality, growth potential and character of mind and put forward comprehensive challenges.

entrepreneurs horse turns the stage, house of cards in a wonderful battle

limited roadshow links, entrepreneurs will face the judges and the audience, all-round introduction to their entrepreneurial projects within the specified time, "the way you" founder of Luojiang roadshow ended, three judges surprisingly gave & recommended

The world’s ten largest coffee brand recommended

is the world’s three largest tea, cocoa, coffee Chinese western tea. Globalization makes the world cultural exchange form, close, some habits have no boundaries, like now Chinese would love to drink coffee, and coffee in the China people are more and more popular, become a mainstream way of people’s life. It has become one of the indispensable drinks on the table, in addition to a place to meet cafe, now, the world coffee franchise strong operation group occupied every corner, regardless of where you walk, can see the coffee shop chain. The following small series of coffee chain to make a brief introduction.

first Starbucks

Starbucks (Starbucks, USA, founded in 1971) is the world’s largest coffee chain, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. In addition to coffee, Starbucks also has tea, stuffing cake and cake. Starbucks has nearly 12000 stores worldwide in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the pacific. In August 10, 2011, Bao descendants questioned Starbucks abuse of baogonginvolved image.

second Paz Kuqi Pascucci (Italy)


Italy’s first coffee chain brand, Caffe Pascucci from 1883, after the first World War II modern cafe, with unique slow baking skills by world coffee lovers. At present, the coffee shop stores all over the world, including China, 25 countries, high-quality coffee beans sold to the world’s more than and 50 countries. Deeply loved by the world’s coffee lovers. Pascucci coffee is indeed the choice of the world’s treasures, not easy to find. Is the world’s most beautiful appearance of coffee beans, with caramel sweetness, let people enjoy the unique pleasure, you slowly into the coffee detached state. In all the coffee brand, this has a 130 year history of the Italian Coffee brand is the only has a complete industrial chain of coffee brand, the coffee industry is the most strict management list, labor costs are also the highest, for every cup of coffee the customer is Johnson to a "great lady". Pascucci good coffee, carrying a long coffee culture Nalv Apennine Peninsula came, the most elegant style of Italy Chinese for perfect landing, Chinese consumption to create an espresso most original, the most elegant and comfortable experience. Palace in the selection of the classic black and yellow as the main color, retro and of modern, elegant and without losing the mood.

third Luo Duolun

Luo Duolun (Doutor, Japan, founded in 1962) has a chain of 1222 stores Luo Luo cafe, attracted to the older japanese. It’s a very low price

Let the Lake Race become the window to show Xining

in the evening of July 6th, Lake race will start on the occasion, Xining City Vice Mayor Tong Wang from the national media press conference said that the Xining municipal government will strive to put around the race opening ceremony and Xining criterium into the people of all ethnic groups in Xining major festivals and grand sports event, to become Xining’s foreign exchange through the window, the lake race this platform to let the world know Xining, into Xining. She said in the unique climatic conditions in summer in Xining, came to Xining you will love summer.

at the meeting, Tong Wang told the more than and 200 journalists from the Xining local customs and practices are briefly introduced and historical culture, the economic and social development, geographical landscape, unique climate and Xining won the National Health City, garden city, China excellent tourist city and Chinese most tourist destination of the yearning for honor. She said, Xining is the Tibetan Plateau portal, Qinghai is the political, economic, cultural, transportation center, also has a long history, rich cultural heritage, more important is the Xining summer climate, is one of the most cool summer city, is a natural tourist resort, is the beautiful home of spiritual cultivation round, here you will love summer. Therefore, she hopes the media from across the country through the lake race this platform to understand Xining, understanding Xining, Xining local customs and practices, the common feeling of human history, and through the lens and reporters writing, introduce Xining to every yearning for the people of Xining, this is the charm of the lake race, is the glory of Xining. (author: Ge Wenrong)

The world’s first high-speed rail line through the tunnel

The 1 day at 10:10, with the northeastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau Qilian Mountains celebration firecrackers sounded deep, focus on new high-speed LAN control projects 1 Qilian Mountains smoothly through the tunnel, which marks the breakthrough by the twenty Bureau of China Railway Group of thousands of builders fought more than 4 years the world’s highest altitude high speed Railway Tunnel – Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron Qilian Mountains tunnel across the board.

Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron Qilian Mountains tunnel project by Qilian Mountains Tunnel No. 1, Qilian Mountains Liuhuanggou Bridge No. 2 tunnel and connecting the two tunnels, total length of 16.336 km, the highest altitude tunnel rail surface elevation of 3607.4 meters, and the two tunnels were grade I risk tunnel, is the world’s highest elevation, the highest standard and construction the most difficult construction of high-speed railway tunnel project, the world’s first high-speed rail high tunnel ".Since the

across Gansu and Qinghai provinces new full-length Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron 1776 km, the design speed of more than 200 kilometers, is China’s first high-speed railway construction in high altitude areas.  

Lighting shop note

due to the large demand for lighting market, and through the realization of lighting products to achieve the goal of rich investors countless, so many people want to start a business shop lamps. However, if you need to pay attention to the lighting shop where there is no attention, so the probability of success is very low. So, shop lighting shop notes what? Let small series with a "come" identity.

I did eight years in the lighting industry, lighting sales from the beginning to now own a business brand lamps (Rihga lamps). Along the way, and have. Fortunately, now the brand has begun to take shape, in the local market is also a small reputation, of course, these are due to me before the sales of lighting sales to me.

share, may not give you any decisive help, but I hope you can at least make detours. If you are sure that you want to do the lighting industry, it is necessary to carefully read the following text.

before opening the lamp shop, you have to determine what kind of lighting you want to sell. There are many lamps category, such as crystal lamp, copper lamp, cloth lamp, European modern acrylic material lamp etc.. OK, you want to sell the lighting category, you can go to the category according to the manufacturers. So you have to look at the market in your region, if you can choose a competition is not very intense category, you stand firm in the local market is still necessary.

in addition, only fewer competing products is not enough, you need to estimate their start-up capital, such as crystal lamps or European style lamps, first, this kind of lamp need enough area and height in order to have a good display effect; second, their price is relatively high, if you go to town with the volume is not much then, it is difficult to get a good price. Therefore, according to the budget to determine the lighting products are the core link.

in determining the sales of lighting category, we have to consider what brand to choose. This is a set of "contrast", "reference", "doubt", "judgment" in one of the detective process. It can be said that both cost and time. For the first time to go to the ancient town, my first impression is vertigo, too many lamps and lanterns manufacturers, too many lamps sales stores. Absolutely confused, don’t know where to start feeling. So here, I suggest you, it is best to have a purpose, friends, online search. The aim is to be prepared to go, otherwise you will be very confused and painful.

here to talk about friends, of course, is the most time-saving process, because basically can help you to the existence of a variety of risks in advance screening (unless, of course, your friends do not fly). However, if you do not have a friend, then you must do a good job, in the Internet to determine the actual situation of a manufacturer, you can see the following: