How to recover after the site was down the right reason and website K

(3) of the content of the website:

recovery methodIS log The content of

6. chain factors

path change The frequency of updates

8. high repetition

website important directory The revision of the ?

2.IP line is not stable, for example some space or server can only support single or support or support, Netcom, telecom, caused by the spider visit the blind spot. Even some of the server in order to save resources, the search engine spiders shield.

7. content of unstable

1. server, web server instability, move, attack or buy site itself is not stable due to server function.


(5) site title change

9. web site by others mirror

3. the content of the website contains sensitive words banned by search engines, or to deceive the user’s vocabulary.

for example is cheap clothing wholesale site, but later changed to Shanghai Longfeng exchange blog, this is completely to shut the words not only distract your weight, will cause the severe drop right.

4. website,

So now that we

K website is absolutely not because of one factor caused, it is a kind of love Shanghai website very severe punishment, it must have happened because two to three drop right caused by the behavior, then the behavior is caused by the website is the cause of the K

(1) increased the frequency of fast. For example we do every day before is to increase 5–10 chain, but if one day suddenly increased by 50 links, so that a search engine will be regarded as cheating this behavior.

down the right site because caused by K the reason is clear, it is very simple, we can use the law to exclude found our website is the cause of the K, in order to make the site is K

5. Links, because if the chain do and your site is K, then you have a link to it, then your site will therefore be implicated, cause right down.

(2) lost the chain. The chain is caused by the absence of the website server lost a credit.

(1) replacement templates


if the site in the article not original information, will cause the drop right.

1. first we need to check the site, if there is something wrong with 503.500.20064 Server HTTP code in the log, and then check whether the page 404 dead link code, as everyone knows, dead link is an important factor causing the site to drop right, to solve the 404 generation code only.

Love Shanghai bidding Guan Jian word matching mode four you know

note that only when users search words just contain "aluminum price" (complete including order) these 4 words are likely to see your promotion.

2. does not trigger the promotion of the results of the search terms include: aluminum prices, Aluminum Alloy price

1. may trigger the promotion of the results of the search words: aluminum, aluminum prices, the price how Shanghai 7075 aluminum price is cheap, the price of aluminum, aluminum industry, aluminum price cheap

at the beginning of this year, Shanghai to love bidding system has made a slight adjustment, Guan Jian words in which to adjust to our article to say, the adjustment is actually subtle and localized, generally do not cause too much attention, but for the costs of care for some users, you need to know a.

love Shanghai bidding matching the previous statement is divided into three types: broad, phrase, accurate. They are three different ways to cope with the different needs of customers were introduced, but now I want to tell you that we have been able to love Shanghai but the price is divided into four forms, then three forms not before, in particular: (exact phrases, phrases, high grade, exact phrase) from here, see change it, before the phrase is not what the exact phrase, and senior division, and now more than a, and this function in the background to show love Shanghai it is not very obvious, so it is necessary to take the specific.

from the two old and new production in the definition list carefully compared to see is not change, but in the change reflects what we call exact phrases and phrases senior, the old definition is the search terms must be completely contained Guan Jian words, and the order cannot be reversed, or insert, can not be a synonym, the is the exact phrase explanation; and the new definition can be reversed, can be inserted, can appear synonyms, similar to the broad definition, this is the senior phrase explained.

2. does not trigger the promotion of the results of the search terms including price price, the price of aluminum sheet, aluminum

new phrases: use the phrase matching, when users search words completely contain your keywords and your keyword (synonyms include keywords) inserted or reversed form, the system may automatically show your promotion results

with the keyword "aluminum price" as an example, in the default phrase matching mode:

: use the old phrase phrase matching, when users search words completely contains your keywords when the system may automatically show your promotion results.

> Definition of

1. may trigger the promotion of the results of the search words: 7075 aluminum, aluminum prices, the price how Shanghai 7075 aluminum price is cheap

with the keyword "aluminum price" as an example in the phrase matching mode:

The definition of

From the green algorithm to do things like Shanghai pomegranate algorithm


for the green algorithm, my site is not affected, after all, I did not participate in the sale of links, but I always feel that Scindapsus algorithm is small talk, now link trading activities still exist and active, so I hope you try not to buy too much.

algorithm also has the issue of pomegranate wood, so no one knows it will be much more lethal. From the love Shanghai Lee introduction we can know the pomegranate algorithm mainly target is the low quality of the content of the site. This is fundamental to fight, because the quality of a web site, depending on the content of the website is complete, is not what fancy interface and function. From the green to pomegranate algorithm algorithm, I think is slowly restraint of the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but do not know which of the two algorithm is effective, can give serious do stand webmaster should return. Now that love will be on the line in Shanghai Lee pomegranate algorithm within a week so we have stated that the webmaster don’t adjust what, see

!Some suggestions for me:

pomegranate algorithm:

in 2013 after the new year, love Shanghai began to publish a new algorithm named scindapsus. From the literal meaning is probably a purification means, but from the release date, the webmaster see what? Your site’s ranking rose? "Heard" is mainly Scindapsus algorithm against sale links, and some Links exchange site. I look at a page from the A5 algorithm Scindapsus news, the most or the link Moumou station was K, and K are some of the top link station, love Shanghai and there is no large range to K off the front of the station, the site is K, back up again, this is not a pit Dad? I think it is not. The effects of current algorithm Scindapsus aureus capacity is not enough, probably because it is still in a state of test, but also for the main target of attack Scindapsus algorithm is selling links website, Shanghai love think this is a palliative approach, why do you say that? Because I love Shanghai know owners to use the best of Shanghai the dragon is the chain optimization technology, it will be the emergence of so many links to the sale site, these links to the sale site K off, there will be the emergence of new, so love Shanghai fought to the content of the site The quality of the new algorithm for the upcoming release of pomegranate – so there is the following.

in 2013, Shanghai for the webmaster love no longer silent, love Shanghai frequently released their so-called algorithm from algorithm to algorithm for the upcoming release of Scindapsus pomegranate, what do you see? What do you think? You predicted what? At the back of this algorithm, the love of Shanghai is bluffing or really to do station "creation"? But no matter what the result is, I think the situation for our site webmaster does not appear too large adjustment, after all there is no "algorithm white mouse", the only thing we can do is wait, find

Because the

my views on Scindapsus aureus algorithm:

The upcoming

Talking about ways to make money onlineAs a webmaster perspective of network advertisement added SP

website requires the support of the server, the relationship between the two is mutual, there is a web site, and no server can not run, there is a server, and no site put up inappropriate. So, from this analysis, we should invest mainly on the website or server, which is the most basic. Whether the website or server can make money does not say, public opinion on the Internet, large and small websites, servers to make money, is the need for investment, which is a basic way to make money online investment.

investment has earned money, after all, the Internet has too much risk, there can be no can not lose the project, so here you can grasp some investment skills or methods, the project needs to do some research on the feasibility analysis of the market, how to collect relevant information, combined with the experience of making the judgment, and then see if join.

the Internet has brought unlimited business opportunities for users, but also for the community to create so much wealth, so the way to make money online is a lot of money, there are many projects, the specific idea of how to make money as much to find it, simply some methods on tonight online investment money, or skills, have said something wrong or inadequate please make friends correct oh.

on an end when it comes to SP, SP was asked what people will be less, but one that is wireless, you immediately know, SP Service Provider is a direct provider of mobile Internet services application service, responsible for providing suitable for mobile phone users to use the service according to the user requirements and development. CP: content providers, commonly used terms in the wireless services industry, refer to content providers, Content, Provider. At SP Service Provider, service providers are upstream and downstream relationships.

know the two platform above, that in the end how to project a real investment specific? Take an example about it, for example, to build a forum website, need to invest the money to buy space and domain name, need to invest energy, and then consider the question of how to make money, usually rely on advertising revenue as a source of investment, have to pay, there will be a return, but at the same time, some projects there are risks, like foreign click project needs an upgrade, possible upgrade trap, maybe you go after the investment but not to return. So the investment ah a project have to consider carefully, not fooling around, otherwise The loss outweighs the gain.

The operation of the There are many ways to make money online

The development of

investment, here simply said, welcome friends to make the contribution, your experience, skills and methods of sharing out the reference for everyone, and common progress. Reprinted with marked

cannot do without money online website or server, no matter what the project must have these two platforms can be carried out, otherwise we can not talk about how to use the Internet to make money, so in a big way, in the Internet investment project is in the website and server.

Webmaster friends, please give yourself a love for society

April 10th, it’s a sunny day. The wind and rain continued for many days to subside. Admin5 webmaster network Wang and staff people in love and dedication for the contribution of social welfare to come condolences to visit social welfare of disabled children. In fact, most people have not been to the welfare of children, some only know very little but also from the television drama, in the end the welfare of children is what? We are very curious! The way we are talking about their own ideas, laughing and talking. But everything turned into sadness and contemplation after today’s visit to the orphanage.

‘s understanding of the orphanage, I’m naive, too. I think that although the children of welfare homes have no parents, they have never felt any family affection, but because they are integrated into the children’s welfare home, they can be regarded as happiness in misfortune. But when I visited the destination, my idea was completely overturned. They had a happy environment, but their physical reasons made it difficult for them to be happy.

with yesterday’s stationery, daily necessities and so on, we walked into the children’s welfare home. The facilities are complete, the environment is beautiful, and all the staff are very responsible and caring. You can think of it before you come. The only thing that can not be imagined is the actual situation of these children themselves. Looking at the children of all ages in the room, they look like normal children. But if you look closely, you will find that they are different from normal children. Yes, most of these children have physical disabilities and illnesses, which is why their parents abandon them. According to the staff, there are about 300 abandoned children every year. Most of them suffer from congenital or congenital diseases and disabilities, and many children suffer from the risk of dying.

the environment affects people, that’s true. Here, looking at these children’s eyes, the usual desire, impetuous, all the bad mood will be left behind, and some just sympathy for these children’s situation and meditation. Compared to them, how happy we are. No matter what kind of disease they have, regardless of their body is severely disabled, as a parent, how difficult it can not abandon them, since they came to the world, we will try our best to let them live, abandoned only criticism of society and others. Fortunately, they are not abandoned by society, in the orphanage, all the staff are like parents to take care of them, love them, try our best to let them live like a normal child, and find the adoptive families return to society.

is not every child has the opportunity to come to the superior welfare homes to accept social assistance. There are many children in this society who need the help of our normal people. Fortunately, the development of the economy has also led to the development of the cause of love and public welfare. People from all walks of life and friends from abroad have been actively helping out

How to make the first money for the local portal website

I have engaged in the local portal website operation also has 2 years, although not earn what money, but money is still there today, to share new portal created next how to make money in the absence of traffic situations, exactly is how to promote their own websites while making a profit.

before you write to our website operators a little advice, now want to completely rely on SEO to do local portal site is not the reality, I hope you can put down the SEO, to put more time into other paths, but Baidu has a lot of drainage. A new station can only rely on the accumulation of time slowly, don’t do too much SEO settings, as long as you are not illegal, seriously consider the needs of users, get help local people solve some problems of people’s livelihood, to help businesses to bring benefit, then your website have no way out.

well, let’s begin today’s topic. How do local portals earn their first money?


to make money will not be allowed users to pay, then we have to merchants money, we had the first campaign issued a total that the mouse pad, printed 10 thousand, spending 20 thousand dollars for the printing fee, this must not do too bad, or give it away. Mouse pad on top of the site to stay their own logo and WeChat two-dimensional code, set 12 ads below the grid.

so, now, how do you get the merchants to pay for it,


we had spent 5 days in the 12 ad all sold out, we have a bit of advertising to sell only 3000 yuan, because we mainly want to promote their own websites, not for the purpose of making money, 3000 dollars for an enterprise is really not what, many companies feel that less. Because we are an industry just one ad, remember that we have received Shentong advertising, then other courier companies also asked that we give them, so that you do not have to worry about this small business you do not, this is not the next mention.

the next mouse pad my main issue? Because the mouse pad is the specific issue where businesses are most concerned about, they don’t really care about that 3000 yuan, I mainly sent to the following places: local institutions, hotels, hotels, Wanda Plaza, computer shop, with what issue bear with me:

1, Wanda Plaza, of course, you can not stand directly outside the door, this is to give the venue fee, and the direct hair no effect. General Wanda Plaza, inside the door there is a mobile phone and computer shops, jewelry stores, so we cooperate with them, we use their site to issue, free things who don’t, so he can also increase the popularity of the store,

they are very willing to cooperate with us, of course, we are not free, because our mouse pad do very beautiful, very atmospheric, so we asked them about our micro signal to send oh.


The way out of local portals and local DM operations (1)

for local portals, you can combine with the local newspaper, if there is a certain economic strength, you can operate their own DM, so that online and offline combination. Take my Pingxiang life network ( for example:

site based on classified information and business information, just can be very good combination with DM. Taking into account the cost of early, can be issued in journal, from joining fee. Issued 1W copies, issued 2 times a month (so that time will be more adequate). The content is classified information and merchant information. It’s just a good combination of customer sources and information sources online. The graph is as follows:


needs attention:

1, according to the local situation to pricing, if there is a local DM, can refer to his circulation and advertising price to price, early can take synchronous online and offline, so the price is not too low.

2. website operation must have certain foundation, including market personnel and market operation ability, DM once done can’t stop, so there must be market personnel support.

3. release personnel training is very important, you have to be competitive, your DM will be issued in place, the early release to shops based, but also to send their own people to supervise and spot checks.

the first 4. classification information dominated by online sources, but also to some stable source of information, but also can increase the amount of information on the site, Pingxiang as an example to us, we have no real estate Pingxiang local newspapers, contact me with several local second-hand housing have the strength of the company. The relatively modest price to a version of each one, by their timing to provide housing information, in practice, this is a mutually beneficial, very effective. Legend:, abc=ban& qid=57& id=307, the picture is relatively large, it will not upload. And so on, it can be extended to other industries, and set up its own talent channels and tourist channels. In this way, DM will be less pressure, just run some businesses advertising on the line.

5. pre row dissatisfaction with the layout, you can send to the site’s old customers, told him that the site issued a DM synchronization, but also with other businesses to meet consumption, basically accepted.

wrote it first. I hope to share some of my operating experience with you. Now Pingxiang life network operators around 3 years, has been profitable, and look forward to you to join in the discussion of the development of local portal, after two days to collect your thoughts.


article is inspired by (Pingxiang life network,

welcome to reprint, please bring the link

The two principles of the design of retail stores

small retail stores, do this is a small business, do not have enough money for a large range of publicity, also do not have enough money to sell novelty to make consumers remember, can only rely on the name, so the name of the design, there are certain requirements, the general is to abide by the "two the principle of" what is this principle?

1. concise. The name is simple, concise and lively, easy to communicate with consumers, and the shorter the name, the more likely to arouse the customer’s reverie, meaning richer. Most of the high visibility of the retail shop is very simple, the name for one of the 2 and 3 syllables.

2. unique. The name should have a unique personality, avoid duplication, to avoid confusion with other retail shop. Such as Japan’s Sony Corp (SONY), formerly known as the Tokyo communications industry company, the original name of the original name of the three letters of the alphabet TTK. But the product in the future to enter the United States, while the United States the name innumerable such as ABC, NBC, RCA, at & T, etc..

All products are registered trademarks of

3. novel. This means that the name to be fresh, to catch up with the trend of the times, the creation of new concepts, such as the word KODAK (Kodak) in the English Dictionary simply can not find, in itself, does not have any meaning, but from

How to open a stationery office supplies store

a lot of investors, although there is a business plan, but it can not be more specific to their career positioning, resulting in the entire business is easy to be affected. In fact, if you want to successfully set up shop, in a clear basis for the operation of products for further efforts, the probability of success will be higher. So, how to open a stationery office supplies store? Do you need to do a product positioning?

how to open a stationery shop? This kind of shop budget is not high, about 8-10 million can be, of which 50 thousand yuan for the store lease and decoration, the rest of the purchase of goods. Shop area is not large, 15-30 square meters can be. The following specific talk about.

is not difficult to do this line of business, as long as the opened before considering how to position, that is to say, business stationery office supplies store is to determine the direction of office supplies as the center, or in the stationery goods center.

if the stationery office supplies store is based on office supplies, it is necessary to prepare the sale of office equipment and consumables used, the location of the store should be selected in the company or institution focus.

companies are now very reasonable use of office supplies, which has an impact on sales of office supplies. For example, the company in order to improve the efficiency of the office, the use of consumables, there are strict regulations, with the use of the machine, in addition, the computer is very common; iron and office supplies, is the focus of the economy and its durability.

office supplies stationery shop in the distribution of office supplies, in order to adapt to the needs of the market, we must accurately grasp the consumption trend of recent office supplies, so that it was easy to find the target, our business policy and strategy adjustment in time.

office supplies management, centralized office premises or place where the occupation is not necessarily confined to business, many shops also take the company form of organization, they like to book goods used so much, if in the heart of the larger commercial street, the shops in the stationery office supplies store business the scope, it will has great potential.

while the stationery office supplies shop with Stationery sales as the center of the shop, the marketing scope is certainly more extensive. Because there is no office premises, shops and other places, do not use a pen, pen, pen or other stationery, but if we can attract these customers, or to open shops where to go, or to suggest operating office supplies mainly suitable for business, office supplies stationery business profit to be higher than. If it is to do a special stationery business, or to school or family as the main object.

but there may be one or two stationery stores near any school. If you want to do this business again, do it

Plastic window ten brands list

for housing decoration, often need to do first is to close the window, and the selection of different materials, will be involved in the brand will naturally be different. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of plastic window list, so that people in the industry who have the demand to choose the right brand.

windows ten brands list NO.1, conch profiles: key high-tech enterprises, Chinese Anhui Conch Group investment holding new chemical building materials enterprises, ten large steel doors brand, Wuhu conch Polytron Technologies Inc.

windows ten brands list NO.2, Shide: national trademark protection, one of the largest production base of chemical building materials Chinese global scale, the top 500 enterprises, ten brands of steel doors, Dalian Shide Group Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.3 North: founded in 1979, won the national trademark protection, Chinese brand, listed companies, one of the largest Chinese new building materials building materials industry group, Limited by Share Ltd.

windows ten brands list NO.4, LG hi good good: LG’s Hausys, the leading enterprises of building decoration materials, plastic steel door ten brands, industry famous brand, South Korea, Jinhua, Le (Tianjin) Co., ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.5 Ke Meiling: Germany on 1897, the world’s leading brands in the field of material, large multinational companies, steel door ten brand Kemei (Tianjin) polymer materials Co Ltd.

windows ten brands list NO.6, VEKA VEKA: by German VEKA group to invest in the construction of high-grade PVC-U plastic profile production base, plastic doors and windows industry leading brands, VEKA plastics (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list NO.7, Zhongcai profile: Zhejiang Zhongcai Investment Group brands, national key high-tech enterprises, steel doors ten brands, industry famous brand, Zhejiang Zhongcai profile Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.8 Tech: Xi’an hi tech (Group) company, plastic window industry famous brand, national industry standard drafting units, state-owned enterprises, Xi’an hi tech wall windows limited.

windows ten brands list NO.9, AP: YKK Japan YKK group’s famous brand building materials, the world’s leading supplier of building materials, a well-known brand of plastic steel windows, the drafting of national standards, Dalian Yoshida building materials Co. ltd..