I used to share keyword ranking query tool

now, let us together to watch the powerful effect after WordNet is:

since the contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, I want to find a can easily query keyword ranking tools, however, such a simple request, after a lot of time are not satisfied, until I met her on the keyword ranking query tool! In order to express my gratitude to the good tool, in order to share this good tool for everyone, I played percussion keyboard, start code for this article, not just for the soft

this tool relative to other tools. "


2, after giving up the manual inquiry, I found the home owners have the keyword ranking query tool, the specific effect you can see below

1, from the beginning, I was through the manual query, and then recorded in the document, but can not say that this approach is too inefficient, and soon after, I really can not stand, is looking for a solution to the more advanced.



said, this website tools are great, but unfortunately, the website is too restrictive, say, allows you to add the monitoring site total: 2, total: 6 allows you to add keywords, allows the addition of competition: 6, the total number of sites in the limit is too large, in order to be able to analysis on my hand a few websites, I even registered 4 home owners account, after a period of time, I was the tedious account thoroughly Speechless, continue to start looking for solutions.

3, after that, I met after word, and had a good time here, because after the words with several tools in front of me, it can be said is perfect, if not met the keyword ranking query tool.

I have such a good keyword ranking query tool, I also should meet, who can be called that for one or two days, this tool has some faults, can not use it? So, will let the tools search into my sight.

We look at the effect diagram:

before the formal introduction of this tool, I first talk about me on the use of tools of history:


first, ranking for monitoring, the tool supports a maximum of 100 words, 7 days can be derived for monitoring records, the number of sites, supports up to 100 sites, we must pay attention to, I said this is the free version of the Oh, take M version of the more powerful, however, for I the free version, completely enough, at last, let’s take a look at the effect of the tool bar chart.

4 is finally introduced today emphatically recommended the keyword ranking query tool.

Since the

Recommend the five most effective link building method

Admin5 Chinaz, speed transit network, a few websites, these three websites in my opinion, the effect is good, we can cast several good articles in the three sites, the quality of your investment must go through this will increase the chance of. Once passed, we can set up their own column in which several sites, open column is not so easy, not long ago I had just successfully opened his own column in chinaz. This website if successful submission, not only can bring the chain good for you, but also on the site and its own brand exposure is also very helpful. But there are a few prerequisites:

I do not want to say too much, I have introduced the "Links exchange method and the matters needing attention" in the text, we can refer to it! There are three ways to obtain Links, an exchange of Links, one is to buy Links, there is some sponsorship the meeting, do some public welfare activities can be organizers website Links. Here I can only say something to buy some of the details of the things that link. On the purchase of Links, the same level of quality, or a little higher than the weight of your site’s Web site, as long as there is love Shanghai right down, Links did not like gambling, PW, banned sites can boldly buy, not what the relationship between. However, the website weight is higher than your site, then you have to buy or not buy less. Imagine, Admin5, Chinaz such website can exchange links with your

first, your article is very good, but the content to help, if you help others, others will want to know you want to know about the author of this article, want to communicate with the author. If you write a lot of superficial articles, people just eyes closed, not to mention the brand promotion, brand exposure.


then, you must adhere to the long time work, once a good.


network of Shanghai Longfeng paper is too much, so many new Adsense are unable to distinguish what is useful, which is of no use. Especially the construction of the chain of this one, if misguided, is a heavy blow to the web. Here I tidy five methods more useful link building, for your reference:

2, high weight website submission

1, Links construction

high weight website submission is one of the many practitioners Shanghai Longfeng has been used method, contribute to high weight website, if passed, but not a very good outside chain, also has a very good help for their website brand promotion, but also for the site to bring traffic. In view of the network marketing (including Shanghai dragon, SEM, blog marketing, micro-blog marketing, QQ group marketing etc.) industry, our general submission channels are:

(1) media website

Website optimization need to meet the basic needs of Shanghai Longfeng website

site for many Shanghai Longfeng workers, the things we do every day is actually doing some basic work, do not say very tired, do for a long time will be tired, if you can do that, you can also accept after harvest, if you do not, it is a tragedy. So we should clearly recognize that based blind execution is not feasible, the real will of Shanghai Longfeng do well for the fundamental needs of Shanghai to Shanghai dragon dragon optimization.

1 and more, certainly not only by the main keywords, because one more key industries, not more than ten, the best control in less than 5, one is consistent with the website optimization capacity, one is in accordance with the industry standard. Miscellaneous industries recommendations are integrated into a stand inside optimization, even if the optimization is also thankless.

keyword rankings, one is the long tail keywords mentioned above, another is definitely the main keywords. Talking about the methods to improve the keywords ranking just outside the chain of high weight, powerful within the chain, the high quality of the content of the three plates, and then doing.


here are two aspects: one is the key to, another is the keywords you want to rank high, because of the need of these two aspects we have been doing the work every day behind the foundation: update the article, the hair of the chain, the anchor text, do within the chain, keyword layout, the exchange of friends the soft chain, etc.. All the basic work is to implement the two aspects of the objective, but a lot of people do not yet know, or know, but not in this direction to do, here I talk about my opinions:

Keywords Keywords

Shanghai dragon is called search engine optimization, so Shanghai dragon must flow from the search engine, and search engine traffic is the user search keywords and keyword ranking more forward, Shanghai Longfeng flow is higher, so we Shanghai dragon needs is to do as much as possible high ranking keywords, let these words to we bring the massive traffic.

, said the long tail keywords, we should do everything possible to dig out those who can bring us the long tail keywords of potential customers, do their good rankings, stable flow guide, long tail keywords ranking optimization techniques in front of it for everyone to do a detailed introduction, here is not introduced.


what is the fundamental requirement of our website optimization Website Optimization? The basic demand is traffic, but it is the search engine traffic (tentatively called Shanghai Longfeng flow). No matter how we think Beijing Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng, how to get better through the Shanghai dragon ranking, is to obtain more search engine traffic, at this stage, we don’t talk about the basis of execution, but to figure out how to improve Shanghai Longfeng traffic on it.

Gold station hubpages blog make money hand stationNovice to be alert to some common Wangzhuan scam

below to tell you several typical will not be able to make money:


3 want to know a pay a harvest, in the network to make money industry, also with traditional industry, need hard to earn money.

reprinted please note from the gold rush station: http>

welcome novice learning website, promotion, operation, Wangzhuan experience sharing group: 68971311

1, hubpages profile

finally wish webmaster nets and small station better and better. Oh, welcome to reprint, reprint, please retain the copyright, thank you

Advantages and disadvantages of

now online information spread too, Wangzhuan people too busy to attend to all, sometimes it’s hard to determine whether this information is true, then this will give you some tricks, I hope you don’t fall in

want to use new bloggers make money make friends, I suggest that you can use hubpages to practice hand first.

5 never to believe what day to earn 600 yuan project " " " move the mouse, easily earn 1000" the lower the scam, so, let’s first international GDP early! Don’t go to participate in any Wangzhuan training class, you need to join fee Wangzhuan not easily ignored. Keep a calm heart ~!

3 and pre blog visits are the most important sources of traffic. Never expect others to take the initiative to love your blog.

hubpages is like a Sina blog, and a free blog hosting community, better than the Sina blog, hubpages is more open, more profitable than Sina blog. While blogging, you can place shlf1314, Adsense, eBay, Amazon and so on in your blog, which are two different from the average independent blog. Devhub is also a site similar to this.

is open to the point. The free hosting of blogs is certainly less open than independent blogs. Most people use free hosting blogs, and they value their resources. Why do most celebrities like to set up their own personal blogs on Sina? Free blogs, a lot of existing resources, are unmatched by independent blogs. In Sina blog, as long as there is a blog is recommended on the home page, then this blog post tens of thousands of visits is basic. Independent blog, do not say is a personal realistic independent celebrity blog, independent blog, single traffic and thousands are rare. Moreover there is a little weight, under normal circumstances, the weight of free hosting blogs is better than independent blog, in addition to individual blog professional, it may be possible in the professional field of post ranking is better than that of free hosting blogs. Of course, this has a premise, Bowen quality and optimization are almost the same circumstances.

on the Internet today, with traditional open tactics, the daily gain of five hundred yuan is small. So I hope that we must firmly make Xi, don’t think about to eat a big fat man, this is unlikely, especially for the novice webmaster friends, tomorrow is beautiful, the road is tortuous. I hope everyone will come to our forum and master more basic knowledge of online business and money making. Only in this way can we succeed step by step.

The definition of


2 and hubscore makes hubpages somewhat similar to digg. The higher the score, the better the display rate, and even the chance to display on the front page. A lot of speculation is brush vote brush up, although I do not agree with this method, but the premise is to get big traffic at one fell swoop, and only rely on this method.

4 you always want one thing: if you make money through the network, it is from what place? Don’t take to a project directly to start, you must first analyze its feasibility, it can earn money from where, how many earn? Don’t listen to others in the

Oh! !

three and hubpages

10 million do not easily believe that the so-called online training, so-called expert teachers, put your money cheated, not only cheated after reflection, that time is late. Before you learn, ask for good. We can go to the Forum: wzw5 to ask people netizens, can also ask the stationmaster net enthusiastic webmaster, but must not believe ah

2 do not always think that the link will be able to make money: hard to help others advertising, exhausted, you do not know how to die. Most of the time, you are actually making money for others, not for yourself, and you are cheated by others.

Several key points of

1, almost all of the tags related to the search, are very critical, it is best to write your blog related. I am professional strengths for such advice blog, do not speak generally. Professional blog does not mean technical blog, but refers to the scope of writing, can be a cat writing blog, can be a blog to write flowers and so on. Of course, can not involve illegal pornography, hubpages control of this area is very strict, and occasionally hit the edge ball or yes.

two, free hosting blog relative to independent blog

sh419 the theme of business 28 show the data has been restoredSome experience with Adsense

In, the, past, I, VE, talked, to, who, were, happy, to, receive, $5, or, $6, CPM per 1000, page, views. My, results, from, AdSense,, leave, such, affiliate, affiliates, revenues, far, behind.





I, VE, increased, my, use, AdSense., It, s, a, winner, of,

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

The rules forbid me from revealing my stats. However, in the tests I m doing on five sites ", the results have been startling better than I expected. – far The results are much better than I receive from many affiliate programs.

League address: http://union.sh419/

generally means: how much money per click depends on the number of people doing such Adwords ads, and you share this revenue with shlf1314. doing more advertising can make more money.

If, my, results, are, typical, it, helps, enormously, if, you, build, very >

So, your, payment, rates, can, vary, enormously.

The payment you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying per click to advertise using shlf1314 s AdWords service. Advertisers can "pay as little as per click and as 5 cents high as $10 or $12 in profitable niches, perhaps even more sometimes. You earn a share of that.

What are the names of the KTV

is known to all, the name of a shop is very important to the development of the shop. However, if we can grasp the relevant points, the name can also be very simple. So what are the names of the KTV?

1, pay attention to pronunciation

ktv named to choose the pronunciation of the name is not difficult, and it is best not to have homophonic ambiguity. In addition, you can consider internationalization, your name will not have a negative meaning in the foreign language pronunciation.

2, Lenovo’s magic

ktv names can choose those who have a metaphorical name. Apple, for example, would make people think of the apple that fell on Newton’s head. When consumers see or hear your name, this association will help them to remember your brand more deeply.

3, visual

ktv named the ideal situation is to allow people to create a sense of the screen. When people first saw a thing or the name will can’t help produce a picture, the picture is the first impression of a name, a good name will have strong sense of the screen and the visual aesthetic feeling, so if your KTV name can let people have a good sense of the picture is a good name.

4, abstract

as far as possible to the KTV name from the actual product abstraction. Take an abstract name and you will not have these concerns when you are in the future.

5, originality

make sure that the KTV name is not registered. In addition, try not to be similar to the current popular KTV names, or you may be confused by your customers, future employees and investors.

Although the name

work is not good, however, as long as we can master more called skills, know how to play a proper name, then to the store, a successful name can also be very simple. So, if you’re going to name KTV, do you know what you need to know?

How to profit in the case of high cost, low price

successful entrepreneurs have a lot today, Xiao Bian want everyone to know about Tang Hairong. Simple logistics diagnosis, you can make a flat manufacturing enterprises profit, profit is hidden in the seemingly helpless profit and loss, no advertising, no investment. Please refer to one of the big business rules: cost optimization.    

Guangzhou subsidies for entrepreneurship is not limited to household

business popularization, let many areas now governments have been relaxed in a series of entrepreneurship policy, is to attract some other local entrepreneurs to carry out local entrepreneurial activities in Guangzhou for the start of subsidies will not limit register.

City executive meeting recently held

to use the entrepreneurial passion, achieve more entrepreneurial achievements, the government actively support is one of the righteous. Guangzhou invested 1 billion 100 million yuan to support entrepreneurship in the past 5 years, increased entrepreneurial support. More worthy of praise is that the new way to get rid of the restrictions on household subsidies, the city’s household registration in Guangzhou entrepreneurs and start-ups will benefit from. For example, entrepreneurship training subsidies expanded to non city residence of the various types of urban and rural workers, a one-time venture funded and rent subsidies to expand in Guangzhou attending the general higher education, occupation school, technical school students, entrepreneurship subsidies extended to all start-ups…… These measures will greatly broaden the benefits of entrepreneurship subsidies Guangzhou surface, sowing more entrepreneurial seeds. Adhering to the concept of "heroes do not ask the source" in the support of entrepreneurship, but also reflects the openness and tolerance of the city of Guangzhou.

A, need the whole chain business tracking service. Issued a business subsidies, to push a start-up companies at the same time, it may be better to establish a tracking entrepreneur and entrepreneurial projects in the city level information base, more conducive to understanding the development of the situation, targeted to help. For example, some entrepreneurial team lack of experience, the relevant departments can be invited to have some success predecessors, big coffee can get a lot of lessons, I believe a recommendation



英国政府要建一条公路在威尔特郡巨车阵。Matt Cardy / Getty图像

将房子A303高速公路,目前裙子的网站是交通穿越英格兰西南部的一个臭名昭著的瓶颈。英国交通大臣Chris Grayling说,1.8英里的隧道可以通过清除交通改善巨车阵周围环境,以及缓解拥堵和带动地方经济。目前,24000多辆车通过巨车阵上


张贴的Meg的照片megbeth77在3:11pm PST


然而此举是一个有争议的问题。它得到了英国遗产和国家信任,谁管理巨车阵的支持,并已批准,原则上,由联合国教科文组织。其他人则没有那么热情,英国考古委员会主席Dan Snow去年表示反对。“我们最近开始认识到,站在石头只是一个开始,”他告诉卫报。“他们坐在心的世界上最重要、保存最完好的新石器时代的景观…有太多的等待,要学会如何建造巨车阵的–如果我们决定,作为一个国家,不能以牺牲它的道路建设。”

贴巨车阵的照片(巨车阵在12:31am PST





克里斯·海姆斯沃斯说在舞台上在虚拟旅游澳大利亚纽约。图片:Dimitrios Kambouris /盖蒂图片社

Hemsworth给一个私人的“虚拟旅游”的澳大利亚在美国你好事件在哈德森商品。它是由娜奥米·沃茨Deborra Lee Furness和Rebecca Breeds贵宾出席,随着澳大利亚旅游部长Steven Ciobo和许多旅行社。

娜奥米·沃茨出席澳大利亚虚拟旅游在纽约。图片:Dimitrios Kambouris /盖蒂图片社


克里斯·海姆斯沃斯瑞切尔格里菲斯说在舞台上在一个虚拟游览澳大利亚纽约。图片:Dimitrios Kambouris /盖蒂图片社


一澳大利亚虚拟旅游在纽约哈德逊商品。图片:Dimitrios Kambouris /盖蒂图片社


视图的演示屏幕在纽约澳大利亚的一个虚拟旅游。图片:Dimitrios Kambouris /盖蒂图片社

Words of wisdom built for long term

January 16th, the third meeting of the Xining Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference held the second session of the general assembly, the general assembly to speak. 7 of the members are hot issues around the development of cultural industry, innovation mechanism, the development of ecological agriculture, attention to vulnerable groups, the development of the eastern city of group of food safety in our city and other major issues of economic and social development and social concerns, build words of wisdom, and a long term.

CPPCC Chairman

Li Jinqing, vice president Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Zhang Ying, Zong Kang, Ma Ning, Baoya check, white minde to attend the meeting. Vice President Fan Xingliang presided over the meeting.

Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Yongjun, municipal committee, United Front Work Department Minister Zhang Qiguang to speak.

chairman Xu Qing on behalf of the municipal CPPCC Committee of education "to stimulate the cultural industry vitality and accelerate the development of cultural industry" as the first made a speech, and to stimulate the cultural industry vitality, put forward suggestions to accelerate the development of cultural industries. Zhao Yufu combined with the actual investigation of the call, vigorously carry out community assistance activities to make up for the lack of government assistance, mobilize social forces concerned about the difficulties of the masses.

education health, food hygiene and other issues related to people’s livelihood has always been concerned about the CPPCC members. Guan Hongxia members to pay attention to the physical and mental health of young students and teachers suggestions. Li Haiping, members of the government for food safety needs of corporate government efforts to make recommendations. Zhang Tiejun members on behalf of the 93 Xining Municipal Institute of mechanism system innovation, increase investment in science and technology advice.

agriculture, economic development also affects the hearts of members. Yan Zhaolan, member of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee, made a speech on the development of urban tourism ecological agriculture. The construction of the Xining Municipal Committee put forward suggestions on the development of the eastern city of group in supporting the rise of urban agglomeration. In addition, 29 members submitted a written statement. (reporter Xu Shunkai)