Stone Ji interpretation of love Shanghai snapshot behind the secret

About 5. of

4. web site

General snapshot

website 304 page no

website is updated, but when spiders crawl sites found no update, will feedback to the search engine of the website is not modified, >

we do the webmaster to site optimization is a station outside the station +. The station is filled in the content, and the design and erection of chain URL website address flat optimization, outside the station is outside the chain and friendship link. Little attention to love Shanghai. Users and friends just started to click to find something more impossible to love Shanghai snapshot of a search for love in the sea. In fact, a website operator should pay attention to every detail, a snapshot of the site is the same note, it can give us a response to many problems.

2. spiders to crawl sites information flow

is a website snapshot of pure HTML text love Shanghai space during the past period of time, and now the content of the website may be a bit different, we can compare the website with a snapshot of style comparison, that is how the spider into our website, and from where come in after crawling what is, spiders can’t grab information, where is the active place. We know these can be adjusted according to the preferences of the spider web structure, and update the website content.

website is the normal snapshot of the best website is a snapshot of the day. When your website snapshot has been normal, suddenly you stop updating the snapshot, this time to pay attention to. Love to you in Shanghai signal. If not to pay attention to if possible snapshot which shows the love of Shanghai, had no confidence in our website, Yu Shijiang will start right, although there is no direct relationship between the snapshot and ranking, but its reaction is weighted down, this time the keywords ranking will decline slowly, until the K station.

3. wordsegmentation principle about love in Shanghai

when the site for various reasons can not open and need to get something from this website can love Shanghai snapshot to open the page, find the corresponding.

love Shanghai has its own unique is Chinese segmentation principle. Love has 80 thousand common words in Shanghai Chinese thesaurus. According to these words, Shanghai will hold the principle of love word user search keywords dictionary and then compare, more accurate gives the user wants to search the site, thereby reducing the user cost of time. General love sea points from left to right in accordance with the word (browsing habits) the word segmentation, marked with different colors, and then find out these words in the content of the web site where, for comparison, and then use the latent semantic indexing principle to judge whether the unique original weight judgment website. In order to give users more accurate information.


1. website is not to be loved in Shanghai right down


Novice on Web Mining Techniques of long tail keywords


know what words we can do this, if you do not know the most recent consumer concern is what, how can we use a tool? It is the love of Shanghai weight query, enter the URL such as www.9928.Tv, the following will appear recently brought up flow >

1. using CNZZ data expert query tool. I think this is relatively easy to use, intuitive and clear, you can view the main flow of keywords of a month, the last 7 days, yesterday, the day, more can be input to the query time. Very convenient to understand optimization keywords a change of time.

This is the basis of optimizing the

2. love Shanghai search. Love Shanghai, surely we all know, take the 2012 section of the long tail Tsingtao Brewery word, we search the long tail word in Shanghai search engine, will see the search in Shanghai below (see below), these words can also be an object of our choice.

like so good wine similar sites, during which the main task is to dig the long tail keywords representative. How to mine? Xiaobian for you to explain for a while. However, after this period of time, to October next, like this word will be cold, the search will return to so many friends. At fifteen August is coming, good wine when the Mid Autumn Festival is predicted, what to send wine, send what good wine this keyword will concern. This is the stage, long tail keywords instability and pertinence. I also don’t know when you said do not understand, so, ha ha, don’t know can love Shanghai oh.


Keywords mining station

I mentioned above, the long tail keywords of digging, mining must be forced to know the new Shanghai dragon. I know, to share to everyone.

understand the role of long tail keywords for specialist is very necessary and significant. On my opinion, long tail keywords has stage, instability and certain pertinence. Why? Good wine for you slowly. Today we will take Chinese good wine merchants as an example, as we resolve this problem. When the summer beer widely welcome by friends, nature about beer beer brand information, even all the beer and beer related things are concerned, we can from the background data on the good wine is not difficult to see that the Tsingtao Brewery hot search degree day is very high, in the last seven days keywords high heat. The second is the Harbin Beer festival.

3. love, this is relatively simple, input the keywords you want to optimize.



How does the classified information station operatePersonal site to improve the amount of access str

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

, this is an attractive topic, but also the most difficult to solve the problem. It takes some experience. Some people have tried many times to change, but found that 0 of the counter is still the most. Break through the boundaries you want. You need some kind of direction. Because some people walk in front of you, their success may be accidental, but more is that they continue to practice any idea. Even if failure, some experience will be accumulated. Success sometimes comes from those experiences, so I just want to talk about my experience, and here’s where it begins……

2. of those who should be your visitors?

5. there are those who will make site visitors to stay?

1. gorgeous page

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

patience and lasting passion, it is necessary!

can also release called information, such as public welfare activities, how to engage in the estimation of those of you who know better than me….

flow, then how to do?

page in addition to put N text ads position, can put at least 6 small picture advertising. At least a month about $1000 can get around it

because access to classified information website in general should be more than 18 year old people, to determine a good location, see what they need to get information. At this point, your movements must be fast. In the early stages of development, you must always look at local job applications and sell newspapers and magazines you want to buy..

can enrich your information. How others do, I do not know, but if I do, I will certainly engage in simple certification, so that the credibility of the up, traffic will come up. Internet users are willing to come here to find things, businesses are willing to release information here… Anyway, it must be free for visitors. To release information about whether to charge a service fee, large flow, can charge 1 – $5 each piece of information. The cost of small ads is higher than this, so this price is still very competitive. Why do you charge for it? Because you are better than others, the website is more reliable than others, and the information is more accurate and more professional than others.

Experience of station building the road of webmaster for three years

look at the university three years walk through the road, in the heart unavoidably some regrets, everything will pass, and the past will become a good memory. Fortunately, finally learned the three years of stationmaster proficiency in a particular line, road, frontpage, DW, HTML, JS, and ASP, and then do a personal website, SEO, advertising revenue…

learned from a lot of things, and share with you, first talk about the site included problems, Baidu and Google included differences,

through a period of research, Baidu included and Google included also have a certain understanding,

1. included in the time: in the external links of friends (quality is better), Google included time faster than Baidu.

to prove this point with Admin5 and 100 abstruse Cereal Contest, I have to apply for a domain name, domain name registration time: 2008-05-02 19:34

website opening time: 2008-5-3 13:30, Google included time: 2008-5-4, Baidu did not included, it is estimated that there are still a few days.

2.: if the website weight sites are included, the weight of Google won’t give you much (relative to PR), that included after I check baiaogu51, before a few can not find out, then I everywhere increase external links, check on the second day in the first place. And Baidu is not the same, but a included, it is proved by practice as an important right to site was higher than Google.

3. update speed: Google is particularly sensitive to high quality links. Proof: my first day in the Moonlight blog did a link, the day included, second days I was in a different article in the comments made a link, the day was included: Baidu for the new update as of.

4. from the webmaster statistics learned: in the early site, basically all traffic from Baidu, with the accumulation of experience, PR to 3, 3/5 traffic from Baidu, 1/5 traffic from Google and soso, Yahoo and Sogou to bring a little bit of traffic flow, and 1/5 from direct input.

5. talk about intecs experience: first received money alliance is Baidu alliance, very convenient, payment on time, very good, and then do the Google and Ali mother, by chance, I do wish a website, let me get about 50 thousand of the IP, first put the advertisement of the mom, one day earn 300 yuan, second days of income 300 yuan, then Ali mother sent me K, the day the money is gone, mom very cheap ah, I am sad for a few days, then do Google, $60 a day, the price is much higher than the mom, and never said I cheat the strength of the company is not the same. Ah, but with the flow of time.

How to open a Chinese fast food restaurant

food fast-food brands occupy the majority of investors, and in the fast food franchise industry in Chinese fast food is more popular, Chinese fast food fast food nutrition is not comprehensive enough to break the idea, for everyone to provide convenient and efficient colleagues can also let consumers eat fast food nutrition and health, as well as people’s favorite China. Because of the Chinese fast food market is huge, "how to open a Chinese fast food restaurant" this problem many people lost on the road of business confusion and don’t know what to do, here we give several suggestions, hoping to help catering entrepreneurs.

how to open Chinese fast food restaurant: location and location

has always been to the Chinese fast food delicious and inexpensive, easy to use and other advantages and so the positioning of Chinese fast-food restaurants are best parity and popular, if the location is too high, easy to limit the source, after all, the rich rarely eat Chinese fast food, and ordinary people can not afford to eat, how the business will be good


in general, Chinese fast-food target customers are mainly working-class, and the family of students, so the Chinese fast food restaurant the best opening in this kind of crowd gathering place, such as office buildings, large factories, or near the school, of course, the station terminal traffic is very good, after all, the flow of people in these places relatively large.

how to open Chinese fast food restaurants: decoration and layout

Chinese fast food shop decoration should highlight the modern characteristics, the use of simple style, bright colors, and strive to create a relaxed and pleasant feeling for customers. Shop furniture can use card tables and chairs, so that both the rich sense of the times, and to maximize the use of limited space. The kitchen should try to use stainless steel and other materials made of kitchen facilities, to consumers to leave a clean, healthy impression.

Chinese fast food shop layout must be reasonable, can be used in symmetric fashion, also can use the combination, the shop is divided into small areas one by one, anyway to give a feeling of spaciousness, don’t make people feel very crowded.

how to open Chinese fast food restaurant: operation and management

Chinese fast-food shop should have a complete and mature business strategy, opened before the opening, on the same day, and days after the operation, should formulate corresponding management plan, to know how to promote, but also good service.

Chinese fast-food restaurant management is also very important, especially the larger Chinese fast food shop, a staff, if the management is not in place, it is easy to affect the efficiency of the work, so the development of the management system should also be taken into account.

how to open Chinese fast food >

Eat jelly to eat a spider claims million extortion

food safety issues have been the concern of the community. Recently, a man in Jiangxi to reflect his eating jelly to eat a spider, for which he claims to the manufacturer million compensation. Currently manufacturers responded that the man suspected of extortion, manufacturers have reported.

12 on Sept. 11, Mr. Yang to Wanzai County consumer complaints. Quanzhou, Quangang, Fujian market authority on someone’s manufacturers, Fujian Teletubbies Food Co., Ltd. produced a corresponding inspection, the results show that there is no problem in the production process. Yang said the results can not be accepted, asking for 1 million yuan, saying it would be used as a charity of these 1 million.

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What are the pasta stores catering location methods in whole

pasta food and beverage industry market development is good. It also attracted the attention of many investors, investors in just a restaurant franchise pasta, usually meet some of the open stores catering pasta management problems, the first is that many investors do not know the pasta catering franchise store opened in the open where the good. Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

What are the methods of

pasta restaurant franchise? Investment in pasta restaurant franchise in the calculation of the population density of a region can be determined by the number of people per square kilometer or households. The higher the population density of a region is, the larger the size of the store can be expanded accordingly. Family status is the basic factor affecting consumer demand. Family characteristics include: population, family member age, income status, etc..

, such as the average household income per household and household income distribution, pasta restaurant franchise location method? Will significantly affect business. If the average family income in the region will increase, will increase the frequency and level of household consumption requirements. The size of the family will have a greater impact on future business. For example, a family of two young people, the pursuit of fashion, personalization, a small amount of.

pasta restaurant stores mainly on the day of the population in the region, should analyze the characteristics of its consumer demand for business. What are the options for the location of pasta restaurant franchise? For example, to extend the work time, increase convenience projects to meet the needs. To calculate the population of a region during the day, that is, the number of children in the household to remove the number of children plus the number of people working in the area to go to school, minus the number of people working in the field, go to school. Part of the number of passengers into the random flow is not within the investigation. In the daytime, the population density is high in the area of office area, school culture area and so on.

What are the methods of

pasta restaurant franchise? Now, open stores catering industry investment pasta business can get a good income, but the shopkeepers in front of the shop to choose a good store, not only to the location method in consideration, in determining the location, according to the surrounding environment. These methods require each to join the pasta restaurant franchise industry investors from the local situation.

Cosmetics stores pay more attention to the training of guide sales capacity

women is a great demand for cosmetics, the cosmetics industry development is also very fast, so that the industry is worth people to choose cosmetics, good market prospects, many women love to buy all kinds of cosmetics, in order to ensure their beautiful, it will drive the development of the cosmetics market, some entrepreneurs see cosmetics franchise the shop is very good, so choose to shop, cosmetics stores, as a guide to have what knowledge? How to ensure their mastery of a large number of gold guide? Must be able to read the following analysis as a solid foundation for the development of their own career lay.

cosmetics store shopping guide must know its product specifications, function, manufacturer, etc. what meet the certification standards of knowledge, the product is the best weapon to make money, want to have a good grasp of the deep understanding of it.

followed by the knowledge of the store to join the master of cosmetics, the store staff need to y grasp the knowledge of the store, including the layout of the store, where the cashier, is not a credit card, invoicing in what place, etc.. If you encounter this clerk is not clear, we will generally go a lot of injustice, tired, but also can not find, it is inevitable to complain about the mall, or even give up shopping.

is an excellent guide to the psychology of consumers must understand the customer psychology, is actually the sales staff to understand "why does the customer want to buy your goods, not to buy goods other people" the golden key. Grasp the customer’s psychology, master the way to deal with a variety of customers.

cosmetics store shopping guide the lack of professional knowledge is very terrible, the sales staff will be in the counter or the store, consumers will want to understand the competitive product features enumerated apart, plus in-depth analysis, sometimes can let customers buy our goods to decide on the spot. Don’t say "don’t know", you say "don’t know", give the consumer a chance to go to another house.

must have a lot of cosmetics franchisee that rely on the strength of the brand can Everything is going smoothly. in fact, now, the fierce market competition, the fight is not just products, more services, is the guide sales capacity, so Xiaobian tips began to develop their own operators guide sales ability to choose from, so as to lay a solid foundation for consumption the real through open cosmetics stores to realize their dreams.

shop is not so easy to do business, hope everybody can as soon as possible to find good ways of doing business in small businesses to open under the guidance of cosmetics stores, want to ensure their cosmetics sales store, entrepreneurs to ensure their own store shopping guide staff with good sales guide, so as to ensure the normal sales our store cosmetics, lay the foundation for the success of your store!

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What are the main shop business is booming – Business

a shop business is booming although there are a lot of forms of expression, but often the more the number of repeat customers, so the store business is naturally more prosperous. In short, after a shop only to have repeat customers, in order to secure business and customers through word of mouth allowing to continuously improve. How to attract customers to turn back? This problem should stand to the needs of the customer to break the angle.

you know, the customer is willing to patronize the shop must be able to meet some basic requirements, the other side of the store opened, the nearest customer demand, first select the nearest natural store to buy, the first arrival of customers, resulting in the first impression of the store, the first impression is to store the initial to understand the variety of goods shop, together is not complete, variety is not rich, the sale of goods quality, the price is high or low, customers have the first visit experience only after the first impression comes in the customer’s mind.

when the customer was again when the demand of the life, your first impression to the customer left the shop had a very big role, that is the required goods which have a good quality, a low price, which is a door-to-door, which the owner of the warm service, which a little shopping concessions in the customer’s mind will emerge again, after a simple comparison, naturally put money where to go home. This is the legend of the arrival of repeat customers.

know this point, how to do the answer back to the simple. That is the main highlight, quality assurance, reasonable price, fair trade, goods price, no two degree of enthusiasm, and let customers patronize you have dependable, feeling at ease.

business is one of the main points prominent. To highlight the main camp, that is, the need for the owner in the fine division of the surrounding customers on the basis of the use of limited funds, to pay the sweat of the surrounding customers need to buy. And through the wisdom of the owner to reduce the cost of the commodity prices down. Thus through the color, or price, or service to establish the reputation of the store, to attract the purpose of one party.

Two key points of

‘s booming business quality assurance. The key to the owner to establish long-term management idea, don’t do short-term behavior, in the purchase of strict quality, and resolutely eliminate fake and shoddy goods put on their counters and shelves there is not high quality goods, customers to buy before to tell him the specific reasons. In this regard, I have a personal experience to send to my blog friends.

one day, I need to buy a razor. Due to the use of time is not long in advance, head of think that most simple, it is cheaper to rest, so I ran to the foot of the recent "

Intelligent transportation construction in China has taken new steps

10 month 28 days, Qinghai province transportation Fund Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai province card limited liability company also unveiled, marking the transportation system in our province has made new breakthroughs in intelligent transportation construction investment and financing system reform.

The major livelihood projects

as the deployment of the provincial government, the Provincial Department of transportation and a careful analysis of the opportunities and challenges of transformation and development of the transportation industry, the establishment of transport industry development fund and set the bus IC card, ETC card, highway road transport IC card three card in one card system as the office this year, close to the livelihood of the people important to do practical things initiative, positive innovation, to promote the.

According to the Qinghai province

card limited liability company responsible person, "card" is built on the basis of advanced technology for urban and rural residents to provide systems engineering life convenient, widely used in highway, bus, taxi and other value-added services and convenience services. Through the construction and operation of the card system management services, the company will give priority to the promotion of the application of the traffic in the province, card, and by the end of this year to achieve interoperability with the national traffic card.