On 2013, how to do Taobao Shanghai dragon training

The first point: object

analysis of training needs and psychological

third: how to charge and training effect evaluation

personally think Taobao Shanghai dragon training and Shanghai dragon training almost, first is bound to analyze training object and psychological demand, 80 and 90 after the Taobao owner of the young shopkeeper accounted for a small proportion. The training object mostly belong to this age, most of these people are new to Taobao, Taobao just opened shop on the promotion can be said to be a blank, and then began to learn how to do Taobao promotion, so Taobao Shanghai dragon training is the best for this part of the owner. But in the charges may have to consider, the tuition is too high for students is certainly difficult to accept, because this part of Taobao is the owner of a lot of graduate students. They are eager to through the Taobao open shop to make money, generally speaking for Shanghai dragon is the first time I heard. What station knowledge is a blank, so for the Shanghai dragon basic things have to explain in detail. Taobao Shanghai dragon training it is also necessary to extend to the Taobao store promotion, to tell the truth, for Taobao stores, more suitable for network promotion.

recently often see people promote Taobao Shanghai dragon training QQ group, then love Shanghai out now a lot of Taobao Shanghai dragon training institutions, in fact no organization. Taobao Shanghai dragon training for Taobao Taobao store owner, now young people too much, so many Taobao owner, Taobao Shanghai dragon training many customers for Taobao, Shanghai dragon training, I have some ideas. Now Taobao Shanghai dragon training person or team in a minority, facing so many competitors, how to do Taobao Shanghai dragon training? For students to pay tuition to learn the real thing, not a pure bluff, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng training needs to pay attention to what the author summarized in the following? Several points:

is Taobao Shanghai dragon training cycle to set how long? Specifically to carry out what courses? All these problems have to think clearly, for example, training for a period of three months, the course can be arranged in Shanghai: Based on the dragon and how to set the title of the baby, how to write a description of the baby information etc.. Of course, the final aim is to let students learn something really useful, you can use their own knowledge to promote their own Taobao store, or the students belong to flicker. As first mentioned, to develop training courses according to the specific needs of the students, after all the training period is not long, so we should focus on solving practical problems to the students, for students to see the real effect, so not to pay the tuition fee. Although Shanghai is the dragon training, but should be more targeted, Taobao store too many types of products to sell, promotion is very complex, so to do Taobao stores have to go to the different needs of products.



second: how Taobao Shanghai dragon training course planning

Analysis of the causes of the home page included completely indifferent Guangzhou logistics network

two, released the chain too

love Shanghai to railway station needs a period of study, is the webmaster friends All the world knows. How long is the test >

The quality of

three, love Shanghai to railway station needs a period of

, a website content is not high quality

for new sites outside the chain of control is very strict, must be gradual, slowly add. Guangzhou logistics network, an on-line to publish it in the outer chain, query by love Shanghai advanced tools, and even sometimes the chain released a day more than more than 100, and sometimes the promotion of soft paper, reproduced by the number of too many to count, perhaps love Shanghai not included because this is the chain construction too fast too fast, it may think you are cheating, what’s the mass for a new tool, I think the chain does not need to build, the main thoughts are placed in the content of this chain, as long as every day add a few enough, every day a large number of the chain may make a the new station too much.


website built about a month or so. Love Shanghai only included a home page, it included a new station included stagnation; to solve the problem, priority is the webmaster friends Shanghai dragon, we only solve the website included, in order to make the website quickly improve website weight, so that there is a keyword ranking. Guangzhou logistics network is only included a home page is not included because probably summed up the following points:

optimization promotion, is very important for the overall analysis and judgment of a website, because love Shanghai algorithm optimization methods often change, webmaster friends should also change accordingly, Shanghai dragon no immutable and frozen method, unlike other technologies, mastered the technology, can be a lifetime; so the webmaster friends every day study and Research of Shanghai Dragon technology is necessary, whether it is the star rookie or veteran master, continuous learning in order to let their strength have a good promotion.


an analysis on Guangzhou logistics network today to website domain name: www.chengfengex贵族宝贝, registered in March 2, 2011, the following is a detailed screenshot:

love Shanghai more and more attention to the content on the website, this is the webmaster friends as everyone knows, Guangzhou logistics network content is through the tool for batch release, the website needs huge data, if you are manually edit your own words, as short as a few months long for several years, coupled with limited human resources, only the article was released by fast means, although these articles through the pseudo original processing, there are pictures of the way, but the article is from the Internet, an original article by those who do not know the logistics logistics website reproduced many times, incalculable, perhaps Guangzhou logistics network only included a home page other articles included, but not the reason is the quality problem.

Shanghai dragon

How to optimize the ranking of love is more conducive to Shanghai home Title coffee machine industry


.< Title > tag optimization must first clear the theme of the site

tags optimization

webmaster friends should understand on a website must first clear label before optimization theme, the current optimization is a coffee machine on a website, then the author will understand the theme of the site is mainly on the coffee machine, the next step is to determine the theme of the word theme coffee machine keyword expansion, in the extended keyword by webmaster tools and love Shanghai, love Shanghai index or search box, search to get some long tail keywords about coffee machine. As figure 1. is the long tail keywords love Shanghai search box to get, as for other methods to obtain long tail keywords mentioned in the above is not here to enumerate the:

like the optimization of the above chart shows the format is not wrong, but still a little more write keyword search engine keyword stuffing may be punished in such circumstances, it is not the optimal keyword has a better ranking. General format similar to the above wording, title keyword in three is enough as the keyword 1_ 2_ keyword keyword 3_- the name of the company, but the title of this optimization method was not perfect, for the optimization of the title of the page is best to use a website to express at the same time also includes the theme, the key is to. Optimization in this sentence

with Baidu algorithm updated for the optimization cannot be the title of the usual home piled up a large number of keyword search engine, now more and more attention to < Title > tag, and on the other two tag < keywoeds / > now the search engines will not give their values in the past even some webmaster friends put the key words to optimize all piled up in the title, it’s easy to be a search engine that is caused by unnecessary losses in deliberately optimization, the worst case may be search engine punishment to drop right processing, so how to better optimize the home page of the < title; > tag? The author is currently working on the optimization of a coffee machine station of a company, to take this opportunity to share with you to share the hope for some novice webmaster to give some Enlightenment.


has already done the analysis of keyword research, the next step is to start optimization, the < label; this title only talk about the optimization of < keywords > /< decripting; > optimization of the author is not here to talk about > in general; many webmaster in optimization title are the basic optimization such as below as shown in 2:

two.< Title >

Ali payment delay announcementOn my history of Network Entrepreneurship

in this process, I summed up a few network experience, and share with you:

after that, I went back to Shenzhen and opened a studio, adjust the thinking and the mode of their own, since capital is not rich, so what people will not move, the 4 of them began a studio career, until now, although there is a great distance away from your goal, but at least now stand up hand, there are hundreds of customers in the maintenance, my heart is still relatively happy.

now the company’s monthly sales in 300 thousand of the appearance, 7.8 people team, although not big, but we are now more confident, and some struggle passion. This is my whole history of entrepreneurship.

2; goal: to do business must give yourself a goal, no goal without direction, daily work, monthly performance, annual sales, all need a detailed plan and direction, and constantly sum up and found that at the time of implementation, so we will go farther. Longer.

1; e-commerce is a good platform for entrepreneurship, upfront funding and

I’m a graduate of 06. Like many friends, I choose to go down south and pursue a career with a good dream. Let me share with you my work history and entrepreneurial process:

to + 3; industry: as the saying goes: success is 99% perspiration and 1% talent, so I decided the key to success lies in hard work and effort, after determining their goals is to move forward, never compromise.

1; belief: a person to do a big business, must have a strong belief in the beginning of entrepreneurship have too much pressure, economic pressure, performance pressure and so on, all can carry on is good, never lose your faith.

this is my team in Foshan process learned, but finally regret, the company finally because of poor performance and open market, did not do well, and finally chose to close.

to a network company began sales, the main products are website construction and promotion, this is perhaps the most fundamental basis of network products, because he is a computer science major, have some understanding of this, so soon to get started, and individual performance do well, every month can enter the top ten, so three months after I became my supervisor, 10 person team, the monthly performance is also good, the basic task can be completed in about half a year later, every month! Company to open a branch office in Foshan, I chose to do sub branch the manager of the company. Come here, all the expenses of the company are out of our own, including rent, hire people and so on. We operate on our own, just 800 per sheet company, and all of our own expenses. I’ve learned so much in this process:

Ali alliance in October 12th

League address: aliunion.cn.yahoo

I just graduated from

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

respected Publisher:


More than one month mother to Baidu fifth PR to 3

I have been to enterprise website construction and website optimization promotion. In June 2nd, registered domain name http://www.muying13.cn in http://idc.admin5.com, began to do the station in June 10th.

1, first of all choose good, good optimized cms. My choice is worry free, mainly considering that ASP is easy for me to use. Then you can optimize the template and streamline the code. Template optimization is mainly keywords description and web page description. That is what seoser often referred to as keywords and description. Ensure that the home page, column page, content page have different description content, avoid duplication. The title of the webpage suggests not to repeat too many keywords, anyway I see a long title to have a headache.

2, content page optimization. I mainly call tag on the basis of the original template. Tag is the keyword for content pages, and this CMS can provide tag queries. The second is the internal connection of keywords. The system also has this function, as long as the background settings related key words, when adding content will automatically set the key words and internal connection.

3, the optimization of external links

Based on the optimization of the web page itself and the internal links,

began to look for high quality http://www.muying13.cn chains. I have more than 100 websites on my hands, I only selected the Baidu weight is relatively high, 6, 7 web site to do the mother and child network link, keyword I choose "mother to child network"". The second step, I have a client to buy text links, I bought the text links to the customer at the same time, met the right site, I also give the maternal network to buy their own text links, so that there is a maternal network chain is good.

4 and other work, such as adding content, will not be repeated.

through the above work, Google included in a day, Baidu in about 15 days later included. Key words the net of mother and child is soaring, now ranks at fifth in Baidu, unstable in Google, hovering on the first and second pages. However, because I am not enough time, there has been no posting, posting, and so on propaganda, traffic is not too good. July 26th PR update, mother and child network rose to PR=3.

time is too short, 8 will go to participate in undergraduate correspondence course examination, wrote here, inadequacies, you master forgive me,


another AD, because I am too busy, no time to manage this station, have a fancy http://www.muying13.cn friends can take over, to flow up. It’s a bit wasted in my hands: -). Specific can go to my website below, direct QQ (909179784) message.

website trading information release area http://bbs.admin5.com/for>

How to make money from children

child is the treasure of every family, every parent wants to bring their children to the quality of life, to bring the best life experience. Although there is no source of income for children, but the child who contains a huge potential for wealth. How to make money from children?

you are still looking for a way to make quick money? I tell you, people are now more and more love nostalgia, love collection of memorable things, want to get rich quick can start from the child, now the 6+1 type structure of family pattern became widespread, "little emperor" will undoubtedly become the focus of family consumption. Baby souvenir shop.

such stores generally in large hospitals (especially women and children’s Hospital) side, preferably near a large community, so it is easy to centralized marketing. Publicity way to recruit business staff, the implementation of the distribution of one to one marketing brochure is preferred. For example, the clerk in the baby to see the parents, not to talk about making souvenirs from "haircut" to start, such as "the baby looks really cute, but his hair is long, narrow the psychological distance with the parents to the hospital; the distribution of information the best time in the afternoon 6 points to 7 points this is between mothers and their families to eat the visiting time, the success rate will be relatively high, but we must be careful not to disturb the maternal rest, in order to avoid invidious.

by high quality and preferential services, in order to create a reputation effect. Word of mouth is a great force, in order to win more customers, only to provide customers with more convenient. For example, a given area can provide free door-to-door service; the total consumption reached a certain level can provide some valuable goods and services; and also the pediatric specialist contact, to provide free care consulting for the target customers…… These can improve the customer’s trust and loyalty to the product.

in addition, due to the direct condition of the general store does not have the direct fabrication of lanugo painting and calligraphy brush, customers are most concerned with whether fetal hair will be incorporated into something else, or mixed with others. Therefore, we must strictly manage the process, number, seal

How to improve the sales of auto accessories store

sales quality is directly related to the development of the brand, with the development of the automotive industry, car accessories project has unlimited business opportunities, so how to improve the sales of auto accessories store how to do? The following Xiaobian teach you a few strokes.

the same goods, people tend to think before decoration good car beauty shop is placed in the night market stall on the value of high. Facing the competition in the market, it is necessary to win the consumer with the outstanding features of the building decoration.

not only increase sales and the methods and skills of investors have a great relationship, decoration in daily business, location, and so on are very good. Therefore, investors in the daily operation of the investor’s car accessories store, we must learn to have the skills to improve the added value of the product of investors, then the product will be truly valuable investors.

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Making plush toys on their own hands to live a rich life

36 year old Liu Beina is an ordinary woman, Rencheng District twenty shop Zhenjiang temple village in 2005, the town Party committee and government and credit support, she and her husband raised about 2000000 yuan, in the town industrial park built Ruyi toy factory, to recruit more than 200 rural women in cloth toys processing mainly. Engaged in plush toys, stuffed toys, cloth manufacturing development.

file start at the beginning, Liu Beina filled with a thousand regrets. At that time, her child had just attended primary school, unwilling to stay at home, she decided to go out and break through, do some small business, rely on their own hands to live a rich life.

Three charging treasure airport spontaneous combustion in a timely manner without any loss of person

Kunming, a passenger carrying charging treasure at the airport spontaneous combustion, and then the airport staff quickly put out the fire and evacuation of the masses, to ensure safety without accidents. Remind the majority of passengers to avoid the opportunity to carry three non charging treasure.

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Three key elements of clothing stores

entrepreneurial shop when the boss, presumably this is a lot of people’s dream, and clothing to join the entrepreneurial circle a lot of people dream. For new venture novice, in the face of the current complex clothing to join the investment information and risk, investors how to successfully get the opportunity to successfully open a clothing store?

positioning: popular consumer route

open clothing stores, franchisees must first understand that joining is not a guarantee of profit.

clothing to join the basic concept of the brand and the management of the experience of the teaching, clothing franchisee because they do not understand the management of technology, so we want to join. That is, the layman, through short-term education practice and can play. However, to join in the short term from novice become proficient, operating techniques must be simple. As a convenience store, has been able to attract a large number of franchisees, it is because the operation technique is simple, as long as the clerk will use the cash register, goods will fill the shelves can, operation is very simple, the new staff always on-line quickly in the short term.

in addition, the product must also be popular consumer goods. Many people think that the shop selling goods must have a unique, distinctive, to be out of the ordinary, this concept is not wrong, but the concept is only suitable for shops, boutiques and shops. In other words, the specialty store is only applicable to the number of stores within a certain scale business model. Once the number of stores need to expand, increase the number of franchise, the goods can not be sold only to emphasize the uniqueness, and must be replaced by the popular consumer line, the product must be very popular.

scale: the number of shop

not overdo sth.

if you want to expand an enterprise to join, you must achieve the economic scale of the chain, which is to open enough to join the store. Moreover, the headquarters of the franchise for each of the stores continued to charge the cost can not be too high. Therefore, the store must be more than the total amount of fees collected from the store can make headquarters self-sufficiency.

, however, the number of clothing stores can not be too much. If the store opened more and more, then the scope of each store is bound to become smaller, it means that consumers will be less and less. Competitors increased, but the consumer market did not grow with the number of stores.

at the same time, the store can not be like the consumer goods like regional restrictions, the chain of consumer groups can only be targeted at people around the store. If in this group of limited consumers, and then to catch some of the specific consumer object, the consumer population will become less. So, for the shop is too unique, or the uniqueness of the shop is too strong, it is not suitable to open too many stores.

location: delineation of the consumer groups