Shanghai dragon Economics the invisible cost

Shanghai Longfeng the choice of many enterprises, is two words: cheap. They think that advertising is always the most expensive, but do not spend money in Shanghai, advertising on the Internet, as long as a person or a team to bring up, you can wait for the Everfount flow rolling in, and can continue for a long period of time. But is it really? Shanghai Longfeng service is really a so good? Would not comment, let’s look at Shanghai, the invisible cost.

. The Shanghai dragon service, its mission is often only a ranking. They are only responsible to bring up the flow, to attract customers to the website, but after how to deal is the boss himself. But the reality of the practice of many bosses are let Shanghai Longfeng station maintenance and sales personnel into account, the consequences of doing so is to flow, rarely the real deal. Because of the Shanghai Longfeng personnel often only provide outsourcing services, and there is no in-depth understanding of the products, they show how to guide customers to buy products or is not good, do not know how to customers into the new and old customers, and caused serious loss of customers, so as to discharge waste from the ranking dropped. Potential customers did not translate into revenue, this is not a great loss of

?2, poor rate of

1, scary risk. Why talk about the risk of Shanghai Longfeng, mainly on account of the recent two love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. I believe we are on the two most recent love Shanghai Holocaust haunt. If a station is right down, the loss is very large, K it is what is gone, not only cut off the new user channels, hard operating a group of loyal old customers also disappeared overnight, the tall buildings come to naught. Even more frightening is the update speed of the search engine algorithm is very fast, and it will become more and more fast. Think of this year from June 28th to August 23rd, just two months to do a number of large and small update, each update produced a number of ghosts. The risk of Shanghai dragon also reflected not only in the search engine, is also reflected in the malicious attacks on the rival. It can be said that your ranking more prominent, more and more people want to get you down, by the containment of the attack is a big possibility, who knows the malicious competitors have ranked use unscrupulous divisive tactics for


3, the brutal competition. Shanghai dragon competition is? Input a keyword, the search results at least tens of thousands of millions, more than ten sites, and can obtain the income is often only the first page, such brutal competition you ashamed? Can row on the first page is wonderful, but behind the first page is a spell, but did not return a life-and-death struggle fight at outrance Shanghai Longfeng useless. Even if you came in the first page, you can view? You don’t think about how many people are trying to squeeze you look at fiercely as a tiger does, go back. Such cruel Shanghai dragon battlefield, it would lower the cost of? In the battlefield, busy year Keliwushou probably accounted for.

Discussion for the love of Shanghai ranked the how to solve the floating

home page we want to find what are the causes of website ranking floating so much, so that it can make the site to continue to operate it.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er there will be some mistakes, when the operation site optimization such as: Keywords accumulation, back chain, link, link, a large number of garbage foundation optimization is done in place; whether the use of black hat means, these issues will be on the site keywords ranking factors have direct effect; so we need to check a website every detail there is no problem.

second: love Shanghai

when we query your web site details, and found no problem what no what changes recently. Then we can preliminary considered love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, so our ranking will change so much.


: the first

website itself if there is a problem?


we can know about the four pictures above website keywords ranking changes is how terrible, at 100, temporarily returned home, a ranking by.

ranking query:

April ranking query:

often it is easy to ignore the website details, such as the presence of the plate every page appears, then the similarity between pages will increase, the search engine will be filtered to repeat the page will not be included. Keywords accumulation: people will know, a lot of key words written on the website three labels inside; such as: "Shenzhen | reflow reflow reflow | producer | reflow welding equipment this is accumulated obviously, a keyword in the title is not to try to control the repeated more than two times; keywords accumulation will lead to the existence of a large number of spam sites.

recently everyone feel their sites are changed to reflect the change, the ranking is the most concerned today; query keywords ranking when found on the home page, second days when the query is not found in the home, be in the second page; or direct 100 abroad and this situation is found from the beginning of March, until now. Including our Guang Sheng De website also encounter this kind of situation, here I come to see the data we Guang Sheng De site and ranking floating change;

there are some other details such as: page optimization; information is complete, the home page layout is concise, title, description, keywords (product page, the article page, column page and other pages; don’t duplicate information, >)


1. web based optimization is done in place of

algorithm in adjustments

we face the problem of ranking floating

, how to solve? This is March

From the green algorithm to do things like Shanghai pomegranate algorithm


for the green algorithm, my site is not affected, after all, I did not participate in the sale of links, but I always feel that Scindapsus algorithm is small talk, now link trading activities still exist and active, so I hope you try not to buy too much.

algorithm also has the issue of pomegranate wood, so no one knows it will be much more lethal. From the love Shanghai Lee introduction we can know the pomegranate algorithm mainly target is the low quality of the content of the site. This is fundamental to fight, because the quality of a web site, depending on the content of the website is complete, is not what fancy interface and function. From the green to pomegranate algorithm algorithm, I think is slowly restraint of the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but do not know which of the two algorithm is effective, can give serious do stand webmaster should return. Now that love will be on the line in Shanghai Lee pomegranate algorithm within a week so we have stated that the webmaster don’t adjust what, see

!Some suggestions for me:

pomegranate algorithm:

in 2013 after the new year, love Shanghai began to publish a new algorithm named scindapsus. From the literal meaning is probably a purification means, but from the release date, the webmaster see what? Your site’s ranking rose? "Heard" is mainly Scindapsus algorithm against sale links, and some Links exchange site. I look at a page from the A5 algorithm Scindapsus news, the most or the link Moumou station was K, and K are some of the top link station, love Shanghai and there is no large range to K off the front of the station, the site is K, back up again, this is not a pit Dad? I think it is not. The effects of current algorithm Scindapsus aureus capacity is not enough, probably because it is still in a state of test, but also for the main target of attack Scindapsus algorithm is selling links website, Shanghai love think this is a palliative approach, why do you say that? Because I love Shanghai know owners to use the best of Shanghai the dragon is the chain optimization technology, it will be the emergence of so many links to the sale site, these links to the sale site K off, there will be the emergence of new, so love Shanghai fought to the content of the site The quality of the new algorithm for the upcoming release of pomegranate – so there is the following.

in 2013, Shanghai for the webmaster love no longer silent, love Shanghai frequently released their so-called algorithm from algorithm to algorithm for the upcoming release of Scindapsus pomegranate, what do you see? What do you think? You predicted what? At the back of this algorithm, the love of Shanghai is bluffing or really to do station "creation"? But no matter what the result is, I think the situation for our site webmaster does not appear too large adjustment, after all there is no "algorithm white mouse", the only thing we can do is wait, find

Because the

my views on Scindapsus aureus algorithm:

The upcoming

Shanghai dragon should be changed into technology intensive


if the four plus the ability of Shanghai dragon industry interested, you can make a career in the Shanghai dragon industry soon. If you do not have this ability does not matter, not above each must master every day, as long as you take a little time to learn outside the chain, also want to master is not difficult.


first, skilled in HTML, HTML is based in Shanghai and Phoenix, "keyword link distribution, font size, structure layout, all cannot do without the operation of HTML, so HTML is the foundation.

fourth. To learn English well, the world famous search engine companies are mostly in the United States, Shanghai Dragon technology was born in the United States, some of the senior technical staff of Shanghai Longfeng, are English speaking countries, to keep abreast of the latest Shanghai Longfeng dynamic, it must be the first to refer English articles, but also want to choose appropriate.

Familiar with PHP,

second, ASP a dynamic web language, if your website is only a simple station, a page or a few pages, then you don’t need this, but if you are a business station or a portal, it must be familiar with a dynamic language can reach you the requirements of. But some people say, now is to use open source program, do not need to write your own, but you know, even if you are using the open-source program, but many details need to manually, here I still want to say, if you can write your own program, to make better than that of open source, reason the next time.

Wuxi Shanghai dragon QQ:24318693 ?

Shanghai dragon is very tired, I think this is the most Shanghai dragon Er feel, send the chain to find the article, find out the original artifacts, but also included see snapshot, ranking monitoring is a chain, almost every day, busy night dreaming could not still think up no past rankings, laughed at home play the stock market, but now we see Shanghai dragon Er might as well play the stock market. Why Shanghai dragon Er will be so tired of it, how to get rid of the "labor intensive" work? In fact is the primary stage of our Shanghai Dragon technology is still. So how to improve the Shanghai Dragon Technology? Need technical background what

third, to transition into technical, then a desktop program language is indispensable, as a professional Shanghai dragon, certainly a lot of processing site daily, every site has lots of data, but many industry sites vary, and can not use the Internet the so-called Shanghai dragon tools, so it is best to master a desktop program, used to write their own share of the tool, it is very necessary, can reduce the repeated work everyday very much.

cocoa text from www.>

the following conditions can let you Shanghai Dragon technology can be improved, and quickly into the transition from labor-intensive to technology intensive "

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

in general, the entrepreneur’s hours are calculated in seconds and hours, and their time use efficiency is much higher than the average person, so their work rhythm is not consistent.

the man who fight is doomed to be lonely because he does not dare to have any leisure.

and, on the other hand, according to a co-founder of mind, entrepreneurs are mostly busy with entrepreneurship, less social and dating, and naturally less connected to old friends.

of course, such a company is far more humane than the company to go far. After all, the company survives or sends out

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unless one day he breaks down, like the accidental death of Dr. Zhang Rui, it will always be a war.

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because the background is too similar, the path of entrepreneurship is also very different, and frankly speaking, "peer is a friend", then you dare to make friends with peers?

especially in China, entrepreneurial companies among Sisha can be used to describe the tragic past, Internet Co, in business model innovation, this means that the threshold is low, as long as there is a workable business model, hundreds of similar entrepreneurial projects will emerge, the homogenization of serious competition, various taxi applications as before, the o2o community is so, this is the key to win the operation, and quickly occupied the market, entrepreneurs between personal melee combat is more and more intense, in boosting capital, the winner of the time has been shortened to one year or half a year. Whether in the financing scale or in the subsidized market, a slight loss means defeat in this area.


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Search engine optimization is so simple thing.

search engine ranking pursuit

when have a comprehensive understanding of Shanghai dragon, we will reflect on the search engine, the mass of web search results appear in the page and show what is the purpose to the user. What we need is a web site traffic, why a lot of people I know are very hot words still hesitate to optimize, because once the word optimization do go up can bring a lot of traffic to your site. In many webmaster eyes, the flow is money. Like Sina, the Sohu the portal is not care about the search engine rankings, they care about is the site visits, of course this is somebody else has the brand value of the website. Many farsighted webmaster can not only in the search engine rankings, usually I see a lot of the site’s ranking is not necessarily good, but they flow is very much. It is that they know what they need, their optimization promotion is no longer a search engine but the real needs of the people. They will have a forum, micro-blog these platforms more intuitive display their own website, to the pursuit of the flow.


first heard Shanghai dragon is confused, because not get involved in this industry, when know it is search engine optimization, this thing is still very confused. Modern everyone’s habits are not understand to ask the love of Shanghai, as China search engine giant love Shanghai will be based on their own algorithm, for each site in the Internet ranking, every webmaster will want their website has a good ranking, so there will be more people to visit, this needs webmaster for their site optimization ranking. In a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er have some of their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon, some people think that Shanghai dragon just copy and paste machine, which can be said this is their understanding of the deviation, believe that most beginners think is by all means will do their own site ranked the best. In fact, Shanghai dragon can be said to be a science, our understanding of it is gradually deepening. Have a goal in each of the Shanghai dragon Er heart, and in different stages of the pursuit of purpose is different.

site traffic quest

Considering the conversion rate of the pursuit of < >

believe that many novice including the author, are with great enthusiasm in just in the Shanghai dragon industry, because we will be your site’s ranking of the success to feel a sense of accomplishment, is the way we are obviously on the internet. We may not have too much to think about why the site’s ranking will sit, we care about is how the application optimization method is more obvious, we are concerned with the snapshot of our website has not been updated, are not included in the chain increases, is what kind of situation and so on. We want to know what is the purpose of our website, the website to promote their things, to know the Internet platform, where the search engine is the people’s living habits, so do the ranking will increase the site degree of concern, also achieved promotion effect.

The chain of three new positions happy net reprint + HOHO+ records

chain, every webmaster to increase, can basically try try. Are also in the new method to send the chain, then the following methods have you tried


(love Shanghai space HOHO)




forum registration, a lot of people are doing. Like A5, a push, push 28 forum, every day there are many people bring their own N station site in the check-in time, but in fact, these included are good, the chain of many stations can be found, but the home record attendance, have you tried to 贵族宝贝? Hao.3gou贵族宝贝/ this site as an example, this site is home record, and we can see the time, free from one of these records of the chain, the records released 11 minutes to be included, this is just one, and the other included faster, you may wish to try.

to be honest, this is not my first invention, is found in the query when others outside the chain of inadvertent. Happy net, no one was unfamiliar, watching people outside of the chain, found the post well received. But he also specially to see others happy net reprint, whether with or without web site, included are very good, then he also tried, really good, at least the collection situation is good, the next day at the latest, tested. But the link anchor text have not tried, but there are others with anchor text posts are included, the latter will try.

is a record, a happy net is a special, love Shanghai space HOHO, carefully read the contents of the above friends have found that they have in common, is included fast, high weight! Especially love Shanghai space HOHO, now we all know that Shanghai is more and more difficult to know love do, love Shanghai Post Bar basically is to see the URL will be blocked, HOHO can also be linked, love Shanghai products, not.


(happy net Reprint)


2, happy net post


(home record)

an honest account of this, before the HOHO really do not know what dongdong. The past has been the love in Shanghai space, the small east side never really noticed, but a lot of love to play Shanghai space friend must know, love into the Shanghai Space Center on the left side of the person, navigation, the first one is the second album, third is HOHO, in fact this is like Tencent QQ space sign or mood, can bring the site, included also soon!


Shanghai Longfeng optimization key inside and outside the double site

in the process of the optimization of the website, the website chain is the most webmaster to do. But how can the chain do? What is the high quality of the chain? Why is the competition included and the chain is not my opponent, ranking is in front of me? This is a webmaster has been unable to get it. In fact, the website chain has two functions, one, improve website ranking, from search engine. Two, improve the site traffic and exposure. Therefore, the chain is not only their own website links sent so simple. You have to consider the release.

The internal structure of

website construction, keywords creative and setting is to consider various factors, not only do the survey of the whole market and competitors, and the correct analysis of their main business. Therefore, it requires the staff, both have enough writing skills, but also have a clear market analytical mind, more important is also very familiar with their own business.

website "repair", that is to optimize the site outside the chain.

The 1,

Shanghai Phoenix are so familiar to everyone involved in Internet service of the people, but also so mysterious. The network video teaching materials and the Shanghai dragon flying all over the sky, on the Shanghai dragon skills and knowledge, the rhetoric is not a. What is the right way? How to optimize it right? Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the specific operation in the end should be what look like? Here, to search the optimization of the website, senior engineer, Shanghai dragon network marketing planning positions along the edge to remind you that Shanghai dragon optimization is the essence of "Neiwaijianxiu", Shanghai dragon optimization principle is "content is king, the chain for the emperor".

framework, this is the art with technology convergence, make the website structure clear at a glance, give a person a kind of pleasure to read. If it is not good to do so this site will not have too much attention. So a website to have the basic foundation. Only lay a solid foundation for well, basically this website has been on the verge of success. In the combination of foreign propaganda of the site optimization can be successful even if Shanghai dragon.

website "inside", namely the optimization of the site itself. Including:

website is to edit the internal keywords by participation, and participation in technology. The editor and technology together to pave the road for the search engine, search engine can make in your website crawling smoothly and, more to grab your site information.

Reasonable layout of

4, the content of the websiteThe

2, the website internal links and pictures.

Optimization of

3, the website internal keywordReasonable layout of the

site keywords, title and

site itself optimization focus on the optimization of the content, website content to the original content, writing to meet Shanghai Longfeng keyword layout, website content to attract people, but also to attract search engine.

optimizationWe must take into account the work site optimization after Optimization of

You used to match the word

!Please do not need to specify:


This is a


these familiar website, we can see is _, instead of the above mentioned -, |, >, space,,. The ranking is needless to say, everyone has a good consensus. So, of course, this does not necessarily mean, with underscores, will be able to have a good ranking, included is very good, I think the Shanghai dragon, do the details, every detail notice! I recommend or follow brother go. Follow brother go, eat what all have


reprint source network shopkeeper www.zhanggui5贵族宝贝, Wuwei Admin5 wilderness first! Is not required to reprint Shanghai

report love the consequences!



we often do not know how to choose the problem. Don’t know what kind of effect is better, often used, |, >, space, etc.. Because often in the search, see a lot of good ranking sites, with more symbols are. Many people say that there is no difference between what, but I don’t think so. Let us look at the following example:

love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent, dedecms, Shanghai dragon is Shanghai Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai, all products are used to underline "_", is a warning to us that we should pay special attention to. Sina blog is often many webmaster friends to do the chain of a good platform, features, Sina blog included fast, I think in addition to their own high weight, is Shanghai dragon optimization details, is also very important, perhaps the character segmentation is one of the reasons why. Dedecms has been a recognized by many webmaster, the reason is that the core of the optimization is awesome, very friendly to the search engine, while the dedecms is using the _". It is worthy of thinking.


We carefully observe the


The purchase of competing products in the search engine keywords, really have a problem

and Google, YAHOO, Microsoft, whether foreign or domestic BING love Shanghai, 360, Sogou search engines are allowed to buy rival keywords, actually this is the norm.

BING, iPad Pro search first is letv.

in order to get more opportunities to show their own advertising, many companies will choose the competitive word (like industry well-known enterprises in the trade name) as a trigger keyword search results promotion. In order to increase the exposure rate, even large enterprises, may also choose the same type of small and medium enterprises, and even irrelevant category of small and medium-sized enterprises and their business competitive word as a search keyword promotion, its purpose is to expand its promotion result coverage, attract more people’s attention, this is very common in business promotion.


iPad Pro when foreign users search in Google, ranked first in the Microsoft Surface advertising.


Let’s look at the Microsoft

in the 360 SO search, search for "millet", the first is letv.


two, the purchase of competing products to meet market competition > word

and " iPhone 6s" when users search;; when the first is rival Samsung S6 links.

but if nature return to the business competition, whether to buy rival keywords really wrong? And PPC is really a problem?

had been exposed to buy a hammer mobile phone key iPhone "which is a rival in love Shanghai, and Luo Yonghao had to buy brand keywords in a search engine that is extremely offensive, which had to buy new Oriental" Luo Yonghao "keywords a thing denouncing the New Oriental, and this is their own has become the object of attacked.

and the reason is that Microsoft and Samsung are Google to buy Apple keyword advertising, in fact, enterprises can buy rival brand ads, the Adwords in Google’s bidding system has been allowed, and some key words and query is closely linked to lower level can buy expensive.

come, mainstream search engines face competing products to buy keywords, to do it.

in Sogou search "millet", the first is the Jingdong’s mobile phone channel, rather than the official website of millet.


, Google, Bing, 360, Sogou search engine keywords face competing products is how to do