Entry must see a Shanghai Longfeng novice learning Shanghai Longfeng suggestions

reason: search the words "Shanghai dragon", Shanghai dragon stick a day long row in Shanghai love home, noble baby ranked 11. If the ZAC (currently adhere to update daily a quote into monthly do not necessarily have one…… ), believe that baby will not be so low ranking nobility.

when the "site" after the completion of these training institutions began to teach you to Shanghai for a Blog dragon, Shanghai dragon.

learning for a long time, think of Shanghai Longfeng level can reach slightly higher than the general standard, from the station to the Shanghai Phoenix, now with their own knowledge to start a business network, the first line on the website in July 12th. But the first statement: I did not make money.

stone interaction

I have to explain, I did not participate in the training of about one thousand yuan, but I probably learned that these training is the beginning of teaching website, especially what WordPress station. I admit that WordPress is very powerful, but you used to build a blog that this is called "station" is not too good to.

entry recommendation: "Shanghai dragon combat code", a bit of ancient books, 10 years, don’t doubt this book, I began to learn from Shanghai to Phoenix, now this book mobile phone never deleted, a paper read at least 3 times. This is a very effective, straightforward tutorial. Last year, the "Shanghai Dragon Art" translation is not very recommended, this book is a domestic theory two is slightly The climate does not suit one., deep, not suitable for entry, recommended reading "Shanghai dragon combat code", the real operation of a web site for a period of time after see.

based on the above purpose, today I still just a novice, just write out the learning process of my experience, not for what you can guide, just hope that we have seen the future to reduce unnecessary investment, including time and money. The first entry is worth to look most, many people recommend various forums, a variety of blog, but I think these places too much dross, as a novice can easily be misleading, but nothing more than those things inside, all kinds of boring, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, easily lead to beginners think Shanghai dragon then something, which makes the novice look for Shanghai dragon in this industry. Here is the first recommended Daniel level figures: ZAC.

ZAC website: Shanghai dragon day stickers, Shanghai dragon

for the purpose of writing this article is actually very simple, because I am a novice, I experienced a very long time to learn, I also contacted a number of training institutions, I think these training institutions is cheating. Or have a certain effect for rich students training, but then again, what money so willing to enter the grassroots Shanghai dragon industry? I rarely see. So I’m going to have some experience and experience I am engaged in Shanghai dragon industry from now until after the release on my website.

Shanghai dragon

How easy it is to get the website popular keywords flow

secondsWebsite optimization

I wrote "mad cat network: a fictitious video network company", in fact, I just try to do a test, "the mad cat keywords network". If interested friends can use love to check the keyword index in Shanghai, currently has about more than 800, the highest reached more than 1200, but the key competition can be said to be very small, very easy to do.

website right down topics:

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

"mad cat network" the reason why there are so many people to pay attention to, because in the recent TV "impeccable master competitors". In the TV series mentioned a "mad cat network", a lot of people want to watch this TV drama did not know this company mad cat network ", so there will be such a large number of search, which will Qingyang brand is the reality of the existence of the.


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

from "mad cat network" keywords the temporary heat, I found a little, it is know that. If you know how to find the new popular keywords, as long as around the keywords to write a good article, then we will be able to get good rankings, flow also came naturally. This keyword interested friends can write the "Pepper uncle, I want to write, but don’t think it’s necessary, certainly this traffic is not stable, it can be a test.


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

I first talk about the performance of it, it has just released yesterday, Google ranked third, Shanghai ranked seventh in love. This morning in Shanghai ranked third, but less than two hours, this article went to the second page, again let me burn in my synchronous online article ranking up. In fact, I have been in I burn nets set up not to let the search engines crawl I sync I burn in the online article, it seems that this love Shanghai or not obedient! Not only included, there is a good ranking. From this point we can see that love Shanghai not included your article is decided by it. If you want to collect, then how to set the useless. In other words, you have good originality, it doesn’t want you no way.

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: !

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked


Analysis of a cat is what to do in the station optimization

snapshot of loveReading

interested students can see, learn about how a cat is word, a word is out in alphabetical order to word. But according to my observation keywords Amoy should be collected and generated, the number of millions of words is not able to complete the manual.


is here to share it, feeling can give some people want to do a large site optimization idea, should upgrade from the idea of small website. Where to send the chain these bitter > don’t think every day

A good



, the establishment of key thesaurus

Amoy network do is very good, but also in increasing the correlation and increase the keyword density, and it is not reasonable keyword density, the user does not need to, if we can also consider the magnitude of the word in this way.

construction programThe

we are in Amoy literally search a word can take you to see a XXX, this process is the realization of Taobao or CPS links to various customers.

love from station data

user experience, the page can basically meet the needs of product search words, and the page is very clean and tidy, the overall color collocation is reasonable, but also on the right side of the page and code share love Shanghai.

is a Alibaba owned Amoy network shopping search site, on-line time on October 9, 2010, a scouring of the website to see figure

construction program, we only see a scouring network product optimization aspects of the program to realize the function, (1) collecting data from Taobao, the function of data acquisition from Taobao is a Taobao authorized to PID. (2) to generate static, we can see the popular keyword classification links Amoy are static pages, this process should be collected from Taobao and then generate static. But pictures are called absolute baby pictures. Taobao products such as the massive pictures collected does not occupy the space. (4) the link to jump off the Taobao

Amoy network weights of 8, the chain 1512, here do not discuss his chain in what form, because the resource is not more than the average person, we only thought of the station optimization Amoy network in the following article.

from Shanghai

correlationThe correlation between

which is a special relationship between optimization of the page, above the words "POOVE shoes"

user experienceThe


no matter what the industry, do the optimization if you want to do a comprehensive, have the effect on the need to do a critical time to establish thesaurus thesaurus, according to the demand of personal feelings of the industry can be divided into words and words into traffic. A cat made a popular keyword list in the collection of words.

Novice how to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan

skills two, knowledge of website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do.

Four Five

skills: data analysis ability; more users, because of what the user less, because of what? If you understand these things, then you level up again.

two: skills to master relevant knowledge website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do;


skill four: to understand you the search engine ranking > enough

: how to search technology and skills of a principle of engine;

novice to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice has been become obsessed with this thing, do not know where to start, do not know what the learning some things, don’t know how to do…… Okay, so many problems today, Tianjin Jinshan Shanghai Longfeng blog, to talk a little bit about my personal opinion, hope for the novice friends help.

you need to be able to simply build a website, whether it is WordPress, or zblog, at least, you can build a domain name space, 49, 100, the perfect solution for the station, video, online has very simple to build a website, you need to do, which is based on what you learn, to try on this website for. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, this sentence for the study of Shanghai Dragon technology really is right. Heard a lot of Shanghai dragon says up but really operate off the reel, but stretched. There are a lot of people, although not say too much, but the operation decision is God level. So, through a website to try to practice their learned, positioning as it is not because of your hand, do not upset. In this way, you can know their operation will encounter what problem, to solve. Quite strong practicability.

Five point

skills six: able to read simple code, which have certain primary code knowledge.


skills, master the search engine technology and principle, this very simple explanation. Do you want to search engine optimization, you should at least know his rules, such as you want to chase girls, she does not love boys dirty, then you every day to pass the tattered,, you must first have to be eliminated. Don’t think about anything else, simply can not enter her sight. So, you should at least know her basic preferences. It is to understand the basic principle of search engine.

the following simple to explain the above content:

skills: data analysis ability;

skills: analysis of your customers want to know what.

I think, learn Shanghai Dragon technology to grasp the following points.

skills: know your search engine rankings to be enough.

How to use high weight website keywords

although we do almost no search volume. But once the search must be our article, later our own official website introduction of traffic will be more and more.

yes, many people think of the original submission in the mainstream website. For a long time, our keyword search results more and more. For those who may be the mainstream keywords ranking is not very good. However, some uncommon keywords in the absence of people do, of course, the search results are basically their own articles.


work well, the most important is:

you know, high weight website is very high for the original article included very quickly. We often use this feature to the laying of keywords they need in the original article. But the article was collected, then the search keywords ranking results is the high weight website.

second, in order to prevent late closure competition it is necessary to do a long-term plan, we need to do a website of your own. This is the website of the corresponding website and keywords. The best choice of the nature of the blog website template.

The key of

first, in order to ensure that the search results increase gradually, we will continue to contribute in the website. Is the fastest to do so.

so that our new line, basically include the second day.

After the previous

compared with those of mainstream keyword competition, this method is fast and real. Not long after, his words occupy almost two pages before the search page.

during this period, we need to fill in the timing of original content website. We need to ensure that a period of time the site of the original article needs to be higher than that in other platform article submission. The use of high weight website gradually focus shifts to your own website, more and more articles will be included in our own website later.

method is to provide an idea, the specific operation is to pay attention to many details. In Shanghai Phoenix on the road, many people do not know how to use.

at this time, our new accounts for the ranking of search results by nature is the proper use of some brush flow software here, must not be mass brush. Then when we climb up gradually a new ranking will stop the flow of the brush.

when building the website, we have the advantage. On the one hand is the keyword has been included and ranking. On the other hand is a large number of weights using search results can promote the site’s rise. Why? Because the main keywords and long tail keywords we built this website contains more than we contribute the laying of the more accurate original keywords.


, we have finished most of the work. We need to do is how to improve the long-term flow, and use the site to do.


How to use SNS platform for website promotion

second: Registration Platform account, plus their customers. Later to find a suitable platform for the promotion of their own, we must think of to the corresponding platform registration account, plus their target customers, or to establish the corresponding group, invited the corresponding customer groups to join the group, the formation of the target circle after promotion will facilitate a lot. SNS group of users is very large, for Adsense promotion, the more the better join the group, joined the group and their target users more accurate and better. After registering your account, the first is to improve their user data, try to accurately describe their information, so users to add friends, could have a profound impact on your point, thus play a role in the promotion of products.

platform application. SNS platform for internal application function is many, like social media micro-blog now, we use some features of micro-blog, try to add their own advertising information. The SNS platform is the same, owners must know how to use its internal functions, to maximize the promotion of their products.

Third: the use of

social networking sites on the Internet development is obvious to people, the development of social networking sites has also brought the gospel to the webmaster, recently reported renren贵族宝贝 acquired 56, also represents the further development of social networking sites. Owners must use this platform to promote the rapid development of SNS, the service has a strong user base, marketing case on SNS platform is no lack of success, if you can skillfully use SNS for website promotion, you can successfully create a perfect marketing case. Kedeng bloggers share with you how to use

second: individual mood diary. The use of SNS platform personal mood and date >

: the first perfect information. In the personal data to improve their information such as avatar, personal information, personal profile, personal signature, the information you need to add your products and related information, the best use of real picture image in the image, you can add the appropriate promotional information, but not too much advertising. Personal information is friends into your home page first sight, so personal information must be carefully set to describe, in detail, the advertisement information also can be added, but not too much impact on the user experience.


: the first method to analyze the promotion. No matter what kind of method bloggers to share, will give us the first analysis of the promotion methods, method is good but not the timing for our method, before using this method requires a general analysis. SNS platform is diverse, the webmaster should be chosen according to the corresponding platform website characteristics of their own, like the German cPanel data distribution business sites such as IT, will choose to like 5G using IT as the target site promotion platform. After finding the corresponding platform, need to find the corresponding groups of their own, to direct the user’s own body, so after the promotion process will be a lot easier.

From the website of the internal construction of tourism website to start Shanghai Dragon

site title is an important step in website internal optimization, and the core keywords decided title. Most of the regional tourism sites are some scenic spots as the core to promote small website, so the key words are very easy to set up, but to prevent piling up, don’t want to catch all the result of a catch. If the company special requirements in addition to the core keywords, XX tickets to the short term optimization of long tail keywords go up in the website home page title with these words is really a short term to the long tail keywords ranking improved method is more effective, but you’d better control.

in tourism e-commerce is increasingly penetrating our life today, many people have to online booking, hotel reservation, booking and other travel products offered no stranger. The user generated from the idea to the completion of the order process so a series of most of the search engine, the user determines the value of tourism in Shanghai Longfeng clear tourism products. Never sure go to a scenic spot to search through the network to understand the decision to which spots to clear the search for "XX" hotel booking tickets "XX" and other words into your site, so that tourism in Shanghai Longfeng commercial value is self-evident.

1, the tourism website core keywords

although almost every site is do Shanghai Longfeng goal is to product sales as the ultimate goal, but this point is particularly obvious in the tourism website. In the tourism e-commerce market has been leading Ctrip, the same way, donkey mother and other tourist sites in whatever can go beyond time or from outside the capital, more and more enterprises management of their geographical subdivision of the market, and this market cake is great, after all, in the development of tourism e-commerce is just emerging Chinese. So in the confirmation of tourism website keywords, in order to ensure the optimization possibilities, excessive competition keywords resolutely discarded, such as "tourism", "hot spring", at this time, in front of a geographical restrictions such as "Jiangxi tourism" and "Mount Lu XX spa", this benefit is not only easier to optimize the user. The conversion rate will be higher.

because Shanghai dragon is more and more complex, the Shanghai dragon to website promotion in many bosses seem to be inopportune or inappropriate. However, in some industries Shanghai dragon or received more attention, such as tourism such an industry. So how to do the Shanghai dragon travel website

tourism website Shanghai Longfeng value


a Shanghai dragon Er took up a web site, the first step is to know the core keywords to determine the appropriate site title, if conditions permit, can change from the website architecture to web site, then is the chain of the overall implementation, of course, it runs through a series of processes cannot do without analysis to competitors, tourism website is no exception. The following from the three points to Shanghai Longfeng scheme about tourism website, which is based on the author’s experience and, given the length, some will not do too much exposition.

How do the Shanghai dragon travel website

Personal guess about love Shanghai related keywords

4 correct word order: sometimes we search keywords, not necessarily in fair language search, when the keyword phrases in the order of chaos, love Shanghai will automatically correct the word order, which lists the better and more accurate search results, search for "Shanghai accounting service" of the word, love is automatically corrected to "Shanghai Shanghai accounting services".


Obsession told you – why would you want to know the love of Shanghai related keyword matching knowledge

as a dragon, to understand the role of the knowledge of their work, in this article I will talk about the love of Shanghai related keyword matching knowledge, learning the knowledge of words, you can choose in the future, these aspects of the page segmentation, keyword density and optimization of long tail keywords have better more choice. This is the direct effect of the learning of knowledge points. The following text was started.

and I share one conjecture about love Shanghai related keywords, perhaps everyone from the Internet love Shanghai advertising and competition video can be seen, love Shanghai very proud of their ability to understand Chinese characters, under the same conditions, the ability to understand love Shanghai Chinese search engine is better than a foreign. So this is not true? I think the knowledge of Chinese, love of Shanghai Google a little higher, but not very obvious advantages, and the reaction speed of the site changes, Google is far more than the cattle love Shanghai, this, believe that not only is the webmaster, other users have a feeling.


1 typos correction: a search for "computer brand", Shanghai will recognize the love of typos, and then will be in the first prompt you:


what I said on the Chinese understanding, love Shanghai for Google a little higher, then love Shanghai related keyword matching ability is how to see it, or that it will show up in the way in which we use love to Shanghai? I can see you on the list of several.

Obsession view – love Shanghai related keyword matching ability

2 Chinese Pinyin comprehension: when you enter Pinyin, love Shanghai will automatically understand the Pinyin closest Chinese characters, a search for "shanghaidieyou", there will be:


3 near synonyms (word) word matching: when you enter a word to search, but the search results you word too little, then, it will love Shanghai that similar meaning, but a lot of keyword search results, search for "butterfly friends how financial services", "how will love Shanghai automatic matching for" how to "


Analysis of the causes of the home page included completely indifferent Guangzhou logistics network

two, released the chain too

love Shanghai to railway station needs a period of study, is the webmaster friends All the world knows. How long is the test >

The quality of

three, love Shanghai to railway station needs a period of

, a website content is not high quality

for new sites outside the chain of control is very strict, must be gradual, slowly add. Guangzhou logistics network, an on-line to publish it in the outer chain, query by love Shanghai advanced tools, and even sometimes the chain released a day more than more than 100, and sometimes the promotion of soft paper, reproduced by the number of too many to count, perhaps love Shanghai not included because this is the chain construction too fast too fast, it may think you are cheating, what’s the mass for a new tool, I think the chain does not need to build, the main thoughts are placed in the content of this chain, as long as every day add a few enough, every day a large number of the chain may make a the new station too much.


website built about a month or so. Love Shanghai only included a home page, it included a new station included stagnation; to solve the problem, priority is the webmaster friends Shanghai dragon, we only solve the website included, in order to make the website quickly improve website weight, so that there is a keyword ranking. Guangzhou logistics network is only included a home page is not included because probably summed up the following points:

optimization promotion, is very important for the overall analysis and judgment of a website, because love Shanghai algorithm optimization methods often change, webmaster friends should also change accordingly, Shanghai dragon no immutable and frozen method, unlike other technologies, mastered the technology, can be a lifetime; so the webmaster friends every day study and Research of Shanghai Dragon technology is necessary, whether it is the star rookie or veteran master, continuous learning in order to let their strength have a good promotion.


an analysis on Guangzhou logistics network today to website domain name: www.chengfengex贵族宝贝, registered in March 2, 2011, the following is a detailed screenshot:

love Shanghai more and more attention to the content on the website, this is the webmaster friends as everyone knows, Guangzhou logistics network content is through the tool for batch release, the website needs huge data, if you are manually edit your own words, as short as a few months long for several years, coupled with limited human resources, only the article was released by fast means, although these articles through the pseudo original processing, there are pictures of the way, but the article is from the Internet, an original article by those who do not know the logistics logistics website reproduced many times, incalculable, perhaps Guangzhou logistics network only included a home page other articles included, but not the reason is the quality problem.

Shanghai dragon

Case analysis of stable rankings but why has included the constant loss

these repeated or high similarity Title although early search engines crawl and can be included, but soon the search engine will be eliminated, even if you write the content better, search engines will not be accepted. This is a waste for the site.


when we know the repeated or high similarity title will affect the site collection, so as a webmaster how to deal with this.

1: search engine value a title, the title will be too high similarity is not conducive to improving the quality of the site as a whole, we write the title of an article before, we should first search, look at the title repeat in the search results are too high. If you repeat the very high, we should change a title.

2: the same site also don’t appear too much repetition or high similarity of title, as shown in the figure below some repeat title is the author of the site content.

I have a

this site is a rural public information portal, mainly published some rural financial information, meeting record information and so on, the public information content will inevitably have similar problems. After a few days of observation, found that most of the deleted pages are some titles and high similarity, even as the title page. As a webmaster we can get from the experience of two.

site there is a strange phenomenon. Web site keywords ranking search results still ranked first, but with the increase of the contents of the website, the collection is in constant loss. I remain perplexed despite much thought, to say the site is down right lead to reduce included, why or why not keywords ranking. Specific as shown below.

in the past many webmaster in the title of the writing is too arbitrary, a lot of people directly collected copy of the content on the Internet, but with the continuous upgrading of love Shanghai algorithm, web content attention is also on the rise, the content of the website over similar sites were either K, or be right down, so is the same site content. If the similarity within the site is too high, it will definitely affect the overall quality of the website, the search engine in order to improve the quality of search results, the article must eliminate those poor quality content.

of the title of the site, we can roughly understand why the site included in the continuous decrease, because this title a site in a large number of repeat, thus reducing the site in Shanghai love status in virtually, the problem first reaction in the collection, then may lead to site is down right, which I recommend is adhering to in constructing the content of lattice: innovation content, discard the old thought.


From the above analysis for the

How to optimize the ranking of love is more conducive to Shanghai home Title coffee machine industry


.< Title > tag optimization must first clear the theme of the site

tags optimization

webmaster friends should understand on a website must first clear label before optimization theme, the current optimization is a coffee machine on a website, then the author will understand the theme of the site is mainly on the coffee machine, the next step is to determine the theme of the word theme coffee machine keyword expansion, in the extended keyword by webmaster tools and love Shanghai, love Shanghai index or search box, search to get some long tail keywords about coffee machine. As figure 1. is the long tail keywords love Shanghai search box to get, as for other methods to obtain long tail keywords mentioned in the above is not here to enumerate the:

like the optimization of the above chart shows the format is not wrong, but still a little more write keyword search engine keyword stuffing may be punished in such circumstances, it is not the optimal keyword has a better ranking. General format similar to the above wording, title keyword in three is enough as the keyword 1_ 2_ keyword keyword 3_- the name of the company, but the title of this optimization method was not perfect, for the optimization of the title of the page is best to use a website to express at the same time also includes the theme, the key is to. Optimization in this sentence

with Baidu algorithm updated for the optimization cannot be the title of the usual home piled up a large number of keyword search engine, now more and more attention to < Title > tag, and on the other two tag < keywoeds / > now the search engines will not give their values in the past even some webmaster friends put the key words to optimize all piled up in the title, it’s easy to be a search engine that is caused by unnecessary losses in deliberately optimization, the worst case may be search engine punishment to drop right processing, so how to better optimize the home page of the < title; > tag? The author is currently working on the optimization of a coffee machine station of a company, to take this opportunity to share with you to share the hope for some novice webmaster to give some Enlightenment.


has already done the analysis of keyword research, the next step is to start optimization, the < label; this title only talk about the optimization of < keywords > /< decripting; > optimization of the author is not here to talk about > in general; many webmaster in optimization title are the basic optimization such as below as shown in 2:

two.< Title >

How to make love love around Shanghai link

how do we do Links? We might likened himself to love Shanghai. He love what kind of website, we do Links and what kind of website. Shanghai love love the original, we do Links website and the original degree is high; love love Shanghai every day to update the site, we will update the site every day, and those that do Links; we love Shanghai love the old domain, and the domain name on the year’s website Links. In a word, love Shanghai love, you also want to love. When it comes to the breadth and quantity, we need the usual accumulation, forum, blogs have more with links to articles. The forum, blog the more the better, of course this does not belong to the category of a chain. There is a point to remember, and do not have suspected cheating website Links, very easy to be K off. At the same time we should not be stuck in the factory or not to link and make stand group website Links love Shanghai, hate war group, if not sure you love Shanghai, will K off you.

if we rely on the love of Shanghai to bring traffic, revenue, so we need to understand first love Shanghai. Love Shanghai, love what kind of website? Love Shanghai like old domain name website, love original high website, love website updated every day, most do not love those websites cheating. Love Shanghai do not value PR, but very important content, value breadth and the number of the chain. Your links do not necessarily have the PR, but a very wide and very much quantity.

today we love Shanghai and around the Links optimization, talk about how to do, how to do the most effective Links. We do Links is nothing but in order to improve the site in the search engine’s weight, get a better ranking. What is the weight of high site? PR high is high weight? My answer is not so; my opinion is that there are high ranking is weight. This point in Shanghai is obvious, a lot of the PR value is very low or even no PR value of the site will have a high ranking, and the PR value high site is in the back row, examples beyond count. The value of Google PR, but this does not seem to love Shanghai.

webmaster friends all know, no matter whether you are new or old station, must have the development, Links is always an important part of. Look at those PR value high or relatively large portals, which will be no more than two dozen Links, even more. We all love do friends chain and those websites with high PR, that it will certainly improve their PR value. So yes, sometimes very effective, but not necessarily.

finally remembered the day before to love Shanghai snapshot, love Shanghai snapshot, like a luxury, not the general website can do. But now it is different, there may be new snapshot every day. The ranking and don’t seem so close, I have a website snapshot, stopped in half a month ago, but has been ranked in the home page, and not out of the top five. So, do Links don’t stare at the snapshot. The above is purely personal point of view, each one according to his lights. If there is wrong.

Beginner frequently encountered problems and solutions ofHow do you earn one million A growth path o

two: don’t think do Wangzhuan is very simple, if there is no spirit of learning is very difficult to do, even if it is post part-time, you also need to register the forum, keep account, set the signature and so on, there are many post skills, or your post will be deleted, while others will not be posted delete

six: Wangzhuan the world is very big, very wide, only you can not imagine the Wangzhuan, no you can not find the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, don’t think just click on ads, hang, investigation, as well as coding, post, website, Taobao customers, doing all kinds of promotional generation >

For the first

 , a confused;     in any case can not hold back the idea, well prepared to endure hardship, I am not afraid of failure, because this is what are not, when reaching the limit is no longer afraid.
      to stay is my only goal, no work environment, no salary, as long as I can meet three meals a day, and then give me a place to live on it. With that in mind, I began the process of looking for a job. On physical strength, I have no farmer uncle; on technology, what I did not; on education, my secondary school education……
      where can I take shelter and provide me with a place to settle down?. After several rejections, a small Internet cafe with only 20 computers took me. I didn’t have any salary. I ate in the Internet bar and stayed in the Internet bar to help me see the computer. Still, I’m content and feel like I’m on the edge of high technology. But I still can’t see the future, I wonder if I can start my family here.
      in the next, I work every day is a handyman, cleaning, loading machine, waiter, anyway, can do I have a package. The only lucky thing is that a friend with the Internet bar boss can help him collect fees at the service desk, which is considered to be on the side of the computer.

Wangzhuan novice to introduce seven do not, do not legitimate, do not have two entities, three do not free of course, this situation points to four don’t do much for money, do not five day end such as post and vote, earn 100 less than six of the seven yuan package, not those with no experience on the line! As long as you can hold on to the seven do not, then you basically belong to the entry-level beginner! Of course when you become a beginner after more questions and skills to learn, then let the six point experience for everyone, we can guide the workers to become a successful Wangzhuan


brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

: when you get a Wangzhuan project, first of all can not immediately blindly to get input, but need to figure out whether this Wangzhuan can produce value, if the project itself is not able to produce higher value what, then you spend time and money has no value, natural not return, so first learn to study on the project of the higher

  in 2000, I graduated. In 1997, from rural to urban, after graduation, faced with the re – go back to the countryside. A secondary school students, no skills, no family background, no technical expertise, born Harper, the only thing I can do is to go back to where I’m from. Repeat your father’s day after year, year after year farming. Is my city life only three short years? Perhaps the turning point in fate is the instant between the decisions that make me what I am today. ! ! !

five: there is no distinction or distinction, in Wangzhuan project only work, distribution according to work, as long as willing to spend effort will be able to return, in the course of business can best Wangzhuan learning some useful techniques, so you can make your higher added value becomes higher, such as some people post to receive 2 yuan, and some people posting can only receive 0.5 yuan, gold above the main difference is the

is very necessary! forum!

three: when choosing Wangzhuan to learn how to identify true and false, always have such a purpose to identify true and false, that is the sky diaoxianbing, you can only pay a little attention to in exchange for a few yuan, hundreds of yuan, of course, must resolutely resist the black people Wangzhuan the project, such as those that make you make you made a successful return of only 0.1 yuan, this is a part-time enslaved worker price is cruel exploitation, so learn to identify a Wangzhuan project is also very necessary to

four: to learn to understand the Wangzhuan project sponsor is not very good, if not good so there is no way to natural cooperation, also when Wangzhuan must persist. When a good Wangzhuan, don’t do half they stalled, many projects will be successful as long as you hold on

      two; learning
      although my contact with the computer is only possible to help the boss charge, but this is not my purpose. In desperation, I sold my conscience and did two wrong things. One is the use of charging convenience, data tampering, can secretly leave their ten dollars a day, because the boss is young people, I also very honest, therefore has not found; another thing is to use the machine at the chance, I secretly used computer, began to learn computer knowledge, knowledge network.
      after half a year, I have assembled, computer application, Internet and other aspects are more familiar with the understanding, but also their own savings of more than 1000 dollars. But something happened at this time, >

Force P2P advertising system boosts new inflection point in video earningsSuccessful Taobao experien

customers, 09 years ago, commonly known as the guest, is simply to help Taobao promotion of goods seller, the seller according to the promotion of giving you some compensation, zero cost, zero risk, in the popularity of the Internet, Taobao customer has become a popular trend.

first of all, combine with blogs;

recently I found a lot of young girls blog traffic is very high, but also has some loyal readers, after repeated research I found that their blogs have one thing in common, that is: the original

Some forums, such as

used in Taobao, I used to taobao buyers conducted some investigation, found in the Taobao shopping on the majority of young people, the beauty and fashion beauty more accounted for 80% of the proportion of careful people will find that many sellers in the decoration of their own shops, very feminine, design the above, we can specially for women to set up a blog, as to how to establish, where established, you need to think about.

in fact, I had written the article, also mentioned the original, if you write well, write articles have their own unique insights, I strongly recommend you the original, most of the original articles by the search engine’s favor, but also has a high hit rate, if your blog is based on the well-known on the site, then your original article is easy to be recommended to the official website of the home page, this time it will bring you the traffic is quite amazing, and you just need to insert some Taobao customer links in each article in success for Taobao sellers made promotion.

, as everyone knows, Tianya, mop, renren, these are a lot of popular forums online, but your choice must also be targeted, you can’t youku published about clothes and posts, you can’t just make a simple commodity, each forum have the relevant management personnel, if issued a single commodity, you may delete your post, in fact, advertising posts is a technology live, how successful the post without being spotted.

followed by a combination of forums with

P2P broadcast technology has been more and more perfect, and in 2007 the first year P2P will become mature and promotion on demand technology, with the overall P2P on demand live streaming media technology constantly improve and mature, non profit era or the end of the video website.

It is reported that

three characteristics of a new round of advertising to meet market demand:

1. to eliminate buffer, ensuring smooth

2. to reduce the bandwidth, cost savings

The advantages of


I do Taobao off also have some time, from the beginning to slowly absolutely ignorant of the familiar to gradually get started, do not say how good, but share some experiences or can. How many people can earn more money do not understand very well for Taobao customers, there are a number of passengers were indeed Taobao not how to earn money, I also found a lot of people because of technical problems and did not dare to try Taobao off the occupation, they think to become a good Taobao customers, if you do not know how to network technology. That is not enough, so has been hovering dare not move forward, in fact, how to become a successful Taobao customers, can be summed up in one sentence: must be the combination of blog forum website.

What is the Taobao

Talking about ways to make money onlineAs a webmaster perspective of network advertisement added SP

website requires the support of the server, the relationship between the two is mutual, there is a web site, and no server can not run, there is a server, and no site put up inappropriate. So, from this analysis, we should invest mainly on the website or server, which is the most basic. Whether the website or server can make money does not say, public opinion on the Internet, large and small websites, servers to make money, is the need for investment, which is a basic way to make money online investment.

investment has earned money, after all, the Internet has too much risk, there can be no can not lose the project, so here you can grasp some investment skills or methods, the project needs to do some research on the feasibility analysis of the market, how to collect relevant information, combined with the experience of making the judgment, and then see if join.

the Internet has brought unlimited business opportunities for users, but also for the community to create so much wealth, so the way to make money online is a lot of money, there are many projects, the specific idea of how to make money as much to find it, simply some methods on tonight online investment money, or skills, have said something wrong or inadequate please make friends correct oh.

on an end when it comes to SP, SP was asked what people will be less, but one that is wireless, you immediately know, SP Service Provider is a direct provider of mobile Internet services application service, responsible for providing suitable for mobile phone users to use the service according to the user requirements and development. CP: content providers, commonly used terms in the wireless services industry, refer to content providers, Content, Provider. At SP Service Provider, service providers are upstream and downstream relationships.

know the two platform above, that in the end how to project a real investment specific? Take an example about it, for example, to build a forum website, need to invest the money to buy space and domain name, need to invest energy, and then consider the question of how to make money, usually rely on advertising revenue as a source of investment, have to pay, there will be a return, but at the same time, some projects there are risks, like foreign click project needs an upgrade, possible upgrade trap, maybe you go after the investment but not to return. So the investment ah a project have to consider carefully, not fooling around, otherwise The loss outweighs the gain.

The operation of the There are many ways to make money online

The development of

investment, here simply said, welcome friends to make the contribution, your experience, skills and methods of sharing out the reference for everyone, and common progress. Reprinted with marked ihuanbao.org

cannot do without money online website or server, no matter what the project must have these two platforms can be carried out, otherwise we can not talk about how to use the Internet to make money, so in a big way, in the Internet investment project is in the website and server.

How does the classified information station operatePersonal site to improve the amount of access str

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

, this is an attractive topic, but also the most difficult to solve the problem. It takes some experience. Some people have tried many times to change, but found that 0 of the counter is still the most. Break through the boundaries you want. You need some kind of direction. Because some people walk in front of you, their success may be accidental, but more is that they continue to practice any idea. Even if failure, some experience will be accumulated. Success sometimes comes from those experiences, so I just want to talk about my experience, and here’s where it begins……

2. of those who should be your visitors?

5. there are those who will make site visitors to stay?

1. gorgeous page

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

patience and lasting passion, it is necessary!

can also release called information, such as public welfare activities, how to engage in the estimation of those of you who know better than me….

flow, then how to do?

page in addition to put N text ads position, can put at least 6 small picture advertising. At least a month about $1000 can get around it

because access to classified information website in general should be more than 18 year old people, to determine a good location, see what they need to get information. At this point, your movements must be fast. In the early stages of development, you must always look at local job applications and sell newspapers and magazines you want to buy..

can enrich your information. How others do, I do not know, but if I do, I will certainly engage in simple certification, so that the credibility of the up, traffic will come up. Internet users are willing to come here to find things, businesses are willing to release information here… Anyway, it must be free for visitors. To release information about whether to charge a service fee, large flow, can charge 1 – $5 each piece of information. The cost of small ads is higher than this, so this price is still very competitive. Why do you charge for it? Because you are better than others, the website is more reliable than others, and the information is more accurate and more professional than others.

Ali payment delay announcementOn my history of Network Entrepreneurship

in this process, I summed up a few network experience, and share with you:

after that, I went back to Shenzhen and opened a studio, adjust the thinking and the mode of their own, since capital is not rich, so what people will not move, the 4 of them began a studio career, until now, although there is a great distance away from your goal, but at least now stand up hand, there are hundreds of customers in the maintenance, my heart is still relatively happy.

now the company’s monthly sales in 300 thousand of the appearance, 7.8 people team, although not big, but we are now more confident, and some struggle passion. This is my whole history of entrepreneurship.

2; goal: to do business must give yourself a goal, no goal without direction, daily work, monthly performance, annual sales, all need a detailed plan and direction, and constantly sum up and found that at the time of implementation, so we will go farther. Longer.

1; e-commerce is a good platform for entrepreneurship, upfront funding and

I’m a graduate of 06. Like many friends, I choose to go down south and pursue a career with a good dream. Let me share with you my work history and entrepreneurial process:

to + 3; industry: as the saying goes: success is 99% perspiration and 1% talent, so I decided the key to success lies in hard work and effort, after determining their goals is to move forward, never compromise.

1; belief: a person to do a big business, must have a strong belief in the beginning of entrepreneurship have too much pressure, economic pressure, performance pressure and so on, all can carry on is good, never lose your faith.

this is my team in Foshan process learned, but finally regret, the company finally because of poor performance and open market, did not do well, and finally chose to close.

to a network company began sales, the main products are website construction and promotion, this is perhaps the most fundamental basis of network products, because he is a computer science major, have some understanding of this, so soon to get started, and individual performance do well, every month can enter the top ten, so three months after I became my supervisor, 10 person team, the monthly performance is also good, the basic task can be completed in about half a year later, every month! Company to open a branch office in Foshan, I chose to do sub branch the manager of the company. Come here, all the expenses of the company are out of our own, including rent, hire people and so on. We operate on our own, just 800 per sheet company, and all of our own expenses. I’ve learned so much in this process:

Ali alliance in October 12th

League address: aliunion.cn.yahoo

I just graduated from

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

respected Publisher:


The discussion of new Internet technology in profit modelAsk shlf1314 AdSense tour hotspot shlf1314

1. can I join the shlf1314 search League,


all Chinese publishers may join the shlf1314 search alliance. For publishers willing to use shlf1314’s existing online search products, under the AdSense policy allows you to increase the shlf1314 search alliance while retaining the original search box, and enrich the search form.

2. how to join the search League:

1. Visit https://www.shlf1314/adsense,
3. Set the AdSense for Search
5. Select "shlf1314 style search results
6. Other options
7. To get the code from the code box, placed in the position corresponding to the

by Chongqing Bureau of information industry, Chongqing business newspaper, Tencent jointly organized the first Chinese Regional Internet Development Forum on November 2, 2006 – 4 day held in Chongqing. Chongqing industry representatives, representatives of well-known domestic enterprises, media representatives, industry customers, nearly 300 people attended the event. Tencent webcast.

question: hello! I am a science and technology development limited company, we have a layout that is related to the blog, and the blog is actually a BSP operator, we do is an integrated promotion, so what do you think about the integration of promotion? Like Chongqing, Nigeria, he did quite well, so I want to know how to look for Mr. Zhou the development potential of this one?

question: Hello I’m from Chongqing of the electronic commerce website, the question I want to ask the general manager Yuan Guohua, I would like to ask yuan total, the whole situation of our , and Chongqing net popularity?

for more information, read the following instructions:


3. promotion period begin?

4. can I set up popular search terms?

we currently provide this functionality only for large clients. We will consider popularizing similar settings based on user feedback.

shlf1314 search alliance is a new product AdSense, publishers can add a search box to provide quality services to users to search the corresponding location in the page, the search results will be displayed in shlf1314.cn, to provide the best search experience for users. Meanwhile, during the one – year promotion period, the publishers can get more competitive and higher profits for the users to click on the ads effectively.

in the tour process, publishers have on our new product – Search alliance is very interested, also asked a lot of questions related to the search alliance. We collected several major questions and answered the following:

pageWhen will the

1. search results page will be displayed at shlf1314.cn to provide users with the best search experience.
2. to join the search alliance publishers can use this product with other online search products of higher proportion, the promotion period for one year.
3. search box interface extension shlf1314 concise style consistent, to ensure a good user experience.

features and advantages:


promotion period from the beginning of the product line, that is, in September 2007 -2008 September.

Website advertising strategyThis AD method is really good ah, admire

What is

1, the website user is your potential advertiser

By comparing several websites,

advertising price is a key factor in advertising sales, if advertisers only think the right price will consider the purchase, if you think that advertisers advertising position the price is too high, it will greatly reduce the desire to buy. In order to have long-term, good returns, it is best to adhere to low-cost, high-quality pricing strategy, first formulated

, you are stupid? Are you sober now? Here are 5 questions you can answer immediately after you have read the topic. Do not think slowly! Look at      

you now is the first of several?      


if you answer first, you are completely wrong!      

second questions: can not use more than 1 time, faster!      


third title:      


Fourth questions: starting to feel a little PigHead…….      

‘s original purpose whether we do stand, but the ultimate goal is to Wangzhuan site. This is not a vulgar, noble, and noble problem, because it takes a lot of effort and money to maintain a website, and it can not last for long if there is no return. For the GG alliance and the sh419 alliance, we don’t need to think about too much, but the two alliances are not good at first, but are vulnerable to the closure of the union account. In order to earn more money, to maximize the website, we also need to add on the Ali Mama like alliance advertising, but these advertising alliance need is the sale of advertising, how can Everfount their advertising to sell, this is the most long standing issues need to be considered. Sales experts at peak network believe that. The alliance ad needs to be decided on the following points:

2, the reasonable design of advertising position is an important index to attract advertisers.

the design of reasonable advertising position mainly includes the location, size and form of advertising bits. The advertiser is not a savior, considering buying only when the advertiser seems to be worth buying and buying to achieve his desired results. Whether the design of advertising position is reasonable or not has a direct impact on the value judgment and effect judgment of advertisers when purchasing. In accordance with the usual purchase psychology: the more prominent advertising position at least advertisers look conspicuous, the size is appropriate, the form can increase the amount of user clicks, advertisers purchase will be more proactive;

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

3, the pricing of advertising positions is also critical.

can easily conclude that the overall characteristics of the website itself and the size of the user group determine the ease of advertising. The reason is obvious, if the website user groups are oriented to high consumption groups, so a bit of advertising for him is not what he felt, as long as the value, will buy their own advertising to see you. Similarly, if the website user group is bigger, the advertisement place sells the possibility to be big. In your browser address bar, enter wndhw, will be very clear to see, universal navigation site in Ali mother League advertising sold well. The main reason for the sale is universal navigation network, now relatively large user groups, the use of universal navigation network as the home page of many people, the amount of browsing is also large, the possibility of buying advertising will continue to increase. Top web experts once said: "web users are your potential advertisers."".

How do Wangzhuan propagandaBeginner to misleading for several reasons, to earn one hundred yuan reas

took this opportunity to share with the person first, from the three kinds of people: the first person who is eager for success; second: frustrated or underappreciated; third: reader. The first two kinds of people start with career opportunities, and the latter kind of people start with our services.

‘s first step: give this opportunity to your best friends and share it with them to make them understand the opportunity.


the first step is to make sure that you are looking for friends who are sincere and helpful. Let them see the tremendous rewards that this opportunity can bring.


know how to earn tens of millions of sites, is how to make money? Well, 123 know how to make money before selling it? Rely on navigation that few ordinary, total less than 50 words of small advertising. Don’t look down on net money, it’s very ignorant behavior. One click is 1 cents, 10 clicks is 1 cents, 100 clicks is 1 yuan · · · · ·

makes the first two steps, we strongly recommend that members communicate with each other every night, especially when you’re shaky.

The difficulty of the Second step

fifth step: new members to operate, so that our network will grow rapidly, income will become more and more rich, and in the attraction of money and example of the lead, the people will join in.

after successful completion of the above five steps, it is very easy and persuasive for us to introduce members. In order to ensure a steady stream of income later, we must gradually expand the network and recommend several members each month. When recommending a member, do not subjectively infer who will join and who will not.

The fourth step:

so you have more income, this time, we will promptly follow up to new members, coaching, training these members, enhance their confidence and help them adjust the good mentality, tell them our experience and skills.

can be said that is not healthy! Just like the day is connected to the Internet, do not know how to type, simply think that can make money, even if that is not to earn one hundred a day, I’ll make a 10 piece of the 20 total ok. Seems to have been wronged, but in fact, is a very delusional idea. Wangzhuan is not so easy. Earn 100 yuan a day, thousand dollars, just some master income. For beginners, making money is already a high honor.

: a few friends together to form a cohesive force, concerted operation, and affect the people around.

the correct method of operation:

operation is in the first and second steps, especially the second step.

so, what makes more sense,

So many people think the early

as long as they can understand thoroughly, some people will join, and the other part is still doubting or hesitating, which is normal.

second, you should be brave enough to talk to these three people. It takes a few days to learn, correct their attitude, a thorough understanding of 180 pieces of money can make money? So, this time we can make full use of the site, to solve the problem mentioned in the forum, we will promptly reply.

Operation of When

note: this time, do not introduce a lot of members a short time, if it is to read, you can, if it is to make money, do not recommend a lot. How many do you recommend every month?

money is earned by hard work. Without doing it, nothing can be earned. So Wangzhuan, don’t bother to try to operate, you can also through the network to get a penny. Wangzhuan, even so. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

other people are very dismissive of the items that pay 1 cents a point. They believe that their experiences should be used in more meaningful things.

remember when last November, began to do wangzhuan. At that time, just think Wangzhuan is simple, it seems easier to make money. In addition when network community has been misunderstanding, is making money online is a very simple, very relaxed, aristocratic Wangzhuan mode. Of course, in the early stages of the Chinese network, this kind of misunderstanding is normal, because computers can only be used by a few people who are very rich and have a certain level of network technology. For example, Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, Robin Li and so on, are the people of this period. In addition, Ma Yun this big Huyou existence, this kind of view layer exists in Chinese heart for a long time.

network expansion:

third step: in this way, the initial operation of a few friends will have income. Where there is income, there is persuasion, and those who hesitate will soon join.

but with the development of the Internet and the popularity of computer networks, the idea that this should soon be lost has been exploited by some insidious Internet crooks, and not only has not gone away, but has become more and more fierce. Here again to mention Ma, for his own Ali Co, in fact, has always played the role of accomplices. A lot of publicity, and the network induced liar, ordinary people’s point of view, Wangzhuan work is that, click ads, then every day to get a few hundred dollars of income. This idea is a funny idea, if this is the case, it is not just to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a computer, China 1 billion 300 million can be directly off? It does not show the idea.

note: we are really sharing this opportunity with them, not necessarily pulling them into joining them to earn their money.