He is the two generation to invest, but I am not a national TM husband

for the rich two generations, so investors have to choose a. Ready to do before the number of partners, Wang Fu also asked his father’s opinion. Quite good, the investment should be on the back of the pressure. No pressure indiscriminately, that is a playboy." Wang Zhongjun says


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"let’s get out of here today. My waist is really out of order." Fu Jianzhong took a few months ago a sprained waist, limping. Stand up, this is the day he talk about fifth entrepreneurial projects. The pointer has crossed the 11 points, the cafe waiter is not friendly at this several Lai here more than eight hours of customer, did not catch a cold for their passionate entrepreneurial projects discussed in the current Beijing – every day he service several waves of talk about entrepreneurship "crazy".

at the moment, the city’s hot word is vc. Over every cafe, full of "mode, flow, user stickiness, ecological circle," and so on. Entrepreneurs with a dream and desire to flee, investors and LP delivery of hot fuel, such as a new fund trend emerging, push wave and foam.


assembly is one of the 100 GE Capital, the new fund, such as rotating gyroscope, founded less than 100 days, three partners has interviewed more than 300 business projects. Ferocious, and the subject of the two partners in the circle of identity and added a famous founding partner for Jianzhong, standard two rich generation partner; Wang Fu also Huayi Group, the head of Wang Zhongjun’s eldest son. While standing behind the LP combination of several partners, in addition to Fu Jianzhong and Wang Fu’s father, the other is also a rich two generations.

, another founding partner of Fan Li, the original dragon Yi capital partners. Early Fan Li optimistic Beisen and cloud adaptation, most of his colleagues do not understand the business logic of the two companies, in case the internal fund to promote external hard, such as Sequoia, has a tough opponent bet raging jingwei. The ultimate fan pressure, led the investment in the two companies.

has always been emphasized in venture capital circles grass root culture, suddenly into a list of super sports car.

company of the two generation who disdain, "early investment so bitter grass root work force," master "who can do?" some entrepreneurs do not want from the two generation of money, because "entrepreneurship is reshaping the material and spiritual level, I don’t want to old money, and their I don’t understand".

speaks Beijing Hutong accent Wang Fu also don’t want to hear it, if only because I is the two generation of this reason, by entrepreneurs refused, I would think it very silly X. The two generation or grass roots, this is God’s choice. But there is no need to reject capital because of who they are, not to mention the potential for more strategic resources."

circles and contacts, so that the number of easy to assemble the aggregation of those

BAT out of the staff, really suitable for entrepreneurship

Abstract: in the BAT to do the director level above, its personal ability as well as the human resources attached to the position has reached a certain level, in theory, the success rate of natural higher.

the main points of this article are based on an interview with the Antarctic Circle on the founder of Chen Xiangdong and Zhang Huaiting. Who learn is focused on looking for a good teacher education O2O project, not long ago to $50 million refresh millet $41 million A round of financing record.


Hu Bin is in the middle of the penguins, who learn with co-founder Zhang Huaiting

BAT employees four states

old Penguin Hu Bin, who is now the identity of who to learn, product manager, in the past few years, has been removed in the major well-known Internet Co. He said there is a saying in the Internet circle: Qi BAT achievements of employees, probably out of business."

old Baidu Zhang Huaiting, who founded the joint with who learn before, was the Baidu phoenix nest product leader, and in 2012 led the team to get a million dollar prize". In his eyes, super Daniel character in BAT, but there are a lot of BAT employees can be divided into the following four types:

self recognition is too high: to make the results, did not realize the huge influence and amplification of the platform

self perceived low: too much emphasis on the value of the platform for individual value, not willing to leave the platform

enjoy a large platform aura: BAT bounce back and forth between the relatively smooth conversion, to win a higher salary and position

rational cognition entrepreneurial passion: see the value of the platform, a reasonable understanding of the self, put aside the aura, the creation or join the start-up team, do what you want to do

in a few years ago, before the three state is the mainstream, BAT and other well-known Internet Co "frequent personnel exchanges" is in fact as everyone knows, the overall high salary and good social cognition, most of the staff are willing to become a user a surprising number of products "of the participants. But to the Internet business tide surging in recent years, with the Internet elite consciousness BAT employees began to pursue the fourth state.

BAT entrepreneurial projects by capital sought after

not long ago, Robin Li in the Commission said in a speech: "now the business boom is the fire, there are a variety of VC in our building next to the coffee shop every day and long-term presence, where our employees talk, they want to go out and talk business."

Robin Li’s tone, although the meaning of self ridicule, but with the BAT gene project is indeed more sought after by investors. According to relevant statistics, the well-known Internet factions project investment rate is much higher than the average, the top ten factions can reach >

SF hey passengers pay 1 billion tuition, 4 lessons for practitioners to O2O

Abstract: have a brilliant future of living of the local electricity supplier in the field on the basis of this may also be the most O2O field can be realized.


some years ago, ma am logistics providers of pain, the backhand and rookie network, said network skynet. Another big brother Wang Wei, although expensive for the logistics industry is also affected by the king, the characteristics of the industry of labor-intensive and capital intensive tired, then reverse the electricity supplier, before the preferred SF, SF hey off after. The two chiefs of the same thing, at least it illustrates a point: no line capacity of the electricity supplier and logistics ability will eventually fall into no online platform bottleneck. Online and offline integration trend is inevitable, which is the basic context of the origin of O2O. That is, this year, Ali and ant gold service to spend 6 billion to enter the field of local life, word of mouth network full of blood resurrection, more recently, the news that the number of Alibaba Cai Chongxin, chairman of the reputation of the chairman of the board. On the one hand, Ma, although more than once said that O2O is a false proposition, on the other hand, under the weight of the layout, the only explanation is that the chiefs understand the O2O with the public is not the same. Another brother Wang Wei, a low-key off the scenery without the two SF hey passengers, the transformation and upgrading of the SF home emerges, or a goal: local life. This time, the two chiefs once again the same. At least it illustrates two issues: 1, O2O is what the proposition is not important, important is the size of the game player already have admission, this is a kind of business; 2, based on the local cost of living have a brilliant future electricity supplier in the field, it may also be the most O2O field can be realized. Compared with Ma’s SF hey off is really nets above and snares below, appear truly in our life over a period of time. We first take a look at how a hey hey SF off method. Hey off platform flagship operating food fresh, grain and oil, maternal and infant toys, household goods, digital appliances and other commodities. Customers can through the Internet or to Hey off stores placed with a tablet computer, will choose near the goods sent home or community hey Inn self mention, and by WeChat, Alipay, online banking, cash stores and other ways to complete the payment, all the goods are provided by SF EXPRESS distribution service.

more than a year ago, it is the first true sense of the O2O model by people eager to study, then the SF hey off Wang Wei certainly be placed on the pattern of great strategic vision. Today, O2O from theory to practice has been a lot of iterations of the version, the industry is also more mature about its mode of thinking, a variety of formats are endless. Hey SF off as a O2O test defeat, also gives us a lesson, thanks to the SF pay so much tuition for us. So, quietly turn hey off behind, what we have learned from it?

first: O2O is the essence of consumer upgrades, rather than the simple addition of online and offline

warehousing and transportation with the logistics industry is the two largest node. In the form of landing with the most are of three kinds: express to join the station, convenience store and collecting undertakes self distribution.

Internet business opportunity than capital

yesterday afternoon, six of our brothers and sisters in Southern China Wang Yi company meeting and meeting to discuss the second half of the plan. We went to the experience of agricultural members to raise the public’s mind to brother Zhen after the restaurant. This is all the members together farmers to raise the public’s restaurant, mainly engaged in beef offal Hot pot, storefront is small, decoration is very chic, very style; dishes are delicious, very suitable for 35 friends dinner, chatting. At eight o’clock in the evening to continue to participate in the little bit of rain to share with the fans of the micro business conducted an online exchange. Every time I share this kind of communication, can bring me some new thinking, I like the feeling of stopping to exchange collision.

share after I arrived in Dongguan on the evening, because also met with three senior (Xu, Wu, Cai total) chat micro entrepreneurs topics. Xu has always been a senior manager of the traditional supply chain for many years, he is also an angel investor, has a very rich experience in the operation and management of agricultural projects. Xu always optimistic about the development of micro business, that this is a very good opportunity for development, intends to develop a suitable micro business system, combined with their own resources to start again. Wu (my banking advisers, is a former president of a listed company, many entrepreneurial experience, is now chairman of Beijing Venture Capital Management Co. Ltd., specializes in investment and management, supporting companies financing and listing); another is Chuah (my angel investors, retail executives).

last night and the three senior all night to talk about, mainly around the micro business, entrepreneurship, the Internet these topics to discuss, gave me a lot of new thinking. This naked exchange of ideas, throw a few points very interesting, worthy of study, so today and give you a share.

Internet business opportunities than capital important

is one of the Internet industry to First impressions are strongest, do things at the right time, he will succeed. Everything about the opportune day is the first factor! Such as taxi software, takeaway, in the absence of mobile Internet, mobile phone no intelligent machine, taxi software is not possible to do it. I believe that in the drops, fast before, it must have been thinking about this project, or even done, but why did not succeed?. There is no intelligent machine, no 3G, no mobile Internet, there is no user habits and so on, these are the reasons for the project can not be successful. And Didi, fast to succeed, other companies want to overtake in the same field, is unlikely. If you are involved in a market that has not been developed, even a small demand, it may bring a great opportunity.

do micro business, is the same, the opportunity is particularly important. Last year, you do micro business, as long as a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, perhaps through your efforts, next month can earn tens of thousands of dollars. You send a circle of friends, do a good job of customer service, you can sell out. Now, apparently not so simple, not so easy. Whether it’s a financial requirement or a personal ability

Millet myth completely end the future of the battlefield to return to the next line

Abstract: Lei Jun and Liu Shishi, Wu Xiubo stood together, not because he loves the entertainment circle, but traffic is too damn expensive.


millet and the business, what is the relationship between these two topics

?The rapid rise of millet

, because the continuous grasp of the three outlets: micro-blog, APP, WeChat. Now the three winds have stopped. And millet into the bottleneck instead, yesterday Sina micro-blog released quarterly net profit rose 516%. Micro-blog profits in the big harvest.

is just a microcosm of micro-blog share price gains across the board. The big trend is that TMT’s online cost is getting higher and higher, and we usually think very expensive, the cost of the traditional manufacturers of the line, are consistent. So this is good at walking millet online traffic, air force play company, now no longer have the advantage.

why online costs are getting more expensive?

two years ago, the cost of the line will look relatively high, so all of the enterprises come to the line to get the user, so online traffic prices have been rising. Including Sina micro-blog BAT, is a natural monopoly company, they have become the Chinese Internet three mountains, goose plucking, flow price so high.

and the enterprise is always going to find effective channels (refer to the public number "new money" on a "love hate Meng Meng"), where the user price is low, the enterprise will go where. Now online traffic is too high, we have to go to the next line to find the user. The market has played a role in the allocation of resources, automatically fill all of the value of depression".

even, some of the electricity supplier brands have been desperately looking for opportunities for the implantation of film and television drama, and even investment in film and television. Because entertainment is a great flow of entrance. Lei Jun and Liu Shishi and Wu Xiubo stood together, not because he loves the entertainment circle, but traffic is too damn expensive.


millet core is not passive, millet mode is not good, but the fundamentals of Internet traffic changes, which led to the fundamentals of China business structure of online and offline costs have been highly consistent.

actually this trend has been more obvious since the end of last year. Millet increasingly difficult, in fact, is a signal; and Sina micro-blog’s profits, can be regarded as a late explanation. The rise of IP and the entertainment industry, is the line of the old who are looking for a new value of depression. Other stars and IP prices rose to a certain extent, the dividend will be gone, the star is not so proud.

said the start again.

in 2012, there are numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship, because of the new traffic (social media +App) rise. The user migration process, all have low intercept user opportunities, thus creating the business scene. Now the user has completed the migration pattern of the market has been basically settled, the line of the high cost is set threshold. >

Interview with Xiong Xiaoge Gates and Jobs entrepreneurship are 90

Xiong Xiaoge think this generation is living in an Internet and mobile Internet is flourishing time, "they don’t have to learn the computer and mobile phone, all the students on the Internet and cognitive nature."


technology news December 17th morning news, the world Internet Conference today continues to be held in Wuzhen, executive vice president, global president of IDG Asia, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge in the accepted an exclusive interview with sina technology. Xiong Xiaoge to Sina Technology said: many people think now after 90 entrepreneurship is not reliable, the deficiency in the experience and the company’s operations, but we tend to ignore the very important point — when Bill Gates and Jobs venture, is that they in the age of 90".

Xiong Xiaoge said that the capital of young people interested in investing in IDG venture capital projects, but also specifically set up a 90 investment fund, has been asked a lot of people, and even questioned. But Xiong Xiaoge believes that, from the past, a lot of very successful companies, such as Facebook, etc., even when the business can not go out of college.

"a lot of new ideas come from young people, although it may be relatively weak in business operations, social experience, but young people in the ability to master and use new technologies to be stronger." Xiong Xiaoge believes that every age has the leading technology of every age, "Bill Gates, the great success of the era of PC is based on the rapid spread of the Internet, while Jobs’s apple is so good is the trend to seize the PC Internet to mobile Internet. But it is worth noting that, whether it is Bill – Gates, or, when they started their business, are young people, are equivalent to today’s’ 90 ‘after the."

90 out of the ordinary lies in what place? Xiong Xiaoge think this generation happened to live in an Internet and mobile Internet is flourishing time, "they don’t have to learn the computer and mobile phone, all the students on the Internet and cognitive nature."

in addition, Xiong Xiaoge also assured this wave of entrepreneurial wave will overturn the BAT project. Judgment based on two points: one is BAT which is an era of market segmentation and capital era, the main users in the country, but in the overseas market, so now a lot of trouble to choose private enterprises listed home. In contrast, now not only venture capital market and unified, and may be more convenient to financing, such as the emergence of the new board, let the domestic small and medium enterprises are more likely to achieve financing, capital exit.

the more important point is that Moore’s law is still in effect, "each generation has its own leading technology and the Internet, breakthrough, innovation and subversion is not from the same industry, such as the BAT now, perhaps what is no business competition between intelligent hardware, like bitcoin the company was overthrown." Xiong Xiaoge explained to Sina technology.

is worth

From Chongqing to become Internet entrepreneurs fertile soil, how far

[Abstract] low labor costs and lower home ownership costs make Chongqing more competitive in terms of start-up costs.



/ Li East (WeChat public number: relai view)

recently, the pig fire, all kinds of technology and media to report. Pig eight quit why so fire? Which is an important factor is that this latest round of financing reached 2 billion 600 million yuan, the valuation of the unicorn company reached the size of, China’s southwest of Chongqing. This let the media greatly surprised, because in the eyes of many people, it can be regarded as the area southwest of the Internet in the rapid development of the Internet business gally, in twenty years, there has long been a "desert", until the arrival of the mobile Internet era.


outbreak of the mobile Internet, Chongqing is no longer the gally


in fact, in the southwest, the first to be ignited by the mobile Internet is the city of Chengdu. Especially since 2012, the outbreak of the Chengdu market Mobile Games, Mobile Games company once occupied 1/3 market share, the number of enterprises and Mobile Games team reached more than and 400, many famous Mobile Games are from Chengdu gaming companies, such as the Milky Way "empire", "dragon", "force" and so the wrath of god. But before this, the Chongqing depression on the Internet, only the pig and the two Yesky has a fairly well-known Internet companies, and the recent one or two years, Chongqing has appeared in some of the Internet business team, such as at the beginning of 2015 20 million the O2O Financing Conference venue, Amoy, East reported last year the speed of occupying and so on, the Internet business atmosphere in Chongqing is gradually strong up.

this may be the first implementation of the Chongqing government and the establishment of major efforts to support the relevant. At the end of 2013, the Chongqing municipal government of Chongqing City, the selection of Internet companies, Chongqing palmtrends Technology Co. Ltd., Chongqing Hong Kong and Macao people Software Industry Co. Ltd. and Chongqing pig Network Co. Ltd., Chongqing science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Chongqing the same interest Deborah Network Development Co. Ltd is one of the five selected, and announced the future investment support 10 billion internet companies in Chongqing local star internet companies to obtain 2 billion 600 million pig financing, the northern New District of Chongqing City Industrial Fund injection of 1 billion yuan. In 2015, the Chongqing municipal government is to introduce and host a number of Internet technology in the field of national industry conference. Including the April 2015 China International cloud computing Expo, as well as the October 2015 Tencent Global Partner Conference, etc.. In addition, the Chongqing municipal government in the northern New District established Internet Industrial Park, hoping to attract more enterprises to enter the Internet, which drew Netdragon technology, Iqiyi and other Internet star enterprises.

secondly, the Internet giant’s penetration of the southwest region also brought a wave of entrepreneurship in Chongqing. In fact, Chongqing is a dynamic city, in the first half of this year, the growth rate of GDP, Chongqing ranked first, which shows