Let the site faster access method


after the meeting, can not help but want to see how the performance of your web site. Since the site moved to foreign countries, was a little worried. The noble baby Webmaster Tools website performance, can not help but be startled at your site: the average page load time of 20.2 seconds. The station more than 99.7% websites slow.

slow 100ms=Amazon sales decreased 1%

two, start gzip compression

as a virtual host, and no permission to open gzip server configuration. I can only rely on the WordPress plugin for GZIP Output. The home page size (Html/Text) decreased by 18.9KB.

style picture compression

site performance generally refers to the site access speed, although very common, but the data can be found, the website speed is quite a big impact on the user experience, this paper starting from the examples, to study how to optimize your website to download faster method.

I use

I did not use what advanced compression tool, just use the Fireworks CS4 batch image (file type has not changed), all original style pictures of the theme of the site is 195KB, after optimization is reduced by 54.94KB. And after optimization of the picture, the naked eye can’t tell the difference (at least I did not see it).


recently went to the D2 forum, a more profound experience to the website performance for the importance of user experience.

seems to be a practical optimization. First in your Firefox browser installed web performance testing tools Page Speed and Yslow noble baby. First, check the size of a web page to access YSlow. A total of 257.3KB.

Page Speed and nobility baby to see what can be improved. From that point, there are still many places can be optimized.

slow 400ms=Yahoo! User access to reduce the amount of 5-9%>

due to technical ability and time are limited, only a simple optimization. I have done the following work: some optimization

but GZIP Output only for PHP file compression, the voluminous CSS and JS files are unable to handle. I downloaded and installed WP CSS and WP JS>

slow 500ms = nobility baby user access content by 20%


, a

Entry must see a Shanghai Longfeng novice learning Shanghai Longfeng suggestions

reason: search the words "Shanghai dragon", Shanghai dragon stick a day long row in Shanghai love home, noble baby ranked 11. If the ZAC (currently adhere to update daily a quote into monthly do not necessarily have one…… ), believe that baby will not be so low ranking nobility.

when the "site" after the completion of these training institutions began to teach you to Shanghai for a Blog dragon, Shanghai dragon.

learning for a long time, think of Shanghai Longfeng level can reach slightly higher than the general standard, from the station to the Shanghai Phoenix, now with their own knowledge to start a business network, the first line on the website in July 12th. But the first statement: I did not make money.

stone interaction

I have to explain, I did not participate in the training of about one thousand yuan, but I probably learned that these training is the beginning of teaching website, especially what WordPress station. I admit that WordPress is very powerful, but you used to build a blog that this is called "station" is not too good to.

entry recommendation: "Shanghai dragon combat code", a bit of ancient books, 10 years, don’t doubt this book, I began to learn from Shanghai to Phoenix, now this book mobile phone never deleted, a paper read at least 3 times. This is a very effective, straightforward tutorial. Last year, the "Shanghai Dragon Art" translation is not very recommended, this book is a domestic theory two is slightly The climate does not suit one., deep, not suitable for entry, recommended reading "Shanghai dragon combat code", the real operation of a web site for a period of time after see.

based on the above purpose, today I still just a novice, just write out the learning process of my experience, not for what you can guide, just hope that we have seen the future to reduce unnecessary investment, including time and money. The first entry is worth to look most, many people recommend various forums, a variety of blog, but I think these places too much dross, as a novice can easily be misleading, but nothing more than those things inside, all kinds of boring, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, easily lead to beginners think Shanghai dragon then something, which makes the novice look for Shanghai dragon in this industry. Here is the first recommended Daniel level figures: ZAC.

ZAC website: Shanghai dragon day stickers, Shanghai dragon

for the purpose of writing this article is actually very simple, because I am a novice, I experienced a very long time to learn, I also contacted a number of training institutions, I think these training institutions is cheating. Or have a certain effect for rich students training, but then again, what money so willing to enter the grassroots Shanghai dragon industry? I rarely see. So I’m going to have some experience and experience I am engaged in Shanghai dragon industry from now until after the release on my website.

Shanghai dragon

Maintain Baidu snapshot update and website ranking relationship

recently, many of my friends asked me, keep the latest Baidu snapshot, ranking will be better? This issue is controversial and the fact that the latest snapshot certainly than long-term snapshot not update the site has ranking advantage. We know that a web search engines are often updated, that this site has vitality, have certain activity sites in general can provide resources for search engines, web search engines that don’t love


, if a website, has not updated several original articles, a month did not go to management and maintenance of these pages, it is difficult to imagine such a station will be ranked first. Baidu’s updated home page snapshot, if it is within 24 hours, that is, yesterday’s snapshot. It shows that Baidu should spiders be recently to visit my website, but why the recently updated page snapshot not ranked in all "the front? As we all know, for web page ranking, Baidu snapshot is generally in accordance with the time to rank, that why I was in the last snapshot behind? This snapshot must be maintained for a period of time, rather than one day is the latest snapshot, ranking will be. After a lot of senior search engine optimization experts study, often keep snapshot of the latest, is to make the ranking stable rise a factor. Of course, there are many ranking algorithms, and this is also part of the success.

my website, free stories, www.freexiaoshuo.com snapshots, updates have been delayed in recent days, probably the reason for changing titles.

first A5, reprinted the famous address Oh, ~~


How to store business innovation wall

traditional market, the traditional business strategy, is now facing the competition is too intense, so if you do not innovate, will not be able to get a better business operation development. So, how to manage to store wall innovation? Now, the Norwegian industry market space is very large, there have been many added to the wall decoration industry entrepreneurs have set up shop success. Investors want to get development, business shop wall first to increase sales, and management innovation is the income of the decorating shop. Now let’s look at the operation method of wall open shop related.

wall shop business innovation mainly focus on how to expand the market through innovation, expanding tourism and expansion, in the face of foreign wall group challenges, facing the social challenges facing the wall, forming a brand of traditional wall, facing the wall of the store as the bright younger generation emerge in an endless stream, what business to innovation? "How to market the shop wall wall of capital depends on scientific management, enterprises should pay close attention to the dynamic wall needs," extended "wall Business Hours.

wall shop can seek a breakthrough on the mode of operation, to create a new image of the unique decorating store, decorating shop in operating time must be distinctive. The Norwegian restaurant is not only reflected in the service, in addition, decorating shop service quality as the most important, and the applied environment also has important influence on the forming characteristics, wall can also be through innovative business sites, extending the operating room wall decoration.

despite the current market demand for all kinds of wall is constantly increasing, however, the brand on the market is also too many to count, which brought little competition to the Norwegian industry investment market, to the success of the operation, every wall shop owner in the actual operation, should focus on training the old customer resources, generally speaking, do these is key to successful business lies.

How about joining xiaolifeidao Sliced noodles


was little, his novel xiaolifeidao caused countless people in pursuit of Li Xunhuan’s heroic heroes flying into the sky, we still can not forget. Today Xiaobian to recommend this delicacy name loudly, "Li flying" bowl of Sliced noodles, is not it a dandy fan? "Li flying" bowl of Sliced noodles is the heritage of Chinese dozens of generations of famous faces of the tool knife, cutting workers, exquisite craft, select Xinjiang area wheat noodle special production process produced, smooth taste, special taste. In today’s fast food, instant noodles have lost the characteristics of rough surface and texture.

Li flying Sliced noodles to join?

"Li flying" Sliced noodles while retaining the traditional features, more attention to quality and flavor from the surface, kneading, rolling, cutting, following each link while carrying a deep knowledge intensive and meticulous farming, combining face culture and Taoist spirit of traditional Chinese, road to Jane, the natural Art beats nature. "Li! Flying" pasta, with multi exquisite small dish as a supplement, are popular taste dishes, to meet the requirements of all walks of life. At the same time, "Li flying" dedicated to the popular traditional folk old dishes extracted, and into the fast pace of modern life, to build the brand of "independent style", make the whole enterprise rise to a higher level, the prestigious.

company was founded in the beginning, as for the mass consumer groups of low consumption, the staple food and dishes taste and characteristics, strict requirements, carefully selected, with a unique style, easily unique consumption environment, consumption patterns, establishment of customer base and the brand awareness and reputation. With conscience, do; with the time, do good! This is "Li flying" purpose and motto.

if you xiaolifeidao Sliced noodles items of interest, please leave a comment below on our website


What are the of rural entrepreneurs to pay attention to the details

rural areas as a very wide area in China, has also become a lot of people in the current business choice. However, in such a place to do business in place, there will be a lot of attention and details we need to pay attention to. So, what are the details of rural entrepreneurship to pay attention to?

details of Rural Entrepreneurship (1): rural entrepreneurship to grow up. Investment in agriculture should be considered, market and other factors, the slightest mistake may come to naught, complete failure. Risk is not big, can not be considered.

rural entrepreneurship details (2): scale to create benefits. No scale can not become a big climate, not only large-scale mechanization, specialization, and can solve the problem of agricultural products sales. After a small scale development, we must go to the joint, the integration of the local advantages of varieties, regional planting, do the road to create a unique brand of agriculture.

(3): Rural Entrepreneurship details of rural entrepreneurship by carey, reasonable layout. Wide agricultural, business opportunities. Investment in agriculture is still a lot of problems to consider. First, the cost of investment accounting, how to create comprehensive benefits, consider how to intercropping, crop rotation, three-dimensional industrial chain, the good, the cost may reduce a lot of benefits, naturally come out.

details of Rural Entrepreneurship (4): rural entrepreneurship should be clear that science and technology is the first productive forces. Who can ignore the science and technology bring productivity, after all, what precision agriculture, information agriculture, agriculture, soilless cultivation and so on all cannot do without technology, it can be said that there would be no today’s thriving agricultural science and technology. Master knowledge, scientific farming, should invest in the hearts of farmers.

(5): Rural Entrepreneurship details of rural entrepreneurship to surprise. The game is useful for any business. For the agriculture, the author thinks that surprisingly is innovation, new varieties, new technologies, new concepts, new ideas often allow you to first obtain business opportunities, win. Small scale investment in agriculture, surprisingly often allows you to quickly get the first pot of gold, access to the most important primitive accumulation.

details of Rural Entrepreneurship (6): rural entrepreneurship to understand agriculture. The so-called "Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai" agriculture is both simple and hard to say. Simple is because see every day, go out seven pieces of things, not from agriculture, farmers to times is handy. It is difficult for agriculture to contain all kinds of knowledge, including astronomy, geography, physics and chemistry. Therefore, only from the specialty of the start, and then seek the development of specific samples, creating benefits.

rural entrepreneurship details (7): rural entrepreneurship to local conditions, due to time. Inseparable from the agriculture, cannot do without, different soil, different climate, different crops, even fertilization pesticide is different, in the absence of facilities cultivation, according to local conditions can not be ignored, should be.

Optimize the investment environment to speed up the construction of Silk Road

this year, the city will simplify the foreign investment approval process, adjust the investment structure and other aspects of optimizing the investment environment, improve the proportion of exports of our products, and further promote the integration of the Silk Road Economic zone.

to optimize the investment environment, the city will further simplify the examination and approval of foreign investment, combined with the national "three foreign law and formulate a" explore, simplify examination and approval procedures, and gradually establish a foreign investment management mode of a filing system based. To optimize the investment structure, our province will rely on the resources and the city industrial advantages, further expand the field of foreign capital, foreign participation in the guidance of ecological resources, animal and plant resources, tourism resources comprehensive utilization and development of the green economy, increase the emerging industries of electronic materials, silicon materials, solar photovoltaic project investment, improve the effect of foreign investment in the city’s economic restructuring, industrial upgrading and energy saving.


Xining new mention county cadres to attend the case hearing

in order to further strengthen the cadres in politics and education, and continuously improve the ability to resist corruption, Xining city recently organized in recent years, more than 90 county-level leading cadres in the new promotion West District People’s court bribery case public hearing of the former Qinghai Automotive Group industrial development company manager Zheng Moumou corruption.

in recent years, Xining vigorously promote and promote healthy, diligent and honest advanced models, focusing on the use of a typical case, warning party members and cadres education and discipline, honesty in politics. It is reported that since July this year, according to "keep in mind the purpose of honest and clean government propaganda theme series of activities, held a" red flag "Ode to the wind · keep in mind the purpose of honest" independent theme awareness month launch ceremony and art show, carried out a study and thinking of low-cost activities, organization of more than 110 leading cadres visited the province the warning education base, held a clean government culture calligraphy and painting exhibition, the organization of Party members and cadres to watch videos on anti-corruption, a new mention of any county level cadres of the anti-corruption education test, through the post honest education to carry out a series of activities to strengthen the key industries and key sectors, the main job of officials, combing post corruption behavior, strengthening the classification, hierarchical education, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of education. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)

The fourth quarter of Xining will subsidize key commodities

In September 25th, the reporter learned that the fourth quarter, Xining city will take the dynamic regulation of security of supply, increase investment, strengthen supervision and the consumer price index linked, continue to implement a series of measures and methods for transporting vegetables reserve, zero slip control, government subsidies, discount none, set trade market special rectification, meat dish price etc. the main factors affecting the high price, the total level of Xining city operation can be effectively suppressed, to maintain the basic stability of the overall price level of the market.

it is understood that the foundation continues to implement a series of policies and measures to stabilize prices, Xining will strictly implement the "four fixed" system, continue to implement the urban linkage inspection check mechanism, strict market supervision, strengthen market inspections, urging the operators to implement the price tag, and severely punish and strike price violations, to further standardize market order. Conscientiously do a good job in the real estate market price monitoring, crack down on price hikes, collusion and other price violations.

this year before the onset of winter, Xining city will be the construction of agricultural infrastructure, accelerate the upgrading of old greenhouse facilities, accelerate the agricultural base water, electricity, roads and other facilities construction, to ensure the successful completion of the new year winter greenhouse 3000, 3000 greenhouses, enhance the transformation of the old shed 1500 building construction tasks and to ensure that the new greenhouse built to promptly put into season vegetable production. Accelerate the construction of milk source, beef cattle, pig and poultry base, improve the self-sufficiency rate of agricultural and sideline products. The fourth quarter of each year, the city of Xining as a result of the real estate to reduce the amount of food listed, vegetable prices fluctuates greatly, Xining will focus on transporting vegetables, food storage reserves and other varieties of real estate links given government subsidies, in order to effectively reduce the market retail price of vegetables. At the same time, according to the market price of pig, cow, lamb and eggs and other key commodities, the timely supply of necessary government subsidies, in order to stabilize the market price of non-staple food, reduce people’s living costs.

in addition, to strengthen the construction of marketing system, reducing the cost of commodity circulation, Xining city will be from the source to regulate the market operation order, improve the supporting services, increase the direct sales system construction, improve the construction of agricultural products distribution center, promote agricultural city, agricultural super docking, docking, speed up the meat and vegetables direct community construction, reducing circulation, to reduce the cost of circulation. To strengthen the construction and management of the morning, flow Shoucai car into the area to facilitate the masses shopping. (author: Zhou Jianping)