New year to go to grass roots multi service community residents are particularly busy

the afternoon of February 15th, Mafang Street office Salt Village Community Chengbei District of Xining City, the community staff busy. 14:30, all the staff to work on time to their respective busy.

reporter saw the work of the staff came early in the afternoon, to the residents of the work of Ms. Huang said, so many days off, waiting for the community to work properly to do things.

in the small bridge street office Mao Sheng Temple community convenience service center, many people are asking or handling the relevant business in front of a different window. After the Spring Festival holiday this year, we decided to go to work one day in advance." Generation of community Director Su Ying said, "just because after the holiday, today to handle the business of residents to more than usual, especially the home and family planning two window, the staff from the office had not idle." (author: Ma Xiaowei)

In the details of the effort from the details to the effectiveness of the Xining municipal Party Com

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the party organization department focus department, to solve the problems of work, carefully organized to carry out the study and education, the comments link activities, adhere to the minor is Kung Fu, from the details to ensure the effectiveness of educational practice in the first part of the arrangement without aliasing, do not shrink. Promote the table: precise to the day as the Department to ensure that the party’s mass line educational practice is not empty, not partial, not as a mere formality, in the elaboration of basic education practice overall program of education and learning the comments link on a plan of further refinement, truth-seeking, activities will be specific to each day set goals, task of promoting the table, taking the course of "form" and "schedule list" in the form of a clear cadres to learn education and seek the views of the carrier activity, time node and the target task, in strict accordance with the timetable arrangements implemented one by one, do not miss every day. Micro lectures: dapper   according to the actual situation of Many a little make a mickle.; the Ministry of business work, the Ministry will carry out educational practice closely and implement the national and provincial and municipal organization Minister of the spirit of the meeting, to take flexible learning methods, concise practical, carry out the morning micro lectures activities. Use every Tuesday and Thursday morning half an hour, by the cadres when the lectures lecturer, based on carefully prepared in advance of the plan, the Ministry of Party members and cadres to teach about the party’s mass line theory, series general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and group business knowledge, do theory learning and work to promote two. Up to now, has been carried out in the morning micro lectures 7 times, Party members and cadres to participate in the study of more than 200 people. To carry out micro party education at the same time, the group of large auditorium, outstanding theme of the film screenings and other activities, improve the learning methods, effectively avoids youkouwuxin and tedious problems in the learning process. Abstract: learning guidance inspectors not as a mere formality to enhance the cadres to learn to grasp the mass line of the party, the Ministry of education leading group office to carry out some type of guidance, weekly arrangement of learning content, learning materials, for the development of cadres in their spare time to learn. In order to prevent easy learning in "hand heart", requires each party cadres to personal experience based learning notes. The office of the leading group regularly check the learning experience and cover review chapter, the organization of the judges to write the experience of scoring, and the evaluation of the publicity, effectively ensure that learning is not going through the motions. Improved: face to face questionnaire comments combining syndrome by taking into account the views and held a forum, concerns some units and comrades, inconvenience to put forward opinions and suggestions; fill in the questionnaire to solicit opinions, options to set the copy, not in accordance with the actual situation in options, no start etc.. In order to ensure the effectiveness in the comments, the Ministry of Education held a foundation to solicit opinions and practice activities to mobilize the organization, leadership team members of the Ministry of education practice questionnaire options one by one to discuss changes, to develop a more scientific and reasonable and closely related to the organization department work actual consultation questionnaire. Within the department;

Mosquito nets ten brands list

this year during the Olympic Games, as a feature of China’s products, mosquito nets are popular. In fact, the mosquito net has always been a very traditional product in our country, because of the needs of the market, it is the formation of the brand industry phenomenon. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of mosquito nets, so that everyone has a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

nets ten brands list, NO.1 vision: brand-name products in Guangdong Province, one of the country’s largest production base of cotton core, well-known large-scale textile enterprises, net ten brands, Dongguan Yuanmeng Household Textile Co., ltd..

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.2, mini house MINIW: specializing in sleep furniture / sleep electrical / sleep products R & D and production of enterprises, the top ten mosquito nets brand, Shanghai may be a large Mini Home Textile Co., ltd..

nets ten brands list NO.3, Meng Jie Textile: founded in 1956, listed company, won the Chinese brand, Chinese brand 500 strong, one of the leader in the domestic textile industry, Hunan Meng Jie textile Limited by Share Ltd.

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.4, Luo: once won the China famous brand, China’s most valuable brand, the brand name of Shanghai, one of the strongest domestic textile enterprises,, Limited by Share Ltd.

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.5, Bo Yang Beyond: won the China famous brand, China’s textile industry leader brand, China’s most valuable brand, the famous trademark of Zhejiang, Ningbo Bo Yang Holdings Group Co., ltd..

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.6, mercury home textiles: in 1987, Shanghai famous brand, one of the founders of China’s textile industry, China’s 500 most valuable brands, Shanghai mercury home textiles Limited by Share Ltd.

nets ten brands list NO.7, Shui’an: founded in 1991, specializing in the production of luxury nets and pillows of the enterprise, the WHO designated nets supplier, Jiangmen Shuibao Textile Co. ltd..

nets ten brands list NO.8, charming home: development and sales activities in summer based enterprises, mainly the production of mosquito nets and bamboo fiber mat products company, Nantong Maddie Household Textile Co. Ltd.

nets ten brands list NO.9, red Fuji: Shanghai famous brand products, leading brand of domestic ecological textile industry, one of the valuable brand bedding, large textile enterprises, Shanghai red Fuji Home Textile Co. Ltd.

Water purifier franchisee to attract consumers to pay attention to the key

is now in the social life, environmental protection has become an industry, not just a slogan, at the same time, water purifier products can help people clean water has become popular, water purifier franchisees who want to succeed the shop need timely to attract the attention of consumers.

repeated consumption into the store?

to the choice of products must be pay attention to cooperate with each other in the grade and price of the water purifier and the operation must meet the needs of the market, consumers need to make the product, this is very important, if the market does not need products, obviously there is no market, these are net water is the franchise operators need to know.

last is your service, service is the water purifier stores to create the basic conditions for repeat customers, when customers to your product or service is not satisfied, we should know the customer’s idea, as much as possible to achieve their aspirations, solve problems timely. Water purifier franchisee and shopping guide must be careful communication, in order to set up a bridge of intimate service for customers.

in the creation process of water purifier store, trying to attract more consumer attention and attention is a very important thing. In the homogenization of the trend is more and more obvious era, the competition is to break through the competition of each water purifier franchisees want to know the skills.


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What are the issues to be considered when opening a fashion clothing store

basic necessities of life is always an indispensable part of people’s lives, so the love around the basic necessities of life investment entrepreneurs and deep concern. Today, an independent fashion clothing store, for their own work, is the dream of many people. But even if the dream of good, put into effect when the inevitable crisis. Do not think enough of the principal and personal diligence will be able to succeed, a smooth operation of the shop is not overnight. The day before, the author interviewed a French professor Paris IFA  have six months of fashion design and management course, their advice is: open the fashion clothing stores in the decision before, everyone should give full consideration to the following two problems:

a doubt: fashion clothing stores to open to keep, you know a fashion clothing stores must have the elements?

Small business in the end how much money entrepreneurs should know

entrepreneurial venture capital needs? There is no standard answer to this question. Different projects of different sizes, the cost is not the same. So what are the specific circumstances?

A, the cost of the project itself.

referred to here is the direct cost to the selected project. For example, you have to face a certain technology or correspondence fees, buy a machine equipment costs, a project cost of joining. If you are directly to the project examination, also need to count your travel expenses.

two, business equipment, tools and other expenses.

three, rent, housing renovation costs and liquidity.

these costs in the budget, should be calculated according to the local market, rent generally at least 3 months in charge, because the rent now is at least a quarter to pay, some are paid once half a year or a year. Housing renovation costs depending on their projects. If it is to open a restaurant, in accordance with the provisions of the local health and epidemic prevention departments, otherwise can not pass, to obtain a business license is more difficult. As a kind of store decoration, if the products, but also in the window of the cost of container. Working capital is calculated according to the specific circumstances.

four, business license and other similar charges.

five, business turnover funds needed.


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Where is the snack bar

snacks a hot market, and continuously meet the consumer demand of the taste buds brings opportunities, but also to many small entrepreneurs. If you want to open a snack bar, you have to choose the site in advance. So where is the snack bar? Here to recommend several suitable locations.

1, the core values of local core values of commercial activities frequently, customers get together, every day to people who are not the same, but there is in order to meet the consumer, the floating population "walking and eating" snack products in this area sales turnover is high. These "land", the strength of the entrepreneurs tend to pay in order to. On the contrary, if the store opened in a small number of people, it is difficult to increase the sales of rent and then not cheap to earn much money.

2, two street compared to the core values of the purchasing power is poor, but the floating population or more streets, the street pavement rent is the core values of the price is much cheaper, this kind of block is also very suitable for open snack bar, more cost-effective snack varieties in this kind of area competitiveness. The local people must pay attention to every day is different people through here, or a daily commuters pass through here, every day there are different people with the higher proportion of floating population, the quality is higher, but also more suitable for selling "eating" snack.

3, close to the place where people gather for short distance bus station, bus ride, docks and other traffic facilities, parks, theaters and other entertainment venues, large supermarkets, shopping malls and other nearby stores, but also suitable for the snack bar open place. These places are likely to have more people gathered every day after the people are not the same, as long as there are people, there will be eating consumer demand, there will be business opportunities.

snacks as a small investment projects, without too much money will be able to successfully open a store of their own, or more profitable. So if you want to open the snack bar, go for it, choose a suitable location, hope everyone can realize the dream of success.

Chrysanthemum Japanese restaurant brand

the arrival of economic globalization, showing the economic and cultural exchanges between countries, friendly exchange. National culture also reflects our country wide range of tolerance. For the catering industry can not be limited to the development of Chinese restaurants, other countries, we can also learn from the food culture and digestion, so as to be innovative in the world, to create in the world.

a specialty shop in the market has been recognized very quickly, but want to open a shop like this need to know the information is very large. Food and beverage brands to join, chrysanthemum Sakura Japanese cuisine has more than ten years of operating experience and perfect management system, technical training, professional standards of operation flow, not only enjoy delicious, but also wealth together. The visibility of the enterprise in the market has been the favorite of consumers for the crazy, so the market will be able to build their own success.

chrysanthemum Sakura Japanese cuisine in all aspects of the recognition and support has been in the current development of the market, with a keen market sense of smell, unique catering planning and diversified operation management program and well received by the consumers Chinese. Long term management summed up a set of mature project technology, operation and management as well as store decoration training guidance, experiential learning and one-stop training services, so that the whole development will be better and better.

brand catering franchise, Sakura Japanese business triggered at any moment. The enterprise will be unified decoration and preparation, personnel recruitment and training, operational guidance and assistance, to assist the Japanese Restaurant franchisee advertising and promotion, let every one want to venture investors are better able to grasp the market.

enterprise to ensure the quality of products, the restaurant equipment provided by the headquarters; first, recruitment of personnel system, reference, and assist the Japanese Restaurant Franchisee Recruitment; shop, store manager headquarters dispatched counseling counseling, join any extra manpower needs; relevant personnel all have headquarters follow up and help, to help you shop success. Brand food and beverage to join, chrysanthemum Sakura Japanese cuisine has been in imperceptible grasp the opportunity, will also bring greater value to the market development.

Features snacks to join a good business prospects to be familiar with the skills

no matter what we do business, we all want to earn more money, if you want to open a special snack bar, we must master the skills, so that you can join the specialty snacks to earn more money for you. How to make money? Today to introduce you how to open a special snack bar.


Harbor sell products off the record monthly sales number of students to achieve tons

college students need to do their own life planning. In the future, a college student in Fujian decided to choose to drop out of business, engaged in specialty sales work. After hard work, and now his business has achieved a few tons of outstanding performance of agricultural products, has been the local government’s support.

"after a year of operation, now there has been some improvement." The day before, the reporter saw college students in Yongchun Su Shangde, he issued such a feeling. Small Su is Yongchun Peng pot town people, and another small college students together to start a business, selling agricultural products on the internet. After two people unremitting efforts, the business has finally improved. At present, they start from the local government support, the office moved from Penghu Chengguan industrial park.