Why isn’t your site angry Multi dimensional interpretation of website atmosphere operation

as the electricity supplier industry operators meow, the boss must have said, such as "our website /APP atmosphere can not ah", "home" how angry!" In this case. Maybe your job is not here, the weight is only a small part, but no one is ignored the corners of things, in the busy work is too busy, but the atmosphere is not enough, the first thought is the operation of the boss. Helpless face, cross out or have a corresponding strategy, today talk atmosphere related operations.

The operation of the

atmosphere can be understood as the marketing of perceived atmosphere to the user at the presentation. This is a more general work, involving products, vision, operations and technical implementation, we split up to see.


is the first page structure must be reasonable, any one of the best places have preset fast configuration, and to configure the background; secondly, there must be a dynamic page elements, may be less than, such as carousel figure, dynamic message to the user, a sense of the unknown; finally, the blank can, but should be targeted, blank where can be used in special time point.

The APP configuration and display the relevant departments of Taobao’s

is a hundred level architecture, has such a strong team support, can achieve the height of APP configuration and thousands of thousands of people face in the show, double eleven and other large promotional activities, the configuration can ensure efficient switching, enough atmosphere high.

of course, these products work, most cannot do without technical support, but also need to take the initiative to find the operation of the current mainstream Internet chat technology, learning the new product concept, technical means to operate in the atmosphere.


clear, full color, time, the amount of each module size distribution is the basic factor, can focus on the visual design of interesting a lot of APP are used in the range of characters, such as let the carousel prizes beyond the carousel box, to other modules below, designed thinking this will bring impact strong. Such programs don’t need much, and they can be used at critical times.

need to pay attention to the visual norms, non professional visual students, unconstrained, it is often easy to ignore the overall coordination. Visual output of a set of atmosphere, and with custom range values, is excellent.

in the configuration backend, if necessary, the development of analog APP interface function, configuration items visualization display in the simulation interface, for you to adjust.

to ·


1, quantitative indicators: the operation of the atmosphere corresponding to your KPI, which will force you to constantly improve. Don’t say the corresponding, the page click corresponding last year, and then remove the corresponding user base, you can count the click rate.


PPTV Tao Chuang do products, you have to compete in these 6 areas and users

I understand the mobile Internet is "cock wire" era, the current 35% mobile Internet users in the income of less than two thousand yuan, belongs to the mainstream user crowd. What’s the core of the mobile Internet? I think it’s a new chain of people to people relationships. The features of human relationships are social, local, mobile, and personal.

look at the current Internet users, according to the monthly view, the current video is the largest Internet applications. Chinese now spend 2.5 hours of video on average every day, and your most precious primetime hours are wasted on video. But our last screen, which has not actually been networked, is one of the worst screens to experience, and this is the TV set.

so, each user spends more time, there will be more opportunities to do business, the Internet thinking is starting from the user, the first catch is not cover a lot of users, second users viscosity is not high.

is currently the highest frequency of access, time is the largest video applications, social networks, e-commerce, micro-blog, online games, in turn down. This is basically the Internet Co PK standard.

the Internet Co how to calculate the valuation, actually has no way, listed in the United States on twitter before, even the profit model did not include PPTV or at a loss; today, how to calculate capital valuation? Generally reference number of users, such as a user at $thirty, there are 300 million users currently use PPTV every month. The average person every day nearly 2.5 hours. How many people can calculate this value? Basically all the Internet Co to provide a service that enables users to use the time of viscosity is longer, can find opportunities to be realized.

trend 1: from information service to life experience service

currently, the Internet has entered the life experience service from the information service.

mobile Internet to June this year, the first wave of the end of the calculation, basically two and a half years, completed the PC Internet eight years road. We believe that by June, the basic pattern of the mobile Internet will end. See who has innovation, who has a particularly strong product?. Anyway, basically what human beings can think of has already been done. So there’s not much chance of moving the internet.

trends two: Internet online toward entity

Internet has now begun to enter the entity. Media industry, retail industry, the financial industry, manufacturing industry, these four industries are currently being subverted, there are many industries slowly subversion. Now do not mention advertising, e-commerce began large-scale inroads into the line, have begun to build logistics channels. I believe that the future of the electricity supplier company will open physical stores, millet mobile phone has opened shop in four cities. The video company, like PPTV, originally bought things for everyone and now has 13 movies and TV shows; the travel company used to sell tickets, and now >

2016 entrepreneurial projects recommended open ten yuan jewelry store

you still can not find a good project to make money and worry? 2016 small investment to become a good project, recommend ten yuan jewelry shop to join the venture. Ten yuan jewelry store business, the unique advantages of the project, so that more optimistic about the trend of jewelry industry venture capital businesses to build up the family fortunes of the road.

male fear into the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang, said the choice for the importance of everyone. For entrepreneurs who want to join the venture, the choice of a good project is to find the right path to get rich. Small project because of its less investment, lower risk, favored by the majority of investors. In such a competitive today, what is the choice of good projects? 2013 the latest small investment franchise list, recommend ten yuan jewelry store to join, teach you to relax the Nuggets, when the boss is so simple! Ten yuan jewelry store to join the real strength of a good project, production, supply, sales through-train, low-cost supply, to ensure maximum profit dealers!

said that the small investment franchise list, there are some friends are more optimistic about food and clothing to join the franchise, but I do not know such a hot industry competition, it is difficult in the market foothold. However, jewelry industry and other industries is different, it has great appreciation of space, the industry was known as "the shop a year and ten years" profiteering industry, if operating properly, the profit space is beyond imagination. Ten yuan jewelry store, have a unique style project advantage, let more optimistic about the trend of jewelry industry friends to build up the family fortunes.

do business, for example, have to look at the market, in China’s small investment franchise list, the trend of jewelry has entered a new era of prosperity. After eating to wear warm, the greatest demand than grade, fashion jewelry is the mainstream. With the improvement of living standards, the demand for fashion jewelry is more common. Ten yuan jewelry store to join all the trend jewelry will be ten yuan, parity trend jewelry so that most people love.

want to do good business to make money, now small commodity agents to be optimistic about the prospects, the investment ten yuan jewelry shop to join the project, provide cheap fashion jewelry, seize the small investment ranking of market opportunities, providing a rich platform for small and medium-sized investors. 2016 is a good choice to start a business to get rich.

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The whole cabinet shop how to location the whole

overall cabinet is now deeply loved and attention, if you want to open a whole cabinet store, then, how to choose the location to make the business better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

to do business with the customer’s vision as a starting point, in order to get what they need. The value of the customer, not necessarily the same, the whole cabinet store how to choose? Moreover, customers are divided into different classes and different groups. Therefore, we should try to understand the needs of customers, and then to meet the needs of. Entrepreneurs need to consider, not in the choice of shops is hasty. As far as possible the few locations within the district preselected number of inhabitants, floating population, consumption level, consumption habits, vehicle line condition list, and a detailed comparison.

no matter whether the franchisee has no shop experience, should be in accordance with the franchisee to join the policy implementation. The whole cabinet store how to choose? Avoid empirical errors of judgment and random process, cause a variety of consequences is not conducive to both sides to join, the franchisee should maintain good cooperation attitude, in strict accordance with the rules and regulate the operation of the franchisee, actively cooperate with the franchisee to carry out the operation. Both sides work together to achieve a win-win effect.

shop need to find the right location, the location of the shop is very important, the whole cabinet store how to choose? In addition to considering many factors, but also based on the local market environment. The surrounding business environment will affect the store business. In the process of opening the whole cabinet store location, but also should be combined with the actual development of their own overall cabinet stores.

overall cabinet store how to choose? The above describes the location of the relevant skills, each of the whole cabinet store owner, in the shop before the need to pay attention to the above methods. Only the above theory and practice combined, in order to find a location. Want to choose the address, then to a detailed understanding of it!

The province’s special post teachers open recruitment and examination of the end of 29 days of writt

10 28, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the province’s special post teachers open recruitment registration and qualification examination, written examination time is scheduled for October 29th.

the province special post teachers open recruitment is mainly for agricultural and pastoral areas in the stage of compulsory education schools for open recruitment ad hoc post teachers, this recruitment since October 19th after the announcement, online registration, online qualification, Kangba language test procedures, registration and "Yushu state primary school (Kangba Tibetan language language)" job candidates Kangba language testing has been fully completed. The final 2929 people meet the entry conditions and enter the written exam, which apply for 1475 primary school teachers, 1089 junior high school teachers, Primary School Bilingual Teachers in 129 Junior Middle School Bilingual Teachers in 236, the average ratio of 15.8:1 recruitment post.

teacher recruitment unified written examination time is scheduled for 29 in Xining, is expected to complete the on-site marking, qualification examination, interview and other major work before the end of November, and strive to be completed before the end of December all of the recruitment.


The integration and development of cultural tourism in the north of the city

north of the city to promote cultural tourism development, tourism to promote cultural prosperity. Continue to strengthen the work measures, increase investment, build a platform, enrich the cultural connotations of tourism, promote the cultural undertakings and the integration of the tourism industry development, promote regional economic and social development to a new stage. In the first half, the region received a total of 494 thousand tourists (Times), tourism revenue of $310 million, an increase of 11% and 20%.

New year to go to grass roots multi service community residents are particularly busy

the afternoon of February 15th, Mafang Street office Salt Village Community Chengbei District of Xining City, the community staff busy. 14:30, all the staff to work on time to their respective busy.

reporter saw the work of the staff came early in the afternoon, to the residents of the work of Ms. Huang said, so many days off, waiting for the community to work properly to do things.

in the small bridge street office Mao Sheng Temple community convenience service center, many people are asking or handling the relevant business in front of a different window. After the Spring Festival holiday this year, we decided to go to work one day in advance." Generation of community Director Su Ying said, "just because after the holiday, today to handle the business of residents to more than usual, especially the home and family planning two window, the staff from the office had not idle." (author: Ma Xiaowei)

In the details of the effort from the details to the effectiveness of the Xining municipal Party Com

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the party organization department focus department, to solve the problems of work, carefully organized to carry out the study and education, the comments link activities, adhere to the minor is Kung Fu, from the details to ensure the effectiveness of educational practice in the first part of the arrangement without aliasing, do not shrink. Promote the table: precise to the day as the Department to ensure that the party’s mass line educational practice is not empty, not partial, not as a mere formality, in the elaboration of basic education practice overall program of education and learning the comments link on a plan of further refinement, truth-seeking, activities will be specific to each day set goals, task of promoting the table, taking the course of "form" and "schedule list" in the form of a clear cadres to learn education and seek the views of the carrier activity, time node and the target task, in strict accordance with the timetable arrangements implemented one by one, do not miss every day. Micro lectures: dapper   according to the actual situation of Many a little make a mickle.; the Ministry of business work, the Ministry will carry out educational practice closely and implement the national and provincial and municipal organization Minister of the spirit of the meeting, to take flexible learning methods, concise practical, carry out the morning micro lectures activities. Use every Tuesday and Thursday morning half an hour, by the cadres when the lectures lecturer, based on carefully prepared in advance of the plan, the Ministry of Party members and cadres to teach about the party’s mass line theory, series general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and group business knowledge, do theory learning and work to promote two. Up to now, has been carried out in the morning micro lectures 7 times, Party members and cadres to participate in the study of more than 200 people. To carry out micro party education at the same time, the group of large auditorium, outstanding theme of the film screenings and other activities, improve the learning methods, effectively avoids youkouwuxin and tedious problems in the learning process. Abstract: learning guidance inspectors not as a mere formality to enhance the cadres to learn to grasp the mass line of the party, the Ministry of education leading group office to carry out some type of guidance, weekly arrangement of learning content, learning materials, for the development of cadres in their spare time to learn. In order to prevent easy learning in "hand heart", requires each party cadres to personal experience based learning notes. The office of the leading group regularly check the learning experience and cover review chapter, the organization of the judges to write the experience of scoring, and the evaluation of the publicity, effectively ensure that learning is not going through the motions. Improved: face to face questionnaire comments combining syndrome by taking into account the views and held a forum, concerns some units and comrades, inconvenience to put forward opinions and suggestions; fill in the questionnaire to solicit opinions, options to set the copy, not in accordance with the actual situation in options, no start etc.. In order to ensure the effectiveness in the comments, the Ministry of Education held a foundation to solicit opinions and practice activities to mobilize the organization, leadership team members of the Ministry of education practice questionnaire options one by one to discuss changes, to develop a more scientific and reasonable and closely related to the organization department work actual consultation questionnaire. Within the department;

Mosquito nets ten brands list

this year during the Olympic Games, as a feature of China’s products, mosquito nets are popular. In fact, the mosquito net has always been a very traditional product in our country, because of the needs of the market, it is the formation of the brand industry phenomenon. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of mosquito nets, so that everyone has a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

nets ten brands list, NO.1 vision: brand-name products in Guangdong Province, one of the country’s largest production base of cotton core, well-known large-scale textile enterprises, net ten brands, Dongguan Yuanmeng Household Textile Co., ltd..

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.2, mini house MINIW: specializing in sleep furniture / sleep electrical / sleep products R & D and production of enterprises, the top ten mosquito nets brand, Shanghai may be a large Mini Home Textile Co., ltd..

nets ten brands list NO.3, Meng Jie Textile: founded in 1956, listed company, won the Chinese brand, Chinese brand 500 strong, one of the leader in the domestic textile industry, Hunan Meng Jie textile Limited by Share Ltd.

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.4, Luo: once won the China famous brand, China’s most valuable brand, the brand name of Shanghai, one of the strongest domestic textile enterprises,, Limited by Share Ltd.

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.5, Bo Yang Beyond: won the China famous brand, China’s textile industry leader brand, China’s most valuable brand, the famous trademark of Zhejiang, Ningbo Bo Yang Holdings Group Co., ltd..

mosquito nets ten brands list NO.6, mercury home textiles: in 1987, Shanghai famous brand, one of the founders of China’s textile industry, China’s 500 most valuable brands, Shanghai mercury home textiles Limited by Share Ltd.

nets ten brands list NO.7, Shui’an: founded in 1991, specializing in the production of luxury nets and pillows of the enterprise, the WHO designated nets supplier, Jiangmen Shuibao Textile Co. ltd..

nets ten brands list NO.8, charming home: development and sales activities in summer based enterprises, mainly the production of mosquito nets and bamboo fiber mat products company, Nantong Maddie Household Textile Co. Ltd.

nets ten brands list NO.9, red Fuji: Shanghai famous brand products, leading brand of domestic ecological textile industry, one of the valuable brand bedding, large textile enterprises, Shanghai red Fuji Home Textile Co. Ltd.

Water purifier franchisee to attract consumers to pay attention to the key

is now in the social life, environmental protection has become an industry, not just a slogan, at the same time, water purifier products can help people clean water has become popular, water purifier franchisees who want to succeed the shop need timely to attract the attention of consumers.

repeated consumption into the store?

to the choice of products must be pay attention to cooperate with each other in the grade and price of the water purifier and the operation must meet the needs of the market, consumers need to make the product, this is very important, if the market does not need products, obviously there is no market, these are net water is the franchise operators need to know.

last is your service, service is the water purifier stores to create the basic conditions for repeat customers, when customers to your product or service is not satisfied, we should know the customer’s idea, as much as possible to achieve their aspirations, solve problems timely. Water purifier franchisee and shopping guide must be careful communication, in order to set up a bridge of intimate service for customers.

in the creation process of water purifier store, trying to attract more consumer attention and attention is a very important thing. In the homogenization of the trend is more and more obvious era, the competition is to break through the competition of each water purifier franchisees want to know the skills.


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