The chain of three new positions happy net reprint + HOHO+ records

chain, every webmaster to increase, can basically try try. Are also in the new method to send the chain, then the following methods have you tried


(love Shanghai space HOHO)




forum registration, a lot of people are doing. Like A5, a push, push 28 forum, every day there are many people bring their own N station site in the check-in time, but in fact, these included are good, the chain of many stations can be found, but the home record attendance, have you tried to 贵族宝贝? Hao.3gou贵族宝贝/ this site as an example, this site is home record, and we can see the time, free from one of these records of the chain, the records released 11 minutes to be included, this is just one, and the other included faster, you may wish to try.

to be honest, this is not my first invention, is found in the query when others outside the chain of inadvertent. Happy net, no one was unfamiliar, watching people outside of the chain, found the post well received. But he also specially to see others happy net reprint, whether with or without web site, included are very good, then he also tried, really good, at least the collection situation is good, the next day at the latest, tested. But the link anchor text have not tried, but there are others with anchor text posts are included, the latter will try.

is a record, a happy net is a special, love Shanghai space HOHO, carefully read the contents of the above friends have found that they have in common, is included fast, high weight! Especially love Shanghai space HOHO, now we all know that Shanghai is more and more difficult to know love do, love Shanghai Post Bar basically is to see the URL will be blocked, HOHO can also be linked, love Shanghai products, not.


(happy net Reprint)


2, happy net post


(home record)

an honest account of this, before the HOHO really do not know what dongdong. The past has been the love in Shanghai space, the small east side never really noticed, but a lot of love to play Shanghai space friend must know, love into the Shanghai Space Center on the left side of the person, navigation, the first one is the second album, third is HOHO, in fact this is like Tencent QQ space sign or mood, can bring the site, included also soon!


To learn to compete with the tools to promote their own

to tell you the truth.

1, use a lot of love around Shanghai tools.

, ranking fourthFigure 2

finally, when I nearly lost I accidentally saw an article. The competition of the internet. I read this article and did not know what feeling, now think of it, he is not to flow to published articles. Any of the original article has its value. However, we published an article only for traffic, a large number of replication. To love Shanghai hate themselves, under the helpless situation, I learned to use the competition for their survival.

The use of


why blame me? Because I never know Shanghai Longfeng blindly station, why complain about me? Because I hold a naive fantasy, as long as I try site traffic one day sooner or later will rise. Why blame me? I will hang mad connection leads to love Shanghai by K, why blame me? Because I hate I, working at the forum in the blind do not know the quality of the reply card.

I have been any "hackers" this keyword is very fierce competition, about this aspect of the software competition is more intense, they did not rank on the wrong, then I know, today confirmed.

2, using the second site for their own publicity

I took the "network matchmaker remote control system of the keyword" as an example, in general, intense competition this keyword is no less than a "hacker tutorial" I have any of this keyword I’m not in the position in the row. However, today gave me a

love Shanghai share: (in fact, if the use of other share can actually love Shanghai share can improve included. Why is love Shanghai in order to promote their products. The use of love Shanghai sharing web site will speed up the web page collection of speed. It is helpful to improve the website weight, in the love of Shanghai will have a sign picture snapshot. In Figure 1,

today is the first time I submitted on the A5 website, has been in my opinion seriously as long as the hard work can achieve good results, however, I did not get it. Because in my own business in the Internet I eat too much bitterness. When I love Shanghai because the site does not flow, is K time. In front of the computer shed tears of a little of his own pay do not have fewer people why come to this fate, why their love to Shanghai is always invisible, but hatred and resentment, and finally found that in fact all blame yourself.


use all the products in the development of Shanghai, such as love, love the Shanghai statistical housekeeper conducive to improve weight in love in Shanghai. Why, because I love Shanghai to compete in the Internet, he for the promotion of their products, so simple


The future of Shanghai Dragon technology should be eight door, will you

: first learn the layout of the key words, this is a most Shanghai dragon are not very good, keywords reasonable layout, site optimization will be more effective, if one day you find a station, it does not update the chain, don’t do friends chain, ranking is also particularly good, then there is a reason most is it because the keyword layout is reasonable.

now with love Shanghai, 360 for the constant adjustment and upgrading of the algorithm, as a Shanghai dragon, website optimization is more and more difficult to do, I believe this is obvious to people, for the future of Shanghai dragon how should do, I believe most people are confused, but deviate from them, as long as we grasp the core theory of search engine, regardless of the future how to adjust, as long as we follow the change is good. For the future of Shanghai dragon, we should learn what skills?

second: learn the web site structure is fine-tuning, know the basic div+css. At present, the structure of the site is using the template or site of the company to carry out the production, and the production process in most cases are not integrated into the Shanghai dragon skills, which makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng headache after getting a website, so to understand some of the basic div+css, learn to fine tune the website structure, in the optimization process in the future will play a crucial role.

fourth: know what is the marketing website, what we do, the ultimate aim is to clinch a deal, which is fundamental to our website optimization, so in the future more and more inclined to stop marketing website, namely customer through words into the web site, do not need to consult to the deal, but if you want to achieve of these, we need big data as the basis, and to understand the user experience.

sixth: basic knowledge of server, the server is open now, affect the speed of website, the important factors influencing the website optimization, although there are issues related to server server providers to solve, but the use of reasonable distribution server, relationship can be of great use to the server. "

third: learn to be a qualified editor, although now the search engine for web content audit is very strict, but had to admit that a good title to attract a lot of traffic and clicks, and in line with the quality of the contents of the article, this is a rare soft. In the new media and more and more popular, not careful, your article has become a hot spot of people circle of friends.

fifth: know how to tap the effective long tail word. Many people are aware of this problem, but estimated truly is not much, we only know when the write a long title, when the chain of some long title and so on and so on, in fact this in the future will not play what role, there are two reasons, first is weakened outside the role of the chain of love Shanghai; second is not all the long tail word can bring traffic and conversion. So learn to effectively exploit the long tail word is really should learn.

The conversion rate of the ultra low Taobao customer has made me downheartedYue Yue it is video to a


is video to attract vc! Or VCs like video?

has always been a lot of people are optimistic about the Taobao customer, I started Taobao off site in two months ago, of course, take an old station into Taobao guest website, over two months, the site didn’t bring me $10 Fen, I also completely downhearted, not done under this warning Taobao guest not easily get involved. You can see my station, now the few words I want to do is do the sh419 top three, "acne products" has entered the first day of 200IP, sh419, and the desire to buy these keywords are very strong, but how can a single, no deal.

writing is not good, but it is the truth, want to start off Taobao’s friend, the best considered good and then come in, Taobao is perhaps the customer can make money, but we definitely not so easy to imagine, I was ready to give up Taobao customers, continue to do my flow station. This article by www.aolong100



      the Internet profit model mainly includes advertising revenue, media cooperation, e-commerce and so on. For the video sharing website, the television industry has been the mainstream media monopoly, domestic 3G, mobile phone movie and so on are no release policy, at present, in front of the only clear profit way is advertising. And in advertising, television advertising has been close to 40% of the market share. Has been on the rise of the network advertisement, network advertisement from the date of birth, the form has been changing, changing from the original text ads for image ads, to today’s flash advertising, video advertising so-called rich media forms, form is changing. The network advertisement acceptance is increasingly high, followed by the original little, and almost equal to traditional advertising gradually until now. With the rapid development of the Internet, online advertising will begin to carve up the income of television, and it will begin to have an opportunity to increase advertising market share in the future. Therefore, the video website undoubtedly has become the shortcut which the network advertisement grabs the television advertisement.

in contributions!

I just do the Taobao customer, once a lot of people say that the conversion rate of about 1%~2%, now my website shows that the conversion rate of up to more than 0.5% Taobao customers may not, why now the turnover rate to this point has been low? Is too many people do, users search for "anti acne products" the results of ten, almost all of the website, the website which he can believe? And do more businesses escape single more and more, don’t be afraid because nobody can help them to promote.





China video network advertising is a creative advertising network, but because of the domestic network video media environment is in its initial stage, so the network video media in the advertisers even before the advertising company, is still in a weak position, really can affect advertising media, currently in the country in addition to several major portals such as Sina, also there are very few. Video advertising to the rapid rise, need a good business model, iResearch "2006 Chinese network video industry report" mentioned in a very unique video advertising company BOBO network, compared with the traditional Internet advertising, it takes the Flash animation ads, pictures and other forms of advertising, subversive effect full screen advertising, such as loading, open channel page full of background advertisements, more quality advantage, can better capture the visual center of the audience, the audience acceptance will attract more brand advertisers. In the current upsurge of investment, it is said to be concerned with many venture capital investments. At the same time, the BOBO video advertising network, users see N programs will see N*2 more ads, and all are "ALL IN ONE" in the form of users per click a video file, enter each page, you can see the advertisement inadvertently, such ads are more interesting and more accessible, visits and other sites only need 20% can display 50% ads.. Can combine the Chinese network technology and content development level, tap the characteristics of Chinese users’ demand, and form a good user experience, which is the premise of winning advertisers’ approval.

variety of rich content will undoubtedly bring more loyal users. Divide them into large ones

Thought collision I think it’s a bit of a shame to be a webmaster

webmaster, nice, not good-looking, saw that some people are disgusted, I do not know what is the website, do not know the meaning of the webmaster, I only know the entire network I find something real hard, I do not know I am stupid, or others deliberately in some action, in short the Internet is very difficult to find things, I do not know is really no point, there are still people everywhere in advertising writing, I am a what are not, contact network only two or three months, two or three months before, I won’t switch my computer, cultural level is limited, understanding the word is also very small, so write something is a statement impassability, but if I make evaluation of our webmaster, I can only say that there is little shame, because some people use unscrupulous divisive tactics to achieve certain effects, in order to Fei Jinxin. In the machine, the whole network is a scene of chaos, you may not be keenly aware of, that is because you are so smart, the network effect is made for people, but you let people see there, see you on the website promiscuous art, or look at your hiring practices, or to see your advertisement the effect of adding is to see your false faces, I think some people used to be engaged in some pornographic content, due to some reasons to intervene in their advertising, website development also ran his direction is full of garbage, everywhere is a scam.

I think the site, since it is a information transmission media, then you let him a little more true, false things a little less, don’t let money to change your mind and soul, don’t let the material to guide your life, look at the social reality of human eyes, with compassion. Light, with your heart which has not been polluted to the hearts of the entire sky erected a more perfect point.

some people are against the opposition, also have reason to disagree, some people are also support support support, all in all, life and work, together with the site, for your sake of future generations, for the sake of the future of children, so that they do a little early some should not touch things contact, have played a good role in the development of their future and the future, do I think to do this to children, don’t do something of no great importance.

children are the future of our motherland and the hope of the people. I really hope that some of the media will bring out some other talents for our next generation.

is the best media publicity, publicity is what is propaganda as a kind of spirit, not let you in there all day. Do not say, do not say, say or some useless, as the largest center is not good here, I think it must be true, you have made there is something to be false, to do, to do things, not a rule, but is the moral, not a moral, impersonal, is no way to get things done, to do fine, even if your success is based on you don’t know the pain.

some people will say that I stood talking, I feel there is no do taste, but.

How do I use the Baidu post bar to advertise

03 years in December 3rd, Baidu post bar on-line, and three years later, I really joined the big family of Baidu post bar. At that time I was not a webmaster, not a worker, is a college student, crazy posting, team party, line of youth filled, let me feel the strength of the community. This time I do not know what is traffic, what is the website, what is network marketing, I only know the visibility, team, goals.

07 years to start work, to join in Beijing Baidu sales team, but also very sentimental and introduce yourself with Baidu, once served as a key university in Post Bar bar, but in Baidu’s sales team also did not stay for a long time, a year later chose to leave. 06 years now, never left Post Bar, even how busy, also want to Post Bar look familiar, although it had gone with ID, can be back before the fun can always make my blood surging. Stick with me too long, can not do without.

10 years to become the webmaster, learned a lot of new knowledge, flow, PV, keyword ranking, network marketing, mixed knowledge, head inside a lot. Work very hard, this time, it was posted seal ID, Baidu was deleted space, was Baidu know…… Anyway, the experience of experience, the experience of the experience, Baidu to me or take care of very thoughtful, punishment after unsealing in my despair.

in Baidu Post Bar mix for so long, from simple to play into the skills and tools of promotion, Baidu Post Bar is actually BBS, comply with the provisions in any BBS, within the prescribed scope can make full use of the scope of implementation, will be able to do the promotion is very good, very much like this online tutorial here. Write some of their own experience.

. Post Bar: Post Bar post is very important, Post Bar resume used by netizens to establish independent, common netizen poly together must be, for example, I work with Baidu promotion, I will be in Baidu promotion Post Bar see related posts, we post to choose a strong correlation the Post Bar post.

two. Post Bar: grab grab floor building popular now, I occasionally followed some of the more Niubi ID, who often made controversial information, or celebrity information, should strive to appear in the top floor, this can also bring a lot of traffic for themselves. Of course, the writing is good enough, you can write their own super soft text, it does not need so tired.

three. Post Bar vest: Post Bar vest is also in order to increase the popularity of your article, I remember is that network marketing Master said, a day up more than 300 ID, a figment held the red stick, this is also the ability, although very tired, but it is the most effective.

four. Baidu post bar, click on some of the master’s picture, you can directly reach their default URL, this in Baidu, there are tutorials, it is not written out, I do not know now paste it changed >!

King my dream is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams

in such an entrepreneurial era, many entrepreneurs are chasing their dreams, there is such a person, their dream is to help others achieve their dreams. Wang Weigong is one of them.

"I love China traditional culture, often to listen to some Ancient Chinese Literature Search class." Every year, half the time living abroad he said, there are China meilanzhuju feelings of traditional culture, there is The Four Books and the Five Classics attitude to life, it is to make a lot of foreigners is obsessed with something, in fact, entrepreneurs also need good feelings and attitude towards life.

The value of

this view may be related to his growth and entrepreneurial experience. Wang Weigong was born in Heilongjiang, a rural family, from childhood to follow their parents around, high school and college time spent in Zhengzhou, in 1993 to make a living in the United States, in 2000 to become a foreign company executives.

2001, from the United States to return to business, he first thought of Zhengzhou. In 2006, he invested in the establishment of Henan Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd., starting from the entrepreneur to create a customer nurturing and entrepreneurial investors change.

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Let the clothing store realize your wealth dream

clothing is popular, fashion, with the increasing of the society, personality, fashion, the trend of these words would have become the key words of this era, the growth of consumer groups so that the industry is also booming, opened a clothing store is possible to realize your dream of wealth!

in the National Day on the road, there is a less than 10 square meters of clothing store "perfect theme". Reporters learned that the entrepreneur is an ordinary college student Jiang Yang   she gave up Taiwan funded enterprises generous salary, and chose their own shop. Jiang Yang told reporters, many people now believe that the garment industry has developed to a higher level, the competition is very intense, and then want to get involved in the meantime, such as chewing tasteless". In fact, a mature industry, the need to continue to expand its development space, even if the old industry will have a new development, the clothing industry is still promising. The industry believes that the excavation of culture, highlighting the personality, market segments, is a new idea of the operation of the clothing industry.


Dalian city procuratorate set up innovation and entrepreneurship service station service providers

in the process of our business, in such a society under the rule of law, dealing with legal matters very much, however, for many entrepreneurs, legal knowledge is often lacking. As a result, all over the country have begun to provide relevant institutions to provide legal services for entrepreneurs. Liaoning City, Dalian Province set up such a service station, so as to provide better service for more entrepreneurs.

following the establishment of the first Liaoning Provincial Intellectual Property Rights case handling center, the Dalian municipal procuratorate recently announced the establishment of the Dalian hi tech Zone talent innovation and entrepreneurship service station".

as Dalian procuratorial organs and enterprises and entrepreneurs to set up a "lianxinqiao", and enterprise workstations will be zero distance and face-to-face contact, to perform the case acceptance, legal advice, legal advocacy and crime prevention and other functions, through the development of relevant laws, to protect, new productive forces, create knowledge innovation and protection of intellectual property rights the legal environment, to provide quality legal services for the majority of entrepreneurs and enterprises.

entrepreneurship is not only a process of struggle, but also under the premise of compliance with the law, and in China’s current national conditions, the lack of legal knowledge has become a problem of the whole society. And Dalian has such a service, so that local entrepreneurs who get better service, so that the local entrepreneurial career to get better development.

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Investment English training needs to be prepared to join

want to get rich through entrepreneurship, the focus is to do a good job before the start of the sufficient preparation, so as to improve the success rate of shop, harvest profits. But the ultimate goal is not like us about so simple, it is the needs of entrepreneurs from multiple aspects of thinking, of course, the preparation of this project is very important, which is the preparation we are going to talk about investment English training franchise


: prepare a English training franchise set their own reasonable investment: most of the investment of education project for small and medium-sized industry entrepreneurs, financial pressure. Investment projects in the hope that the return of funds can be faster. At this point you can choose a number of well-known brands of early education products, such as the name of the early education of this type of product is a good choice. If more funds on hand, you can choose to join the early education center.

: prepare three English training stores to collect reputation: This is also the inspection operation of your choice of investment projects from the side of education. Not only to collect customer reputation, but also before joining the investment education projects, then, they tend to say that you will not be able to tell some of the problems on the surface, this step is essential to investigate.

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