Two points should be noted on the chain of Shanghai Dragon

two in our special should pay attention to the way


first mention of a Links, has recently been looking for Links, but by Links find ways but so few, QQ group (the most widely used, but the platform (weak), a lot of people should take this as a chain of place), according to the link, but is some love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, there is a Links for Links, all-round development of it lies in, through their own a Links website to find its links to the web site through its Web site to find other links corresponding to the site, and then after we go this is progress, that is, the corresponding link information, for example, this method is particularly suitable for way Links, which can be summed up in a lot of ways and links. Do a notepad, check all the information to each other through the Links tool, can do, have a summary, and then go to the website, this is a good way, but also very suitable for Industry Station; recently I also applied in this way, always wanted to be a breakthrough in friendship link, everything is possible to use a pen, a record either on their own, or the summary is very significant, through a web link for another one, this is Links derivative, a lot of people say that Links is not good looking, but the actual situation to find the

I also do not want to say, the most popular N theory of the article, it is widely in the journal for growth is nothing, today, to see the celebrity blog can always find some of our own always love to forget, but must understand the knowledge, today said, the link way, two points should take note, one is the website links, one is Links, it is I feel very meaningful way, doing matters so much, there is always a lot to do well, but this is

there is a website link, website links, links will always have a misunderstanding, that is the home page, page, or home page, home page links are generally the most, then is it ranked and home page links? Flow on and home position? I think not, website ranking decisive is that the weights of the domain name, and correlation, and the correlation judgment directly involved is title, but a website, title is not only home only, other large and small pages, all can not be ignored, so, a web site, you need to do, want to do, one is the degree of integration in the global development of the chain, on the other hand is the chain, I want to say here is the link of all-round development, can not only do the chain to the home page, also should attend Content, columns, channels, and so on page flow is the source of these small pages, rather than the home page, after all is limited, but add up all the pages of the obtained flow is infinite, global > this is Shanghai Dragon

Ding Chunmei website alliance short-term profit is still advertisingNot to air was bad mouthing the

Another industry giant

e-commerce, sales division will become one of the main directions of the development of the website alliance, but it will not be the only prospect of the website alliance, just as TV shopping can not replace the TV advertisement completely. Alliance advertising is not only to promote sales, but also has more and more brand building and transmission concepts, so in a short period of time, alliance advertising is still dominant in the alliance industry.

      in doing a web site, want to think of their own profit model, want to how to serve the public on the basis of better survival and development. Otherwise, it is a mirage and insubstantial objects a very dangerous thing.

These two years as the rapid development of

era of consumer upgrades, Home Inns, long lease, short rent apartments have become the new hot pursuit of capital, a lot of people as the content of enterprise pension, in addition to services, began to emphasize the "master spirit" and in culture, with Mogan Mountain text brigade town for example, it can be regarded as a cultural cluster. From 10 to 2016 by the end of 2013, the 800, the Mogan Mountain phenomenon reflects.

ten years, so many people, many websites disappeared in front of us, but there will be more people stand out. Only to find the correct direction of planning, and stick to it, we will like the spring girl, through the clouds and see the moon.

Hangzhou B & B area, currently there are about 3000 houses, creating income of more than 1 billion. But look at the country, more than 40 thousand of the B & B and 190 ten thousand farmhouse than, let’s start CEO Xu Jianjun realized that air is far from the B & B period.

as the capital side, Jing Yuan Capital Partners Chen Hongliang is not shy about talking about the power of capital. In his view, the beginning of consumption upgrade has a very big prerequisite – "have money, no money, how to upgrade?"

career history:





51 small holiday approaching, went to the hostel booking a hard time, looks like a lively scene, but since spring on the negative remarks but B & B industry: "95%, emerge in an endless stream are losing money", "beautiful countryside will appear large," haunted "feelings can’t save breakfast"……

Abstract An, B & B how to upgrade? How will the new incoming beachhead, pick several B & B industry trends, hope to inspire practitioners.

approach, in which the guesthouse owners how to upgrade themselves? Last week, 2017 Chinese hostel list and industry trends by start and end release in Hangzhou, they sought through the development status of interpretation industry to analyze the future pension pension.

also did not wait until the air began to be bad mouthing, now the home will be a good business

Ding Chunmei, a native of Hebei, graduated from the Department of chemistry of Hebei University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

for the webmaster, the effective integration of resources, allows the webmaster to see their own advantages, and make effective use of, for their own web site to find the direction and characteristics of development. Large and complete, not necessarily good, and for their own ability to play their own skills and expertise, is the best.

has a rich Internet industry promotion experience, familiar with the Internet mode of operation, familiar with the Internet environment Chinese. 2001-2003, Sina served as government marketing manager, responsible for government projects market development and government relations. Construction of sina, Qingdao, Jilin, Handan, Langfang and other local channels. 2004-2005 inauguration of sh419 as business development manager, is responsible for large-scale Internet Co, software and Telecommunications relations maintenance. On behalf of the company and China Telecom, China Netcom, Sina, CCID, Jinshan, rising and other companies to conduct strategic cooperation negotiations. In 2006, the founding of the Beijing new inter online.

Interview notes:

on the host, an explosion of a single product, it is still the mainstream, in addition, can also be through the brand chain operations, but the latter has been controversial in the industry. Xu Jianjun took the flowers hall for example, B & go brand chain management of the road, became a pioneering company, cruel in startups to the end you can not control the situation, at the end of the world is the capital to speak."

"it’s not the industry, it’s not the people who run it."." Xu Jianjun believes that now the industry is still not reach the level of feelings, "B & B is more of a connector and a container of emotion, B & B should consider is how to use the highest efficiency and the lowest cost to the user and guest."

at least in the United States group comments, it seems that this market is still worth looking forward to. Not long ago, the U.S. Group reviews its accommodation sharing platform "hazelnut," APP officially launched, again overweight tourism market.


website alliance is not optimistic about the whole industry because of the lack of standardized, the best way is to build a coalition of self regulatory organization, data transparency, profit rate the amount of certain norms, so as to make the industry more healthy development.

Personal guess about love Shanghai related keywords

4 correct word order: sometimes we search keywords, not necessarily in fair language search, when the keyword phrases in the order of chaos, love Shanghai will automatically correct the word order, which lists the better and more accurate search results, search for "Shanghai accounting service" of the word, love is automatically corrected to "Shanghai Shanghai accounting services".


Obsession told you – why would you want to know the love of Shanghai related keyword matching knowledge

as a dragon, to understand the role of the knowledge of their work, in this article I will talk about the love of Shanghai related keyword matching knowledge, learning the knowledge of words, you can choose in the future, these aspects of the page segmentation, keyword density and optimization of long tail keywords have better more choice. This is the direct effect of the learning of knowledge points. The following text was started.

and I share one conjecture about love Shanghai related keywords, perhaps everyone from the Internet love Shanghai advertising and competition video can be seen, love Shanghai very proud of their ability to understand Chinese characters, under the same conditions, the ability to understand love Shanghai Chinese search engine is better than a foreign. So this is not true? I think the knowledge of Chinese, love of Shanghai Google a little higher, but not very obvious advantages, and the reaction speed of the site changes, Google is far more than the cattle love Shanghai, this, believe that not only is the webmaster, other users have a feeling.


1 typos correction: a search for "computer brand", Shanghai will recognize the love of typos, and then will be in the first prompt you:


what I said on the Chinese understanding, love Shanghai for Google a little higher, then love Shanghai related keyword matching ability is how to see it, or that it will show up in the way in which we use love to Shanghai? I can see you on the list of several.

Obsession view – love Shanghai related keyword matching ability

2 Chinese Pinyin comprehension: when you enter Pinyin, love Shanghai will automatically understand the Pinyin closest Chinese characters, a search for "shanghaidieyou", there will be:


3 near synonyms (word) word matching: when you enter a word to search, but the search results you word too little, then, it will love Shanghai that similar meaning, but a lot of keyword search results, search for "butterfly friends how financial services", "how will love Shanghai automatic matching for" how to "


Website advertising strategyThis AD method is really good ah, admire

What is

1, the website user is your potential advertiser

By comparing several websites,

advertising price is a key factor in advertising sales, if advertisers only think the right price will consider the purchase, if you think that advertisers advertising position the price is too high, it will greatly reduce the desire to buy. In order to have long-term, good returns, it is best to adhere to low-cost, high-quality pricing strategy, first formulated

, you are stupid? Are you sober now? Here are 5 questions you can answer immediately after you have read the topic. Do not think slowly! Look at      

you now is the first of several?      


if you answer first, you are completely wrong!      

second questions: can not use more than 1 time, faster!      


third title:      


Fourth questions: starting to feel a little PigHead…….      

‘s original purpose whether we do stand, but the ultimate goal is to Wangzhuan site. This is not a vulgar, noble, and noble problem, because it takes a lot of effort and money to maintain a website, and it can not last for long if there is no return. For the GG alliance and the sh419 alliance, we don’t need to think about too much, but the two alliances are not good at first, but are vulnerable to the closure of the union account. In order to earn more money, to maximize the website, we also need to add on the Ali Mama like alliance advertising, but these advertising alliance need is the sale of advertising, how can Everfount their advertising to sell, this is the most long standing issues need to be considered. Sales experts at peak network believe that. The alliance ad needs to be decided on the following points:

2, the reasonable design of advertising position is an important index to attract advertisers.

the design of reasonable advertising position mainly includes the location, size and form of advertising bits. The advertiser is not a savior, considering buying only when the advertiser seems to be worth buying and buying to achieve his desired results. Whether the design of advertising position is reasonable or not has a direct impact on the value judgment and effect judgment of advertisers when purchasing. In accordance with the usual purchase psychology: the more prominent advertising position at least advertisers look conspicuous, the size is appropriate, the form can increase the amount of user clicks, advertisers purchase will be more proactive;

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

3, the pricing of advertising positions is also critical.

can easily conclude that the overall characteristics of the website itself and the size of the user group determine the ease of advertising. The reason is obvious, if the website user groups are oriented to high consumption groups, so a bit of advertising for him is not what he felt, as long as the value, will buy their own advertising to see you. Similarly, if the website user group is bigger, the advertisement place sells the possibility to be big. In your browser address bar, enter wndhw, will be very clear to see, universal navigation site in Ali mother League advertising sold well. The main reason for the sale is universal navigation network, now relatively large user groups, the use of universal navigation network as the home page of many people, the amount of browsing is also large, the possibility of buying advertising will continue to increase. Top web experts once said: "web users are your potential advertisers."".

How to improve the stability of Baidu rankings

I’m not what good writing, there is no hill big brother so the technical level, it has high eldest brother learned how much SEO has been keen to study insignificant skill, Baidu optimization, had 1, 2 turbulent flow station, although they have the wind and wind, but left me is the real experience. I will tell you what I have done in the experiment. I hope I can help you in the future SEO.

optimization is the most difficult to grasp is a light, do not go up, ruthless violation of the rules of the game, very easy to GAME OVER, so when we started SEO novice can not correctly grasp this, so we need to gradually increase the keyword density at the beginning as long as the definition of good TITLE and META information, write a good title, you may ask what good title, then we generalized said to be able to obtain the high-quality content related to long tail traffic title even a good title, we open the Baidu search for a keyword, on the bottom of the page will be long the word associated with the keyword, we open more relevant search can see these words search rankings.

in the case of NBA, we can see the live NBA, NBA video, NBA2008, NBA, NBA live online video broadcast, and so on, if we want to get these keywords in the long tail traffic, so we must pay attention to the wording of it in TITLE, Baidu has its segmentation rules, such as we write NBA online -NBA2008 Chinese video broadcast network, although this seems to contain a lot of related keywords, but that the weight is bad, we might as well as NBA live video online watch – NBA2008 Chinese, written this way, the first is to highlight the NBA live, followed by NBA2008 and then was divided into NBA segment NBA online video viewing long tail traffic broadcast and so on, not only highlights the main keywords, and bring the long tail keywords.

MATA weight is already very low, and some people specially wrote this kind of article, I will not elaborate, keywords pay attention not to repeat key words, description write as smooth as possible.

We are generally in the

home page title placed keywords, looks more in line with the user experience, but it should be noted that all is as far as possible not to take the primary key column title, also in the news title appropriate to add keywords to "trim", more in line with the user experience, SEO traces, we can refer to "film" the first look at his optimization keywords.

content to keep update, keep the original content, 2-3 content can be updated every day, it is impossible to modify other related news headlines do false original to add, not simply rely on the acquisition, did not have what effect.


I such low end stationmaster, still deserve to talk about Internet thinking

this article is before the successful submission of the "webmaster, why not do something tricky, and earn money" article sister articles, interested owners can go to check.

first face it questioned: some people read my article said that I was fooled, with Sichuan as saying that "your baby must be in to Lao Tzu blowing shells, a long winded!" sell name card, said he worked for many years, the monthly average earn twenty thousand or thirty thousand, you say I’m bragging, my brother, you are really not my (its staff of two people) "boss BOSS" when



is also a good number of dry bean bag, begging monthly income I will not say, but I’m sure you haven’t seen "this cup of White River, the acquisition of Wanda Plaza" expert


also praised the man I said: "you this website, but also to make money, I really have to see friends moved, although some colleagues will praise my name card website senior, hushanhushan can emit light, could not understand me, only you really understand me, my website really a little technical content, in addition to the client, when webmaster communication I absolutely refuse to take shots, but this site really brings us more than 50% business.

this is the most important to me, as I Daniel Technology Cooperation (aspects of a WP expert) asked me, need not to need to change the style, especially the huge contact to remove, feel ugly ah, then he was refused to admit that this website is his knife, but I has always insisted on leave, because many customers do not look at the content, are directly contact phone ok.

these are joking with you, maybe because I was too much, so the article finished after a lot of people think I said a little lame, but my core article is: "to find a competitive product, then you go to the possibility of this product through the Internet business has brought at the same time, look at the goods or services of their counterparts in the promotion level than you?, and then estimate the matter how difficult, you have so many resources (including time, money, energy and so on) to invest. "If everything is not a problem, then you can do it, it’s much easier than you do on the net,"

of course, these are not important, the focus of this article is about the article made no mention of the last time I talk about the specific content: a small stage is thinking how to use the Internet to earn money, earn money, earn a little money. The important thing to say three times, I think the small money is probably between five thousand and fifty thousand. And the key to this goal is to have Internet thinking.

said the Internet thinking, some people must smile and ha ha ha, you deserve to talk about these words? Even 100 dollars do not give me, you are OK

Server not only can do web site, but also should play full potential

Many webmaster

after making the pot of gold, to buy a server, ready to do bigger and stronger, but Baidu does not do the United States, large-scale K station, watching helplessly flow down, some owners bought better server, the old server is idle, or selling space, but the space is not worth getting paid, space 1G of only tens of dollars, there are a lot of people too expensive. From the investment point of view, the pursuit of maximum benefit is our goal. In fact, the server not only can do the website, but also can do many things, for my understanding, I think using the server spare resources to do callback service or VOIP service is very good.

said the first callback server, now the most widely used call back procedure is poubeau developed poubeau callback system, this system has already been cracked, now online everywhere can be downloaded to the installation space as long as tens of M space, and the daily log 100M space is enough. But now the outside do have a special callback server rental business, usually a month rent 300 yuan to 500 yuan, of course, the callback server may occupy a certain bandwidth, but the rent is the callback server callback operators is relatively small, their users is limited, I have seen a rental return dial server installed 12 callback system. And as a small callback operators, due to the weak computer technology, fewer users, it is not cost-effective to buy a server alone, so this should be beneficial to both sides.

and VOIP server, the VoIP server is the server callback superiors, callback server landing is from the VOIP server to connect to the VOIP server, in addition to docking, can also docking terminal, is what software, network telephone, in fact many people have used SKYPE, also some people used UUCALL, can show any number of telephone network for a period of time before the once popular, is just a pass through the floor, floor price actually pass through a minute more than 6 points, a lot of people buy 1 cents a minute.

if it’s a hidden number, it’s only 5 minutes per minute. VOIP server piracy is more under the platform of LINUX AVS, WINSDOWS VOIPSWITCH, referred to as VPS, the two kinds of software can be downloaded free to occupy the space of a VOIP service system is not high more than 100 M, is now only occupied bandwidth, VoIP compression technology, each only more than 10 calls per second K traffic, even if 100 people talk at the same time occupied 1M bandwidth per second. A little looser server can do it easily.

there is a SKIP2PBX software installed, SKYPE is to flow into SIP protocol flow, now SKYPE has a promotion package, called the world through 10 thousand minutes, 99 yuan monthly, equivalent to 1 cents per minute, and generally play domestic long-distance traffic is more than 5 points, to a few cents a minute call international, profit is very large. "SKIP2PBX" is >

Taobao shop novice guide – step by step to give the first show

I’m glad we were born in this Internet age. The basic necessities of life are closely related to it. Take online shopping for example. It represents a fast, convenient, efficient and fashionable way of life. As long as you move your fingers and play with one hand on the computer, you can easily complete the purchase, so concise.

well, that such a system is how to operate it, for me, I can not try this cause, the foresight of the man is the creator, good people can do a reluctant follower, imperceptibly is consumers, push the network Xiaobian found a lot of people do not want to the crowd of consumers, at the same time, an inspiration, someone said I was not going to do what, to make up for the life of spare time, then do a Taobao business not tall? It’s really not known at all. I have to try a little bit, but the result is good.

if given satisfactory Taobao shop first show? Began to think about how to start a successful Taobao shop, so search Baidu, how should start?. Two: certification. Three: open shop. Four: set up a successful shop. It is a simple process, follow the prescribed order began, but the beginning of it is really miserable, you have a Taobao store early others really do not know where you wait in the corner, competitors are numerous, and many large companies are also shops is combined with shops. What does the ability to fight, how to do, what do we have, what I want to do the customer and we can give, what, thinking, thinking, thinking, I know where to start, what is important!

: first. Second: high reputation, reliable quality, good customer service. Third, Fourth: the first point is the credibility of equality and sincerity, to us, there is no source, no one knows, is the so-called no steps, where a, where thousands of miles had gone so grand, find friends to help. But here again a clear point, product quality must be reliable, after a little credit enhancement, came to some customers, very happy began to be concerned about, and also took a small step, that thing will be good to open. It’s hard to keep up with the situation. Keep these customers in good order and contact them more at first. Pay more attention to more exchanges, to the derivative, their relatives and friends also see people slowly filling up the product.

therefore, after the sale, it seems so important, but the constant factor is product quality, after-sale good foundation is also the quality of the product. If you say that your product is a mess, and then a good subsidiary will be powerless, here shows the value of equality and sincerity. So after a certain source, must not hold off since the joy, forget the customer will change, he can choose to others, not necessarily immutable and frozen to follow you, quality, maintenance, maintain, is always the key.

said that, just a little bit wise remark of an experienced person. You should have a little snack

With the name name easy to mislead customers


take its work so difficult that many employers now will map a simple, direct with his name as a name. In fact, the current market there are a lot of shops are such a name, however, is not the name of each owner can use this. In a street, I saw a restaurant sign: "three yuan Hand-Pulled Noodle hall", I thought, this hotel Hand-Pulled Noodle really cheap, only three yuan, so try this Hand-Pulled Noodle.

so I went into the noodle shop, and the boss greeted me warmly. I asked for a bowl of noodles to eat, but found that the taste is not good. I barely ate the ramen, and there were three yuan in my pocket. I will be three yuan out of the money to the boss, but the boss did not pick up, he shook his head and said: a bowl of ramen is not $three, but $thirteen."

I feel cheated: "not three yuan Ramen Museum? How do not sell 3 yuan a bowl?"

"three yuan Hand-Pulled Noodle hall is three yuan a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle? You do not think about it, there are three yuan a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle?" My boss retorted coldly, "my name is three yuan, with my name as the name of it? My father gave me this name, he wanted me to do a!"

I was a bit embarrassed to place the head, had to take out ten yuan.

the boss saw me reluctant to look, you ridicule to say: "now go out ah, do not look at the name, the light is not enough to see its name."

"why not?" I gave thirteen dollars to the boss.

boss refers to the outside of the shop: "you see, that is called clothing city shop is what city? Is there such a small city? What is the square of the shopping mall? Is there such a small square? Do not look at the name, you look at the name, some ignorant."

listen to the boss, my face was hot, angrily left the Hand-Pulled Noodle museum.

of course, such as the case in this case is not much, however, once the consumer, I am afraid it will not retain this repeat customers. So, although his name is indeed can be used as a name, but if the use of the name after the name is ambiguous, when in use also need to be treated with caution.

How to do underwear store

on the same street, the brand is almost big, but a shop business is hot, the other a desolate, although many factors, but the business is certainly plays an important role, so how to do the underwear store? Let me see small series of!

is not the customer door we shout: Welcome. When customers go we shout: take your way. Is to respect the customer? For example, in many many barber shop barber barber in the process is not recommending any hair care products, but to find some common topics to chat, so as to pass the boring time barber, also can let the customer feel respected, with customers to establish basic trust after think of the customer to do some product recommendations, would be much easier.

for underwear store, first of all to let customers feel our spirits. In the blues, but the sales staff, even if your product is good, the customer will not hesitate to turn to. In addition to the display of goods, labels, price cards, special promotions, etc. need to be orderly, which is also the respect of customers. Beauty beauty brand underwear has changed the basic concept of the transformation into a series of people around the policy and the specific operation of the environment.

, provide convenience for customers

words inch inch of gold, underwear store must allow customers to easily find the goods they want, fast checkout and leave, instead of going for a long time yet find themselves looking for products. Underwear stores are well versed in the way, through a clean and orderly store display, flexible checkout channel settings and other means to bring real convenience to customers.

and customers to establish emotional