The purchase of competing products in the search engine keywords, really have a problem

and Google, YAHOO, Microsoft, whether foreign or domestic BING love Shanghai, 360, Sogou search engines are allowed to buy rival keywords, actually this is the norm.

BING, iPad Pro search first is letv.

in order to get more opportunities to show their own advertising, many companies will choose the competitive word (like industry well-known enterprises in the trade name) as a trigger keyword search results promotion. In order to increase the exposure rate, even large enterprises, may also choose the same type of small and medium enterprises, and even irrelevant category of small and medium-sized enterprises and their business competitive word as a search keyword promotion, its purpose is to expand its promotion result coverage, attract more people’s attention, this is very common in business promotion.


iPad Pro when foreign users search in Google, ranked first in the Microsoft Surface advertising.


Let’s look at the Microsoft

in the 360 SO search, search for "millet", the first is letv.


two, the purchase of competing products to meet market competition > word

and " iPhone 6s" when users search;; when the first is rival Samsung S6 links.

but if nature return to the business competition, whether to buy rival keywords really wrong? And PPC is really a problem?

had been exposed to buy a hammer mobile phone key iPhone "which is a rival in love Shanghai, and Luo Yonghao had to buy brand keywords in a search engine that is extremely offensive, which had to buy new Oriental" Luo Yonghao "keywords a thing denouncing the New Oriental, and this is their own has become the object of attacked.

and the reason is that Microsoft and Samsung are Google to buy Apple keyword advertising, in fact, enterprises can buy rival brand ads, the Adwords in Google’s bidding system has been allowed, and some key words and query is closely linked to lower level can buy expensive.

come, mainstream search engines face competing products to buy keywords, to do it.

in Sogou search "millet", the first is the Jingdong’s mobile phone channel, rather than the official website of millet.


, Google, Bing, 360, Sogou search engine keywords face competing products is how to do


What are the good keywords ranking promotion skills

There are many factors affecting During the period of

in the cloud claw promotion effect is very good, the integration of the promotion of the rich resources, news, micro-blog WeChat promotion, soft Wen promotion massive keywords ranking Promotion Forum promotion and so on, have more promotion issues can consult at science and technology promotion for cloud claw.

for an enterprise website, keywords ranking is a bit more important. Because when the user through the search engine to search for a product or service, if the user can see the company’s website for the first time, the enterprise products or services will greatly increase the exposure, purchase or transaction will greatly increase the possibility of the corresponding.


for the website keyword selection must conform to the user’s search habits, and should be big word searches, but these words also reflect our products or services provided by. You can refer to a number of search engines to determine keywords and long tail keywords.

is a web site keywords ranking PPC and Shanghai dragon natural ranking two. PPC effect is obvious, but the need to continue to pay, and some popular keywords are relatively high prices. Shanghai Longfeng natural rankings do not need to pay, the people to the natural ranking of trust is a bit higher, tend to feel natural to the front row site more authority.

The promotion of science and technology at

website of Shanghai Longfeng natural ranking, to search engine, the influence of the factors may have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of. But according to the long-term experience and a lot of research, found that there are two factors to influence keywords ranking is relatively large. Use is a keywords in the website of title, another is the key chain of the prevalence and popularity.

in do network promotion, keyword ranking fluctuation is a common phenomenon, but the site did not do what special thing, will link the day as usual, will update the original article, but the site’s ranking is not stable, and often will fluctuate. Many new Adsense all thought it was his improper operation, or what "out of line", which leads to their site is down right. In fact, many times for many reasons, there may be some details of the cause, there may be the search engine itself is the problem.

A new direction to enter the site to enhance the weight of brand promotion

of course, a lot of practice, I said some commonly used. For example, we do the promotion in Shanghai love to know, now love Shanghai know not to add links, we must take the user to our site, how to do? Then you can join an introductory language when answering questions, such as the Shanghai love one of our words we can find certain brand the official website, there are more detailed introduction. If you really have this need, you will certainly do what you say, you love Shanghai brand word to find your site. This method is also applicable to the classification of information and commerce platform B2B.

is a group of users of the website is a real weight website, is a worthy of respect for the website search engine. This site even search engines are not easily K you, such as car home this site. The user in the search of the car home, if you can’t find my search engine to the site, then I would switch to another search engine. I don’t think the car home this site has a problem, but the search engine will think you have problems. This will damage the user experience, search engine is not taking the risk. Here we all know that it’s a good brand website, now tell us about how to practice.

real brand website as long as you open his traffic statistics can be seen, most of the traffic to his website is his brand word search engine every day, rather than target keywords. Such as car home this keyword, its index is 120 thousand, and the car industry but words 18 thousand. Can think of this car brand word must be greater than the core word car when traffic statistics what when you open your site, that bring your words flow is up to the time of your brand in this time slowly shaping success. As long as you are late continue to promote your brand, deepen your brand continuously, continue to retain old customers, attract new users to your site.


lifting the weight of the website is every Shanghai Longfeng people are doing every day, but you are now operating on the site who is right? Can effectively improve the weight of your site really? I believe that the current method to improve website weight is the best brand promotion, like some methods to enhance the site the weight of the common is not so effective, such as the chain weight is not only more and more low, and can not be accumulated strong. To the late and for the influence of the ranking is small, now the search engine in order to make the Internet a clean environment, foreign chain hit is quite large, the chain is more and more difficult to do. So in the chain becomes more and more difficult to do under the method to improve website weight is the best brand promotion. But this is a long-term accumulation of things, like the chain, the chain is always a life time, someday will disappear. So the website brand promotion this is our website optimization in the late most should do.

From the website of the internal construction of tourism website to start Shanghai Dragon

site title is an important step in website internal optimization, and the core keywords decided title. Most of the regional tourism sites are some scenic spots as the core to promote small website, so the key words are very easy to set up, but to prevent piling up, don’t want to catch all the result of a catch. If the company special requirements in addition to the core keywords, XX tickets to the short term optimization of long tail keywords go up in the website home page title with these words is really a short term to the long tail keywords ranking improved method is more effective, but you’d better control.

in tourism e-commerce is increasingly penetrating our life today, many people have to online booking, hotel reservation, booking and other travel products offered no stranger. The user generated from the idea to the completion of the order process so a series of most of the search engine, the user determines the value of tourism in Shanghai Longfeng clear tourism products. Never sure go to a scenic spot to search through the network to understand the decision to which spots to clear the search for "XX" hotel booking tickets "XX" and other words into your site, so that tourism in Shanghai Longfeng commercial value is self-evident.

1, the tourism website core keywords

although almost every site is do Shanghai Longfeng goal is to product sales as the ultimate goal, but this point is particularly obvious in the tourism website. In the tourism e-commerce market has been leading Ctrip, the same way, donkey mother and other tourist sites in whatever can go beyond time or from outside the capital, more and more enterprises management of their geographical subdivision of the market, and this market cake is great, after all, in the development of tourism e-commerce is just emerging Chinese. So in the confirmation of tourism website keywords, in order to ensure the optimization possibilities, excessive competition keywords resolutely discarded, such as "tourism", "hot spring", at this time, in front of a geographical restrictions such as "Jiangxi tourism" and "Mount Lu XX spa", this benefit is not only easier to optimize the user. The conversion rate will be higher.

because Shanghai dragon is more and more complex, the Shanghai dragon to website promotion in many bosses seem to be inopportune or inappropriate. However, in some industries Shanghai dragon or received more attention, such as tourism such an industry. So how to do the Shanghai dragon travel website

tourism website Shanghai Longfeng value


a Shanghai dragon Er took up a web site, the first step is to know the core keywords to determine the appropriate site title, if conditions permit, can change from the website architecture to web site, then is the chain of the overall implementation, of course, it runs through a series of processes cannot do without analysis to competitors, tourism website is no exception. The following from the three points to Shanghai Longfeng scheme about tourism website, which is based on the author’s experience and, given the length, some will not do too much exposition.

How do the Shanghai dragon travel website

A brief talk on the operation of local marriage network

is now around the marriage network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like development, operation method of all kinds of, finally can do down only a few, why we are doing, the effect is not the same, it is not a good operation mode in plus the station level, we created a herd and after a period of time, it vanished, web site operators are groping forward, the same pattern does not necessarily apply in two regions, the marriage industry is a high profit industry, as long as the business and build up good relations, to flow up, creating a brand is not a problem now, introduce myself to run local marriage nets experience

one, the content of marriage net should have specific sex,

to marriage related industries as the theme, do not put in some other aspects, now mainly in wedding photography and wedding, because this industry is the two largest mainstream wedding industry, can help to add, wedding dress, makeup and other sections, to be clear, home to the main theme of the website keyword so, in order to better put the website ranking as soon as possible to row up, so that businesses can write some experience about their own experiences, sent to the web site up. Not only the content, but also to businesses have been promoted.

two, the site should have Merchants settled in

membership is the soul of the website, there are a lot of marriage station now, information-based, few member businesses, how to stand on the marriage consumers mainly want to find their own wedding, wedding company, no business members, the website also lost the meaning of existence, for members to provide display space, advertising, promotional pictures, information release, business and other topics. The recruitment of members of the early free, if the owners have energy, financial resources also can, can ask the salesman to visit, you can face to face communication, leave a good impression to the businessman, two can lay the foundation for future earnings, personal webmaster, can use QQ, MSN and other online tools then, online solicitation, for merchants to send advertising, general business is not rejected, the station will use this method in a month to recruit more than 70 businesses, but everything can not suddenly let people remember you, communicate and businesses online, can establish QQ group, the businessman put together, expand exchanges, for their own is also a convenient way of publicity.

three, promotion of marriage network

The promotion of

marriage network, website content as far as possible with the original article, because of an industry website without their own original, will usher in the search engine’s favorite, not necessarily the original day to write much, but at least one article a day, find some reproduced on the website the higher rate of the content of the site is over, this volume, also let website quality, enrich the content, external promotion to the local community forum, mainly because there are a lot of the forum is not allowed to link, but can publish the related articles, when the genus name written on marriage >

Inventory shop location eight steps

choose the right place to operate, has been a very important part of the shop process, but for many zero experience businesses, it is quite difficult to get the problem. You know, the site is to have skills, grasp the skills, in the good work, you can start on the starting line. Here, the small series on the shop to introduce the location of the eight steps.

a. new store development plan

Prior to the development of a new store in the area,

should first develop a new store development plan, which is designed to meet the company’s development plan.

because of the different stages in the same area development plan will have a greater difference, for example, just enter a region, the first consideration is to establish a brand image in the minds of consumers, the number of new development in this stage will be relatively small, not too much emphasis on profits, often choose the special location of the eye-catching and a relatively large area of the store. In addition, we must pay close attention to the expansion plans of competitors, competitors to accelerate the expansion of the speed, the company will also accelerate the development of new store plans to maintain or even increase market share.

b. market information collection

in order to develop new stores in a certain area, you need to understand the market information in detail. Including population (population, age, gender, residential population distribution); employment (employment population quantity, category, to store the convenience, the main office building of fixed and floating population; () shopping area, Business Hours, major customer); entertainment (location, usage, age, appearance and Business Hours); (the total number of passengers, passenger transport station number); competitors (position, advantages and disadvantages, the relative estimate of its turnover); plan and government regulations (limited construction, future plans, the road changes); dynamic business (economic growth rate, unemployment rate, new engineering etc.). The most important concept in the collection of market information. Consumption refers to the new location as the center, to a certain distance around the designated radius for the sales area.

c. site evaluation

site evaluation is to assess the quality of a place, will be a place with other places in the shopping district of a number of specific attributes and the results of the evaluation.

generally speaking, the evaluation of the pros and cons of the site is divided into the following four types:

super – is a focus of attention within the District, the visibility and accessibility is particularly prominent, is a great place in the entire district; a – is a good place to have the attention, but its visibility and accessibility as super point, place a handful of this district is superior; B located in the District — less.

X Yuan clothing store business is not good to do

is now a lot of businessmen love to open some very cheap price to the clothing store, and then play the price is very cheap, the thought this price will attract many consumers, but the fact is not so often, these X Yuan clothing store business is not good to do.

but with its various regions around the enthusiasm of the people of high streets and back lanes, but greatly reduced. In Guangzhou, for example, 80% of the stores have closed down. Beijing Road, Guangzhou boss Wang, from the beginning of the end of 2008 more than a year, the replacement of the 4 brands of clothing stores, but no one can hold up to more than 3 months.

How to raise prices

among all walks of life, the increasingly fierce competition among peers. So for businesses, want to profit, it is necessary to face the high cost, price increases, how can we get good development in the fierce market competition? The problem is widespread. Today, Xiaobian for operators to talk about a reasonable price approach, hoping to provide you with reference.

one: can not simply price, to make the value of the product to enhance the sense of synchronization. Direct price increase is tantamount to ruining lives. The food industry is a low threshold of the industry, the best move is to raise prices. Price must be to enhance their competitiveness as a precondition. From the product development, innovation on the packaging of the reasons to tell consumers.

if there is no innovation, brand, quality is not improved significantly, the direct price is very easy to go up, you are wrong, the previous pricing is low, you can increase success is not what great things, just fixed a bug."

two: when it comes to industry perspective, we still have to analyze from many aspects. First of all, I think we have to carry out these two considerations: 1, industry analysis: the establishment of the company’s market position, profit model (development strategy). Enterprises in the product price, we must first determine the purpose of product price increases, and the purpose of corporate price increases should be developed in accordance with the development strategy of the enterprise, the ultimate guarantee of the smooth implementation of enterprise development strategy.

want to get success in business, every business must take into account the reasonable price increases, so that consumers feel comfortable. Of course, businesses should pay more attention to these business methods, so as to gain competitive advantage in the development of good development. Every operator in the shop operation, but also summed up their own business model to be used, so far from the success of the.

Small home appliance store decoration skills sharing

creative small household electrical appliances can make people’s lives more convenient, open a small home appliance store is also very profitable. So, you may want to ask, how to open a small home appliance store? Open a small household electrical appliances store you need to know a lot of things, this time, a small home appliance decoration to introduce.

1, small home appliance store decoration design and appliance VI harmony. The main channel is spacious, not less than 2 meters, the second channel is smooth, not less than 1.5 meters, small appliances to join design glass doors and windows have obvious color difference, logo out, caused the attention of the customer, to prevent hidden dangers.

The design and decoration of

2, small household electrical appliances store decoration design on both sides of the gate, usually in the blank wall hung service commitments in the KT display board, the cashier put up the payment notice, at the top of the stairs and the appropriate position whereby "delivery notice", "return flow", "from your satisfaction, service make every day special commitment" and other home appliances.

3,   door wall light shelves of uniform height, uniform size of about 50CM, bright and beautiful, the booth arrangement for customers with comfortable, shop layout, layout at roughly the store manager of home appliance store decoration design should tend to beautify the layout.

4,   electrical display stress, promotional products and focus on the sale of the brand can be placed in the doorway or conspicuous place, how to open a small home appliance store? The rest of the brand should be arranged reasonably, small household electrical appliances to join the business items block distribution is clear, reasonable arrangement of the brand, the layout of the prominent theme of the best-selling varieties. Gifts should be placed neatly, beautiful.

5,   the hanging flag plays to publicize and beautify the environment, home appliance store decoration design when hanging the flag, should pay attention to its height and distance, and to consider the influence of the surrounding environment, can block the light and brand tag.

6,   sometimes in the shop around from the ceiling above the showcase but also have a certain space, we can draw a row of garland or other decorations, if the next space is relatively large, you can also hang some hanging flowers in the shop.

7,   POP plays a pivotal role in the propaganda posters in the appliance store decoration design, writing must be beautiful, and put the suspension should be beautiful, small appliances to join including put the poster frame must be suitable for the environmental requirements, some stainless steel plate placed posters must be in line with the order. How to open a small home appliance store? Test room can also be hung a small spray or simply hang a POP poster to do a presentation.

8, small home appliances store decoration design signage must be bright, humble, hanging to dazzling.

9, small household electrical appliance store decoration design side columns are hung some of the electrical painting, and some can also be made into a glass type inkjet. The light is bright, contrast the elegant atmosphere.

Hubei has several development zones identified as the transformation and upgrading of the demonstrat

With the continuous development of

economy and the continuous innovation of science and technology, there are many traditional enterprises can not adapt to the trend of the development of the times. However, a number of high-quality enterprises to actively carry out the transformation, access to a better development. So, what are the development zones in Hubei identified as the transformation and upgrading of the development zone?

reporter yesterday from the NDRC website was informed that the national development and Reform Commission of all submitted national economic zone to create the Yangtze River Development Zone upgrade demonstration programs were reviewed, agreed to Suzhou 33 Industrial Park Development Zone Development Zone for the transformation and upgrading demonstration set. Among them, Hubei Xishui Economic Development Zone, Yichang hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Jingzhou economic and Technological Development Zone are listed in the list.

national demonstration zone of transformation and upgrading of the Yangtze River economic belt, will lead the industry to upgrade and collaboration of the Yangtze River economic belt, and promote industrial transfer and the rational flow of factors of production between and optimize the regional allocation, promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades. The goal is after 3 to 5 years of hard work, significantly enhance the demonstration zone development scale, construction level, the park features, main body status, increasing demonstration leading and radiating effect, significantly enhance the participation of international division of labor and international influence, the transformation and upgrading of walking in the forefront of the National Development zone.

The main task of

is to undertake international industrial transfer, promote the development of open economy; undertake international and coastal industrial transfer, promote regional coordinated development; producing interactive city guide industry and city synchronous fusion development; low carbon emission, green construction development demonstration zone; innovation drive, leading the construction of science and Technology Development Zone; system innovation the construction of investment environment demonstration zone.

development and Reform Commission, the Yangtze River Economic Belt provinces (municipalities) development and Reform Commission in accordance with the "Yangtze River National Economic Zone Upgrade Demonstration Zone construction requirements", strengthen the transformation and upgrading of Construction Demonstration Zone, to insist on ecological priority, change the mode of development, a new system oriented, promote the transformation and upgrading of demonstration development in the area of green development, innovation driven development, industrial upgrading, open cooperation, deepen the reform and exploration of all experience and achieve practical results. For the transformation and upgrading of the new situation and new problems in the development process of the demonstration zone, to promptly report to the national development and reform commission.

The national development and Reform Commission

will follow the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategic deployment, coordinated development zone construction demonstration of transformation and upgrading, Upgrade Demonstration Zone to implement dynamic management, Upgrade Demonstration Zone copy summary of typical experience and practice transformation and promotion, support and guidance, from the planning reform, special arrangements, and comprehensively promote the construction of the development and demonstration zone upgrade.

economic development, the need to size up the situation, follow the pace of the times. The achievements of the 3 development zones in Hubei, is its continuous recommendation