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these familiar website, we can see is _, instead of the above mentioned -, |, >, space,,. The ranking is needless to say, everyone has a good consensus. So, of course, this does not necessarily mean, with underscores, will be able to have a good ranking, included is very good, I think the Shanghai dragon, do the details, every detail notice! I recommend or follow brother go. Follow brother go, eat what all have


reprint source network shopkeeper www.zhanggui5贵族宝贝, Wuwei Admin5 wilderness first! Is not required to reprint Shanghai

report love the consequences!



we often do not know how to choose the problem. Don’t know what kind of effect is better, often used, |, >, space, etc.. Because often in the search, see a lot of good ranking sites, with more symbols are. Many people say that there is no difference between what, but I don’t think so. Let us look at the following example:

love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent, dedecms, Shanghai dragon is Shanghai Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai, all products are used to underline "_", is a warning to us that we should pay special attention to. Sina blog is often many webmaster friends to do the chain of a good platform, features, Sina blog included fast, I think in addition to their own high weight, is Shanghai dragon optimization details, is also very important, perhaps the character segmentation is one of the reasons why. Dedecms has been a recognized by many webmaster, the reason is that the core of the optimization is awesome, very friendly to the search engine, while the dedecms is using the _". It is worthy of thinking.


We carefully observe the


The new station how to avoid excessive optimization

recently the author of their hands are down the right, published in the previous articles, 2 articles about self analysis right down, down the right remedy and several factors on the site is down right analysis of the 2 articles on new sites, interested friends can go to see, in my own analysis 2 down the right conclusion, get out a result, excessive site optimization, love Shanghai engine to punish, today the personal experience to share, our new how to avoid excessive optimization

to avoid excessive Optimization: the chain of ordinary construction

to avoid excessive Optimization: Links construction

this is my website spider file size, we can see that in 13,14.15 these 3 days the number of abnormal crawling, this.



we all know, to optimize a website, cannot do without external link building, what we called the chain, here we note that today is in addition to the chain Links are ordinary chain, of course, some local or professional personnel, the chain can be divided into ordinary chain. Related to the chain and so on, we are all ordinary chain in this note, when I just got a new station, is very excited, because in order to challenge the new station can have a rapid ranking, it’s hard to do outside the chain, the text, the results we search for as can be imagined, be punished, this 2 days snapshot update is not normal, so we should see from the author’s experience, not crazy to do outside the chain, we should keep an increasing pattern, gradually improve their daily chain speed, but also to Remember, the ordinary chain is not as long as the volume is gradually stabilized, but also the stability of the chain, these are all very important, but these are today the way, in a word, the general construction of the chain, the number will gradually increase, the chain resources should be extensive, the quality of the chain to the stability of

2 new

, the author found that the construction of the Links is one of the reasons causing excessive optimization, which is in many stations in all kinds of friends to share their experience, never mentioned, today we have come to Links, why will cause your site excessive optimization, give you a look, the spider crawling file that the webmaster friends are in their own website is provided with a record of the spider crawling code, this is more conducive to our analysis of the website


how to avoid excessive optimization, the author thinks, should from two aspects to do, do not think it can spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, optimization of multi optimization, especially the novice webmaster friends, but remember, all according to the law optimization. We avoid the optimization of today, are from the chain direction, but the construction is divided into ordinary chain of construction and Links, we first said, the chain of ordinary construction

How to make love love around Shanghai link

how do we do Links? We might likened himself to love Shanghai. He love what kind of website, we do Links and what kind of website. Shanghai love love the original, we do Links website and the original degree is high; love love Shanghai every day to update the site, we will update the site every day, and those that do Links; we love Shanghai love the old domain, and the domain name on the year’s website Links. In a word, love Shanghai love, you also want to love. When it comes to the breadth and quantity, we need the usual accumulation, forum, blogs have more with links to articles. The forum, blog the more the better, of course this does not belong to the category of a chain. There is a point to remember, and do not have suspected cheating website Links, very easy to be K off. At the same time we should not be stuck in the factory or not to link and make stand group website Links love Shanghai, hate war group, if not sure you love Shanghai, will K off you.

if we rely on the love of Shanghai to bring traffic, revenue, so we need to understand first love Shanghai. Love Shanghai, love what kind of website? Love Shanghai like old domain name website, love original high website, love website updated every day, most do not love those websites cheating. Love Shanghai do not value PR, but very important content, value breadth and the number of the chain. Your links do not necessarily have the PR, but a very wide and very much quantity.

today we love Shanghai and around the Links optimization, talk about how to do, how to do the most effective Links. We do Links is nothing but in order to improve the site in the search engine’s weight, get a better ranking. What is the weight of high site? PR high is high weight? My answer is not so; my opinion is that there are high ranking is weight. This point in Shanghai is obvious, a lot of the PR value is very low or even no PR value of the site will have a high ranking, and the PR value high site is in the back row, examples beyond count. The value of Google PR, but this does not seem to love Shanghai.

webmaster friends all know, no matter whether you are new or old station, must have the development, Links is always an important part of. Look at those PR value high or relatively large portals, which will be no more than two dozen Links, even more. We all love do friends chain and those websites with high PR, that it will certainly improve their PR value. So yes, sometimes very effective, but not necessarily.

finally remembered the day before to love Shanghai snapshot, love Shanghai snapshot, like a luxury, not the general website can do. But now it is different, there may be new snapshot every day. The ranking and don’t seem so close, I have a website snapshot, stopped in half a month ago, but has been ranked in the home page, and not out of the top five. So, do Links don’t stare at the snapshot. The above is purely personal point of view, each one according to his lights. If there is wrong.

December 29th A5 domain auction market summary

A5 ( station network December 30th news, yesterday in the A5 domain name auction, the final transaction price of 100 thousand yuan in the in the auction list, following the sixty-third stage A5 auction to 100 thousand yuan price node shot after the top-level domain.Cc has once again demonstrated its investment potential. In addition, five digital, six digital.Com domain name in yesterday’s A5 auction is also very lively.


A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk,


remarks: the domain name can be submitted without reservation price. After the submission of the domain name with the reserved price, the A5 staff shall be required to have a unified examination, and the reserve price is unreasonable, and the A5 has the right to not pass it. In the auction, the auction shall be cancelled and the reserve price shall be revised, otherwise it shall be deemed as a breach of contract.


submit domain name, enter group contact QQ/, WeChat:

A5 (6710265) A5 Ouye clay (8961095) A5 (6505926) A5 Ruili Kaka (6326901) A5 (9361502)


A5: (6528309) A5 (3945497) A5 fish Naomi (2947281883) A5 (153126911) A5 depin Nannan (18252109157)

A5 domain name auction perennial hot levy concentration:

On the last day of 2009, do a film site summary

new year is coming, write something Liugejinian, I contact site is in the second half of 2008, count is a bit of time, but I regret the most is too late, I think this is many webmaster idea: if I want to contact you two years ahead of schedule soon the "million users", do not say there should be no problem for hundreds of thousands of millions.

I do more than a year, just earned a total of more than 20 thousand, perhaps in the eyes of many of my friends are few, according to many of my friends one day to earn 2 to two thousand or three thousand a month, tens of thousands of this movie, there are still some webmaster, but many are not making money, or some recommendation and experience.

I’m a movie site, movie website is the pursuit of traffic, traffic has money. In 2008, the movie website is not a lot, remember that time will do a keyword to a lot of traffic, such as a movie now "" heaven "," the film I have done, look at the movies, I came before the three, sometimes is the first, then the movie website not much, so it is easy to arrange a good place, now you go to search for it, do the keyword movie website is also afraid of scores, but the most important thing is now Baidu changed the search algorithm, a lot of popular keywords, front row is basically a large site, the small owners to come to the front row to basically impossible, so do the movie site to get the flow, now is very difficult.

at the end of 2009, the country was cracking down on movie websites, and no ethical video was allowed. Many movie sites had to shut down, including some space service providers. Judging from the form of recent months, the movie web site is afraid there is no spring.

tomorrow is new 2010, see the last month, signs of recovery as a movie website, many movie website has opened up a new movie website also appeared, and the space was moved to China, then we can see that the national strike action basically came to an end, the movie can be done, the CN domain name also do the movie. I think there’s something really regret it, because that’s when I put my strike into a movie website about other website, and now back, the weights are not, I said so much, I still do my personal experience about the movie website.

what optimization, we all see tired, in fact, almost all, said the relaxed, and do not have a few people can do. For example, the title of the website, do not easily modify the title, I also know, but I really can not control themselves, often so change, then change, of course, the consequences are very serious. Here or to remind you, do not literally change the title, change you will regret, of course, if your title is very bad, then you can change it.

in addition, the website should have good ranking, and the connection is very important. For those new websites, it’s hard to find links. You can buy links, too

What are the characteristics of the new round of employment support policies in Panzhihua

with the development of economy, the gap between the rich and the poor is also very obvious. In order to coordinate the unified development of the region, a new round of employment support policies in Panzhihua. So, what are the characteristics of the new round of employment support policies in Panzhihua?

this year, the city has issued a new "Panzhihua employment unemployment registration regulations", "Panzhihua city employment certificate management implementation details" and the "Panzhihua city employment difficulties apply to identify the implementation measures", to further improve the new round of employment support policy system.

new employment unemployment registration rules and the implementation of the employment difficulties identified by the implementation of the measures showed a two expansion of an adjustment feature:

one is to expand the scope of employment and unemployment registration. Further expand the scope of employment and unemployment registration, and promote the equalization of urban and rural employment services.

two is to expand the scope of employment difficulties identified. The urban resident personnel, in accordance with the conditions of life insurance and land is requisitioned in accordance with the conditions of the rural workers, migrant rural migrant workers into the scope of application, enjoy a new round of employment support policies.

three is to adjust the employment difficulties identified conditions. The older people will be identified as the conditions for the application of the determination of women over 40 years of age, men over the age of 50 and above.

Panzhihua, a new round of employment support policies not only to further expand the scope of employment and unemployment registration, and expand the scope of employment difficulties identified. Support for poor areas will help to coordinate regional economic development.

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Quit selling 10 million year sales

business needs to find some people’s needs, and think of ways to meet the needs of the people, especially the entrepreneurs must go in-depth understanding of the social situation, some people need to do business products.

Third, no business experience, cheated. As a matter of fact, Li Ling really had a deficit. Because it is a friend, Li Ling did not sign a production contract with the initial cooperation of small printing and dyeing plant. Here’s the problem: she agreed time to pick up, suddenly dumbfounded! This batch of goods in addition to small defects such as thread does not say, manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, but also the pattern of wanton modification, and printing and dyeing is very rough, and Li Ling had a different idea. Li Ling did not sign a production contract with the manufacturers, simply can not claim. It has been done, Li Ling only knocked out teeth to swallow, her heart a horizontal, this batch of goods when all the waste treatment.


Li Ling

How to be a good manager of foot shop

pedicure industry because of the growing demand, so it has been a good development, and for the operation of a foot shop, the manager can be said to play a very important role. That foot Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon industry, but so long, why I have never met a good manager? In the end how to be a good manager?


fair and decent

in the foot store, reflexologist most worried about is that the foot store manager encountered favour one more than another. No sense of fairness manager will cause tensions between reflexologist, let the foot store atmosphere becomes very strange, but also every day reflexologist worried about whether I would become the "treat ungenerously people".

respect and trust employees

everyone who works likes to be trusted and respected. Because the outside of the foot shop there is misunderstanding, pedicure Division will be more eager to get respect and recognition than other practitioners in the industry, and this respect and affirmation from the first internal.

foot shop manager can respect, trust foot division of the word, pedicure division’s expertise, strength in order to maximize the play, but also to learn more motivation to learn more.

has assumed the manager

who are afraid to encounter did not take the foot shop manager, this kind of people once the project is wrong, always blame others, and look for scapegoats. In contrast, the foot reflexology shop manager would like to go first to understand the situation and reflect on.

some foot shop may not be large, but at the same time also need a very perfect mechanism, so that it will make the foot shop to get better management, and thus has a better operation. The foot store is small, but the connection between each position is very important, a good manager for the boss can save a lot of heart, but no one is born a staff tailor-made for you, which requires the boss Dujuhuiyan, plus patience polish, a good knife in your hand is still rusty light depends on the boss’s skill!

The importance of investing in the selection of the franchise stores

now our country’s education industry has begun to industrial development, at the same time, in addition to school education, the whole society also appeared in a variety of extracurricular education, at the same time to join the education industry more and more people join the education industry location is very important.




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