Shanghai Longfeng information overflow we how to choose the high quality content to learn


for this question I can not help but reflect on the rapidly changing industry algorithm such as Shanghai Longfeng, we must always grasp the latest trends in the search engine algorithm, pay attention to the study of Shanghai dragon is essential for every day. Especially suitable for communication, to discuss issues such as forum, a good place to learn, just because of the chain, the numerous links in the domestic forum into the factory, I counted out relatively clean and have to watch content forum only two, one is BSG, another is the light forum. In addition to these two, I can not find the third, I do not know if you can’t find. I can not help but think, learn where we where, where there is a high quality content, the share in some places some of my every day to learn the latest Shanghai dragon.

The first: micro-blog

yesterday, Shanghai dragon most cattle Shanghai dragon forum BSG in many Shanghai dragon Er demanded under the BSG administrator at micro-blog said I was registered mail tired, so I decided to open registration yesterday in 30 minutes. We have to let me think, there are now several forums like the Shanghai dragon world forum. All seem to want to pull more people to register it, but the BSG forum has limited registration, in order to give you a good learning platform. But out of the case, and the registered members of strict requirements, can not be made out of order links, cannot reprint articles made here. Talk to discuss civilization terminology, this is the cleanest forum I have seen Shanghai dragon circles, you casually on those famous forum to see what Shanghai dragon WHY, A5 forum, CHINAZ forum, behind the forum, just a day in the tens of thousands of posts, but those posts can see you are the hair of the chain, the contents of nutrients are not, for the user is not learning exchanges, to link the factory.

now micro-blog has several years of development, is not what new things, especially the Internet this line, at least one or several. Now I have already become the micro-blog control, open the second thing is to look at the micro-blog computer. Micro-blog how to learn Shanghai dragon? 1. celebrities, Shanghai Longfeng areas such as ZAC, Cardiff, Wang Tong and you think you can learn something in his body can be. 2. attention mechanism, such as love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics, Google, Sogou, micro-blog search, the search engine micro-blog are open. Now many companies take micro-blog as an important channel of information dissemination, we can interact with them. 3. can enter the Shanghai dragon micro group, but I have not found currently active in Shanghai dragon group, but we can find that in the group interaction is very good for learning. Micro-blog is the main interaction, when others published topic, you have to express their views or opinions, have a weak relationship between the chain, become like a friend strong so that you can easily turn tether, learn to communicate with others. >

Shanghai Longfeng need to consider comprehensive global factors to win

we can push out the back, as we see in the data statistical tools, we only see the bounce rate has no meaning. It cannot be said that bounce rate more representative of your website more garbage, you also need to be combined with the user’s residence time, the residence time of the user is long, that our more high-quality, high bounce rate maybe just because we don’t have good guidance, and can not simply say that our content quality is not high. So the judgment of the higher dimension analysis you can be more accurate, so now is no longer a fresh all day, our website needs all-round development.

so that the chain of the market to sell hot is hot, but it is no wonder that this link was bought too. At that time, although the content is king, in fact, factors affecting the content is not too big. The most important thing is the chain, so since last year to now love Shanghai upgrade algorithm basically only for links and content of foreign chain is relentless attack. This is what makes Shanghai Longfeng staff aware of the chain is not so important, to link to the Internet garbage is a price to pay. In fact, we should do more and the effect of Shanghai dragon also felt the chain now has more small, because the search engines also know that if a given weight is too large, the cheating cost will be lower.

three years ago the Shanghai dragon circles popular words, content is king, the chain for the emperor, today it is estimated that many newcomers don’t know a word. But this sentence was so popular, as we pointed out that the new Shanghai dragon road, let the new Shanghai dragon core in a second to Shanghai dragon. Today do not know who is the summary of a sentence, but from this sentence itself can also be seen at the time of Shanghai dragon really feel not much secret. The two elements do almost the same, because the two for the website ranking plays a decisive factor, although known to affect the search engine results have more than 200 factors, but really the most influential then two, and the two most influential is the chain.

is now the Shanghai dragon industry more and more mature, more and more competitors, Shanghai dragon some secret is not more. You know about competitors know, don’t think.

in order to make the algorithm more accurate, more dimensions must judge a website, determine the cost of failure will be smaller. If you think that a search engine only determine factors for the ranking of the elements, and a search engine to determine the ten factors for ranking factors that would be more accurate, more accurate data must be more accurate. In fact, the search engine is not a single right to give birth is too high, but due to technical limitations and the collection of data processing and analysis ability is limited, the analysis of many factors can not be achieved, but now with the development of search engine, the factors of continuous improvement, determine the dimension of search engine will be more and more. Cheating may also be more and more small, the price is more and more big.

In fact, this When

The secret of success, planning

now blindly exaggerate their product function and this is not good, this will only make the user feel I lottery website program product is not true, these will give users the impression that this will affect their products. Of course, these things have not come, we can through some popular events on the Internet as its topic, insert their own products in the article, it will naturally. These will make the wonderful.

The soft

also want to pay attention to is the soft finished OK? The answer is no, only they are published, spread, and love Shanghai included, your goal is achieved.

2, subject to direct to

a good article only good title is not able to meet, it should also have good content.

and above, this is the requirement of stationmaster can opening straightforward when writing the love master, age and so on to understand.

3, personification of

, a title to a low profile

is like a movie set at the beginning of a doubt, this article is to achieve this effect.

also want to pay attention to the logical structure of their lottery website program 贵族宝贝 site, the quality of the structure will also have a great effect on the webmaster if the above conditions are met, I think this is a good soft wen.

a lot of personification makes the article is very lively, like everything personally on the scene, which is the basis of writing a high quality soft wen.

at large the better to apprehend him

good, to impress people’s soul, is everyone can be attracted to your article, this article is very contagious. The invisible in their products will be included in and not be you hate, this is a good soft Wen benefits, but also its value.

two, is not the first large body of small

good a good article is the soul itself has a body, a person, which requires a lot of skills.

Instead of

good title has many writing methods, following a brief introduction.

here is not going to do marketing title but don’t write that very good title in the meet the needs of users. As I write about this lottery website program text, in the title I will do more articles, this title will be very willing to read, this is the title of the appeal, the title is the half good, then I have to share some of their own views:

will produce a series of effects on the Internet in the published, webmaster should also pay attention to query these included, in the use of a >


Force P2P advertising system boosts new inflection point in video earningsSuccessful Taobao experien

customers, 09 years ago, commonly known as the guest, is simply to help Taobao promotion of goods seller, the seller according to the promotion of giving you some compensation, zero cost, zero risk, in the popularity of the Internet, Taobao customer has become a popular trend.

first of all, combine with blogs;

recently I found a lot of young girls blog traffic is very high, but also has some loyal readers, after repeated research I found that their blogs have one thing in common, that is: the original

Some forums, such as

used in Taobao, I used to taobao buyers conducted some investigation, found in the Taobao shopping on the majority of young people, the beauty and fashion beauty more accounted for 80% of the proportion of careful people will find that many sellers in the decoration of their own shops, very feminine, design the above, we can specially for women to set up a blog, as to how to establish, where established, you need to think about.

in fact, I had written the article, also mentioned the original, if you write well, write articles have their own unique insights, I strongly recommend you the original, most of the original articles by the search engine’s favor, but also has a high hit rate, if your blog is based on the well-known on the site, then your original article is easy to be recommended to the official website of the home page, this time it will bring you the traffic is quite amazing, and you just need to insert some Taobao customer links in each article in success for Taobao sellers made promotion.

, as everyone knows, Tianya, mop, renren, these are a lot of popular forums online, but your choice must also be targeted, you can’t youku published about clothes and posts, you can’t just make a simple commodity, each forum have the relevant management personnel, if issued a single commodity, you may delete your post, in fact, advertising posts is a technology live, how successful the post without being spotted.

followed by a combination of forums with

P2P broadcast technology has been more and more perfect, and in 2007 the first year P2P will become mature and promotion on demand technology, with the overall P2P on demand live streaming media technology constantly improve and mature, non profit era or the end of the video website.

It is reported that

three characteristics of a new round of advertising to meet market demand:

1. to eliminate buffer, ensuring smooth

2. to reduce the bandwidth, cost savings

The advantages of


I do Taobao off also have some time, from the beginning to slowly absolutely ignorant of the familiar to gradually get started, do not say how good, but share some experiences or can. How many people can earn more money do not understand very well for Taobao customers, there are a number of passengers were indeed Taobao not how to earn money, I also found a lot of people because of technical problems and did not dare to try Taobao off the occupation, they think to become a good Taobao customers, if you do not know how to network technology. That is not enough, so has been hovering dare not move forward, in fact, how to become a successful Taobao customers, can be summed up in one sentence: must be the combination of blog forum website.

What is the Taobao

Pioneering star pea pods sold to Alibaba, which is a microcosm of the demise of the marketInteractiv

pea pod is Android application store, and independent Android application market itself has no living space, even 13 years, pea pods sold or beaten 360 is more expensive, and does not change the product itself.

‘s life sold $two hundred million, which sounds like a bad thing. But Wang Junyu, founder of pea pods, rejected a takeover proposal above this figure three years ago. Two years ago, when the pea pods were declared $120 million in financing, the valuation was $900 million.

on Saturday afternoon, a news about Alibaba’s $two hundred million acquisition of pea pods at the Android app store was circulating in the tech world.

?How did the

why is the development of online advertising going to be more problematic? Part of the problem is its own problems. At the very beginning of the online media, we were constrained by the limitations of network knowledge. We promise that we will eventually know how many users have watched the ads and how many users have responded to the ad. It seems like a breakthrough, but it’s just a starting point.

? The main source of income

‘s question now is how interactive media adapt to the growing scrutiny Television ratings have been standardized, but prices are still severely affected by the weekly situation. We also have doubts about the credibility of the magazine and the number of users it offers. When media buying companies decide how to spend their customers’ money, they face a lot of questioning.

2009 from the "Android mobile phone iTunes" started pea pod, catch up with the popularity of smart phones in China outbreak point.

, whether the pea pod was late or no competition, 360 of the comments came up again.

last month, the international advertising agency IAB held a very successful meeting around the issue of online user evaluation. I said the meeting was "very successful" because it solved some problems and promised to do some work in the future.

The first company in

two contact transactions of different parties said to the "Daily" is the acquisition of curiosity, and at least from the first quarter of this year began to negotiate. It is not yet clear what the exact amount of the acquisition will be and how the shares will be processed later.

app store is no longer independent, and few companies are able to shake off such gravitational changes,

we must make network evaluation better, more transparent, and more durable. But we have to understand, too

pea pod is just the first big app store exposed to the outside world. It won’t be the last one under the squeeze from mobile app vendors.

is more serious, we can not be optimistic about the network user experience content beyond the browser window. Imagine some, if you want to buy the missing media space in desktop applications for a long time, how do you determine the authenticity of these spaces?. In a word, this is a great challenge. For the International Advertising Bureau, standardization of enterprise traffic is also significant. It seems to be clarified that there are two different technical approaches for achieving the same goal.

in just five years, the Android application market in China has become a hopeless business from the hot spots pursued by entrepreneurs and investors. How did this happen,

to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising is actually a positive and valuable by-product produced by our media. But today’s Web technologies, such as AJAX, FLASH, and XML, do not allow us to evaluate user browsing very well. From the beginning to the end, browsing the web is no longer clear. At least, from the server to build records don’t see the point.

in 2010, shlf1314 quit China, and the fast growing Android mobile phone lost its official app store.

followed NOKIA at the beginning of 2011

After the news of the Insider The

app store initially become a hot business,

looking back, the fate of such an entrepreneurial star may be more or less a matter of how good the company is doing, but the result of a change in the gravity of the market as a whole.

according to the two daily active users in the application developers scale of tens of millions to provide "curiosity daily" information downloads in the past year and a half, millet, OPPO and other mobile phone manufacturers to bring the surge in the app store. Although third party stores can also bring a large number of downloads, but their share has declined significantly.

pea pod is one of the few remaining companies in China’s Internet start-ups, which is not attached to sh419, Tencent, Alibaba and the three giants of the Internet Co.

in April this year, the International Advertising Bureau sent a letter to Nelson investigation organization and comScore, there is a great deal of contradictions in the industry. Market developers have to judge users’ online behavior through multiple evaluation reports, and it is now necessary for users to evaluate online work to a new and more transparent level. International Advertising Bureau proposed by the advertising research foundation, the American Advertising Association, the National Association of advertisers, publishers of magazines, American media evaluation committee, online publishers association and support animal protection association.

With the push of

, online assessments are moving forward. The Nelson research company and the comScore organization agreed to provide their assessment technology to third party organizations. The International Advertising Bureau also agreed to help companies train the market and guide them to improve the accuracy of the evaluation and panel evaluations of the servers. This will drive the transparency and sustainability of advertisers and push them to adopt an Internet advertising buying program.

What do Wangzhuan novice on the website to make moneyPulse new advertisers on the line and stop adve

the beginner think what kind of money the most simple? It is very difficult, but also very simple. According to their respective circumstances and characteristics, you can choose freely, only thinking, you can easily make money.

we can also do some simple information pages for weight loss, breast enhancement and so on. It is the same way to guide consumption directly.

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

League address:

second: we do the analysis of the main service, to have a certain expertise for the stationmaster, such as very hot inside Wangzhuan SEO, network marketing, website production.

from now on, the pulse of the Hongkong EBAY products for the second phase of promotion.

1-49          20 yuan /  
50-99        30 yuan /  
100-199    35 yuan /    
> 200          40 yuan / month;  

according to the analysis, the present website earns money the pattern is nothing more than these three kinds: 1, hangs the advertisement. 2, selling services. 3, selling products.


receive advertisers notice, "Mobile Fetion" CPA advertising suspended promotion.

please replace the code in a timely manner, so as not to affect your earnings, thank you for your cooperation.

for example, we do a website to hang up video chat room advertising, the general idea is to make a website that adults may flow is relatively large, adult visitors to the site is the lust of the people, so hang chat room advertising more money. Do not say first illegal crime, said such a website is not so easy, at least as a forum for general novice may also hold forum forum program, the space requirements of high, this is also great difficulty, and greater risk. Then we reverse thinking, we do a chat room to guide the temptation website, the one or two page is simple, but easy to do simple web page optimization, the rankings, so the traffic is the natural flow, the quality is quite high, sh419, shlf1314 top website every day income are easily 200, webmaster do basic is to sleep, the other is to look at how a website run, don’t be K, see how alliance income, which alliance effect is better, other things without tube. Even if you go out the manual post promotion is relatively simple, because the traffic is in order to video, rather than do adult forum, the flow may be to look at the pictures and movies don’t have to go to the video. Adult BBS tens of thousands of traffic, and video guide page flow 1000 effect almost, everybody will understand, 10 thousand traffic good or 1 thousand flow good,

first analysis of the first, by hanging advertising profitable model, this premise is that the site is done, the quality is good, through promotion, traffic increases, and then to hang advertising money. Do you think the prerequisites are more difficult to do?. Then we can change ideas, website, reverse thinking, we want to hang what kind of advertising, what kind of advertising is relatively profitable?. Then make a simple ad guide for your website.

beginner may think that is the most difficult to do in the end what kind of website to earn money, the site of the premise is to must want to know what to rely on to make money.

as the saying goes: "the way out of the decision, do make money must rely on the innovation, rely on the idea, not just technology, to do Wangzhuan novice don’t expect the normal station. We’re going to make a quick money site.

Hamburger and mutton in the thinking of the Internet, O2O is still not betrothed yet

In fact, most

don’t like to speak the word Internet thinking, what is the Internet thinking? What would have been the established pattern, but the theory of this kind of thing is from the success of the case summed up, sorting out the advantages and principles, then the name, it is convenient to our offspring, so don’t tube he called the Internet thinking the success of O2O or cheats, we look at the main contents of the main operation support behind the growth of them.

broke last year with a WeChat O2O, the original barbecue shop, this year also fire a home West master hamburger, always touch up the industry business bigwigs in the O2O industry, the layout is too wide but lost their small and delicate operation advantage.

let’s fine "Internet thinking" this hidden in the hamburger and mutton string in

one, user and product supreme,

Li Ye’s original barbecue, all kinds of food hygiene and safety, self storage, logistics Goods are available in all varieties. only choose SF and just in time, but later found the implementation of part-time students within the city on time service, the millions of years to make the story once caused the crowd of O2O mode favored.

original barbecue selected initially opened in Taobao, after getting a good business reputation and began to the line, and in a variety of micro-blog WeChat push information and promotional activities, the rest is to skim the advertising taste, combined with the hot social practical experience and tips from the user’s point of view, increase the user viscosity.

to develop the most suitable for the user’s hamburger size and taste, less man to the kitchen as a laboratory, developed 12 cm diameter: a hamburger for breakfast is enough, save too small enough to eat and not eat too much trouble; and developed a series of precise control of hamburger quality process: selected a cook ten pounds of meat and how much water, how much seasoning or cook 15 pounds of meat and how much the best water and seasonings taste mode.

of the user and the product first "both online and offline is also extremely important key operation, or rather a fundamental foundation, not all of these are empty, even if a lucky business is on the upgrade sooner or later fall.

these are the Internet directly attracted from offline operating experience, is any business for a long time the law of survival, so is also thinking of the Internet, not just thinking of the Internet features, like the West master hamburger what linear calculates the best formula, in the absence of "Internet when thinking", but is "secret" and "exclusive" development.

two, accurate positioning and feedback, and repeatedly improve the user experience

barbecue guild according to the season, giving the most appropriate selection of goods and to a proper extent, such as for summer and winter different carbon crystal, suitable for spring April and May, some single large amount of customers can get free gifts such as tents.

various WeChat micro-blog activities are also said to have been made:

Some business matters needing attention fangpian

entrepreneurial career above, a lot of people want to be able to quickly achieve brilliant wealth market, but how to achieve this brilliant entrepreneurial road? In the rush to ask the way, many people have drilled a lot of loopholes to cheat, so we should pay attention to.

1, after receiving a letter of inquiry can be recovered, you can offer, but will not accept the invitation to personally come to discuss the company issued such an invitation has actually exposed the tail.

2, do not worry about their customers do not go there will run the business, because he really want to buy, is concerned about your credibility and strength.

3, the sample can be, pay the sample fee, even the courier charges to let him out, no gifts, but you must explain to the customer, the customer does not have the sincerity to do this thing because of anger, unless it is a liar, you haven’t started his way blocked, he can not anger you.

4, to buy gifts, no problem, as business is done, I also miss dinner tube, now no way. Real customers also consider long-term cooperation, the first time you even if you take the initiative to invite him, he will not go, not to mention the customer you want.

5, signed a contract and do not lose their eyes, a lot of crooks this time to put forward A: rebates in advance. B: want gifts.   C: reimbursement.   D: all kinds of expenses, etc.. In the name of various expenses to you, this time to awake, do not adhere to, don’t worry about the contract do not go down, because you have to know the matter to this step, you obviously have met a liar.

6, a certain amount to the delivery, or to invite customers to the company to pay the inspection of the contract, the terms of the contract must be considered in advance, it is possible that the trick in those terms.

7, the two companies never mind the key is to be strangers to each other, the course of events is normal.

8, not luck, there is no free lunch, the real customers care about is your strength, price, quality, reputation and service, only those with low IQ love liar will go the wrong door.

9, do not believe that only 100 yuan a big liar, people may cheat you, so be careful in peace of mind, good anti cheat.

10, don’t be impatient for success, your company only do 100 thousand order ability, why have to go for a single 10 million, and that to find your customers, he didn’t know your strength?


This paper from the whole network (


How to turn waste into treasure

you are in the era of big data, ears are related to the Internet venture, Internet venture capital has become a hot topic. Understand the gold in the noisy garbage, waste is to survive in the era of electricity supplier.

said this is gold, because some of the middle, is likely to become like Ding Lei NetEase, Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang, Royal Chen Tianqiao, Baidu Robin Li as characters. Say it contains garbage, because many people think maybe there’s a bear destiny, in fact merely mediocre.

entrepreneurs first need to understand the business direction you choose. Do not think that their preferences is the public’s preferences, from the most common Internet users can use, useful for them to help the business start.

special professional website, must have related resources and professionals, but also doing fine early, they can support their families. Classical furniture website. Popular consumer sites, large market space, as long as there is a certain part of the characteristics of services (features or regions) crowd, you can get good benefits. E-commerce sites.

Third, the entrepreneur’s mind to be calm, integrity, dedication and perseverance. Zhou Hongyi had a famous saying: if I fail, I am closer to success, in short, I do not want to give up in the chaos. If your heart is going to lie to save hundreds of thousands of millions of VCs mentality, even occasionally cheat, but is also the street a few cars, several real "new" public.

Fourth, will your ambition and mission in mind. Don’t think ambition chengdaqi just preaching, this is the eternal truth. An entrepreneur, if you are not a kind of ambition, your team, your employees what trust you? The key is that this kind of ambition, to become a part of your life, not just to lie. Chen Tianqiao wants to build a grand empire of China’s digital empire is the goal of melting in his blood, so there will be a large number of followers, a group of followers who are not afraid of failure.

fifth, improve their professional literacy. Sina’s Chen Tong daily work is very busy, but he has a characteristic: when there are 10 minutes to quietly look at sina ", he can always find new problems or suggestions, then immediately call or call someone to face to face instruction execution arrangement.

Which constellation of people suitable for entrepreneurship

constellation from the west, China similar animal, with the communication of Chinese and Western culture, culture is to sign China, love much young people. So, constellation and entrepreneurship have a relationship? Which constellation of people suitable for entrepreneurship? May wish to take a look at!





Scorpio if you want to make money is to rely on the head to make money, although not much memory but are will earn more and more, and will not let you have the debt situation, so life is too more and more comfortable, but also in Scorpio’s career, he will consciously accumulate interpersonal relationship constantly in fact, said he was not trying to make money will have money, rather than his eyes very accurate.