The most important factor on the search engine rankings.


The correct use of The

page grammar search engine will give better correlation score, "is organized like a newspaper article sometimes is said to have the advantage. In many cases, people use for information technology will be marked these algorithms immoral, because their content is in a virtual way nauseatingly repeat keywords.

if you "no change for a long time, the ranking may be reduced, because the search engine suspicion that the content is out of date. But the change is not the old things need to change, or the web page structure change, we need to do is to add something new website.


for each website owners, they hope their site search ranking at the top in love Shanghai, Google keyword, so we spare no effort in website optimization objective, then love Shanghai, Google rankings mainly consider what factors? Here I talk about my own views.

dynamic URL with the dynamic parameter because of more than two may result from the spider web, so you should know the link URL is usually too long will reduce your rankings to a certain extent, the search engine is more willing to take care of the distance from the root of your eyes "recorded near, so also in you site location, deep web pages may be lower than from your home near some of the page ranking.

We know that the

now many search engines such as Google, YAHOO, Shanghai love has its own toolbar, many users do not know, the search engine traffic through the user browser toolbar statistics of each website users. In this way, when you browse the web site by using the search engine Toolbar users more, your site will be in the corresponding search engine popularity had higher values. When the search is in a search your site keywords, the search engine will give you the care.

web page style

forms The popularity of

Internet search engine will give you the website very high score, if there are other sites because the search topics and links to your site. For example, snap appliances digital camera product catalog page has many links to him and all the anchor links all digital camera or digital camera snap. These lead to "in the digital camera and Digital Camera Snap search request high ranking. When the link popularity is a key factor for the optimization of the page rank of your content is not what good do.

URL the length and depth of

site design can greatly strengthen the elements of your web page. To work together and information architecture, with careful consideration of the link structure to make the site easier to browse.

link popularity


Novice how to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan

skills two, knowledge of website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do.

Four Five

skills: data analysis ability; more users, because of what the user less, because of what? If you understand these things, then you level up again.

two: skills to master relevant knowledge website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do;


skill four: to understand you the search engine ranking > enough

: how to search technology and skills of a principle of engine;

novice to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice has been become obsessed with this thing, do not know where to start, do not know what the learning some things, don’t know how to do…… Okay, so many problems today, Tianjin Jinshan Shanghai Longfeng blog, to talk a little bit about my personal opinion, hope for the novice friends help.

you need to be able to simply build a website, whether it is WordPress, or zblog, at least, you can build a domain name space, 49, 100, the perfect solution for the station, video, online has very simple to build a website, you need to do, which is based on what you learn, to try on this website for. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, this sentence for the study of Shanghai Dragon technology really is right. Heard a lot of Shanghai dragon says up but really operate off the reel, but stretched. There are a lot of people, although not say too much, but the operation decision is God level. So, through a website to try to practice their learned, positioning as it is not because of your hand, do not upset. In this way, you can know their operation will encounter what problem, to solve. Quite strong practicability.

Five point

skills six: able to read simple code, which have certain primary code knowledge.


skills, master the search engine technology and principle, this very simple explanation. Do you want to search engine optimization, you should at least know his rules, such as you want to chase girls, she does not love boys dirty, then you every day to pass the tattered,, you must first have to be eliminated. Don’t think about anything else, simply can not enter her sight. So, you should at least know her basic preferences. It is to understand the basic principle of search engine.

the following simple to explain the above content:

skills: data analysis ability;

skills: analysis of your customers want to know what.

I think, learn Shanghai Dragon technology to grasp the following points.

skills: know your search engine rankings to be enough.

How do Wangzhuan propagandaBeginner to misleading for several reasons, to earn one hundred yuan reas

took this opportunity to share with the person first, from the three kinds of people: the first person who is eager for success; second: frustrated or underappreciated; third: reader. The first two kinds of people start with career opportunities, and the latter kind of people start with our services.

‘s first step: give this opportunity to your best friends and share it with them to make them understand the opportunity.


the first step is to make sure that you are looking for friends who are sincere and helpful. Let them see the tremendous rewards that this opportunity can bring.


know how to earn tens of millions of sites, is how to make money? Well, 123 know how to make money before selling it? Rely on navigation that few ordinary, total less than 50 words of small advertising. Don’t look down on net money, it’s very ignorant behavior. One click is 1 cents, 10 clicks is 1 cents, 100 clicks is 1 yuan · · · · ·

makes the first two steps, we strongly recommend that members communicate with each other every night, especially when you’re shaky.

The difficulty of the Second step

fifth step: new members to operate, so that our network will grow rapidly, income will become more and more rich, and in the attraction of money and example of the lead, the people will join in.

after successful completion of the above five steps, it is very easy and persuasive for us to introduce members. In order to ensure a steady stream of income later, we must gradually expand the network and recommend several members each month. When recommending a member, do not subjectively infer who will join and who will not.

The fourth step:

so you have more income, this time, we will promptly follow up to new members, coaching, training these members, enhance their confidence and help them adjust the good mentality, tell them our experience and skills.

can be said that is not healthy! Just like the day is connected to the Internet, do not know how to type, simply think that can make money, even if that is not to earn one hundred a day, I’ll make a 10 piece of the 20 total ok. Seems to have been wronged, but in fact, is a very delusional idea. Wangzhuan is not so easy. Earn 100 yuan a day, thousand dollars, just some master income. For beginners, making money is already a high honor.

: a few friends together to form a cohesive force, concerted operation, and affect the people around.

the correct method of operation:

operation is in the first and second steps, especially the second step.

so, what makes more sense,

So many people think the early

as long as they can understand thoroughly, some people will join, and the other part is still doubting or hesitating, which is normal.

second, you should be brave enough to talk to these three people. It takes a few days to learn, correct their attitude, a thorough understanding of 180 pieces of money can make money? So, this time we can make full use of the site, to solve the problem mentioned in the forum, we will promptly reply.

Operation of When

note: this time, do not introduce a lot of members a short time, if it is to read, you can, if it is to make money, do not recommend a lot. How many do you recommend every month?

money is earned by hard work. Without doing it, nothing can be earned. So Wangzhuan, don’t bother to try to operate, you can also through the network to get a penny. Wangzhuan, even so. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

other people are very dismissive of the items that pay 1 cents a point. They believe that their experiences should be used in more meaningful things.

remember when last November, began to do wangzhuan. At that time, just think Wangzhuan is simple, it seems easier to make money. In addition when network community has been misunderstanding, is making money online is a very simple, very relaxed, aristocratic Wangzhuan mode. Of course, in the early stages of the Chinese network, this kind of misunderstanding is normal, because computers can only be used by a few people who are very rich and have a certain level of network technology. For example, Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, Robin Li and so on, are the people of this period. In addition, Ma Yun this big Huyou existence, this kind of view layer exists in Chinese heart for a long time.

network expansion:

third step: in this way, the initial operation of a few friends will have income. Where there is income, there is persuasion, and those who hesitate will soon join.

but with the development of the Internet and the popularity of computer networks, the idea that this should soon be lost has been exploited by some insidious Internet crooks, and not only has not gone away, but has become more and more fierce. Here again to mention Ma, for his own Ali Co, in fact, has always played the role of accomplices. A lot of publicity, and the network induced liar, ordinary people’s point of view, Wangzhuan work is that, click ads, then every day to get a few hundred dollars of income. This idea is a funny idea, if this is the case, it is not just to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a computer, China 1 billion 300 million can be directly off? It does not show the idea.

note: we are really sharing this opportunity with them, not necessarily pulling them into joining them to earn their money.

Discussion on the choice of initial stage

all things are difficult at first, but they are difficult to begin with. As long as everything is straightened out at the beginning and solved the thorny problem, the course will be much smoother in the future. Station building is the same, the initial stage of the station there are many problems to be solved. Such as the domain name, the server purchase choice, the website localization, the profit pattern establishment, how SEO should do, how carries on the promotion and so on. Stationmaster can clear up one’s own train of thought only, the difficulty that will exist in the initial stage of a station is solved one by one, the website can go up on the right track.

now site technology threshold is getting lower and lower, and capital investment is not as before, let novice flinch. Many people choose the network business, chose to be a webmaster, do an Internet grassroots elite. But lowering the threshold doesn’t mean everyone can be a successful station owner. Your website wants to be bigger, stronger and successful. There are lots of things to do in the early days. Adsense nets satisfied that the early site, the biggest problem facing is how to choose the webmaster. Trade-offs include many things. Mainly: between user experience and SEO choice between web content and advertising choice, traffic and conversion rates between the station and the choice to focus on efforts to promote the trade-off between, following a brief analysis of the four aspects of how to choose.

The trade-off between

user experience and SEO

Now many webmaster

into the errors of a SEO, as long as do SEO think the site, it Everything will be fine.. Search engines are really important to websites. Without a search engine, the site will lose a lot of traffic. Therefore, SEO optimization in the webmaster circle unusually hot, from the major webmaster portal SEO occupy articles proportion is not difficult to see, and now the webmaster to SEO obsession. But did the webmaster ever think that because of the excessive dependence on SEO, instead spoiled the search engine, ignoring other aspects of optimization?. On the one hand, the webmaster to SEO attention, make search engine for the webmaster more and more severe, difficult to collect, included after the snapshot is not updated, or K station for webmaster is commonplace. On the other hand, users ignore the user experience because they pay too much attention to search engines.

, your website is not just for search engines. If the site only focuses on SEO, and ignores the user experience, even if attracted by the search engine to a large number of users, but also because of poor site user experience and leave. This involves the problem of web viscosity. Only pay attention to the user experience, in order to improve user viscosity, improve loyalty. Even if you rely on search engines to get a lot of traffic, there is no good user experience to do support, most of them can only be short-term traffic. Therefore, in the early stage of the station, the webmaster should first pay attention to the user experience, and then to the user experience as the center for seo.

The trade-offs between content and advertising on the


many novice webmaster site early, the site has just been Baidu included, a little bit of traffic, and then eager to advertising hanging pop-up. Little imagine, eager to advertisement, and ignore >

Mou Changqing Links magical experience sharing platform

Go9go link platform, from a launch, it was supported by the majority of webmaster. PV conversion rate is surprisingly high, the day PV close to W, Alexa week rankings also reached about 5W. Yes, I’ve done a few webmaster sites, the fastest rising popularity of one. Why are the webmaster so fall in love with go9go, and I simply analyzed, there are several reasons.

1: you can easily and easily find a lot of link information

1: high quality link information more than

Go9go is to do friendship links platform, to meet everyone can find suitable for exchange of friendship links, is the webmaster’s first demand. Before I did go9go, I saw a lot of similar friendship link platform. Found that most of the links on the platform, the quality of the site is very small. So from the beginning of go9go, I paid attention to high quality link information. So I built a PR6 and PR7 QQ group specially, and then let the high quality websites of these groups go to go9go to publish the link information. Although go9go has only been introduced for about half a month, the link information of high quality websites is the same. This conclusion, this is the result that I see more good link platform inside course of study and draw the result. In addition, the link information released in go9go is also very high. Some unreliable link information, such as filling QQ, or Baidu, Tencent, home page of the casual hair, this will immediately clean up.


: high quality link information that part of

2: finding websites is convenient for

because of each site type, PR is different. Not all sites will be willing to change for you, and in general, find the same type, link with the PR website, the success rate is the highest. The powerful search function of Go9go home page, can let the user quickly find the website that wants to look for. For example, I’m a PR3 shopping website, looking for similar websites to exchange. In the go9go search box, select PR3 and online shopping, similar sites are all listed out, very convenient.

legend: PR=3’s online shopping website

two: release link information, cooperation automatically find the door


Go9go link platform, the first function is to facilitate to find a suitable site, if you do not look for trouble, then you publish your website link information in go9go, explain their links in link information in the standard. Naturally, there are appropriate sites to find out and exchange links with you. When you release link information, you must be patient, and choose your website classification, link requirements and so on.

three: understand the status of the site by linking the admin back to the background.

many webmaster every day will be concerned about their own web site collection, PR situation, Baidu snapshot situation. I used to check these information regularly. But since >

How do you better integrate psychology with your web site

a website must make the user feel comfortable and convenient, but with all of these, is it a website that combines psychology, and the answer is, of course, no. These are only part of the premise of combining psychology in a web site. To run through psychology in a website, you have to use a set of methods that belong to the mind. Here are some personal opinions.

1. What is the website of psychology


is a combination of psychology website, he is not only to meet the customer, the most important thing is to seize the hearts of customers, and guide customers, promoting greater website conversion rate, make the website visitors to become regulars, brought to the site many times consumption, and even help the propaganda website, from the heart, establish a good the website reputation and brand benefit in visitors.

two, what psychology do you need in your website for psychology?

since the combination of psychology in the website, professional analysis of natural psychology cannot do without personnel, so site personnel should have a psychological analysis of what person of the staff put forward some (personal views):

1. understands the purchasing psychology of users in the Internet field;

2. has an overall understanding of online marketing;

3. can regard websites as individuals and make web analysis and thinking from a psychological point of view;

4. can provide psychological analysis and integration of customer’s website requirements, and propose website psychology guidance.


three, the website combines psychology, what expression is there in the website


combines the psychology of the web site, is based on the original site, so that the site has a better user experience, greater conversion rate, more long-term benefits. Therefore, his performance can be reflected from these places.

below, specific talk about combining psychology, website performance,

1. users see not only visually comfortable, but also comfortable;

2. web site not only reflects the AIDA model, and allows customers to have a good buy protection, buy assured; (mainly for product sites)

3. customers for the first time after the arrival, in addition to feel content or good products, quickly put the site in mind, and two or more times access and consumption of


4. in customer psychology to form a good impression, and help word of mouth publicity!


this article comes from:

Share how I operate local classification network

good evening, everyone. I’m a fish. Last month, the author established a local classified information network, the domain name will not be mentioned, so as not to AD suspects. Speaking Why build a local website, we have to begin with a colleague and unintentional talk, then I want to find colleagues to help him deal with an old mobile phone, I think let him go to the classified information network to try, then open the search engine, search (letter names + the city classification information network) this word, it turns out not to search out, in front of the row is actually some pages, this little excitement about it, and said, in a week, my local website officially launched. In an instant, a month later, today just to share with you I do a bit of experience and skills of the station, I hope you are not good at

!First we talk about the domain name

, I found the city registered domain name Quanpin domain name and referred to as the phonetic domain have not been registered, but taking into account the search engine’s preferences, I chose the name spelling as domain name. In the choice of the server, I carefully, finally chose a Hongkong VPS host, why choose Hongkong? Oh, because it is a historic, recently, access speed should not be a problem, then no record, now can be used immediately, fast and convenient.

in the content construction I started a few detours, because I wanted to make the website content rich at the time, but forget the nature of local site, start crazy to some large portal sites to collect data, but later found not very good collection and access to data, realized the local website in the news local news and the surrounding area. In order to find content, I adopted the method is to order the newspaper, and then the contents of the newspaper after simple editing release, so the same content that localization, included also go up (because the original quality is high).

then external optimization. I am in the construction of the chain is selected and the contents of some related websites, such as other city forum, as a result, I found that the effect is actually surprisingly good, the chain is only more than 1000, but the ranking is very stable. In the exchange of links, I insist on more than 3 a week, the main object is other cities, local information networks or forums. I did not choose to buy high weights at the beginning of the construction of the chain, because taking into account the late operation problems, dare not buy, because this thing later, once stopped buying, it is troublesome, ha ha.

after a month of hard operation, in the last update of Google, the success of PR rose to 3, gratifying, oh, well, due to the time, today is here first, thank you. The author of the rainbow auxiliary network, this article first A5, reprinted please be sure to write the source, thank you!


In the vicinity of the District opened a special umbrella shop

District entrance features more shops, a variety of non enumeration, mostly restaurants, supermarkets and barber shops and so on, but few people open a specialty umbrella shop. How about opening an umbrella shop? Here to open the relevant characteristics of the umbrella shop, so that the characteristics of the district entrance shop and one more category.


The function of

marketing suggestions to make their own characteristics, can launch a free repair umbrella, umbrella, umbrella for customized services, summer is the umbrella peak, all investors can not miss this good opportunity!

area at the entrance of shops although all kinds of features, but the umbrella shop recruit people, whether it is from the business point of view or market sales expectations, open characteristics of umbrella shop are quite good. In front of the characteristics of the shop in the District, opened a specialty umbrella shop may not be the only choice, but it is definitely an interesting choice, it is worth investors to do.

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Rose Queen ice cream – all money to join

in the food market, ice cream joined the project, has been very hot. Entrepreneurial choice to join the ice cream project, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. How about the Rose Queen ice cream? The choice of delicious ice cream join project is worthy of our attention and choice!

now is not good to do business, need to find a better investment project, then Rose Queen ice cream money? Rose Queen ice cream, pure Italian ice cream taste, taste, shape and taste to make the only at the temperature of -8 DEG C; the other variety, but also not scheduled to launch a new product, very good to meet 80 90 consumer psychology. To do this, Rose Queen ice cream to join, there is a market.

Rose Queen ice cream money? Rose Queen ice cream, good investment prospects, so that more entrepreneurs are able to easily make money! The queen of roses is the unique ice cream ice cream, ice cream is different from the traditional single boring, has changed the traditional ice cream brand old routine, towards a more healthy quality and nutritional value of new ice cream brand development. The future will further upgrade the Rose Queen ice cream ice cream making process, and the introduction of more creative new products, I believe will bring more surprises to people for chowhound. Do VC Rose Queen ice cream is money.

investment Rose Queen ice cream to join the project, the success of the business of choice. Open a Rose Queen’s own ice cream shop, is a very good choice is not it? If you join the Rose Queen ice cream project, is also very exciting, then, what is still hesitant?

星际争霸2的心脏群测试很快开始杀出重围人类分加入PlayStation 4 Pro阵容






SE和Eidos蒙特利尔宣布杀出重围:人类分将可为PlayStation 4 Pro在11月10日推出的一部分。

PlayStation 4 Pro的游戏吗一个全新的细节层添加到它:整体分辨率增加,混叠减少,反射表面改善,更详细的照明效果的实施,所有不影响帧速率或游戏体验David Anfossi,在Eidos蒙特利尔的工作室的头;Al说: