Shanghai dragon should be changed into technology intensive


if the four plus the ability of Shanghai dragon industry interested, you can make a career in the Shanghai dragon industry soon. If you do not have this ability does not matter, not above each must master every day, as long as you take a little time to learn outside the chain, also want to master is not difficult.


first, skilled in HTML, HTML is based in Shanghai and Phoenix, "keyword link distribution, font size, structure layout, all cannot do without the operation of HTML, so HTML is the foundation.

fourth. To learn English well, the world famous search engine companies are mostly in the United States, Shanghai Dragon technology was born in the United States, some of the senior technical staff of Shanghai Longfeng, are English speaking countries, to keep abreast of the latest Shanghai Longfeng dynamic, it must be the first to refer English articles, but also want to choose appropriate.

Familiar with PHP,

second, ASP a dynamic web language, if your website is only a simple station, a page or a few pages, then you don’t need this, but if you are a business station or a portal, it must be familiar with a dynamic language can reach you the requirements of. But some people say, now is to use open source program, do not need to write your own, but you know, even if you are using the open-source program, but many details need to manually, here I still want to say, if you can write your own program, to make better than that of open source, reason the next time.

Wuxi Shanghai dragon QQ:24318693 ?

Shanghai dragon is very tired, I think this is the most Shanghai dragon Er feel, send the chain to find the article, find out the original artifacts, but also included see snapshot, ranking monitoring is a chain, almost every day, busy night dreaming could not still think up no past rankings, laughed at home play the stock market, but now we see Shanghai dragon Er might as well play the stock market. Why Shanghai dragon Er will be so tired of it, how to get rid of the "labor intensive" work? In fact is the primary stage of our Shanghai Dragon technology is still. So how to improve the Shanghai Dragon Technology? Need technical background what

third, to transition into technical, then a desktop program language is indispensable, as a professional Shanghai dragon, certainly a lot of processing site daily, every site has lots of data, but many industry sites vary, and can not use the Internet the so-called Shanghai dragon tools, so it is best to master a desktop program, used to write their own share of the tool, it is very necessary, can reduce the repeated work everyday very much.

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the following conditions can let you Shanghai Dragon technology can be improved, and quickly into the transition from labor-intensive to technology intensive "

Xu Xin entrepreneurs should grasp the changes in user habits, seize business opportunitiesWomen’s cl

recently, women’s clothing company Bow &, Drape launched a technological shock to the traditional fashion industry. Through the online ordering service, customers can outline on the skirt bell, low waist, skirt, etc., color and decorative sleeve such as beads select the various parts of the assembly". At the same time, the website also uses "Kit" Fit tool to obtain customer size information, to ensure that within 2-3 weeks sent to customers in the hands of finished clothing paste fit. Currently, Bow, &, and Drape have more than 30 thousand combinations of ritual dresses.

My boss in 1995

I was born in a Sichuan car factory, have deep pockets, no more elegant promotion, can have today’s achievements, because in my life on the road, on several key selection. Our lives are made up of a series of important choices. Our choices determine our lives.

1, both choice and effort,


in Puhua three years of work, is my biggest progress for three years, I learned not only to work, is hard, the boss gave the work is done can not sleep. In those three years, I spent my spare time trying to review my exams. I finished 18 exams in three years and passed the British CPA exam. Finally, I caught up with my colleagues in Hongkong.

remember the first important choice in my life when I graduated from junior high school, in the school office at that time, our annual college entrance rate is zero, then graduated from junior high school a total of three choices: one is to read technical school, one is to go to the school exam, and take an examination of key senior high school. The three little sisters who grew up with me enrolled in the technical school, and I didn’t know which one was wrong. Anyway, I insisted that I should take the key high school. My father is very supportive of me, and my grades have improved so fast that I was admitted to the key high school Nankai Middle school. Three little sisters grew up together with me at that time, in fact, are very smart, but they have chosen to read technical school, later became a worker, not the university entrance exam, the choice of a watershed from graduated from junior high school to start.

Price Waterhouse’s recommendation, came to the Peregrine company to work, the key jump into the beginning of my VC career. I got the most professional basic training there, and participated in the investment wow haha investment process, investors should learn some special skills, from the beginning of that period, I have gradually Chinese their investment philosophy. This investment is quite successful, but in 1997, peregrine affected by the Asian financial turmoil, the final collapse. In 1998, I came to the Barings, officially entered the venture capital industry. As the first staff baring Asia, every day I have to deal with entrepreneurs, elite, take 3 months to 30 years, entrepreneurs experience out, can learn different.

my second major choice is in China bank, after graduating from Nanjing University, I was assigned to the China bank, do counter salesperson, doing is very simple "registration, copy, stamped" three steps, but I was not discouraged, the color of the place I have color, bank knowledge of Grand Prix first ah, when the 38 red banner pacesetter ah, and finally was named deputy chief. Perhaps because it is motivated and outstanding performance, the opportunity to really come to me: China and British governments jointly helped Chinese culture of CPA in United Kingdom, China bank for me to secure a quota, by participating in the entrance examination, I got to the well-known accountant for Hongkong PWC internship.

can be combined into so many styles, women don’t have to worry about with others Zhuangshan, founder of Aubrie Pagano · Aubrie Pagano said: "we each custom is out and out of the original product." Bow &: Drape is located in Boston, USA, which is different from the clothing outsourcing production in the major retail stores in the United States, and each product is produced locally.

article source: TechCrunch

, in order to solve the most difficult size problem, the company will give the customer special free delivery of its "Kit" Fit. According to the custom of dress, "fit tools" will not only provide 3 kinds of selected style size model general material for customers to try, but also provide customized piece of fabric. In this way, customers can also sense the fabric’s color, texture and so on in order to ensure the fit of the finished product in the future. By pre installing the paid back envelope in the kit kit, Bow & Drape requires the customer to place an order online or to return the "fit tool" within 5 working days of receipt of the tool box. Otherwise, the company will receive a late fee from the customer’s credit card.

, according to a reporter’s feedback on the Bow &, Drape custom service, each skirt costs an average of $120 to $180 without shipping fees. The finished product not only fits well, but also remains on the material as determined by fashion professionals.

now, fast fashion company H& M and Zara have clothing as fast food consumption, female friends even embarrassed Zhuangshan, are not "the same tune" predicament. To this end, Bow & Drape said the company hopes to female customers to re expression and control of their clothes, let the company produce unique clothing fit for the unique relationship between women and reshape the previous tailor. Currently, Bow, &, and Drape are embarking on providing customers with more color and customization options. compile: @ pretty clear


From content to King, quality is king

network era is an era of information explosion, information spread by the lack of steering only a short period of time, today, the majority of Internet users demand information has reached saturation, everyday Internet users need information, just picked at a search engine search, there will be numerous homogeneous information for their choice, a flood of homogeneous information the users of the site, will inevitably lead to the common loyalty reduced, in a large number of homogeneous information under the impact of the Internet, the content is king era will change to quality is king era. Author Wang Yihui will from today in the ladder network to explore quality is king of the times and you.

quality is a wide range of words, such as website operation environment quality, website content quality, team work quality, website service quality, and so on, we will discuss together.

Wang Yihui believes that competition in the web will increasingly represent quality competition. The first problem of website development strategy is the quality of the website.

bluntly said, most sites are now are facing quality problems, small scattered situation intensified the personal website, ladder network planning team believes that the scattered small personal website is no way out, personal website group is the only way to the development of small and fine, small is a disadvantage, at the same time or advantage. How to avoid weaknesses, every individual owners need to consider. A website planning team hopes to see more web site operators to diligently pursue website quality, not the blind pursuit of flighty and impetuous website traffic. What Wang Yihui wants to remind everybody is that the times of the future must be quality based.

from the quality point of view, although China boasts millions of websites, but half-dead website, spam sites, web scanty remains, such a large group in the network economy plays a role in providing long tail search and advertising alliance, this is a funny and sad reality.

but from another point of view, because the core competitiveness of the site is less and less, so, as long as the guidance of the correct strategy and tactics, network entrepreneurs face tight encirclement, talent shows itself the opportunity There was no parallel in history.

ladder site planning team advocate: win the support of the users with the best quality, on the basis of creating its own core culture, create their own brand website.

The importance of

website operators, and the overall quality of the site, the user’s loyalty, the core competitiveness of the site is proportional.

What is the need to pay attention to opening a baby souvenir shop

the cost of a child in a family is the largest, therefore, the opening of a baby souvenir shop, is a lot of vision of entrepreneurial choice. So, what is the need to pay attention to opening a baby souvenir shop? Let’s get together!

investment skills

by high quality and preferential services, in order to create the reputation effect, to win more customers, only the first to provide customers with more convenient. For example, the establishment of the region can provide free on-site service; cumulative consumption to a certain extent can provide a certain value of goods and services; also with the pediatric experts, to provide free counseling for the target customers…… These can improve the customer’s trust and loyalty to the product.

store location

such stores generally in large hospitals (especially women and children’s Hospital) side, preferably near a large community, so it is easy to centralized marketing. The way of publicity is one of one to one marketing.


Rockefeller business philosophy how to make money

money is also a doorway, how to make money, how to make a lot of money? Look at the business philosophy of Rockefeller business opportunities for everyone to analyze it.


work in just ways to make money

two, for the work to have a constructive argument

wisdom and knowledge

four, confidence and adhere to

, diligent and pragmatic

everything to try, even very little hope. From the bottom up, little by little, I think this is the best way to figure out the foundation of a business. The first chapter of the book of wisdom, is also the last chapter is, there is no free lunch. Wealth is an accident, a byproduct of hard work. Every goal of Chengdu comes from hard work and hard work, and the dream of wealth remains the same.

This paper from the whole network (


2016 the development of Internet in Fujian

the advent of the Internet has really made a big change in our lives, many cities also make full use of the Internet began to develop its own Internet banking. The report shows that since the beginning of this year, the rapid growth of Internet services in Fujian Province, to maintain two digit growth. In the first three quarters of the year, the Internet focused on scheduling contact enterprises (hereinafter referred to as key enterprises) total operating income of $45 billion 260 million, an increase of 8.9%. So, what is the status quo of the development of Internet in Fujian 2016?

among them, the Internet business income 30 billion 360 million yuan, an increase of 19.4%, higher than the same period in the province’s GDP and basic telecom business revenue of 11 and 14.3 percentage points. Key enterprises mainly distributed a media and e-commerce in the field, about 50% of the total, followed by entrepreneurial innovation, wisdom cloud service, service yimin.

Internet practitioners to maintain steady growth, R & D personnel increased significantly. The first three quarters, the total number of key enterprises, a total of 44 thousand and 600 people, an increase of 1.2%. Among them, the number of people engaged in Internet business accounted for 84.2% of the total number of enterprises. R & D personnel grew by 16.7%, focusing on R & D type of enterprise research and development personnel accounted for much higher than the product operation of enterprises.

lives in Internet plus era, only the clever use of the Internet, in order to get better development prospect in the future market, in order to better foothold. The cloud computing, big data, networking, VR/AR services represented by the rapid development of new business development, such as the first three quarters of the cloud computing services market size grew by 87.1%. Listed Internet companies 9, the total market capitalization of $43 billion 460 million. The province’s total of 69 cases of Internet enterprise financing, including financing statistics of the size of 63 reached $5 billion 920 million. The first three quarters, the overall index of the development of the Internet industry, an increase of 0.8 percentage points over the first half, an increase of 12.8 percentage points over last year.

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一短篇小说集称为迟到四十分钟检查1917技术进行了超过3500元的罚款。它是由Webb Johnson,谁解释说,这是借来的他的曾祖母,菲比,从图书馆现在关闭菲尔莫尔分支。她不幸去世前一个星期,它将返回。

也恢复了黄铜,一个婚姻的小说,由Charles Norris。它有一个到期日期为1937的邮票,使它过期80年。超过5000的顾客都能得到一个干净的石板上记录由于大赦,旨在帮助居民与库连接。




一个令人难以置信的新弯曲的摩天大楼称为大弯曲已设想由纽约建筑公司,它的目标是成为世界上最长的建筑。长度为4000英尺,它具有一个戏剧性的U形弯头在最高的中心点,它是由oiio工作室设计。孤独的星球来说,建筑师Ioannis Oikonomou解释说,出现的概念的表述中主要的挑战是如何进入顶层。




如果得到建立,瘦长的塔将近一倍的高度,一些世界上最高的摩天大楼在完全伸出,包括迪拜的Burj Khalifa,是目前世界上最高的建筑。“为了补偿,来设计一个这样的高层建筑,结构复杂,造型别致的建筑提供了先进的抗侧向力,即风,”Ioannis说。这种结构比传统的摩天大楼要硬。想象一下,风打到结构的一条腿,然后其他有助于抵抗负荷。”







The leisure clothing stores where good

now, the market leisure clothing franchise project is very much the concern of investors, they have opened a casual clothing stores. Before joining the casual clothing stores to join the project before the official start. The first problem is to solve the location, which is based on post operation. Then, the opening of leisure clothing stores, where to open a better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

for a mature city is concerned, there should be a number of fixed, big brand casual clothing franchise stores to join the relatively concentrated street. This street rents will be relatively high point, but don’t be afraid of high rents, high rents relative benefits, turnover will be much higher, high rents have gold, the size of a small city where leisure clothing stores opened in which good? There may be only one or two of these streets, and there are probably a lot of places in the city.

and categories will be different, for our brand, we are looking for casual clothing franchise stores to join the relative concentration of the local, leisure clothing stores in which good? The more concentrated the brand, the more mature the market atmosphere, the more consumers to buy this, the atmosphere of the sale will be better, and this place is very suitable for development.

leisure clothing stores located in the road stream flow path evaluation is the locations of points. Leisure clothing stores open in which good? Different passing vehicles and urban planning, constitute a different flow of people on the road, thereby affecting the consumption results. The road should be chosen to provide residents commuting, daily life is the necessary route, usually should also be very developed traffic, very convenient way.

in determining the location of casual clothing stores, investors should be combined with the local business environment surrounding the store. Also consider the long-term development trend of the local market. Choose the location of the leisure clothing stores, the specific methods of operation need to join the franchise to join the project’s entrepreneurs in practice to practice. Combined with their casual clothing store local surrounding environment, to find a suitable long-term store, this is the key to the success of the shop.

The tide LuxeHome living museum how much is the joining fee for

tide is still living museum? Small business optimization, successful business, success. How to join the influx of goods still living museum? Good business opportunities in the market, no worries. If you join the influx of the product is still living museum project, is also a very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

tide is still living in the museum to join the fee how much money million investment, with your success. The tide LuxeHome living museum using the rich and innovative and high technology, to create the market’s first professional leisure fashion store products, which are representative, assisted living supplies not only high quality, cheap, so that the tide Luxuries living museum by consumers welcome, the tide Luxuries investment advantages of living museum most. A lot of profit.

more and more people are pursuing petty life, spend a small price you can buy practical things for consumers are having consumption desires, not for the individual shop tide products, regardless of age identity, there is always something you need in the influx of goods shop, consumer groups undoubtedly increase to join the influx of goods shop brings an excellent market effect. The tide is still the quality of living museum entrance fee how much money a few million investment, let you make big money.

throughout the market, there have been many tide store brand, let people know how to choose, where insiders recommend you to have a good reputation of the tide is Pinchao shop to join the project. The tide Luxuries living museum jiamengfei how much money? You want to start their own business, choose to join the project when is good, today, joining has become a trend, low cost security business model is of great temptation for young entrepreneurs, the development of the market to join the brand more and more diverse, so join the project what is better? Some people say that the food and beverage industry, some people say that the garment industry, but if the experienced entrepreneurial people join the influx of goods shop is a good.

small business choose to join the tide of the product is still living museum? Open a tide of their own products are still living museum stores, market opportunities, you are still hesitant what? Join the tide is still living museum, are you ready?