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intensive backdoor >

website profit is not easy, how to profit is also the site of the most headache!

what kind of website would be profitable?

personally, the first in line for a very simple example. You build and rent at the cost of 3000 yuan; and you are each worth 100 yuan, so long as you through the website to sell 11 products you profit. That’s one reason why many companies build their own websites.

personal website to do pure Internet advertising is really difficult. Millions of lattice is a good idea. But Chinese has a characteristic is: follow suit. You search millions of lattice, the number of classes to the site? Some of the cells might be artificially boost popularity site made himself, not everyone really willing to spend money to buy the lattice. As for other website alliance. By clicking the money. The money is not enough to say you buy the domain name money. But lots of advertisements influence website will let the members in addition to more disgusted. The first time I felt curious access to millions of lattice, no one will go to look at the ads.

N05. public service website

station when your intention is not to make money, but sometimes you have to let your money. As long as you sincerity service, for a long time, you will have a good reputation. Reputation. Good reputation. This is more important than what. The intangible value.

may bring a lot of surprises for you.

No6. free blog / forum moderator


intensive backdoor listing, the acquisition of the courier industry why the capital operation frequently?

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

why is daily express

according to public information, the Daily Express Co. Ltd., founded in May 20, 2010, since its inception, the daily express focus on logistics, express delivery business, courier business scale development, 2015 operating income increased by 50.6% compared to 2014, significantly faster than the comparable company Shen Tong, tact, rhyme and average revenue growth of 28.8% in 2016; the whole year is expected to complete the ticket is about 1 billion 260 million over the past two years, the compound growth rate of 57.30%, which in 2016 fourth quarter average daily volume reached 5 million 500 thousand more than single ticket.

Su ningyun January 2nd evening announcement said, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Suning Logistics Co. Ltd. and the Daily Express Co., He Wenxiao, Zhang Hongtao and other natural person shareholders signed the "equity transfer agreement", Jiangsu Suning logistics in cash 2 billion 975 million yuan including the transfer of stock rights transfer tax acquisition holds 70% stake in the daily express.


why buy daily express


for the significance of the acquisition, the announcement said, express delivery network every day and mature courier logistics capabilities, Suning logistics is in the eyes of the more appropriate cooperation targets. Through the acquisition of express delivery every day, can be a good way to strengthen Suning logistics delivery capacity in the last mile. With the development of online business, the distribution of single volume growth, companies need to invest more money and manpower to broaden and deepen the logistics network, through the acquisition of the daily express, can in a relatively short term integration of the two sides in the warehouse, trunk, end and other aspects of the express network resources, improve distribution efficiency, reduce operating costs, and to improve the scale and flexibility of the whole logistics network.

express industry by the capital touted the momentum has continued to 2017. On the evening of January 2nd, Su Ningyun trading company announced that it would acquire 70% yuan of 2 billion 975 million shares of the daily delivery of the renminbi by the transferor in cash. With the "SF", "three links, one Tatsu" and other large enterprises listed on the express, the future competition in the courier industry will show a white hot trend.

in the completion of the delivery within 12 months after the establishment of Jiangsu Suning logistics or courier industry operating company hereinafter referred to as the "" operating companies; by way of equity transfer and then buy some time every day to express all or part of the A round investors have the remaining 30% of the shares, the transfer price of 1 billion 275 million yuan including equity transfer tax. After the completion of the aforementioned 30% equity transfer, Jiangsu Suning logistics and its operations company holds a total of 100% stake per day express.

I used to share keyword ranking query tool

now, let us together to watch the powerful effect after WordNet is:

since the contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, I want to find a can easily query keyword ranking tools, however, such a simple request, after a lot of time are not satisfied, until I met her on the keyword ranking query tool! In order to express my gratitude to the good tool, in order to share this good tool for everyone, I played percussion keyboard, start code for this article, not just for the soft

this tool relative to other tools. "


2, after giving up the manual inquiry, I found the home owners have the keyword ranking query tool, the specific effect you can see below

1, from the beginning, I was through the manual query, and then recorded in the document, but can not say that this approach is too inefficient, and soon after, I really can not stand, is looking for a solution to the more advanced.



said, this website tools are great, but unfortunately, the website is too restrictive, say, allows you to add the monitoring site total: 2, total: 6 allows you to add keywords, allows the addition of competition: 6, the total number of sites in the limit is too large, in order to be able to analysis on my hand a few websites, I even registered 4 home owners account, after a period of time, I was the tedious account thoroughly Speechless, continue to start looking for solutions.

3, after that, I met after word, and had a good time here, because after the words with several tools in front of me, it can be said is perfect, if not met the keyword ranking query tool.

I have such a good keyword ranking query tool, I also should meet, who can be called that for one or two days, this tool has some faults, can not use it? So, will let the tools search into my sight.

We look at the effect diagram:

before the formal introduction of this tool, I first talk about me on the use of tools of history:


first, ranking for monitoring, the tool supports a maximum of 100 words, 7 days can be derived for monitoring records, the number of sites, supports up to 100 sites, we must pay attention to, I said this is the free version of the Oh, take M version of the more powerful, however, for I the free version, completely enough, at last, let’s take a look at the effect of the tool bar chart.

4 is finally introduced today emphatically recommended the keyword ranking query tool.

Since the

How to recover after the site was down the right reason and website K

(3) of the content of the website:

recovery methodIS log The content of

6. chain factors

path change The frequency of updates

8. high repetition

website important directory The revision of the ?

2.IP line is not stable, for example some space or server can only support single or support or support, Netcom, telecom, caused by the spider visit the blind spot. Even some of the server in order to save resources, the search engine spiders shield.

7. content of unstable

1. server, web server instability, move, attack or buy site itself is not stable due to server function.


(5) site title change

9. web site by others mirror

3. the content of the website contains sensitive words banned by search engines, or to deceive the user’s vocabulary.

for example is cheap clothing wholesale site, but later changed to Shanghai Longfeng exchange blog, this is completely to shut the words not only distract your weight, will cause the severe drop right.

4. website,

So now that we

K website is absolutely not because of one factor caused, it is a kind of love Shanghai website very severe punishment, it must have happened because two to three drop right caused by the behavior, then the behavior is caused by the website is the cause of the K

(1) increased the frequency of fast. For example we do every day before is to increase 5–10 chain, but if one day suddenly increased by 50 links, so that a search engine will be regarded as cheating this behavior.

down the right site because caused by K the reason is clear, it is very simple, we can use the law to exclude found our website is the cause of the K, in order to make the site is K

5. Links, because if the chain do and your site is K, then you have a link to it, then your site will therefore be implicated, cause right down.

(2) lost the chain. The chain is caused by the absence of the website server lost a credit.

(1) replacement templates


if the site in the article not original information, will cause the drop right.

1. first we need to check the site, if there is something wrong with 503.500.20064 Server HTTP code in the log, and then check whether the page 404 dead link code, as everyone knows, dead link is an important factor causing the site to drop right, to solve the 404 generation code only.

How to select and set the site keywords

keyword is the preparatory work of Shanghai dragon, it is very important to select a keyword. Some people in the selection of the site keywords according to their website content is arbitrary, these keywords in the search engine did not lead to the flow of keywords ranking up but still not what website traffic.

and websiteThis is the website of the

today is not to say, directly into the point:

2, select keyword

1, there is a correlation between

index or noble love Shanghai baby’s keyword tool, here I will love the Shanghai index. After determining the main keyword in your website to love Shanghai 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝 index to check up, you can directly enter the keywords, below you can see the keyword index and a related keywords, the keywords are here to show a certain amount of search. You can use it to select the website main keywords and keyword, a website can have multiple keywords, here you can also determine the best website long tail keywords, long tail keywords although less traffic, but a number of long tail keywords together is a huge number of

keyword is the user through some words search engine to search the input. Keywords main keywords and keywords, keyword is the main keywords website optimization, optimization in the station main position, the keyword is slightly.


3, how to combine the keywords
    a website will have multiple keywords, then these keywords will be combined and sorted. To search engine keywords he will think in front of in the web. Title is more important, so the website main keywords in the front row, the key words in the back row. When the combination of keywords do not put keywords split out, you can according to their own website to organize a word and let the keywords included in the inside, the main keywords in front, so as not to let the search engine that you are cheating, many websites will choose many key words and the words are written on the title page. Now the search engine has been very intelligent, with.

what is the long tail keywords: long tail keywords is not website main keywords, he is the user search input long words, keywords are generally composed of multiple words called long tail keywords.

keyword relevance, in the choice of keywords according to the site of its own content to choose, or you will feel unable to optimize. This is a website construction site selection is a shopping site with keywords. If the keyword and website content relevance so far the search engine will think you cheating, then your website will be punished because of the reason.

What is the

, how to select keywords

Select the I suggest that you use this

The practice of their own website nobility baby Sitelink

3, close the website name, core keywords, anchor text, external links and internal links between theme strategy…… Similar to the "vote" keyword network, is one of the decisive factors produced by Sitelinks.


1, the website authority: Sitelinks website in an industry, field or a specific topic, has a certain reputation.

With the

Sitelink release: "noble baby display part of the site below the link in the search results are called Web links (Sitelink, their noble baby) can help the user to browse your site. The automatic analysis of the link structure of your site will be our system, users can save time in order to find web links and allow users to quickly find the information you’re looking "

(author: Le Sishu)

protection characteristic of famous brands, and has Sitelinks this kind of website in most cases.

5, brand name:

6, keywords: to a topic specific search site name, Sitelinks, probability, and search for "Shanghai dragon", "Internet", "home appliances" such a broad definition of class at present does not appear Sitelinks.

because of the establishment of the website is not a long time, in an attempt to generate Sitelink of noble baby practice, finishing about nobility baby Sitelink generated necessary conditions:


content update, the chain construction site, gradually perfect, another embodiment of the weights of the website, namely "noble baby Sitelink", as one of the objectives of Shanghai dragon Er, Sitelink has a unique charm. This combination of online only about the noble baby Sitelink articles, some of the sites present situation analysis.

2, website traffic flow: referred to here is not a web site traffic, but in SERP, the search hit rate, which is the official explanation that "useful to the user; in addition, the amount of collection site also has a certain reference value.


4, the website weight: to specific search keywords, website ranking in the first place, this is the most important factor; in general, the website has higher weight Sitelinks.

more than six necessary conditions for the conclusion in contrast, 1, 2, 4, 5 of the sites are not in demand, because the site is currently in the new period, ranking, weight, flow, these three conditions, in contrast, can be completely ruled out these points. Here the author of the remaining keywords closely the degree of uniqueness and keywords, some guessed that the two necessary conditions for the.

Love Shanghai bidding Guan Jian word matching mode four you know

note that only when users search words just contain "aluminum price" (complete including order) these 4 words are likely to see your promotion.

2. does not trigger the promotion of the results of the search terms include: aluminum prices, Aluminum Alloy price

1. may trigger the promotion of the results of the search words: aluminum, aluminum prices, the price how Shanghai 7075 aluminum price is cheap, the price of aluminum, aluminum industry, aluminum price cheap

at the beginning of this year, Shanghai to love bidding system has made a slight adjustment, Guan Jian words in which to adjust to our article to say, the adjustment is actually subtle and localized, generally do not cause too much attention, but for the costs of care for some users, you need to know a.

love Shanghai bidding matching the previous statement is divided into three types: broad, phrase, accurate. They are three different ways to cope with the different needs of customers were introduced, but now I want to tell you that we have been able to love Shanghai but the price is divided into four forms, then three forms not before, in particular: (exact phrases, phrases, high grade, exact phrase) from here, see change it, before the phrase is not what the exact phrase, and senior division, and now more than a, and this function in the background to show love Shanghai it is not very obvious, so it is necessary to take the specific.

from the two old and new production in the definition list carefully compared to see is not change, but in the change reflects what we call exact phrases and phrases senior, the old definition is the search terms must be completely contained Guan Jian words, and the order cannot be reversed, or insert, can not be a synonym, the is the exact phrase explanation; and the new definition can be reversed, can be inserted, can appear synonyms, similar to the broad definition, this is the senior phrase explained.

2. does not trigger the promotion of the results of the search terms including price price, the price of aluminum sheet, aluminum

new phrases: use the phrase matching, when users search words completely contain your keywords and your keyword (synonyms include keywords) inserted or reversed form, the system may automatically show your promotion results

with the keyword "aluminum price" as an example, in the default phrase matching mode:

: use the old phrase phrase matching, when users search words completely contains your keywords when the system may automatically show your promotion results.

> Definition of

1. may trigger the promotion of the results of the search words: 7075 aluminum, aluminum prices, the price how Shanghai 7075 aluminum price is cheap

with the keyword "aluminum price" as an example in the phrase matching mode:

The definition of

Two points should be noted on the chain of Shanghai Dragon

two in our special should pay attention to the way


first mention of a Links, has recently been looking for Links, but by Links find ways but so few, QQ group (the most widely used, but the platform (weak), a lot of people should take this as a chain of place), according to the link, but is some love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, there is a Links for Links, all-round development of it lies in, through their own a Links website to find its links to the web site through its Web site to find other links corresponding to the site, and then after we go this is progress, that is, the corresponding link information, for example, this method is particularly suitable for way Links, which can be summed up in a lot of ways and links. Do a notepad, check all the information to each other through the Links tool, can do, have a summary, and then go to the website, this is a good way, but also very suitable for Industry Station; recently I also applied in this way, always wanted to be a breakthrough in friendship link, everything is possible to use a pen, a record either on their own, or the summary is very significant, through a web link for another one, this is Links derivative, a lot of people say that Links is not good looking, but the actual situation to find the

I also do not want to say, the most popular N theory of the article, it is widely in the journal for growth is nothing, today, to see the celebrity blog can always find some of our own always love to forget, but must understand the knowledge, today said, the link way, two points should take note, one is the website links, one is Links, it is I feel very meaningful way, doing matters so much, there is always a lot to do well, but this is

there is a website link, website links, links will always have a misunderstanding, that is the home page, page, or home page, home page links are generally the most, then is it ranked and home page links? Flow on and home position? I think not, website ranking decisive is that the weights of the domain name, and correlation, and the correlation judgment directly involved is title, but a website, title is not only home only, other large and small pages, all can not be ignored, so, a web site, you need to do, want to do, one is the degree of integration in the global development of the chain, on the other hand is the chain, I want to say here is the link of all-round development, can not only do the chain to the home page, also should attend Content, columns, channels, and so on page flow is the source of these small pages, rather than the home page, after all is limited, but add up all the pages of the obtained flow is infinite, global > this is Shanghai Dragon

Keywords Shanghai dragon learning network development should be how to do (below)

Seventh, from the mining

learning network in the article: Shanghai dragon development should be how to do keywords (on), first from four aspects and share the common method of keyword expansion, are words related tools, search using the prompts and related searches, other tools such as today, then the article from the other four and share, respectively in different forms, add keywords, mining, traffic data from the cross combinations, the system allows you to harvest, in the keyword expansion through this well, the beginning of the text today.


, fifth key words: different forms of keywords can bring a lot of expansion words are common synonyms, related words, words and typos -. For synonyms, we can easily understand, such as keyword positioning for the hotel, it can also be extended to the hotel accommodation, etc.; for Related words, and refers to the keywords associated words, such as related website construction and website production, website promotion and Shanghai dragon related; for shorthand, we should also proper use, such as CCTV CCTV, referred to as the American Basketball League called NBA, abbreviation "daily search volume is also very impressive; and finally we talk about typos, although the search engine of spelling error correction function, but every day there are still many user input typos and wrong Chinese, there are a lot of words in fact, about the significance, but a radical or radical, so we should be on the part of the wrong word also must be prepared.

sixth, add keywords added that consists of adjective complement, supplement and supplement brand names. When combined with many keywords needs and the reality of the situation, there are different keywords at the same time, also can refine customers below to illustrate respectively. Refers to the names of keywords in front with local names, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing and Phoenix common tourism; brand added refers to direct and relevant keywords brand in the front, an effective approach which is refinement of the market, such as Changhong TV; and the adjective complement refers to the keyword before some specific determiners, common words are free of charge, price, promotion, and other activities, we can often see this kind of situation, such as a free download source, TV promotion belong to this category. For the core competitive keywords, plus some xianzhici can not only reduce the difficulty of the optimization, but also can improve the conversion rate.

Different forms of

traffic statistics: Web site statistics is a worthy we often go to a place in statistics will find a lot of interesting words, these words we may not think that even thought will not feel someone to search, but the real situation is not so. Sometimes a large part of Web site traffic is from these keywords and come, we can take some is often the search query words in the noble baby tools, you will see many similar words, these words can be used as the long tail word to layout, so this is a good way to expand. Sometimes for a relatively large flow.

How to improve the site included rate better.

third, according to the chain:

we should all know, love Shanghai spiders love most is the original article, copy and paste the contents of the same as garbage, nor on the love of spiders in Shanghai a "attractive", so it will not be like Shanghai which included, even if included will be short-lived. It also tells us that the content of the website is very important, whether the treatment, or will affect the typesetting are included. Since the discovery of the problem, so it should be properly solved.

First, according to the quality of

due to the recent continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, found that most of the content of many web sites are not included, what is the reason? I believe that many owners have such problems. What is the cause of the content of the website has not been included? After the study and the time for a period of time, I think the following aspects will be included on the website of the influence.

second, according to the layout of the article:

like a lot of industry marketing, most of the promotion is outsourced to network promotion, and network company’s editing level is limited, the previous day to follow the prescribed order templates, style, page layout, not a new thing, the effect is small. Have done the experiment: the same is a group of articles, some of which still follow the old routine, old, old style templates are published; while the other part adopts a new layout, add picture correlation with the content of relatively large in the contents of the article, and the corresponding instructions. The results show that: the second part of the article included speed and is significantly faster than the first part, to the high. Is that the content of the new layout will also help to improve the site included.

you should be very clear, what is the role of the chain, it can not only provide weight support to the site, but also can attract spider. I do not know if you noticed, many owners in the chain, the chain most are concentrated in the home. Rarely in the form of publishing and construction. In fact, the URL chain effect is better than do the chain only to the home page. If the chain is only the construction of the home page, column page address words > domain+


is best to do original, even if you did not create original articles, false original degree to be high. The only way to guarantee the love of spiders in Shanghai caused by the "attention", add a very good collection. Since we want to ensure the original degree, then the corresponding time will be longer, the number will be reduced. Especially for the new station every day, there is no need to increase the quality of the low, can reduce the number of appropriate, to improve the quality of the article. This approach is not rob Peter to pay Paul. Practice has proved that the small, high quality content is easier to get the favour of spiders than a large number of low quality content, in terms of speed increases a lot.

Let the site faster access method


after the meeting, can not help but want to see how the performance of your web site. Since the site moved to foreign countries, was a little worried. The noble baby Webmaster Tools website performance, can not help but be startled at your site: the average page load time of 20.2 seconds. The station more than 99.7% websites slow.

slow 100ms=Amazon sales decreased 1%

two, start gzip compression

as a virtual host, and no permission to open gzip server configuration. I can only rely on the WordPress plugin for GZIP Output. The home page size (Html/Text) decreased by 18.9KB.

style picture compression

site performance generally refers to the site access speed, although very common, but the data can be found, the website speed is quite a big impact on the user experience, this paper starting from the examples, to study how to optimize your website to download faster method.

I use

I did not use what advanced compression tool, just use the Fireworks CS4 batch image (file type has not changed), all original style pictures of the theme of the site is 195KB, after optimization is reduced by 54.94KB. And after optimization of the picture, the naked eye can’t tell the difference (at least I did not see it).


recently went to the D2 forum, a more profound experience to the website performance for the importance of user experience.

seems to be a practical optimization. First in your Firefox browser installed web performance testing tools Page Speed and Yslow noble baby. First, check the size of a web page to access YSlow. A total of 257.3KB.

Page Speed and nobility baby to see what can be improved. From that point, there are still many places can be optimized.

slow 400ms=Yahoo! User access to reduce the amount of 5-9%>

due to technical ability and time are limited, only a simple optimization. I have done the following work: some optimization

but GZIP Output only for PHP file compression, the voluminous CSS and JS files are unable to handle. I downloaded and installed WP CSS and WP JS>

slow 500ms = nobility baby user access content by 20%


, a