Wang Jiaojun noble baby friendship Panda algorithm speculation link building

is detected,


do not know if the solution, please refer to the noble baby webmasters help

Some pages of your site

if not natural links on a website, you can not remove it, please contact [Request]


yesterday just work, received a noble baby webmasters mail notification. The specific content you see screenshots.

recommended by Google Guideline to modify the site, modify again after the completion of the review website []

translated into Chinese as follows:

2. link information website. The main station of resources. Now the chain is very out of date with the same IP resources. But your punishment is more than you do website, including your resource station will die together. This year I had made such a mistake.

I believe we have to understand that my site is because some natural link is noble baby caused me to punish the site’s ranking in the fall.

then I analyze my site is GG that unnatural links come from. I do have adopted "white hat" means, the construction of the chain are all artificial normal legal operation.

manipulation may violate the provisions of Google

GG think your site is a chain operation may have the following factors:

I finally

analysis results can only be a reason: last week I bought a number of domestic Links.

specifically, please confirm whether to PageRank for the purpose, for their own website to set some natural and artificial links. Unnatural links: transfer PageRank links, links in the program.

3.GG think you link whether it is man-made or whether it is the important link of natural factors is the correlation between links. This Shanghai dragon Er will also be very familiar with. But I once again stressed the hope that you will not make such a mistake. There is no longer limited to related content is not relevant. Here are not related: no relevant content, not related to regional, not related to language. GG now has a very precise mechanism to >

1. link speed. The chain increases many chain or the same form of suddenly. Of course, I did not make this mistake is put forward. I believe that not too much to explain. Shanghai dragon Er should know this problem. But this distinction should be made between the station and the station. Such as Sina, you add 1000 chain engine one day will think you do not normal, if you are a small day increased by 1000 if the chain nobility baby don’t think you are cheating that he loves Shanghai.

What are the good keywords ranking promotion skills

There are many factors affecting During the period of

in the cloud claw promotion effect is very good, the integration of the promotion of the rich resources, news, micro-blog WeChat promotion, soft Wen promotion massive keywords ranking Promotion Forum promotion and so on, have more promotion issues can consult at science and technology promotion for cloud claw.

for an enterprise website, keywords ranking is a bit more important. Because when the user through the search engine to search for a product or service, if the user can see the company’s website for the first time, the enterprise products or services will greatly increase the exposure, purchase or transaction will greatly increase the possibility of the corresponding.


for the website keyword selection must conform to the user’s search habits, and should be big word searches, but these words also reflect our products or services provided by. You can refer to a number of search engines to determine keywords and long tail keywords.

is a web site keywords ranking PPC and Shanghai dragon natural ranking two. PPC effect is obvious, but the need to continue to pay, and some popular keywords are relatively high prices. Shanghai Longfeng natural rankings do not need to pay, the people to the natural ranking of trust is a bit higher, tend to feel natural to the front row site more authority.

The promotion of science and technology at

website of Shanghai Longfeng natural ranking, to search engine, the influence of the factors may have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of. But according to the long-term experience and a lot of research, found that there are two factors to influence keywords ranking is relatively large. Use is a keywords in the website of title, another is the key chain of the prevalence and popularity.

in do network promotion, keyword ranking fluctuation is a common phenomenon, but the site did not do what special thing, will link the day as usual, will update the original article, but the site’s ranking is not stable, and often will fluctuate. Many new Adsense all thought it was his improper operation, or what "out of line", which leads to their site is down right. In fact, many times for many reasons, there may be some details of the cause, there may be the search engine itself is the problem.

Discuss how to update the Shanghai dragon optimization ideas

key words: Dali tourism


with love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, optimization of Shanghai dragon is also in constant improvement, before a few day Shanghai increase the penalties for the source of the news, focus on punishment by inserting ads have links to their site’s behavior in the news, love Shanghai give the explanation is that such a serious impact on the user’s browsing content experience.

we’ve always emphasize the user experience for the importance of the Shanghai dragon, but now many industries especially in the machinery industry of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng idea is still the old ideas, when they do in Shanghai Longfeng operation is fully without regard to the user and only consider the search engine, the following is for everyone how to update the Shanghai dragon operation we are thinking of the simple share.

love Shanghai search drop-down box is a very important data we do Shanghai dragon, the user at this time for some keywords search volume is relatively large, the love of Shanghai is based on the drop-down box to sort.

1. we want to know when the user needs analysis of keywords, users in the search for a short keyword if you can’t find him to be content, he will take longer to search search keywords.

we take the chain as an example, if the whole industry website is to junk the chain, then we can really meet the needs of the user guide for the chain flow, our website will rank to the front. When all of our website industry in accordance with the old Shanghai dragon to operate, if we do the transformation of the industry, to really study keywords user needs, then we will be the user clicks to the first position, when other people see this industry and change, there will be a lot of imitate us man, this time we will drive the industry of Shanghai Longfeng update ideas.

at the same time we look at this phenomenon is a common or unique phenomenon, we can try to search for other city and tourism, we will naturally find Raiders will be the top few, so the conclusion is that the tourism industry is a considerable demand for the raiders.

we can see that Dali tourism Raiders and Dali tourism Raiders 2014 is ranked in the top two, so if we want to do this keywords Dali tourism we can analyze the needs of users is the Raiders, the user has a significant and timeliness for Raiders of the demand, because the user is not found in the search for Dali tourism strategy this year then, he will be in the back plus 2014, so we must go to the website reflects the tourism Raiders in the title and content of the quality content, so our website can attract most users click, steady our position.

We know that

2. if a short word can directly find he needs the contents of the search, then he will not search for long term, so we have to be very direct to meet the search needs of users of our main keywords.

For example:

A new direction to enter the site to enhance the weight of brand promotion

of course, a lot of practice, I said some commonly used. For example, we do the promotion in Shanghai love to know, now love Shanghai know not to add links, we must take the user to our site, how to do? Then you can join an introductory language when answering questions, such as the Shanghai love one of our words we can find certain brand the official website, there are more detailed introduction. If you really have this need, you will certainly do what you say, you love Shanghai brand word to find your site. This method is also applicable to the classification of information and commerce platform B2B.

is a group of users of the website is a real weight website, is a worthy of respect for the website search engine. This site even search engines are not easily K you, such as car home this site. The user in the search of the car home, if you can’t find my search engine to the site, then I would switch to another search engine. I don’t think the car home this site has a problem, but the search engine will think you have problems. This will damage the user experience, search engine is not taking the risk. Here we all know that it’s a good brand website, now tell us about how to practice.

real brand website as long as you open his traffic statistics can be seen, most of the traffic to his website is his brand word search engine every day, rather than target keywords. Such as car home this keyword, its index is 120 thousand, and the car industry but words 18 thousand. Can think of this car brand word must be greater than the core word car when traffic statistics what when you open your site, that bring your words flow is up to the time of your brand in this time slowly shaping success. As long as you are late continue to promote your brand, deepen your brand continuously, continue to retain old customers, attract new users to your site.


lifting the weight of the website is every Shanghai Longfeng people are doing every day, but you are now operating on the site who is right? Can effectively improve the weight of your site really? I believe that the current method to improve website weight is the best brand promotion, like some methods to enhance the site the weight of the common is not so effective, such as the chain weight is not only more and more low, and can not be accumulated strong. To the late and for the influence of the ranking is small, now the search engine in order to make the Internet a clean environment, foreign chain hit is quite large, the chain is more and more difficult to do. So in the chain becomes more and more difficult to do under the method to improve website weight is the best brand promotion. But this is a long-term accumulation of things, like the chain, the chain is always a life time, someday will disappear. So the website brand promotion this is our website optimization in the late most should do.

Novice on Web Mining Techniques of long tail keywords


know what words we can do this, if you do not know the most recent consumer concern is what, how can we use a tool? It is the love of Shanghai weight query, enter the URL such as www.9928.Tv, the following will appear recently brought up flow >

1. using CNZZ data expert query tool. I think this is relatively easy to use, intuitive and clear, you can view the main flow of keywords of a month, the last 7 days, yesterday, the day, more can be input to the query time. Very convenient to understand optimization keywords a change of time.

This is the basis of optimizing the

2. love Shanghai search. Love Shanghai, surely we all know, take the 2012 section of the long tail Tsingtao Brewery word, we search the long tail word in Shanghai search engine, will see the search in Shanghai below (see below), these words can also be an object of our choice.

like so good wine similar sites, during which the main task is to dig the long tail keywords representative. How to mine? Xiaobian for you to explain for a while. However, after this period of time, to October next, like this word will be cold, the search will return to so many friends. At fifteen August is coming, good wine when the Mid Autumn Festival is predicted, what to send wine, send what good wine this keyword will concern. This is the stage, long tail keywords instability and pertinence. I also don’t know when you said do not understand, so, ha ha, don’t know can love Shanghai oh.


Keywords mining station

I mentioned above, the long tail keywords of digging, mining must be forced to know the new Shanghai dragon. I know, to share to everyone.

understand the role of long tail keywords for specialist is very necessary and significant. On my opinion, long tail keywords has stage, instability and certain pertinence. Why? Good wine for you slowly. Today we will take Chinese good wine merchants as an example, as we resolve this problem. When the summer beer widely welcome by friends, nature about beer beer brand information, even all the beer and beer related things are concerned, we can from the background data on the good wine is not difficult to see that the Tsingtao Brewery hot search degree day is very high, in the last seven days keywords high heat. The second is the Harbin Beer festival.

3. love, this is relatively simple, input the keywords you want to optimize.



On 2013, how to do Taobao Shanghai dragon training

The first point: object

analysis of training needs and psychological

third: how to charge and training effect evaluation

personally think Taobao Shanghai dragon training and Shanghai dragon training almost, first is bound to analyze training object and psychological demand, 80 and 90 after the Taobao owner of the young shopkeeper accounted for a small proportion. The training object mostly belong to this age, most of these people are new to Taobao, Taobao just opened shop on the promotion can be said to be a blank, and then began to learn how to do Taobao promotion, so Taobao Shanghai dragon training is the best for this part of the owner. But in the charges may have to consider, the tuition is too high for students is certainly difficult to accept, because this part of Taobao is the owner of a lot of graduate students. They are eager to through the Taobao open shop to make money, generally speaking for Shanghai dragon is the first time I heard. What station knowledge is a blank, so for the Shanghai dragon basic things have to explain in detail. Taobao Shanghai dragon training it is also necessary to extend to the Taobao store promotion, to tell the truth, for Taobao stores, more suitable for network promotion.

recently often see people promote Taobao Shanghai dragon training QQ group, then love Shanghai out now a lot of Taobao Shanghai dragon training institutions, in fact no organization. Taobao Shanghai dragon training for Taobao Taobao store owner, now young people too much, so many Taobao owner, Taobao Shanghai dragon training many customers for Taobao, Shanghai dragon training, I have some ideas. Now Taobao Shanghai dragon training person or team in a minority, facing so many competitors, how to do Taobao Shanghai dragon training? For students to pay tuition to learn the real thing, not a pure bluff, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng training needs to pay attention to what the author summarized in the following? Several points:

is Taobao Shanghai dragon training cycle to set how long? Specifically to carry out what courses? All these problems have to think clearly, for example, training for a period of three months, the course can be arranged in Shanghai: Based on the dragon and how to set the title of the baby, how to write a description of the baby information etc.. Of course, the final aim is to let students learn something really useful, you can use their own knowledge to promote their own Taobao store, or the students belong to flicker. As first mentioned, to develop training courses according to the specific needs of the students, after all the training period is not long, so we should focus on solving practical problems to the students, for students to see the real effect, so not to pay the tuition fee. Although Shanghai is the dragon training, but should be more targeted, Taobao store too many types of products to sell, promotion is very complex, so to do Taobao stores have to go to the different needs of products.



second: how Taobao Shanghai dragon training course planning

A5 marketing enterprises to recognize these erroneous views of Shanghai Longfeng website to quickly


today to write this article is not dry cargo, nor Shanghai Longfeng topic how profound, but simply pointed out that the enterprises is not right in the practice of Web site optimization and false ideas. Of course, the original intention of writing this article is to tell the majority of enterprise website boss, Shanghai Longfeng responsible person able to correct the face of this article mentioned problems and timely treatment. If handled properly, the website will very good promotion

Although This article is written in

I’ll give you an example: I have a diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng customer is doing tourism website, they did not cooperate with us in Shanghai Longfeng.

The story of …

is the most common, I and some enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng exchange in this area, many people have said: the boss gave the word, we must optimize, do not optimize up will have to face the low wages or dismissal, but their suggestions are not through the boss of the audit, so many the suggestions are useless. You don’t need to say what the search volume, target keywords "little competition, only those who truly understand the Shanghai dragon boss who, do not understand in Shanghai dragon boss who has absolutely no effect, the choice of keywords boss only look for their own subjective consciousness.

a little but had to write a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the reason is: since the Internet plus by many well-known enterprises, the transformation of traditional enterprises have Internet, almost after the transformation of enterprises will be an independent recruitment website, then Shanghai Longfeng optimize a series of websites, and many enterprises are more attention to the development of. Unfortunately, the site in the optimization is not very satisfying, many things are messing around. Cause the website optimization effect can not play to the maximum. In addition, if the enterprise is not to fiddle with my personal website. In fact, it is very believe, as long as the enterprises attach importance to Shanghai dragon and the intention to do enterprise site optimization, Shanghai dragon will bring high value to the enterprise.


first, not by the subjective consciousness to the choice of keywords. At present, many enterprises have "a rensili" enterprise, ask Shanghai Longfeng idea, does not consider the user’s thoughts, directly with their own subjective consciousness to choose keywords, not to do the work of keyword research. Then enterprises put his own view on the keywords to Shanghai Longfeng personnel, or outsourcing to other Shanghai Longfeng service providers, directly to the selected words to tell each other to do.

seems to think so, but it is not ideal. At present most of the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in the aspects of Shanghai dragon has had the wrong understanding, especially the two or three line of the city’s enterprises. Then, the following A5 Huang Zhong’s simple and communicate with you, if the readers of enterprises encounter such problems, immediately recognize and improve, if not met the following questions when reading a free paper. We then read…

, an enterprise not by subjective consciousness to choose keywords

100% improve the long tail keywords ranking method

, a good collection of the long tail, we began to do the long tail keywords, the specific operation is as follows:

5, can improve the long tail keywords article directory (the directory page, home page, by weight.

to do the long tail ranking first we want to know what is the long tail keywords, how to collect them? To love Shanghai as an example, collect love Shanghai tail, we first get through the main keyword search long tail keywords some difficulty (search keyword search after falling in love with 10 sea is shown below), many can as a directory to optimize, we go through the ten search keywords in the same way as a way to get the key words, so you can get many related to your site keywords. You can also get the long tail by some tools, such as movement of the long tail keywords tools etc..

2, please do not effect on other words, even so, also let the additional effect of the long tail word up.

meet the long tail word article

5, the long tail keywords in bold, color, increase (I do not recommend

The weight of

do you do in the long tail, trouble is the long tail but no ranking is? Maybe this is for you

4, for the anchor link

the station did not do any long tail keywords, all traffic from the basic to the main keywords, one day about 1000IP. Site a total of about 4W data, if these data are long it will be? So it is necessary for us to learn to do long tail keywords ranking, the direct access to the theme.

3, in the article, must take the picture description Express (mouse over the display text above)

two, we know how long after, still have a lot to learn. The start of its ranking techniques:

4, the character of less than 120, do not add more than 3 links (the more weight the number of links more dispersed)


2, the title, the first section and the tail section of the words, the title must appear.

1, the article must be original There are pictures of taste!

3, under the permission of the title to add H tag

1, if your article is less than 120 characters do not add more than 2 long tail keywords

is the source of the whole committee as everyone knows keywords website traffic, popularity. A website to develop and grow, the long tail keywords is a must. Before I talk about how to improve the website main keywords ranking, is based on the classified information website as a teaching case to explain, and I do well, interested friends can love Shanghai "Shanghai classification information" which has a domain of SIOOS is my website (this station only as a test site).

Analysis quality is what factors affect

5, page

page layoutThe design of 3, the quality of ?


also known as web page links in the chain, is part of each site is essential, but to add sites within the chain should be moderate, a >

loading speed , 4 similarity

is now the site is built with the use of readily available source, so many web site structure and page style is almost the same, but the high similarity is an important factor influencing the weights of the website. So learn to modify the page let it out of the ordinary is successful webmaster essential skills.

station page quality is one of the most important parts of the site weight, composed of website content, title, page layout, inside the chain and other factors, these factors directly reflects the quality of the web page level. So how do we control these factors in

page links

The quality of



is one of the most important factors of the quality of web page, a good article should be rich in content and not lose time. The richness refers to, when the user is not limited to text, we need to use more rich content to meet him, for example, such as graphic combination in the content and video, such as the content of the bottom and comment on this and users interact, so increase the content richness allows users to get better in time browse the contents of the experience. The timeliness of the content is mainly divided to different industries, some industry users need to have the timeliness of the content, so we must provide, such as many users need in tourism and tourism tourism Raiders recommended, such as decoration users always need the latest cutting-edge decoration renderings Daquan, the content in the US must meet.

web page loading speed is to bring the user experience first, a qualified page must ensure that the minimum speed. Therefore, we should not only select a stable and fast server, but also to carry out some optimization of the web page code. Through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform query deficiencies can easily find and modify the page code, such as JS merger, CSS merger, GZIP compression. Secondly, to clean up the web page and die blank page to avoid negative emotions on Web spider.

web page layout should be based on the user’s browsing habits to decide, not their own design can not simply the most probably it did not actually happen to good design. The important content should be from left to right from the top to down sort, is simple and does not lose the atmosphere.

site of many sources of income are dependent on advertising, but many advertisements occupy most of the page position, seriously affect the appearance of the page, causing the user out of the high rate of. Advertising should be the combination of the page content do not blindly seek, advertising will put in place the income than the whole page advertising is low.


Binzhou Shanghai Longfeng optimization market analysis

this is the last of the station planning, I use keyword tools to collect the relevant keywords for a total of 5690, and then look at the key words in title and related index, if you can do the first three words, the total flow rate is around 200. The specific I do not know how to count, so count. Oh.

< Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization market analysis > Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization wrote the first article, received such a task for the first time, do not know how to write it on Binzhou’s manufacturing industry, simple service industry, catering industry, processing industry, tourism industry is about.

so Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization can only be found a little: home a total of 5 Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, which is a love Shanghai, or Beijing; a similar to the natural navigation website, ranking the first; the other 4 are Shanghai Longfeng optimization and website construction, it is some of the recruitment information.

analysis of Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization market, (analysis of the status quo of its business volume. The level of technology, effect, bidding) Binzhou on the Shanghai dragon optimization (I) is quite difficult, I tried to ask what is the business volume of their customer service to you, but no results, or not, either don’t know. Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization think is so intimate, how can something and say

As for the ?

other features: look at these sites only one enterprise has its own website, some of the other is the release of information products in the third party platform to buy, this is not much, most of the news, the flow from more to less are: Binzhou tourism, Binzhou manufacturing, Binzhou catering industry Binzhou industry, Binzhou service industry.

finally explained: the first to write this article also do not know how to write.

Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization think, if these companies have built a website of your own to optimize it, 1. of their products globally and enhance competitiveness, to enhance their business volume of the company; 2. business volume will increase the accumulation of market driven supply chain with the increase of.3. can be used as commercial information asset.

As for the

Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization time, can guarantee at least 4H every day (not if), the time can be used to check the information, to do the task, learning. I believe they will be able to go to the end of.

Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization analysis method is in the front of the industry with Binzhou, such as: Binzhou manufacturing industry, then a simple analysis in a row in the top three website.

Binzhou and Shanghai dragon found some of their common points are: 1.90% news station, 2. website program I have seen, each of the 3. sites have the record, 4. domain age in 1 years, which is at least 1 years and 8 months, the largest is 12 years and 4 months, 5. flow is great (the entire site)

Grassroots idea how to break the monopoly of the search

several properties or product elements has been moved many of the products used, especially in the mobile Pangu, development strategy, function has been elevated to a strategic height. But in the traditional search.

love Shanghai gives us the user’s search quality can meet the basic needs of the search is no problem. But a single large scene must for the long-term development of a product without benefit. Love Shanghai before bidding scandal has it all. But when the existing development environment basically has been completely cured, any product to continue to do a search, what needs to change, because love has proved that Shanghai’s strong search pattern change needs innovation.


In fact, this

but love Shanghai strong we are met, whether it is Google or Sogou, or turned out 360, the love Shanghai threat is just the tip of the iceberg, true love can shake Shanghai in search of a strong dominant products can be said to have not yet appeared.

from the desktop to the mobile terminal, a search of the struggle has not stopped, no matter who is weak in bad mouthing the desktop search, mobile search to weakness, astute practitioners still will not give up this fat search. From Zhou Hongyi to search for we can know, search in many Internet giant heart still has a very important position.

has a great flow of users. This is a company to do the search key, is the only way out. From this, Ali cloud even Pangu, immediate body we can clearly feel no user ready-made is difficult to bring a new search product do wide. This is not only the environment makes the situation, but also because of the pursuit of obtaining vertical information user for the search request is not simple, but like Shanghai that contains Post Bar, know, social media, and even other aspects of music library, for any company that wanted to live on their own difficulty is not small so, the use of direct traffic ready to build their users but is a more sensible approach. Look at the 360 grades can know the power, so compared to Pangu and immediately, without a strong reading crowd, meaning is certainly not again to compete for the desktop search.


using the existing flow into is a more efficient thing, but if you have no immediate advantage of this, then we should be the center of development where? And vertical social networking is a good direction, in this two aspects, Ali cloud and so have made an example, although data from look, they share a number of poor or even lower in the market, but in the long run, try this search is necessarily a meaningful challenge. But at this stage, I personally feel that in addition to the vertical development of its own search, we should also be given more search function, fragmentation and aggregation.

Flip type web search engine is how to grab


may sound a little little wood Shanghai dragon to take a very simple example, for example in the website flip directory added 29 articles, that is to say the last one is thirtieth, and the spider is a one-time grab 10 article links, this spider.

The principle of How to determine whether the

for this page type page, the spider is mainly through the records of each article found that crawl the web links, and then found the article links with the history of the discovery of the link on the comparison, if there is intersection, the crawl and found all of the new article, can stop on the back of the page to grab; otherwise, that the crawl did not find all the new article, need to continue to crawl under a page or a few pages to find all of the new article.

capture mechanism?

why do we need this capture mechanism of

to judge whether the article published by arrangement is a necessary condition for this type of page, as described below. So how to determine whether the resource release time arrangement? Some pages in each article followed the release time, through the link corresponding to the time set, time to determine whether the collection at large to small or small to large order, if it is, then the web resources are released according to the time order the arrangement, and vice versa. If you didn’t write the release time, the spider can write the article itself according to the actual release time of judgment.

is ordered flip

?Most web sites use page?

Spider system’s goal is to found and all valuable web crawling in the Internet, love Shanghai official also made it clear that the spider can only crawl to as much as possible and valuable resources and keep the page system and the actual environment of consistency at the same time not to give the site experience pressure, that is to say all the spider will not crawl all pages this website, there are a lot of spider crawling strategy as soon as possible to complete the discovery of resources links, improve the efficiency of capture. The only way to try to meet most of the web spider, which is why we want to do website link structure, then the wood just for a Shanghai dragon spider on the web page type mechanism to seize a few comments. (this article will not test the rate of other grasping mechanism, from a single point analysis)

page form to orderly distribution of web resources, when a new article increases, goes back to old resources page in the series. For the spiders, the index page of this specific type is an effective channel for crawling, but the spider crawling frequency and site update frequency is not the same, the link is likely to be pushed to the page, so the spiders could not every day from the first page climb to eightieth, then an article in an article crawl to the database comparison, this is a waste of time but also a waste of your web spider, the spider included time, so the need for such a special type of page type "an additional grab mechanism, so as to ensure the complete collection of resources.

Analytical optimization techniques I love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings for me

in the previous study, you will find the love for Shanghai products, whether it is love or love to know Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, in the content page often top are used in JS, in the content page most frequently used for TABLE and DIV, the other is CSS mixed form of writing. However we do stand, are often as much as possible the use of JS in the structure of unyielding, generally use the DIV+CSS way, as far as possible not to use TABLE. From these aspects, we can know that in fact the website of Shanghai Longfeng streamline optimization is not the main point. In our website navigation if not use the structure of DIV+CSS, then the search engine of your site included, whether it is from the optimization in to ranking weight, the effect is excellent. So here I suggest that we must according to their own website to reasonable "use" in the form of DIV+CSS.

(> three

(two) contain the keywords of the title, concise.

(a) the page structure natural, simple code.

often believe that every webmaster all know of the search engine, love Shanghai’s products such as: Shanghai, Post Bar library, know love and experience, whether it is any Encyclopedia of a search engine ranking is very high, in which especially love the most representative of Shanghai. So learn from Shanghai Longfeng researchers sense has fully demonstrated their love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon optimization do is very in place, a reference index but also by our study, and as long as we are reasonable according to their own website and the reference index to optimize it, then we place our own you can call the shots. So today I share with you my two years to study some experience of love Shanghai encyclopedia, hope to help you master.

in Shanghai company insiders give webmaster advice is clearly emphasized "the carefully written page title, keywords and description of" pay attention to." To see the importance of the title, and in the actual when so love their products in Shanghai. Take the Shanghai encyclopedia. Love, each title has a common, which is inserted in the title keywords, and quite concise, no concept of a little verbose, and they are some of the most important content and did not set the keywords relevant page description, from these aspects, the author keywords and description is superfluous? But we are thinking about, if the website does not add keywords and description of content, it will not be conducive to search engine to crawl? This is worth thinking. We also can be found in the title when the love Shanghai encyclopedia all the use of H1 tags to strengthen key words, so as to prove the point, that is the love of Shanghai attaches great importance to the H1 tag, so we are not it should be good to use labels? The answer is yes.

Gold station hubpages blog make money hand stationNovice to be alert to some common Wangzhuan scam

below to tell you several typical will not be able to make money:


3 want to know a pay a harvest, in the network to make money industry, also with traditional industry, need hard to earn money.

reprinted please note from the gold rush station: http>

welcome novice learning website, promotion, operation, Wangzhuan experience sharing group: 68971311

1, hubpages profile

finally wish webmaster nets and small station better and better. Oh, welcome to reprint, reprint, please retain the copyright, thank you

Advantages and disadvantages of

now online information spread too, Wangzhuan people too busy to attend to all, sometimes it’s hard to determine whether this information is true, then this will give you some tricks, I hope you don’t fall in

want to use new bloggers make money make friends, I suggest that you can use hubpages to practice hand first.

5 never to believe what day to earn 600 yuan project " " " move the mouse, easily earn 1000" the lower the scam, so, let’s first international GDP early! Don’t go to participate in any Wangzhuan training class, you need to join fee Wangzhuan not easily ignored. Keep a calm heart ~!

3 and pre blog visits are the most important sources of traffic. Never expect others to take the initiative to love your blog.

hubpages is like a Sina blog, and a free blog hosting community, better than the Sina blog, hubpages is more open, more profitable than Sina blog. While blogging, you can place shlf1314, Adsense, eBay, Amazon and so on in your blog, which are two different from the average independent blog. Devhub is also a site similar to this.

is open to the point. The free hosting of blogs is certainly less open than independent blogs. Most people use free hosting blogs, and they value their resources. Why do most celebrities like to set up their own personal blogs on Sina? Free blogs, a lot of existing resources, are unmatched by independent blogs. In Sina blog, as long as there is a blog is recommended on the home page, then this blog post tens of thousands of visits is basic. Independent blog, do not say is a personal realistic independent celebrity blog, independent blog, single traffic and thousands are rare. Moreover there is a little weight, under normal circumstances, the weight of free hosting blogs is better than independent blog, in addition to individual blog professional, it may be possible in the professional field of post ranking is better than that of free hosting blogs. Of course, this has a premise, Bowen quality and optimization are almost the same circumstances.

on the Internet today, with traditional open tactics, the daily gain of five hundred yuan is small. So I hope that we must firmly make Xi, don’t think about to eat a big fat man, this is unlikely, especially for the novice webmaster friends, tomorrow is beautiful, the road is tortuous. I hope everyone will come to our forum and master more basic knowledge of online business and money making. Only in this way can we succeed step by step.

The definition of


2 and hubscore makes hubpages somewhat similar to digg. The higher the score, the better the display rate, and even the chance to display on the front page. A lot of speculation is brush vote brush up, although I do not agree with this method, but the premise is to get big traffic at one fell swoop, and only rely on this method.

4 you always want one thing: if you make money through the network, it is from what place? Don’t take to a project directly to start, you must first analyze its feasibility, it can earn money from where, how many earn? Don’t listen to others in the

Oh! !

three and hubpages

10 million do not easily believe that the so-called online training, so-called expert teachers, put your money cheated, not only cheated after reflection, that time is late. Before you learn, ask for good. We can go to the Forum: wzw5 to ask people netizens, can also ask the stationmaster net enthusiastic webmaster, but must not believe ah

2 do not always think that the link will be able to make money: hard to help others advertising, exhausted, you do not know how to die. Most of the time, you are actually making money for others, not for yourself, and you are cheated by others.

Several key points of

1, almost all of the tags related to the search, are very critical, it is best to write your blog related. I am professional strengths for such advice blog, do not speak generally. Professional blog does not mean technical blog, but refers to the scope of writing, can be a cat writing blog, can be a blog to write flowers and so on. Of course, can not involve illegal pornography, hubpages control of this area is very strict, and occasionally hit the edge ball or yes.

two, free hosting blog relative to independent blog

Entry must see a Shanghai Longfeng novice learning Shanghai Longfeng suggestions

reason: search the words "Shanghai dragon", Shanghai dragon stick a day long row in Shanghai love home, noble baby ranked 11. If the ZAC (currently adhere to update daily a quote into monthly do not necessarily have one…… ), believe that baby will not be so low ranking nobility.

when the "site" after the completion of these training institutions began to teach you to Shanghai for a Blog dragon, Shanghai dragon.

learning for a long time, think of Shanghai Longfeng level can reach slightly higher than the general standard, from the station to the Shanghai Phoenix, now with their own knowledge to start a business network, the first line on the website in July 12th. But the first statement: I did not make money.

stone interaction

I have to explain, I did not participate in the training of about one thousand yuan, but I probably learned that these training is the beginning of teaching website, especially what WordPress station. I admit that WordPress is very powerful, but you used to build a blog that this is called "station" is not too good to.

entry recommendation: "Shanghai dragon combat code", a bit of ancient books, 10 years, don’t doubt this book, I began to learn from Shanghai to Phoenix, now this book mobile phone never deleted, a paper read at least 3 times. This is a very effective, straightforward tutorial. Last year, the "Shanghai Dragon Art" translation is not very recommended, this book is a domestic theory two is slightly The climate does not suit one., deep, not suitable for entry, recommended reading "Shanghai dragon combat code", the real operation of a web site for a period of time after see.

based on the above purpose, today I still just a novice, just write out the learning process of my experience, not for what you can guide, just hope that we have seen the future to reduce unnecessary investment, including time and money. The first entry is worth to look most, many people recommend various forums, a variety of blog, but I think these places too much dross, as a novice can easily be misleading, but nothing more than those things inside, all kinds of boring, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, easily lead to beginners think Shanghai dragon then something, which makes the novice look for Shanghai dragon in this industry. Here is the first recommended Daniel level figures: ZAC.

ZAC website: Shanghai dragon day stickers, Shanghai dragon

for the purpose of writing this article is actually very simple, because I am a novice, I experienced a very long time to learn, I also contacted a number of training institutions, I think these training institutions is cheating. Or have a certain effect for rich students training, but then again, what money so willing to enter the grassroots Shanghai dragon industry? I rarely see. So I’m going to have some experience and experience I am engaged in Shanghai dragon industry from now until after the release on my website.

Shanghai dragon

How easy it is to get the website popular keywords flow

secondsWebsite optimization

I wrote "mad cat network: a fictitious video network company", in fact, I just try to do a test, "the mad cat keywords network". If interested friends can use love to check the keyword index in Shanghai, currently has about more than 800, the highest reached more than 1200, but the key competition can be said to be very small, very easy to do.

website right down topics:

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

"mad cat network" the reason why there are so many people to pay attention to, because in the recent TV "impeccable master competitors". In the TV series mentioned a "mad cat network", a lot of people want to watch this TV drama did not know this company mad cat network ", so there will be such a large number of search, which will Qingyang brand is the reality of the existence of the.


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

from "mad cat network" keywords the temporary heat, I found a little, it is know that. If you know how to find the new popular keywords, as long as around the keywords to write a good article, then we will be able to get good rankings, flow also came naturally. This keyword interested friends can write the "Pepper uncle, I want to write, but don’t think it’s necessary, certainly this traffic is not stable, it can be a test.


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

I first talk about the performance of it, it has just released yesterday, Google ranked third, Shanghai ranked seventh in love. This morning in Shanghai ranked third, but less than two hours, this article went to the second page, again let me burn in my synchronous online article ranking up. In fact, I have been in I burn nets set up not to let the search engines crawl I sync I burn in the online article, it seems that this love Shanghai or not obedient! Not only included, there is a good ranking. From this point we can see that love Shanghai not included your article is decided by it. If you want to collect, then how to set the useless. In other words, you have good originality, it doesn’t want you no way.

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: !

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked


Analysis of a cat is what to do in the station optimization

snapshot of loveReading

interested students can see, learn about how a cat is word, a word is out in alphabetical order to word. But according to my observation keywords Amoy should be collected and generated, the number of millions of words is not able to complete the manual.


is here to share it, feeling can give some people want to do a large site optimization idea, should upgrade from the idea of small website. Where to send the chain these bitter > don’t think every day

A good



, the establishment of key thesaurus

Amoy network do is very good, but also in increasing the correlation and increase the keyword density, and it is not reasonable keyword density, the user does not need to, if we can also consider the magnitude of the word in this way.

construction programThe

we are in Amoy literally search a word can take you to see a XXX, this process is the realization of Taobao or CPS links to various customers.

love from station data

user experience, the page can basically meet the needs of product search words, and the page is very clean and tidy, the overall color collocation is reasonable, but also on the right side of the page and code share love Shanghai.

is a Alibaba owned Amoy network shopping search site, on-line time on October 9, 2010, a scouring of the website to see figure

construction program, we only see a scouring network product optimization aspects of the program to realize the function, (1) collecting data from Taobao, the function of data acquisition from Taobao is a Taobao authorized to PID. (2) to generate static, we can see the popular keyword classification links Amoy are static pages, this process should be collected from Taobao and then generate static. But pictures are called absolute baby pictures. Taobao products such as the massive pictures collected does not occupy the space. (4) the link to jump off the Taobao

Amoy network weights of 8, the chain 1512, here do not discuss his chain in what form, because the resource is not more than the average person, we only thought of the station optimization Amoy network in the following article.

from Shanghai

correlationThe correlation between

which is a special relationship between optimization of the page, above the words "POOVE shoes"

user experienceThe


no matter what the industry, do the optimization if you want to do a comprehensive, have the effect on the need to do a critical time to establish thesaurus thesaurus, according to the demand of personal feelings of the industry can be divided into words and words into traffic. A cat made a popular keyword list in the collection of words.

Novice how to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan

skills two, knowledge of website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do.

Four Five

skills: data analysis ability; more users, because of what the user less, because of what? If you understand these things, then you level up again.

two: skills to master relevant knowledge website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do;


skill four: to understand you the search engine ranking > enough

: how to search technology and skills of a principle of engine;

novice to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice has been become obsessed with this thing, do not know where to start, do not know what the learning some things, don’t know how to do…… Okay, so many problems today, Tianjin Jinshan Shanghai Longfeng blog, to talk a little bit about my personal opinion, hope for the novice friends help.

you need to be able to simply build a website, whether it is WordPress, or zblog, at least, you can build a domain name space, 49, 100, the perfect solution for the station, video, online has very simple to build a website, you need to do, which is based on what you learn, to try on this website for. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, this sentence for the study of Shanghai Dragon technology really is right. Heard a lot of Shanghai dragon says up but really operate off the reel, but stretched. There are a lot of people, although not say too much, but the operation decision is God level. So, through a website to try to practice their learned, positioning as it is not because of your hand, do not upset. In this way, you can know their operation will encounter what problem, to solve. Quite strong practicability.

Five point

skills six: able to read simple code, which have certain primary code knowledge.


skills, master the search engine technology and principle, this very simple explanation. Do you want to search engine optimization, you should at least know his rules, such as you want to chase girls, she does not love boys dirty, then you every day to pass the tattered,, you must first have to be eliminated. Don’t think about anything else, simply can not enter her sight. So, you should at least know her basic preferences. It is to understand the basic principle of search engine.

the following simple to explain the above content:

skills: data analysis ability;

skills: analysis of your customers want to know what.

I think, learn Shanghai Dragon technology to grasp the following points.

skills: know your search engine rankings to be enough.

How to use high weight website keywords

although we do almost no search volume. But once the search must be our article, later our own official website introduction of traffic will be more and more.

yes, many people think of the original submission in the mainstream website. For a long time, our keyword search results more and more. For those who may be the mainstream keywords ranking is not very good. However, some uncommon keywords in the absence of people do, of course, the search results are basically their own articles.


work well, the most important is:

you know, high weight website is very high for the original article included very quickly. We often use this feature to the laying of keywords they need in the original article. But the article was collected, then the search keywords ranking results is the high weight website.

second, in order to prevent late closure competition it is necessary to do a long-term plan, we need to do a website of your own. This is the website of the corresponding website and keywords. The best choice of the nature of the blog website template.

The key of

first, in order to ensure that the search results increase gradually, we will continue to contribute in the website. Is the fastest to do so.

so that our new line, basically include the second day.

After the previous

compared with those of mainstream keyword competition, this method is fast and real. Not long after, his words occupy almost two pages before the search page.

during this period, we need to fill in the timing of original content website. We need to ensure that a period of time the site of the original article needs to be higher than that in other platform article submission. The use of high weight website gradually focus shifts to your own website, more and more articles will be included in our own website later.

method is to provide an idea, the specific operation is to pay attention to many details. In Shanghai Phoenix on the road, many people do not know how to use.

at this time, our new accounts for the ranking of search results by nature is the proper use of some brush flow software here, must not be mass brush. Then when we climb up gradually a new ranking will stop the flow of the brush.

when building the website, we have the advantage. On the one hand is the keyword has been included and ranking. On the other hand is a large number of weights using search results can promote the site’s rise. Why? Because the main keywords and long tail keywords we built this website contains more than we contribute the laying of the more accurate original keywords.


, we have finished most of the work. We need to do is how to improve the long-term flow, and use the site to do.


How to use SNS platform for website promotion

second: Registration Platform account, plus their customers. Later to find a suitable platform for the promotion of their own, we must think of to the corresponding platform registration account, plus their target customers, or to establish the corresponding group, invited the corresponding customer groups to join the group, the formation of the target circle after promotion will facilitate a lot. SNS group of users is very large, for Adsense promotion, the more the better join the group, joined the group and their target users more accurate and better. After registering your account, the first is to improve their user data, try to accurately describe their information, so users to add friends, could have a profound impact on your point, thus play a role in the promotion of products.

platform application. SNS platform for internal application function is many, like social media micro-blog now, we use some features of micro-blog, try to add their own advertising information. The SNS platform is the same, owners must know how to use its internal functions, to maximize the promotion of their products.

Third: the use of

social networking sites on the Internet development is obvious to people, the development of social networking sites has also brought the gospel to the webmaster, recently reported renren贵族宝贝 acquired 56, also represents the further development of social networking sites. Owners must use this platform to promote the rapid development of SNS, the service has a strong user base, marketing case on SNS platform is no lack of success, if you can skillfully use SNS for website promotion, you can successfully create a perfect marketing case. Kedeng bloggers share with you how to use

second: individual mood diary. The use of SNS platform personal mood and date >

: the first perfect information. In the personal data to improve their information such as avatar, personal information, personal profile, personal signature, the information you need to add your products and related information, the best use of real picture image in the image, you can add the appropriate promotional information, but not too much advertising. Personal information is friends into your home page first sight, so personal information must be carefully set to describe, in detail, the advertisement information also can be added, but not too much impact on the user experience.


: the first method to analyze the promotion. No matter what kind of method bloggers to share, will give us the first analysis of the promotion methods, method is good but not the timing for our method, before using this method requires a general analysis. SNS platform is diverse, the webmaster should be chosen according to the corresponding platform website characteristics of their own, like the German cPanel data distribution business sites such as IT, will choose to like 5G using IT as the target site promotion platform. After finding the corresponding platform, need to find the corresponding groups of their own, to direct the user’s own body, so after the promotion process will be a lot easier.