Day: March 19, 2017

The general meeting of the Chinese Medical Association on the development of highland medicine held

In December 23rd, the eighth Committee of the Chinese Medical Association of plateau medicine and the Academic Conference on the progress of plateau medicine held in our province. The meeting was organized by the Chinese Medical Association of plateau medicine, Qinghai People’s Hospital. Experts from all over the country in the field of plateau medicine gathered in our province, to discuss the cause of the development of highland medicine. Experts on the theory of the superb level and rich clinical experience, Professor of plateau medicine at home and abroad advanced treatment technology, especially the latest development of international academic research, the beneficial influence of plateau environment on human disease research progress plateau and advanced the concept of diagnosis and treatment.

in the general election meeting, Wu Shizheng was elected president of Qinghai People’s Hospital of Chinese Medical Association, chairman of the eighth Committee of plateau medicine branch.   read more

Stolen passbook guess passwords stolen large sums of money arrested 1 suspects

8 28, the East City Public Security Bureau police station Zhou Jiaquan cracked together by deciphering the bank passbook password, theft of large deposits of major theft cases, arresting suspects, 1.

August 18th, the police station received a small commodity wholesale market, the individual owner of a cable to report a case, its 41000 yuan deposit by others in July and August this year, several times to steal. After receiving the report, police immediately launched an investigation, through a large number of Mopai investigation and savings in the months of waiting, initially identified a major crime suspects zhu. August 28th police quickly attack, a tea in the West District, the suspect Zhu captured. Upon review, Zhu confessed to steal a passbook passbook, with a cable of a birthday, cell phone number to try to guess the password after the success, respectively, in Xinning Road, Tongren Road, and many other savings deposits stolen 41000 yuan of criminal facts. read more

The world’s first high-speed rail line through the tunnel

The 1 day at 10:10, with the northeastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau Qilian Mountains celebration firecrackers sounded deep, focus on new high-speed LAN control projects 1 Qilian Mountains smoothly through the tunnel, which marks the breakthrough by the twenty Bureau of China Railway Group of thousands of builders fought more than 4 years the world’s highest altitude high speed Railway Tunnel – Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron Qilian Mountains tunnel across the board.

Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron Qilian Mountains tunnel project by Qilian Mountains Tunnel No. 1, Qilian Mountains Liuhuanggou Bridge No. 2 tunnel and connecting the two tunnels, total length of 16.336 km, the highest altitude tunnel rail surface elevation of 3607.4 meters, and the two tunnels were grade I risk tunnel, is the world’s highest elevation, the highest standard and construction the most difficult construction of high-speed railway tunnel project, the world’s first high-speed rail high tunnel ".Since the

across Gansu and Qinghai provinces new full-length Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron 1776 km, the design speed of more than 200 kilometers, is China’s first high-speed railway construction in high altitude areas.   read more

Xining City

In recent years, rapid development of network technology makes people’s cultural consumption concept has undergone tremendous changes, how many people can stop reading paper books? "According to the ninth national reading survey, Chinese 18 – 70 years old per capita reading paper books 4.35, this number is dismay. Qinghai is located in the western capital of Xining Province, the bookstore business and how people read the situation? To this end, the author visited the bookstore, newsstand and Library in Xining.

center add two large bookstore read more

To create a clear water and blue sky environmental protection departments of the province’s joint pr

reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that, for the continuous improvement of the eastern city group and actively promote the province of atmospheric environmental quality, environmental protection department and the Provincial Meteorological Bureau signed a cooperation framework agreement, the cooperation through the establishment of heavy pollution weather department, adverse weather conditions of the early warning linkage mechanism, optimize the allocation of resources and sharing. read more

Provincial food safety comprehensive assessment team to inspect the city’s food safety work in 2007

in November 29th, 30 and December 3rd, a group of 7 comprehensive evaluation of food safety assessment, in the province of Industrial and Commercial Bureau deputy inspector Bian Renqing under the leadership of the three days, by listening to the reports, access to information, market inspection, conducted a thorough investigation, held seminars, questionnaires and other forms of payment, for our city to implement 2007 food safety responsibility to conduct a comprehensive and detailed field inspection and examination, pass the examination, inspection group fully affirmed the members of the municipal government and the Municipal Food and drug safety coordination committee work, and pointed out the existing problems.

, member of the Standing Committee of municipal Party committee and vice mayor Xue Guangzhou on behalf of the municipal government on the 2007 food safety responsibility target implementation of Xining city. He said, the municipal government has always attached great importance to food safety, always put food safety as a top priority to ensure people’s health and life safety and economic and social development task, organized the city’s food safety special work meeting, arrangements for food safety work; establish and improve the supervision and management mechanism, the formation of the city and district (county), township and village four food safety supervision network; the food safety work into the work of the government target assessment, implementation of the target responsibility system, formed at every level, layers of implementation of the food safety work pattern; timely allocated special funds for food safety, food safety funding into the budget to carry out publicity; food safety education, and constantly improve the people’s awareness of food safety; strengthen planting and breeding, production and processing, market circulation and meal Food consumption and other aspects of food safety supervision, the city’s food production and operation of the order of the norm, effectively ensuring the safety of the people’s food consumption.
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Xining public security organs to open the door to listen to the views of the masses closer to the po

at present, the Xining public security organs are organizing a big visit to open the door evaluation activities.

"visit" comment on police activities of public security organs is to open the door for the community, in-depth visits to the masses, to listen to the opinions of the masses, consciously accept the masses, from the masses are not satisfied with the change from the problems from the start of the satisfaction of the masses of things, to further strengthen and improve public security work. read more

Western 23 projects help ecological construction

This year, the west area of the introduction of "green" concept in the Huangshui River landscape management project, fully integrated with the existing topography, vegetation, urban greening and water to form a series of "green road network", "green channel" network through Lu Qing Park, people’s Park, so that the majority of people have a good place for leisure exercise. Currently, the project has started construction. Huangshui River landscape management "greenway" project, only the west district this year to build a project in which the ecological environmental protection project. This year, the district government has always been to promote the construction of ecological civilization as the top priority of overall and strategic task, to create a national environmental protection model city as the starting point, with the comprehensive improvement of the environment as a breakthrough, efforts to solve people’s health and social stability of the prominent environmental problems, to a new level to promote ecological civilization the construction work and the "modern Western model" construction to achieve a new leap forward. It is understood that this year the west area of project construction work relates to ecological environmental protection projects a total of 23, including the new 20, add 3. Open (complex) 23, open (complex) work rate of 100%; completion of the 11, the completion rate of 48%. As of now, the rural network maintenance and reconstruction, Nanshan District West of Yang Jia Zhai Cun liberation transformation, sewer pipe canal Village section of highway reconstruction project, in pengjiavillage to fire the three North Shelterbelt Project (five), green, fire 71 Road Park District Yasuoki Village Village Road Greening Engineering, small garden renovation project, the Yellow River road five grass flower three-dimensional modeling projects, garbage bucket and the dustbin, purchase and installation of coal smoke pollution control project, and drinking water project 11 has been completed. The fire water pipe renovation, village Nanshan forest fire guard housing construction, 61 bridge to bridge, Xiushui greening in urban street green landscape renovation and upgrading projects, urban road construction and public green flower street flower arrangement, street greening projects, new urban guardrail replacement installation built 37 public toilet, sanitation vehicle purchase 8 is in the implementation of. Liu Zhai, Peng Zhai, Han Zhuang village resettlement facilities construction, renovation, fire ditch pumping station in Huangshui River watershed and Nanchuan River greenway landscape construction, vertical compression type heat transfer station 4 has entered the early stage of the bidding process.   read more

Wang Haihong condolences left behind floating children

Left-behind children has been the municipal government and community care, care and attention of the group in May 30th, "61" the international children’s Day is approaching, and the Committee of civilization on the city part of left-behind children and migrant children for their holiday greetings. Municipal Standing Committee, propaganda department minister, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, director of municipal civilization Wang Haihong went to Datong County, North Township Center School, where the children sent a holiday gift.

"good kids, I wish you a happy holiday!" On the morning of May 30th, Wang Haihong walked into the campus of the primary school of the North Central School of Datong County, gave us a festive greeting. During the break, Wang Haihong walked into the classroom, approached the children, to the child to send warm wishes to watch the children after school activities, not to bend down to detail their learning and living conditions. Look at the flowers of the motherland, the future of the country is growing healthily, Wang Haihong face always exudes a warm smile, she said, the education needs of the community of common concern to support the left-behind children need more care and love, what are the requirements for the healthy growth of children in the process, we will try to meet. Wang Haihong then visited the school’s teaching building, playground, as well as the dining hall and dormitories. How many classes are there in the school?" How many students are there?" Wang Haihong while visiting the school responsible person to inquire about the situation, and told the school responsible person, we must ensure that the safety of a good meal. read more

Recruitment for women to build a platform for employment

for female college graduates and rural women build employment platform, to promote women’s employment and entrepreneurship, help the majority of women especially female college graduates employment dream, in March 9th, the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial agency office, Provincial Department of Education jointly organized the 2016 women’s employment recruitment fair. The activities of the organization employs 118 companies, providing a total of 1550 jobs. Preliminary agreement reached 420 copies, of which women were 360. read more

What needs to go through the process of opening non-staple food store

opened the grocery store which generally require the process? Many franchisees want to open a shop, but the specific operating process is not very familiar with, so small series will bring you together to understand, I hope you can successfully start the business.

business license to the industrial and commercial administration, individual industrial and commercial households, very simple.

selected location, preferably in schools, residential buildings near the gathering area,

shop to find local freezer Coca-Cola business personnel for the freezer application procedures, need a business card and a copy of a copy of ID card, the deposit varies according to the different types of ice, ranging from 600-1500. read more

What are the prospects for the development of investment industry

the key to successful entrepreneurship is to choose a good entry. View of the various industries, and now more popular industry is the cosmetics industry, catering industry, health care industry, etc.. Choose one of these industries, you can easily start.

TOP1 breakfast, casual drinks, Chinese style snacks and other food and beverage industry

Analysis of
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Some evaluation methods of jewelry store location

is the location of entrepreneurs should be careful to consider, jewelry store location should find the correct method, choose the right shop management is conducive to entrepreneurship, evaluation of shop location advantage, it is necessary to analyze the present situation, and to evaluate the commercial value of the future. Look at the details of the article!

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What is the elder brother braised pork roll franchise

we have breakfast or shopping street snacks are not difficult to find what the film rolls or goose, it is one of the most convenient and can meet various consumer demand for food items. Of course, similar to the form of food and beverage brand has many kinds, today, we recommend the elder brother braised pork is similar to the brand snacks volume.

as the name suggests, is the braised pork roll, braised pork and Lucai deep processing, coupled with the unique northern pasta processing, through a variety of process as the volume of food. At present, many mainland braised pork roll practice, also has a lot of companies, such as food and beverage etc. in the study of Jiazi, braised pork continuous volume approach, strive for more and more people love this kind of obvious characteristics of the nature of the food China fast food. read more

Mosquito nets ten brands list

this year during the Olympic Games, as a feature of China’s products, mosquito nets are popular. In fact, the mosquito net has always been a very traditional product in our country, because of the needs of the market, it is the formation of the brand industry phenomenon. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of mosquito nets, so that everyone has a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

nets ten brands list, NO.1 vision: brand-name products in Guangdong Province, one of the country’s largest production base of cotton core, well-known large-scale textile enterprises, net ten brands, Dongguan Yuanmeng Household Textile Co., ltd.. read more

Join the investment should choose a high threshold

of course, this is for those who have their own conditions of the people, in fact, you can also think, if a brand investment threshold is too low, and do not say whether it is true, the light is a huge franchise partner, let your career competition, so the threshold is high join the first choice of investment.

franchise by many entrepreneurs as a shortcut to start low threshold. Actually not necessarily.

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The master can drive the proficiency in a particular line of shops selling

in addition to our own, who is not a proficiency in a particular line. If this can help consumers proficiency in a particular line, it will bring more to the shop management help. All sorts of occupations, adventure.has, do retailers too, some retailers very good business, so they are using what special skill to win the trust of customers? Here’s a look at the practices of these retail customers, who are making a profit for customer service, and enhancing their customer base.

Shandong Weifang retailer Zhang Xinghua read more

See how the 24 year old girl in the pioneering work of the past four years to get a good job in the

24 years to start a business, does not have sufficient contacts, no solid backing, but some of their efforts unremittingly, can accompany their walk to success, then the 24 year old woman is how alone venture success?

but did not earn money to work with the 24 year old Liu Yufen, born at the junction of a small town called people and occlusion in Gansu and Qinghai, and my father worked in a small factory, the mother did not work. The only way to change your destiny is to go to college.

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Lighting shop note

due to the large demand for lighting market, and through the realization of lighting products to achieve the goal of rich investors countless, so many people want to start a business shop lamps. However, if you need to pay attention to the lighting shop where there is no attention, so the probability of success is very low. So, shop lighting shop notes what? Let small series with a "come" identity.

I did eight years in the lighting industry, lighting sales from the beginning to now own a business brand lamps (Rihga lamps). Along the way, and have. Fortunately, now the brand has begun to take shape, in the local market is also a small reputation, of course, these are due to me before the sales of lighting sales to me. read more