Xining 423 million yuan investment in the treatment of chromium residue left behind and waste of the

has long history of chromium slag and the "two wastes" of Xining city is the three major sources of pollution, in order to protect the ecological environment, Xining Duocuobingju efforts to control. April 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission, at present, Xining has invested 423 million yuan, the treatment of chromium residue left over from history and the "waste of two", so that major sources of pollution have been effectively controlled.

It is reported that since 2009

, Xining historical chromium slag treatment project started, as of now, Xining city has invested 277 million yuan, processing 410 thousand tons of chromium residue, construction waste disposal and landfill cover soil is 34 thousand tons, completed a total of 444 thousand tons of nuclear quantitative, after the detoxification of chromium slag 535 thousand tons of landfill. After the environmental protection department detection, after detoxification chromium slag qualified rate of 100%, basically completed the environmental protection department of chromium residue remediation work requirements. This year, Xining city will continue to do the 71 Road extension yard area east of chromium residue 2300 tons of chromium residue, and the area below 7600 tons of chromium slag pavement residual soil disposal.

in Qinghai province Xining City, hazardous waste and medical waste disposal centers project (i.e. "two wastes" project), has invested 146 million yuan, completed medical waste disposal, incineration, curing, physicochemical, sewage treatment, landfill, building 18 single building construction, construction area of 12 thousand and 600 square meters. The equipment is completed, rotary kiln, waste heat boiler and other major incineration equipment into the installation phase, is expected to reach the commissioning test conditions in August, put into trial operation. (author: Zhou Jianping)

Xining City East Pan Village 987 farmers will be out of the mountains

December 21, 2012, the city of Xining to resettle the pilot project of East District of Yun Jia Kou Zhen pan Zi Shan Cun project officially started, means of sub village Chengdong District 987 remote mountain farmers will bid farewell to the old bad living environment, conditions are relatively moved to Yun Jia Kou Zhen Sha Tang better Sichuan East River, will effectively solve the problem of the village poverty alleviation and development, promote the east area of rural poverty alleviation process, boost the construction of new towns of.

pan Zi village is located in an average altitude of 2800 meters of hills, from the mountains to the city about 10 kilometers of mountain road, the traffic is very inconvenient, the village has 282 households, 987 villagers, the villagers in the village to the city is not easy, in addition to the implementation of the village of 5954 acres of forests, the villagers have been no arable land, returning farmland to forest villagers compensation become the only source of income. In order to make the village out of poverty as soon as possible out of the mountains, east of the area in 2009 to the municipal development and Reform Commission reported the implementation of the village the whole village Diaozhuang immigration plan, in 2010, the municipal government will this plan included in the city’s "12th Five-Year" development plan.

It is reported that

, pan son village to resettle the pilot project implementation of national subsidies, each department support point, farmers raised a point of the "three point" approach to financing, plans a total investment of about 75000000 yuan, the project covers an area of 31.23 mu, total construction area of 40450.21 square meters. Among them, will build 352 sets of residential and village committees, community service centers, kindergartens, etc.. Then, through the housing, drinking water, electricity, channel construction, completely solve the problem of the traffic inconvenience, travel difficult, difficult children to school, the relocation of farmers’ production and living conditions improved significantly. And through the development of the industry, the development and utilization of the land, broaden the channels for farmers to increase income. (author: Su Jianping)


The integration and development of cultural tourism in the north of the city

north of the city to promote cultural tourism development, tourism to promote cultural prosperity. Continue to strengthen the work measures, increase investment, build a platform, enrich the cultural connotations of tourism, promote the cultural undertakings and the integration of the tourism industry development, promote regional economic and social development to a new stage. In the first half, the region received a total of 494 thousand tourists (Times), tourism revenue of $310 million, an increase of 11% and 20%.

This year, 2910 people in July 5th to enjoy the policy plus exam results announced

2013 in Xining graduated from junior high school and senior high school entrance examination exam yesterday, a total of 10583 junior high school students in the Xining area of 13 test sites, 359 to participate in the examination room. Among the graduates of the city 10359 people, the previous birth of 84 people, back to the health of the people of the 140. Examination time for June 21st – 23 days, three days. July 5th announced the results of the test.

According to

this year to take care of senior high school entrance examination Jiafenzhengce, minority candidates; the family planning policy of the rural "two daughters" candidates; going by remnant (police) children, children of martyrs; usually won the two class war or won the three merit more incentives for children of military personnel candidates; three class (including three in the state for class two class) more difficult in remote areas and the Tibet autonomous region, people’s Liberation Army Headquarters delineated (including two types) over islands, and during the flight, submarines, aerospace, nuclear related high-risk, high hazard job working children of servicemen; returned overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese children, Taiwan provincial candidates, in the ordinary high school admission a one-time increase of 10 points in the senior high school entrance examination entrance scores.

approved this year to enjoy the policy points of the candidates, a total of 2910 people, accounting for 26.8% of the total number of candidates than last year, a 3.3% increase compared to the minority candidates 2570 people; the children of martyrs and disabled soldiers and 22 children; two female households of 221 people; 96 people enjoy the troops care policy for Chinese children; 1. (author: Zhao Jing)

Xining held a cultural tourism and sports industry will promote the work of cold resources leveragin

  in December 4th, the Xining municipal government held a cultural tourism sports industry to promote the work, planning Xining winter tourism, and deployment of the next period of work.

after the tourist season, Xining how to do a good job tourism this article? In fact, the four seasons in Xining have their own characteristics, even in winter there are big articles to do. Compared with the winter in the northeast, Xining’s winter is not cold, especially Xining has a unique geographical, natural, cultural advantages.

Xining will make good use of these cold resources, organized by the snow festival, the ice sculpture festival, delicacy shopping and other activities, to support the Datong ski resort, Huangzhong Tibetan Culture Museum of ice Carnival and other tourism projects, build winter tourism brand, it will be bigger and stronger, to further expand the winter tourism market, promote the development of winter tourism by industry, the unique "cold resource" leveraging this "hot tourism economy".

on the day of the meeting, the city of Xining for a period of time to make arrangements for tourism. In the future, Xining will be based on grasping the foundation, grasping the project, grasping the economy, grasping management, grasping the environment and other seven work to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry. Will focus on improving the city tourism public service function, tourism information consulting services, tourism planning, tourism infrastructure and supporting facilities, tourism industry service level promotion efforts, and constantly improve the tourism "six elements" supporting service level.

at the same time, will do a good job in the Biological Park Museum group 5A and the north of the city of agricultural farming interest in ecological park 4A level scenic spot to create work, the construction of tourist centers, improve service functions, create a scenic atmosphere.

in addition, the tourism sector will strengthen their own management, strengthen team construction, strengthen the training of employees, rectification and standardize market behavior, focus on the scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies, tourism transportation services, optimize the tourism environment, improve service quality and tourist satisfaction. (author: Wu Yachun)


Wang Yubo led a delegation to Tianjin Binhai study

In order to make the Xining city planning and economic development, updating the concept stations higher and broader vision, especially in order to make the upcoming Xining City Investment Fair will be more fruitful, indeed, according to the municipal arrangements, August 25th -27, by the Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor Wang Yubo, Xining municipal government deputy mayor Xu Guocheng investigation led by the group of Tianjin Binhai New Area of the city planning and construction industry development were studied for a period of three days of learning. This is also the city government in the past two years, Tianjin Binhai New Area for the second inspection.

Chinese as a new growth pole of economic development of Tianjin Binhai New Area, relying on Beijing Tianjin Hebei, service Bohai, radiation "Three North", facing Northeast Asia, is trying to build a modern manufacturing Chinese gateway to opening up in the north, high level and R & D base, northern international shipping center and international logistics center, and gradually into economic prosperity, social harmony and beautiful environment of livable eco city, a national comprehensive reform of experimentation area. According to "a nuclear, nine area support, leading" development strategy, through the industrial layout adjustment, spatial integration, build aerospace, petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, bio pharmaceuticals, new energy and new materials, textile and light industry, national defense science and technology and other 8 pillar industries, the formation of highly concentrated industry function area prominent features, elements, a high-end carrier of industrial development, high quality, high technology, support new development, play a guiding, the regional industrial technology diffusion function, radiation function, in accelerating the development of Tianjin, the Bohai sea area to promote economic revitalization, to play a greater role in promoting regional coordinated development.

The fourth quarter of Xining will subsidize key commodities

In September 25th, the reporter learned that the fourth quarter, Xining city will take the dynamic regulation of security of supply, increase investment, strengthen supervision and the consumer price index linked, continue to implement a series of measures and methods for transporting vegetables reserve, zero slip control, government subsidies, discount none, set trade market special rectification, meat dish price etc. the main factors affecting the high price, the total level of Xining city operation can be effectively suppressed, to maintain the basic stability of the overall price level of the market.

it is understood that the foundation continues to implement a series of policies and measures to stabilize prices, Xining will strictly implement the "four fixed" system, continue to implement the urban linkage inspection check mechanism, strict market supervision, strengthen market inspections, urging the operators to implement the price tag, and severely punish and strike price violations, to further standardize market order. Conscientiously do a good job in the real estate market price monitoring, crack down on price hikes, collusion and other price violations.

this year before the onset of winter, Xining city will be the construction of agricultural infrastructure, accelerate the upgrading of old greenhouse facilities, accelerate the agricultural base water, electricity, roads and other facilities construction, to ensure the successful completion of the new year winter greenhouse 3000, 3000 greenhouses, enhance the transformation of the old shed 1500 building construction tasks and to ensure that the new greenhouse built to promptly put into season vegetable production. Accelerate the construction of milk source, beef cattle, pig and poultry base, improve the self-sufficiency rate of agricultural and sideline products. The fourth quarter of each year, the city of Xining as a result of the real estate to reduce the amount of food listed, vegetable prices fluctuates greatly, Xining will focus on transporting vegetables, food storage reserves and other varieties of real estate links given government subsidies, in order to effectively reduce the market retail price of vegetables. At the same time, according to the market price of pig, cow, lamb and eggs and other key commodities, the timely supply of necessary government subsidies, in order to stabilize the market price of non-staple food, reduce people’s living costs.

in addition, to strengthen the construction of marketing system, reducing the cost of commodity circulation, Xining city will be from the source to regulate the market operation order, improve the supporting services, increase the direct sales system construction, improve the construction of agricultural products distribution center, promote agricultural city, agricultural super docking, docking, speed up the meat and vegetables direct community construction, reducing circulation, to reduce the cost of circulation. To strengthen the construction and management of the morning, flow Shoucai car into the area to facilitate the masses shopping. (author: Zhou Jianping)


Vitality Xining happy running fortieth New Year’s day around the world cup has been registered for 1

20, by the Xining Municipal People’s government and the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, the Bureau and other more than and 20 units of the contractor, held by the China Telecom named "Tianyi Cup" 2013 Xining fortieth day race press conference at the provincial stadium, the meeting informed of the situation of the game, Xining New Year’s day race emblem also on the same day.

in 2013, the fortieth Xining New Year’s day round the city is the party’s "top eighteen" after the victory, the first large-scale mass sports activities held in Xining. This activity with "vigor Xining, happy running" as the theme, aims to enhance the awareness of national fitness, improve the physical quality, enrich the content of national fitness, promote Xining City Sports Culture and tourism development, the depth of integration.

the game set individual events and team events in two forms, the individual competition project is divided into middle school men and women group, young men and women group, adult male and female group, age group and professional group of men and women groups; set up a project for family group games and jogging team, cycling matrix. As of December 20th, individual competition 1207; jogging team nearly seventy teams enrolled nearly seven thousand people; the bicycle registration team of 400 people. Among them, the athletes participating in the oldest 83 years old, the youngest is only 11 years old. (author: Xin Xuelian)


Xining helping enterprises series of reports two corporate restructuring structure, cadres to help

"in recent years due to the development of new dry cement production line all over the country, the cement industry in our province has entered a stage of excess for a long time, as far as I know, this year our province cement production capacity will reach 24 million tons of cement, which is far beyond the market’s ability to digest, a large number of cement companies have also been seriously affected enterprises are facing fierce competition in the market environment and raw material prices, labor costs rise, and lower sales prices and other issues." The Provincial Department of land resources in Datong County were helping the activities of the cadres Li Xinqing introduces to the reporter said, "so the cement enterprises want to survive in this condition, we must adjust the production structure, the new building materials Industrial and Trading Company is a constantly adjusting its structure by benefiting the cement enterprises."
"the project total investment of about 150 million yuan, after the completion of the project annual production value of 462 million yuan, the construction period is 3 years, after the completion of arrangements for the employment of 264 people." New building materials Industrial and Trading Company chairman Han Gaosheng told reporters that although the favorable development of the adjustment of the enterprise, but the new cement production line put into operation, will cause the noise pollution to the surrounding residents, so take this chance of helping business activities, they have been helping people to put forward the government to give some financial assistance and resettlement measures of the surrounding residents, and to get a positive response.

West District to carry out the World Heritage Day activities

In order to fully implement the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee spirit, give full play to the advantages of cultural resources, do a good job of cultural heritage protection, management and utilization

in order to fully implement the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, give full play to the advantages of cultural resources, do a good job of cultural heritage protection, management and utilization. June 9th, West District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau in the central square to participate in the provincial cultural department organized by the world cultural heritage day.

in recent years, our region to seriously implement the "State Council on strengthening the cultural heritage protection notice" and "cultural relics law", the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage into the important content of cultural work, to set up a working group to establish coordination mechanisms, to carry out a comprehensive census work in the area of intangible cultural heritage. Through in-depth excavation of the intangible cultural heritage, I am in the village of Xiao Jincai, a folk artist in the village of folk songs, the results of the individual artists and finishing the declaration. In order to further inherit and popularize the knowledge of non heritage, in 2011 has been held in the 2 phase of non heritage knowledge classes, invited the provincial non heritage expert motor science, stone and other teachers taught.

this activity, I closely linked to the theme of the District, through the issuance of leaflets, set up a consultation desk, hanging banners and other forms, so that the majority of people to learn cultural heritage and heritage protection knowledge, in-depth understanding of the cultural heritage of my district. The event, a total of 2 panels, hanging banners 1, issued a cultural heritage protection leaflets more than 1000 copies. The world cultural heritage day in this campaign, we know more deeply so that the masses made in my area of cultural heritage protection of cultural relics, cultural work status, non material cultural heritage protection achievements and cultural relics protection laws and regulations, to further enhance the awareness of cultural heritage protection, driven by more and more people concern and support and participate in cultural relics and cultural relics protection, enhance the awareness and understanding of "cultural heritage" of the whole society, enhance the public awareness of the protection of cultural heritage, to create a good atmosphere in the whole society of cultural heritage protection.