Ningmei Guo airborne New York Times Square double round eleven

New York Times alias square Times Square, located in the New York city of Manhattan downtown district, sitting on the crossroads of the world "reputation, world entertainment, fashion and news focus. The largest the most expensive billboards located here, across the block width domineering exposed, billboard Beijing time on October 21st this collection of the eyes of the world there is a Chinese brand: Ningmei guo.


integrated computer want to change the pattern of the world DIY

to Chinese Ningmei Guo integrated computer leader identity airborne Times Square, this is an important breakthrough in the industry, Ningmei Guo was born in the DIY industry flourished, with integrated computer concept DIY concept into the Internet thinking, the electricity supplier channels and personal computer products perfect fusion, to create a new service system according to the actual needs of users. Upright Ningmei Guo again with record sales, renewed for personal computer users with feelings of hope.

Asia as one of the core industrial areas of the DIY, the recession was a blow and scattered, and now rather than the United States does not seem to be confined to the layout of the domestic market, the global market also needs a fresh wind blowing. Times Square flash advertising may be but a moment, but with the influence of the world of personal computer pattern, the integrated concept of computer into the overseas market has been determined to keep in mind.



double wins a whoop and a hollerAirborne

Times Square is a step of propaganda, make big publicity time, Ningmei Guo wants to convey to the user is at eleven to double. "Double eleven promotion of science and technology show play upright" theme for the personal computer market turmoil, sweeping.

multi dimension is the double eleven highlights, from the beginning of October 19th, the famous anchor line to entertainment as the theme of the broadcast, multi platform interactive topic propagation will spread rapidly, to create the most eleven double preheating entertainment attitude. In order to avoid the double eleven day concentration order caused by the blockage of logistics, Ningmei Guo in October 21st to open the pre-sale, pre-sale period of the Ning signing team regularly held water friendly, with multiple preferential love games eSports fans.

double eleven day, each star of the whole point of live interactive participation in games and entertainment content will have a chance to win a big star, live events accompany 0 panic buying bell waiting for game player. What will the star? Do you know Shen Mengchen, Chrissie Chau.


meets the upright double eleven sexy you are looking for

?In eleven the

double the time All flowers bloom together., coquettish, Ning Mei country show its upright side

welfare welfare upright, not false, micro-blog, WeChat, Post Bar, micro Amoy, forum, the broadcast platform & all kinds of welfare payment coupons……


I have an appointment with the domain name

how to read the title of the article, I feel very backward, borrowed " I have a date with the zombie "

1: investment domain name depends on the economic

feel any appreciation of space domain, you need money to register, or take the money to buy the domain name, is like this, so you must know where to register the domain name more secure, you can transfer convenience, storage fees need to be like how much money this year,.Cn domain name to reach the lowest price in the world.1 yuan / year, then the.Cn domain name registration. At the same time, many people have joined the " minon " this line. I know a lot of friends, holding thousands, even tens of thousands of domain names. Then find buyers on the Internet, whether or not you want to join minon this line, or you want to see the economy, if you just think of a domain name with appreciation of space, you dont minon.

two: investment domain name to see the value of

are so many friends, the words all kind of register, and then register to take the first letter of Pinyin domain name, generally ranging from 4-8, is the truth, take the first letter of the name of more than 5 is completely meaningless. Do not know why, I recently very ugly number + letters (especially good is meaningless, always feel that such letters) m little appreciation of space, because when the user to enter the domain name is very difficult. The domain score, you can refer to my article, Id=12 simple to make their own investment to make yourself feel m a score, and need for the M investment insurance.

three: investment domain name depends on the timing of

How to seize the best period of the

domain name investment, how do we know the registration of the domain name, usually through TV, or network out of a popular new products, such as long ago in the non mainstream, now was very hot. When we learned that one will be on the news. Or has occurred, and you think the future will be fired up, this depends on the mind, the best in the first time to register the meters, of course, in the registration between can go to Baidu and other search engines to understand, see what others have registered for this type of rice.

four: what kind of domain name

this is no longer a fresh topic. I’ll just say it here.

preferred 6 bit following.Com

: phonetic class. This then is the best, see,, English: Second Class: basically a foreigner is very well informed of the news, this can be registered to do good, but I think there should be no phonetic class, if you want to buy a Hello, such as Love, Chinese see what you know, what we said. Do not become a fake goods exchange!, please cherish your brand, do not become a fake goods sinks! Do not become a fake goods sinks!

at the end of 2015, suffered a serious image of the


is a specialize sale site, goods 100% authentic!" this is the slogan of once proud. But today, the popular slogan is like a huge bubble, a few bottles of wine to be a smash hit.

fermentation days selling fake Moutai event recently finally results. January 2, 2016, issued a statement, confirmed that the platform for the sale of fake Moutai, the goods have been returned to the relevant departments of the seal and investigation and investigation. has said that the permanent cessation of cooperation with the supplier, and has taken the initiative to the police, the police have accepted the case and the supplier starting procedure of criminal investigation, the relevant personnel have jingfangxingju, will fully cooperate with relevant departments to investigate. Moutai has been selling a recovery, said, will advance the commercial value of ten times the compensation, in order to complete the product recovery and sequestration investigation as soon as possible. move, has been far from active. Because before this, Moutai has already announced the two information: 1, according to the appraisal rights group in December 8th in, who buy Moutai wine was identified as counterfeit fake personnel; 2, Moutai company and have cooperative relations. Moutai claimed that, according to the information to grasp, is not a source of supply from our winery dealers, there may be other procurement channels."

in Moutai wine company of these two statements, if does not recognize is counterfeit, it would be too "Laolai".

but, looking at’s official statement, I feel that although this statement has a pay ten commitment, but still not very sincere.

first, the responsibility completely thrown to the so-called supplier. Second, to praise their measures into a forward-looking". Third, which mixed with non Moutai group of original products, the argument is confusing. Fourth, this apology seems to be formalized.

I may be harsh and demanding perfection, but some consumers think so.

fake Moutai does not seem to be the 100% genuine bubble broken end, it is like a piece of Domino. Because, at this time it seems that more and more trouble

according to the Securities Daily reported on January 4th, some consumers are not satisfied with the attitude of One consumer said: "the announcement claims to be ‘compensation’ rather than ‘compensation’, and from beginning to end, do not mention ‘fake’ two words, and"

Online home appliance retailer Wayfair intends to finance $350 million IPO


technology news Beijing on August 16th news, the U.S. online retailer Wayfire Home Furnishing announced Friday that the company plans to IPO (initial public offering) issued class a common stock, and $350 million of financing.

is headquartered in Boston, the company has a flash purchase site Joss & Main, modern home studio Dwell STudio and Birch Lane, a total of about 7000000 products.

the company’s shareholders include Battery Ventures, HarbourVest Partners and


technology news Beijing on August 16th news, the U.S. online retailer Wayfire Home Furnishing announced Friday that the company plans to IPO (initial public offering) issued class a common stock, and $350 million of financing.

is headquartered in Boston, the company has a flash purchase site Joss & Main, modern home studio Dwell STudio and Birch Lane, a total of about 7000000 products.

the company’s shareholders include Battery Ventures, HarbourVest Partners and Great Hill Partners, etc..

Wayfair was founded in 2002, formerly known as CSN Stores. The company said in a filing with the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that they plan to be listed on the NYSE, the ticker symbol "W". But did not disclose the specific number of shares sold and stock price.

the company plans to use the proceeds of the proceeds of the investment and acquisition. Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Allen &, Co will be the lead underwriter of the IPO.

reported in January this year, Wayfaire to $2 billion valuation of $150 million financing.

has reported that Wayfair achieved revenues of $915 million 800 thousand in the fiscal year ended December 31st last year, an increase of 52%, net loss from $21 million to $15 million 500 thousand.

needs to be emphasized that the initial IPO financing data given by the enterprise is usually in order to calculate the registration fee, the final financing may vary. (Ding Hong)

Dangdang intends to set up an independent courier company to open an open platform logistics

February 21st morning news, announced is currently working to lead the formation of a controlled Distribution Services Ltd, will build an open platform independent and efficient logistics, provide goods storage, sorting and packaging COD delivery service for e-commerce enterprises. At present, the platform technology development and company registration has been basically completed, is in the technical testing phase.

"the development process of more than and 10 years has accumulated rich experience in logistics management and logistics resources, how these resources into the electronic commerce industry of public resources, so that the majority of e-commerce enterprises to share the resources, so that these newly developed small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises to avoid detours in the development of the logistics industry is on the road, a subject we explored for a long time, and now finally find a way." operations vice president Zhang Yun said that through the integration of third party logistics resources, and to integrate logistics and public service platform to the role of other enterprises open logistics services, and the traditional sense of the courier company and some electronic commerce enterprise self distribution team is different.

Zhang Yun believes that compared with the practice of self distribution team, the formation of an open platform for logistics is more scalable and sustainable model. First of all, the self distribution team is faced with former partners (third party courier) competition; secondly, the electronic commerce enterprise business scale is small, only to establish their own team in the center area of the center of the city, and the surrounding city and county will cooperate with third party courier company, so very prone to self the company distribution team to steal third party courier business best, but still have to rely on third party express delivery service area to complete more embarrassing cooperation situation, let the third party express company level of profitability decline, lose the development momentum and confidence.

open logistics platform model is different. Dangdang logistics open platform is to organize the existing third party courier company, and will establish a common service standards and strict service assessment system. By giving full play to brand and technological advantages, by attracting more e-commerce enterprises to use the open platform, open platform Dangdang logistics can have a great scale, let the third party express cooperation has a more stable and better business source of income, to form a good relationship, to achieve a win-win situation.


platform during the spring of this year on played a huge role. Ten days before the Spring Festival, once a year at the end of peak consumption sudden surge in online shopping orders, special purchases for the Spring Festival weather, in addition, gasoline and diesel prices, transportation tension, courier labor shortage and other factors, the domestic large and small courier company the pressure surge, not only online shopping often special purchases for the Spring Festival delay, slow courier delivery, many courier the company more backlog of goods and "critical", so many e-commerce enterprises had to stop operating during the Spring Festival, a large number of business, loss at all during the Spring Festival and is sadly sigh, in the whole logistics service as usual during the holiday season, all business was not affected.


Zhuang Shuai that the value of traditional enterprises and the development of B2C the brand is the c

B2C ten years of development, no company successfully listed, all the bigwigs are asking for the answer, held various seminars, summit to discuss the "core issues", to explore the core competitiveness of B2C development and sustained profitability for the favor of the capital market, seeking on the city.

as a B2C practitioner, I have been thinking about this issue. Years of brand planning / promotion experience tells me that only the brand is the core competitiveness. Based on this, there is a problem, what is the "brand" of B2C? Is it a brand or a brand or a brand?

this question I sometimes feel very strange to ask, because I was only contact with the traditional industry, the advertising industry, contacts are cosmetics, clothing, lamps, health care products, electronic appliances, telecommunications, manufacturing IT etc. these customers, in early 2000, e-commerce in China is only one eBay many people are still in use, dial-up Internet access, so e-commerce and even the Internet attention is not very high, we are still doing the "traditional" things, most of the advertising budget (more than 95%) were in the traditional media, thinking is "traditional".

The value of

in the "traditional" where? Many people play e-commerce and the Internet (managers) not "traditional" things, think they are too "soil", is Out, but I don’t think so, even learn from them a lot of valuable experience and mode of thinking; I in the operation show car network auto supplies mall, a core we determine is: to establish a show car and car show network two brand barriers (one brand, a brand channel).

see here, may people begin to ask, Mr. Zhuang Shuai, you talk about how to run to the traditional brand go? OK, I want to say is that there are a lot of traditional "big brand", a hundred years of brand, and the Internet / e-commerce I even have long said, an Internet / e-commerce brand survival time is 35 years, and I mean "brand".

came back to say "traditional values", I think there are a few points worth learning and Heritage:

value one: know what you’re good at and most able to control, and then identify what you can do and what you can’t do.

value two: the expansion of small desire and long cycle, which is the traditional investment constraints, but this has become the focus of the embodiment of value. Like Procter & Gamble, in the establishment of the last ten years, only selling soap


value three: committed to the establishment of threshold, non capital threshold. But the core of the brand, such as the value of the goods are very traditional content.

Four of the

value of investment: whether big or small investment, the investment rate of return is the first consideration is the 10 thousand investment is not 20 thousand or even 50 thousand of the sales is the first consideration, can obtain the user is second, because "traditional business" firmly believe that good products and brands, you don’t have to worry about the user will run away. Do business

The domain name speculators are not optimistic. Chinese temporarily domain name called CNNIC publici

webmaster network reported on October 22nd: the majority of domain name investors said in an interview with reporters, their short term is not optimistic. Chinese "domain name, and called on the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to strengthen market promotion.


domain name speculators think, in accordance with the current pace of development, "China." domain name is difficult to appear as unpopular situation like the.Cn domain name, if CNNIC do not take strong market strategy, "China." domain name may only remain at the theoretical level.


domain name speculators think, CNNIC in addition to the need to strengthen the "Chinese. Outside the" domain of advertising, should also increase the domain of business development work, such as cooperation with the browser vendors, Sina, and other large Sohu to persuade website tag enabled. Chinese "domain name.

Most of the

domain name speculators, they will not in the short term. "Chinese" domain name listed as the focus of investment, but will still buy appreciation potential. "China" domain name.

According to

CNNIC introduced, they have to start ". Chinese" domain name upgrades that all registered " Chinese;.Cn" domain name users will automatically receive the corresponding " Chinese. China; " domain name, without prior registration, to be ". After Chinese" domain name into the global root domain name system automatically obtained, all " Chinese. China " domain name, will be synchronized to the global root domain name system.

          related news:       "China" domain name in May and June next year can apply for

Clothing shop tips do not go pure commercial route

online clothing store market high margin, but the competitive environment is also quite fierce. Want to stand out in the tens of thousands of clothing sellers, is not a simple thing. But that is only about selling more to sell less, the novice can always make money is no doubt.

if you want to do, it is bigger, use your head to see how the buyers are attracted by the tea than anything else, is her story and customer service service two weapon.

tea, when her sophomore shop, and the shop is not as a business to do. It is the relationship between the original study of literature, like the mood to write articles on the shop, many buyers not only to buy clothes, but also like to see the article, the results of the 50% people back into a repeat. These buyers think shopping in the tea shop is a kind of enjoyment, prices are not too concerned about.

for home support

tea shop, do full-time also did not start the. She also tried to do in Budweiser and other large companies, but the time is very short, due to the relationship between the characters, do not feel fit. Finally decided to put all their energy on the shop.

tea, to do a good job shop, home support is very important. Shop is very trivial, it is difficult for a person to take all the work. So the support and help of the family will have a very big help to the early development of the shop. However, most of the graduates do not agree with the family shop, think that such work is not stable. Fortunately, the tea parents are more democratic, despite the opposition, but also agreed to the practice of tea. The work of persuasion is estimated to cost a lot of thought.

tea love new things, like her online shop attitude. In the online shop for two and a half years she has big sellers online clothing industry, she also wants to continue to expand the net shop, but the shop or brand agent of these old routines are not to her taste. She has been a monthly income of over ten million, is involved in a more interesting plan, but the online mood story and after-sales service is still a weapon two core magic.

business secret: do not go pure commercial route

I’m afraid it’s

does not pass on the internet. Especially in the fierce competition on the Internet, adding some human breath can help retain customers. The tea seller happened to be aware of this point.

tea had to learn the love of literature, writing, she set up a bulletin board in his shop, not only have some key information of buyers also released 3 times a day, told the whereabouts of their people. For online buyers, tea is also set up a special message board, who is what things can be in the above message. There are problems can also get a reply. Other buyers can understand the situation through the message board, but also can serve as a platform for communication between friends.

e-businessmen house feeds

Group purchase website Groupon announced the details of the transaction information originator of se

Beijing time on October 29th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the United States buy site Groupon on Thursday announced the full details of self-service transactions on the business welcome page.

below for details of the project:

– merchants can promote self-service buy. It is speculated that such transactions will appear in the user’s choice of the city’s landing page, and will be included in the message. This will greatly increase the number of Groupon for each user to buy transactions. However, the number of transactions a business can not exceed two times the number of transactions per day.

The rate of

– non – generalized trading is 10%, and the rate of the extended transaction is $30%. The traditional Groupon daily buy transaction rate of 50%.

– but Groupon will retain the cost of an outstanding transaction. Groupon payment will only be paid in accordance with the payment of business. Groupon explains: "when the user pays for a Groupon transaction, you need to enter your Groupon code in your payment system. We will send you a cheque every two weeks on the basis of all Groupon transactions."

– emphasis on "Facebook" and "Twitter" similar "attention" function. This feature encourages businesses to allow existing users to focus on their Groupon Stores pages. In addition, Groupon’s customer management function is not limited to the content of the transaction. Groupon Stores allows businesses to share news, deals or special offers, or just invite users to see".

– real time release reminder. This service can also be sent by e-mail Stores user transaction information.

– quality assurance. One big risk of self-service solutions is that quality is not guaranteed. But Groupon said the company would review all promotional deals. (Yu


Tencent of new business platform named QQ online shopping home exposure


Tencent new business platform named QQ online shopping Sina Francisco September 20th noon news, rumors of a super platform electricity supplier Tencent has been designated as QQ online shopping, and will use two level domain name as the test period. It is reported that QQ online shopping and QQ mall, pat and other Tencent electricity supplier business, respectively, corresponding to an independent B2C, mall class B merchants and C class sellers three categories of merchants.

QQ take the online shopping category franchise mode of operation, in 3C, sports shoes, bags, cosmetics, clothing, daily necessities and other jewelry category with a core of B2C exclusive cooperation. In the QQ online shopping, B2C companies can completely retain their own enterprise LOGO, the picture can be printed on the site with their own watermark.

news, 6 partners of QQ online shopping early, including Tencent investment easy fast, good music to buy and Kelan diamond etc..

it is understood, QQ online shopping and QQ mall, pat independent electricity supplier platform, respectively, for the independent B2C, mall B class merchants and C class sellers three categories of merchants. Compared with the mall and C2C, QQ online shopping is more inclined to B2C experience, and logistics and after-sales service is the standard of B2C, the target customer base is located in the attention of the quality of goods and service quality of high-income white-collar crowd.

In addition to QQ

shopping uniform shopping portal, Tencent support for partners also include: Tencent users can use QQ number a key login partner website. At the same time, Tencent also integrates QQ, QQ mail, QQ space, Tencent,, Tencent and other platforms for friends to provide a variety of marketing channels to attract new users attention.

and in the operational aspects of Tencent in addition to providing technical support will also open API, giving partners two development, service development, search and other e-commerce development opportunities.

Tencent said QQ online shopping platform is still in the system docking and debugging phase. At present only in Guangdong area for the pilot test. In addition, the independent domain name QQ online shopping will be enabled next year. It is reported that the Tencent continues to choose clothing, cosmetics and other daily necessities mainly category partners, do not rule out Dangdang, shop No. 1.

Taobao mall yesterday ( announced the introduction of B2C open platform strategy, there are 38 vertical electricity supplier companies, will continue to open the official flagship store in Taobao mall. (Shu Shi)