Discussion for the love of Shanghai ranked the how to solve the floating

home page we want to find what are the causes of website ranking floating so much, so that it can make the site to continue to operate it.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er there will be some mistakes, when the operation site optimization such as: Keywords accumulation, back chain, link, link, a large number of garbage foundation optimization is done in place; whether the use of black hat means, these issues will be on the site keywords ranking factors have direct effect; so we need to check a website every detail there is no problem.

second: love Shanghai

when we query your web site details, and found no problem what no what changes recently. Then we can preliminary considered love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, so our ranking will change so much.


: the first

website itself if there is a problem?


we can know about the four pictures above website keywords ranking changes is how terrible, at 100, temporarily returned home, a ranking by.

ranking query:

April ranking query:

often it is easy to ignore the website details, such as the presence of the plate every page appears, then the similarity between pages will increase, the search engine will be filtered to repeat the page will not be included. Keywords accumulation: people will know, a lot of key words written on the website three labels inside; such as: "Shenzhen | reflow reflow reflow | producer | reflow welding equipment this is accumulated obviously, a keyword in the title is not to try to control the repeated more than two times; keywords accumulation will lead to the existence of a large number of spam sites.

recently everyone feel their sites are changed to reflect the change, the ranking is the most concerned today; query keywords ranking when found on the home page, second days when the query is not found in the home, be in the second page; or direct 100 abroad and this situation is found from the beginning of March, until now. Including our Guang Sheng De website also encounter this kind of situation, here I come to see the data we Guang Sheng De site and ranking floating change;

there are some other details such as: page optimization; information is complete, the home page layout is concise, title, description, keywords (product page, the article page, column page and other pages; don’t duplicate information, >)


1. web based optimization is done in place of

algorithm in adjustments

we face the problem of ranking floating

, how to solve? This is March

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