Shanghai dragon should be changed into technology intensive


if the four plus the ability of Shanghai dragon industry interested, you can make a career in the Shanghai dragon industry soon. If you do not have this ability does not matter, not above each must master every day, as long as you take a little time to learn outside the chain, also want to master is not difficult.


first, skilled in HTML, HTML is based in Shanghai and Phoenix, "keyword link distribution, font size, structure layout, all cannot do without the operation of HTML, so HTML is the foundation.

fourth. To learn English well, the world famous search engine companies are mostly in the United States, Shanghai Dragon technology was born in the United States, some of the senior technical staff of Shanghai Longfeng, are English speaking countries, to keep abreast of the latest Shanghai Longfeng dynamic, it must be the first to refer English articles, but also want to choose appropriate.

Familiar with PHP,

second, ASP a dynamic web language, if your website is only a simple station, a page or a few pages, then you don’t need this, but if you are a business station or a portal, it must be familiar with a dynamic language can reach you the requirements of. But some people say, now is to use open source program, do not need to write your own, but you know, even if you are using the open-source program, but many details need to manually, here I still want to say, if you can write your own program, to make better than that of open source, reason the next time.

Wuxi Shanghai dragon QQ:24318693 ?

Shanghai dragon is very tired, I think this is the most Shanghai dragon Er feel, send the chain to find the article, find out the original artifacts, but also included see snapshot, ranking monitoring is a chain, almost every day, busy night dreaming could not still think up no past rankings, laughed at home play the stock market, but now we see Shanghai dragon Er might as well play the stock market. Why Shanghai dragon Er will be so tired of it, how to get rid of the "labor intensive" work? In fact is the primary stage of our Shanghai Dragon technology is still. So how to improve the Shanghai Dragon Technology? Need technical background what

third, to transition into technical, then a desktop program language is indispensable, as a professional Shanghai dragon, certainly a lot of processing site daily, every site has lots of data, but many industry sites vary, and can not use the Internet the so-called Shanghai dragon tools, so it is best to master a desktop program, used to write their own share of the tool, it is very necessary, can reduce the repeated work everyday very much.

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the following conditions can let you Shanghai Dragon technology can be improved, and quickly into the transition from labor-intensive to technology intensive "

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