Amy isn’t a good boss, but a real entrepreneur is destined to be a villainLele origin game promotion

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Abstract: This is an old business. In an interview with reporters earlier, Wang Gongquan said, after reading his autobiography, he was particularly touched, however, the next second, he decided not to invest in old. Feelings are not equal to business.


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as an investor quipped, China entrepreneur executive power is the strongest, Chinese in such a homogeneous competition environment to survive, to any other foreign markets also can live very well, because it was played tough.

: the CEO is always in front of the staff to play the bad


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

in general, the entrepreneur’s hours are calculated in seconds and hours, and their time use efficiency is much higher than the average person, so their work rhythm is not consistent.

the man who fight is doomed to be lonely because he does not dare to have any leisure.

and, on the other hand, according to a co-founder of mind, entrepreneurs are mostly busy with entrepreneurship, less social and dating, and naturally less connected to old friends.

of course, such a company is far more humane than the company to go far. After all, the company survives or sends out

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in the workplace, result oriented is always the first.


unless one day he breaks down, like the accidental death of Dr. Zhang Rui, it will always be a war.

so in this background, from the starting point to the final result oriented, as a team, black and evil is little not a leader, otherwise it will never be, as bread sticks with the truth, in the temptation of bread, also need to stick to the management system.

because the background is too similar, the path of entrepreneurship is also very different, and frankly speaking, "peer is a friend", then you dare to make friends with peers?

especially in China, entrepreneurial companies among Sisha can be used to describe the tragic past, Internet Co, in business model innovation, this means that the threshold is low, as long as there is a workable business model, hundreds of similar entrepreneurial projects will emerge, the homogenization of serious competition, various taxi applications as before, the o2o community is so, this is the key to win the operation, and quickly occupied the market, entrepreneurs between personal melee combat is more and more intense, in boosting capital, the winner of the time has been shortened to one year or half a year. Whether in the financing scale or in the subsidized market, a slight loss means defeat in this area.


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entrepreneurs usually don’t have many old friends.


no one sees how hard, tired, or how difficult you are, but just to see if your results are perfect.

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