PPTV Tao Chuang do products, you have to compete in these 6 areas and users

I understand the mobile Internet is "cock wire" era, the current 35% mobile Internet users in the income of less than two thousand yuan, belongs to the mainstream user crowd. What’s the core of the mobile Internet? I think it’s a new chain of people to people relationships. The features of human relationships are social, local, mobile, and personal.

look at the current Internet users, according to the monthly view, the current video is the largest Internet applications. Chinese now spend 2.5 hours of video on average every day, and your most precious primetime hours are wasted on video. But our last screen, which has not actually been networked, is one of the worst screens to experience, and this is the TV set.

so, each user spends more time, there will be more opportunities to do business, the Internet thinking is starting from the user, the first catch is not cover a lot of users, second users viscosity is not high.

is currently the highest frequency of access, time is the largest video applications, social networks, e-commerce, micro-blog, online games, in turn down. This is basically the Internet Co PK standard.

the Internet Co how to calculate the valuation, actually has no way, listed in the United States on twitter before, even the profit model did not include PPTV or at a loss; today, how to calculate capital valuation? Generally reference number of users, such as a user at $thirty, there are 300 million users currently use PPTV every month. The average person every day nearly 2.5 hours. How many people can calculate this value? Basically all the Internet Co to provide a service that enables users to use the time of viscosity is longer, can find opportunities to be realized.

trend 1: from information service to life experience service

currently, the Internet has entered the life experience service from the information service.

mobile Internet to June this year, the first wave of the end of the calculation, basically two and a half years, completed the PC Internet eight years road. We believe that by June, the basic pattern of the mobile Internet will end. See who has innovation, who has a particularly strong product?. Anyway, basically what human beings can think of has already been done. So there’s not much chance of moving the internet.

trends two: Internet online toward entity

Internet has now begun to enter the entity. Media industry, retail industry, the financial industry, manufacturing industry, these four industries are currently being subverted, there are many industries slowly subversion. Now do not mention advertising, e-commerce began large-scale inroads into the line, have begun to build logistics channels. I believe that the future of the electricity supplier company will open physical stores, millet mobile phone has opened shop in four cities. The video company, like PPTV, originally bought things for everyone and now has 13 movies and TV shows; the travel company used to sell tickets, and now >

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