New year to go to grass roots multi service community residents are particularly busy

the afternoon of February 15th, Mafang Street office Salt Village Community Chengbei District of Xining City, the community staff busy. 14:30, all the staff to work on time to their respective busy.

reporter saw the work of the staff came early in the afternoon, to the residents of the work of Ms. Huang said, so many days off, waiting for the community to work properly to do things.

in the small bridge street office Mao Sheng Temple community convenience service center, many people are asking or handling the relevant business in front of a different window. After the Spring Festival holiday this year, we decided to go to work one day in advance." Generation of community Director Su Ying said, "just because after the holiday, today to handle the business of residents to more than usual, especially the home and family planning two window, the staff from the office had not idle." (author: Ma Xiaowei)

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