How to select and set the site keywords

keyword is the preparatory work of Shanghai dragon, it is very important to select a keyword. Some people in the selection of the site keywords according to their website content is arbitrary, these keywords in the search engine did not lead to the flow of keywords ranking up but still not what website traffic.

and websiteThis is the website of the

today is not to say, directly into the point:

2, select keyword

1, there is a correlation between

index or noble love Shanghai baby’s keyword tool, here I will love the Shanghai index. After determining the main keyword in your website to love Shanghai 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝 index to check up, you can directly enter the keywords, below you can see the keyword index and a related keywords, the keywords are here to show a certain amount of search. You can use it to select the website main keywords and keyword, a website can have multiple keywords, here you can also determine the best website long tail keywords, long tail keywords although less traffic, but a number of long tail keywords together is a huge number of

keyword is the user through some words search engine to search the input. Keywords main keywords and keywords, keyword is the main keywords website optimization, optimization in the station main position, the keyword is slightly.


3, how to combine the keywords
    a website will have multiple keywords, then these keywords will be combined and sorted. To search engine keywords he will think in front of in the web. Title is more important, so the website main keywords in the front row, the key words in the back row. When the combination of keywords do not put keywords split out, you can according to their own website to organize a word and let the keywords included in the inside, the main keywords in front, so as not to let the search engine that you are cheating, many websites will choose many key words and the words are written on the title page. Now the search engine has been very intelligent, with.

what is the long tail keywords: long tail keywords is not website main keywords, he is the user search input long words, keywords are generally composed of multiple words called long tail keywords.

keyword relevance, in the choice of keywords according to the site of its own content to choose, or you will feel unable to optimize. This is a website construction site selection is a shopping site with keywords. If the keyword and website content relevance so far the search engine will think you cheating, then your website will be punished because of the reason.

What is the

, how to select keywords

Select the I suggest that you use this

Wang Jiaojun noble baby friendship Panda algorithm speculation link building

is detected,


do not know if the solution, please refer to the noble baby webmasters help

Some pages of your site

if not natural links on a website, you can not remove it, please contact [Request]


yesterday just work, received a noble baby webmasters mail notification. The specific content you see screenshots.

recommended by Google Guideline to modify the site, modify again after the completion of the review website []

translated into Chinese as follows:

2. link information website. The main station of resources. Now the chain is very out of date with the same IP resources. But your punishment is more than you do website, including your resource station will die together. This year I had made such a mistake.

I believe we have to understand that my site is because some natural link is noble baby caused me to punish the site’s ranking in the fall.

then I analyze my site is GG that unnatural links come from. I do have adopted "white hat" means, the construction of the chain are all artificial normal legal operation.

manipulation may violate the provisions of Google

GG think your site is a chain operation may have the following factors:

I finally

analysis results can only be a reason: last week I bought a number of domestic Links.

specifically, please confirm whether to PageRank for the purpose, for their own website to set some natural and artificial links. Unnatural links: transfer PageRank links, links in the program.

3.GG think you link whether it is man-made or whether it is the important link of natural factors is the correlation between links. This Shanghai dragon Er will also be very familiar with. But I once again stressed the hope that you will not make such a mistake. There is no longer limited to related content is not relevant. Here are not related: no relevant content, not related to regional, not related to language. GG now has a very precise mechanism to >

1. link speed. The chain increases many chain or the same form of suddenly. Of course, I did not make this mistake is put forward. I believe that not too much to explain. Shanghai dragon Er should know this problem. But this distinction should be made between the station and the station. Such as Sina, you add 1000 chain engine one day will think you do not normal, if you are a small day increased by 1000 if the chain nobility baby don’t think you are cheating that he loves Shanghai.

Binzhou Shanghai Longfeng optimization market analysis

this is the last of the station planning, I use keyword tools to collect the relevant keywords for a total of 5690, and then look at the key words in title and related index, if you can do the first three words, the total flow rate is around 200. The specific I do not know how to count, so count. Oh.

< Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization market analysis > Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization wrote the first article, received such a task for the first time, do not know how to write it on Binzhou’s manufacturing industry, simple service industry, catering industry, processing industry, tourism industry is about.

so Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization can only be found a little: home a total of 5 Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, which is a love Shanghai, or Beijing; a similar to the natural navigation website, ranking the first; the other 4 are Shanghai Longfeng optimization and website construction, it is some of the recruitment information.

analysis of Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization market, (analysis of the status quo of its business volume. The level of technology, effect, bidding) Binzhou on the Shanghai dragon optimization (I) is quite difficult, I tried to ask what is the business volume of their customer service to you, but no results, or not, either don’t know. Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization think is so intimate, how can something and say

As for the ?

other features: look at these sites only one enterprise has its own website, some of the other is the release of information products in the third party platform to buy, this is not much, most of the news, the flow from more to less are: Binzhou tourism, Binzhou manufacturing, Binzhou catering industry Binzhou industry, Binzhou service industry.

finally explained: the first to write this article also do not know how to write.

Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization think, if these companies have built a website of your own to optimize it, 1. of their products globally and enhance competitiveness, to enhance their business volume of the company; 2. business volume will increase the accumulation of market driven supply chain with the increase of.3. can be used as commercial information asset.

As for the

Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization time, can guarantee at least 4H every day (not if), the time can be used to check the information, to do the task, learning. I believe they will be able to go to the end of.

Binzhou Shanghai dragon optimization analysis method is in the front of the industry with Binzhou, such as: Binzhou manufacturing industry, then a simple analysis in a row in the top three website.

Binzhou and Shanghai dragon found some of their common points are: 1.90% news station, 2. website program I have seen, each of the 3. sites have the record, 4. domain age in 1 years, which is at least 1 years and 8 months, the largest is 12 years and 4 months, 5. flow is great (the entire site)

Beginner frequently encountered problems and solutions ofHow do you earn one million A growth path o

two: don’t think do Wangzhuan is very simple, if there is no spirit of learning is very difficult to do, even if it is post part-time, you also need to register the forum, keep account, set the signature and so on, there are many post skills, or your post will be deleted, while others will not be posted delete

six: Wangzhuan the world is very big, very wide, only you can not imagine the Wangzhuan, no you can not find the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, don’t think just click on ads, hang, investigation, as well as coding, post, website, Taobao customers, doing all kinds of promotional generation >

For the first

 , a confused;     in any case can not hold back the idea, well prepared to endure hardship, I am not afraid of failure, because this is what are not, when reaching the limit is no longer afraid.
      to stay is my only goal, no work environment, no salary, as long as I can meet three meals a day, and then give me a place to live on it. With that in mind, I began the process of looking for a job. On physical strength, I have no farmer uncle; on technology, what I did not; on education, my secondary school education……
      where can I take shelter and provide me with a place to settle down?. After several rejections, a small Internet cafe with only 20 computers took me. I didn’t have any salary. I ate in the Internet bar and stayed in the Internet bar to help me see the computer. Still, I’m content and feel like I’m on the edge of high technology. But I still can’t see the future, I wonder if I can start my family here.
      in the next, I work every day is a handyman, cleaning, loading machine, waiter, anyway, can do I have a package. The only lucky thing is that a friend with the Internet bar boss can help him collect fees at the service desk, which is considered to be on the side of the computer.

Wangzhuan novice to introduce seven do not, do not legitimate, do not have two entities, three do not free of course, this situation points to four don’t do much for money, do not five day end such as post and vote, earn 100 less than six of the seven yuan package, not those with no experience on the line! As long as you can hold on to the seven do not, then you basically belong to the entry-level beginner! Of course when you become a beginner after more questions and skills to learn, then let the six point experience for everyone, we can guide the workers to become a successful Wangzhuan


brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

: when you get a Wangzhuan project, first of all can not immediately blindly to get input, but need to figure out whether this Wangzhuan can produce value, if the project itself is not able to produce higher value what, then you spend time and money has no value, natural not return, so first learn to study on the project of the higher

  in 2000, I graduated. In 1997, from rural to urban, after graduation, faced with the re – go back to the countryside. A secondary school students, no skills, no family background, no technical expertise, born Harper, the only thing I can do is to go back to where I’m from. Repeat your father’s day after year, year after year farming. Is my city life only three short years? Perhaps the turning point in fate is the instant between the decisions that make me what I am today. ! ! !

five: there is no distinction or distinction, in Wangzhuan project only work, distribution according to work, as long as willing to spend effort will be able to return, in the course of business can best Wangzhuan learning some useful techniques, so you can make your higher added value becomes higher, such as some people post to receive 2 yuan, and some people posting can only receive 0.5 yuan, gold above the main difference is the

is very necessary! forum!

three: when choosing Wangzhuan to learn how to identify true and false, always have such a purpose to identify true and false, that is the sky diaoxianbing, you can only pay a little attention to in exchange for a few yuan, hundreds of yuan, of course, must resolutely resist the black people Wangzhuan the project, such as those that make you make you made a successful return of only 0.1 yuan, this is a part-time enslaved worker price is cruel exploitation, so learn to identify a Wangzhuan project is also very necessary to

four: to learn to understand the Wangzhuan project sponsor is not very good, if not good so there is no way to natural cooperation, also when Wangzhuan must persist. When a good Wangzhuan, don’t do half they stalled, many projects will be successful as long as you hold on

      two; learning
      although my contact with the computer is only possible to help the boss charge, but this is not my purpose. In desperation, I sold my conscience and did two wrong things. One is the use of charging convenience, data tampering, can secretly leave their ten dollars a day, because the boss is young people, I also very honest, therefore has not found; another thing is to use the machine at the chance, I secretly used computer, began to learn computer knowledge, knowledge network.
      after half a year, I have assembled, computer application, Internet and other aspects are more familiar with the understanding, but also their own savings of more than 1000 dollars. But something happened at this time, >

Load speed improvements allow site building programs to be lean to detail

this winter, the most impressive is the two sites, one is 12306 train tickets to buy a website, one is millet mobile phone’s official website. A common feature of the two sites is that concurrent access peaks are slow and difficult to tolerate. In fact, more than two sites, in front of tens of thousands of concurrent access, there will be at least 90% or more sites will hang up. Even when the number of visits is low, many websites have become unbearable. There are many factors affecting the website loading speed, such as the configuration of the server room, bandwidth and interconnection quality on the line, but I feel that website programming and integration of resources has greatly affected the website speed, but many people contrast does not give enough attention.

1. Merge website resources

Why is

when in high concurrency, the Ministry of railway ticket booking website will suck? Someone on this site is analyzed, a general conclusion is that the website when submitting orders to the server to send the request too much, and had instant access flow is large, resulting in blocking the access request. In fact, this problem exists on many websites, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Knowing the problem is the solution, and the answer is to reduce the number of requests for frequent server calls, and merging resources is one of the most effective ways. Thus, although the same call file will be appropriately extended each time, the number of upstream downloads has been reduced and the efficiency of the code has been improved.

general web sites need to be loaded externally to resources in roughly three ways, namely, CSS style sheets, JS scripts, and picture material. These three can be properly merged to minimize the number of requests on the site. CSS as long as the purpose is to control the style of the web site, if all the CSS merged to a document, must put it in < head> meta tag, the purpose is to let the site first load CSS. JS and some other scripts, in order to achieve some special effects page and write, call on the appropriate location, but need to understand is that JS is different from CSS and not all JS will be merged together, reference location is also very important, otherwise it may lead to some site failure. In the picture material with website background, through the two-dimensional coordinates of the picture is called, but note that even so, the combined size of the images should be controlled within 2M, otherwise it will take too long to load a bad user experience.

two, compressed page elements

if the site resources are already large, it can reduce the time by merging, but still can not fundamentally solve the problem. Because the resources of merging sites are mainly to reduce the number of requests from clients to the server, there is no change in the size of the website resources. Therefore, the necessary compression of the elements of the web site is another shortcut to enhance the speed of web access. The first way to compress a web page element is to rewrite the web code, >

URL factors for univalent matching of Google and Adsense

in the current advertising alliance, Google Adsense although the price is very low, but most of the webmaster is still the main source of income, he did Baidu theme promotion in the 06, 07 years, income is also good, personal feeling, and from the advertising price, click rate, advertising style, and Google Adsense there is a certain gap, it is too difficult to apply. Attached to Baidu theme promotion request:

a) has its own web site and has control over the site;

b) content is legitimate, without any malicious code, illegal and pornographic content.

C) the site name and description correspond to the substance;

d) site Alexa ranked below 50000

note: apply for Baidu theme promotion business, you need to apply for Baidu website search business at the same time, after filling in the registration information, we will first review your website search business applications. On your website search business applications, please login as soon as possible after the union background search code. When you search code for 3 days show the amount of more than 1000, and the average daily search volume of more than 100, the system will automatically review your theme promotion business, meet the conditions can be opened and mail notification.

then attach official rejection mail:

this is the official reply from the Baidu Alliance:


I’m sorry, your website is not in line with the requirements of Baidu theme promotion, and can not be approved for the time being.


comprehensive investigation, your site is not suitable for theme promotion business

if you have any further questions, please send it to

thank you for your cooperation,


more common business problem description

Baidu alliance development from

this is a dark horse who refuses to reply to emails:

your website recently submitted "Jiabao Baidu theme promotion advertising business applications,

we have reviewed your information carefully and for some reason we have failed to approve your application,

sorry for being here. We also have Yahoo ad ( waiting for you to apply for.

hope both of us will have a chance to cooperate in the future.

said a lot of nonsense, and here’s a talk about your own Google, Adsense, unit price, and URL relationships. Thank you again for your help and support!


before a car site, domain name contains a>

Let Baidu fast included new skills ZhengZhan articles

on the A5 for the first time published articles! Today tell you about my site construction experience, talk about how to let Google and Baidu quickly included all of your site,

!When I began to prepare for the establishment of a

is utterly ignorant of to SEO! Differentsomething later after they gradually began to learn SEO knowledge! Now it is SEO rookie! When the site started construction of the total love first with traffic tools for self comfort brush flow, brush with the brush included my site suddenly it was included, included the length of the geometric form of growth. Although the article inside my website is false originality, but I also did not how to do promotion. In the backward a few outside the chain of articles, think should not reach the station included the effect of it. So I have re done 2 sites, a web site using flow tools brush, a tool without brush. Do it again at the last station. Take over the discovery is the flow tool to bring me the effect. That’s how I operate.

, such as the website I want to include.Http://

1. sardines flow software. Http:// Inductid=fd61c337a3f9f8d7265c8360effa34e6


2. in flow system arranged in the first path: Kw=& sc=web& cl=3& tn=sitehao123& ct=0& rn=& lm=& ie=gb2312& rs2=& myselectvalue=& f=& pv=& z=& from=& word=, a few hours after Baidu will be included in your home, then you again in the second path set Tn=sitehao123& ie=gb2312& bs=%C8%EB%B5%B3%C9%EA%C7%EB%CA%E9& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& ct=0 will add your site keywords. (the premise is that you collected the page to be released by Baidu) after three days, your website has been constantly included.

and there’s another advantage, that is, to improve your keyword ranking,

Local information trends bring opportunities for webmasters

with the development of the Internet, more and more information on the emergence of the Internet, but the Internet information is different, although the number of Internet users, but it is difficult to find exactly what they need from the Internet, after all is the proportion of duplication of information network is too large, the website itself Alto content ability is too weak.

, here’s our topic for today, the classified information website. With the trend of local informatization, more and more webmasters begin to attach importance to the local portals and vertical information websites, which is a good direction and a promising field.

imagine, our understanding of the environment around them and the crowd is much deeper, so can we use information to generate a familiar environment, has become the classified information website is a key factor in the success of.

think about it, it’s a tough project to put huge local information on the network. It’s hard to rely solely on the capabilities of our individual webmaster.

For example,

and some big classified information website, they have the promotion ability is ordinary webmaster do not have, the competition can only be blind to death. So people should avoid weaknesses, play their own advantages, such as the surrounding environment is familiar with, understand what information can be accepted and needs, these are the advantages of individual stationmaster richly endowed by nature. Classified information website such as the formation of large and wide is very difficult, but also in the original basis of further optimization, selects a part of their own and to facilitate the operation of the information to be released, instead of those bad operation information. The result is likely to be beyond our expectation.

is a small demand, a large audience. Simple information may look relatively small, but the audience of this single information is indeed very broad, even for most people. To do so, then the success of classified information websites is certain.

In addition

, classified information website has the advantage of itself is the only original!! and not on the Internet who repeatedly copied not to mind taking the trouble, but rather focus on the local operators, with distinctive local characteristics of information demand, reflects the local information advantage.

in a word, the local informatization is a trend, and the foreground of classified information websites is bright. It depends on how our webmaster thinks and how to locate and operate.

This article from the

network from, interested friends welcome to explore the development of the Internet to


Some experience in operating a real estate network

First of all thank A5

, friends encouraged, since that "I wrote has been in chaos in the webmaster a way out" after the article was published, that came out to the first, I was very surprise, thank netizens recognized by this article, I have a lot to strong friends, a lot of people through the article add my QQ, most of them are grass root like me, I am very honored to get their approval, but also have a lot of friends always told me not to see the light, here I am to say: not necessarily adhere to a way out, but do not insist on not there are certain results.


said that right now, I certainly hope that this article can also carry forward, O (a _ U) O ha ~

such as the title "some operators in Renqiu real estate network experience" here it should be under the Everbright the requirements of users, a lot of people with my QQ, I asked how the site is running, in here, I selflessly share with you. (a lot of people, ha ha, also ask me this question) first of all, to do, since the local nature of the real estate network, the first face is glamorous, is the domain name, RQ is the first letter of Renqiu real estate network, of course, to use FANG, such a combination is that I do not say what is in this website, the people of Renqiu will also understand a half. That’s the charm of domain names. Here, we would like to advise you, do site, select the domain name, we must first select com, after the election of CN, in the latter is net, and that is., and the latter kind of my own anyway, and as you want to use, I feel or forget it, itself early site publicity is a problem, you get another. domain name, then your website here I announced: half of the basic death. (special case: unless you work with institutions, big enterprises to marry) this paragraph is the basis, as the saying goes, people look at the face first, dirty face, who would like to talk to you ah?.

second, is the program, here I want to give everyone a final opinion, someone with me, straight up and asked: "you said the site is doing buddy program or use the existing CMS, I can tell you all soon, unless you are a fool, you can use your own program. In a word: with your own procedure, there is no harm at all. Why do you say that, first, their program is not a security system, Microsoft has bug, not to mention your own development of the breaking process, hacking into your website so easy when the day was dark, you have the last action "cry". So, do stand must CMS, this is also one of the most important reasons, and finally say to you. Use CMS, also need to use genuine and the company did not collapse, because it is guaranteed, a group of people will protect your website security, you just spend money, but there are some people, love to spread that cheap Taobao bought cracked version, I advise, if you understand. You can buy, but the real use, must buy genuine, this money can not be stingy, mean that even the above paragraph "

What is the key point to do dry goods store marketing

New Year approaching, many families have already begun to dry cargo spree, dry cargo franchise business. Now want to run a business friends to join the dry cargo. I believe there are many, but before this, look at the dry cargo franchise marketing skills necessary.

manufacturers can according to different regions and different time, in allowing the promotion budget range, design different discount rate. This kind of promotion method has less workload, cost and risk. Activity easy operation.

Flow of

in order to resist competition brand product sales growth, in order to resist the rival listing of new products or new policies, timely use of discount to stimulate consumers to buy the product, to reduce customer interest in competing products.

start looking for a project, must be aimed at the market demand of the project, so don’t worry about not business, open dry cargo stores is a good choice. In the actual operation of the dry goods stores, to use the above methods, then open the dry store success is not difficult.


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