The practice of their own website nobility baby Sitelink

3, close the website name, core keywords, anchor text, external links and internal links between theme strategy…… Similar to the "vote" keyword network, is one of the decisive factors produced by Sitelinks.


1, the website authority: Sitelinks website in an industry, field or a specific topic, has a certain reputation.

With the

Sitelink release: "noble baby display part of the site below the link in the search results are called Web links (Sitelink, their noble baby) can help the user to browse your site. The automatic analysis of the link structure of your site will be our system, users can save time in order to find web links and allow users to quickly find the information you’re looking "

(author: Le Sishu)

protection characteristic of famous brands, and has Sitelinks this kind of website in most cases.

5, brand name:

6, keywords: to a topic specific search site name, Sitelinks, probability, and search for "Shanghai dragon", "Internet", "home appliances" such a broad definition of class at present does not appear Sitelinks.

because of the establishment of the website is not a long time, in an attempt to generate Sitelink of noble baby practice, finishing about nobility baby Sitelink generated necessary conditions:


content update, the chain construction site, gradually perfect, another embodiment of the weights of the website, namely "noble baby Sitelink", as one of the objectives of Shanghai dragon Er, Sitelink has a unique charm. This combination of online only about the noble baby Sitelink articles, some of the sites present situation analysis.

2, website traffic flow: referred to here is not a web site traffic, but in SERP, the search hit rate, which is the official explanation that "useful to the user; in addition, the amount of collection site also has a certain reference value.


4, the website weight: to specific search keywords, website ranking in the first place, this is the most important factor; in general, the website has higher weight Sitelinks.

more than six necessary conditions for the conclusion in contrast, 1, 2, 4, 5 of the sites are not in demand, because the site is currently in the new period, ranking, weight, flow, these three conditions, in contrast, can be completely ruled out these points. Here the author of the remaining keywords closely the degree of uniqueness and keywords, some guessed that the two necessary conditions for the.

Keywords Shanghai dragon learning network development should be how to do (below)

Seventh, from the mining

learning network in the article: Shanghai dragon development should be how to do keywords (on), first from four aspects and share the common method of keyword expansion, are words related tools, search using the prompts and related searches, other tools such as today, then the article from the other four and share, respectively in different forms, add keywords, mining, traffic data from the cross combinations, the system allows you to harvest, in the keyword expansion through this well, the beginning of the text today.


, fifth key words: different forms of keywords can bring a lot of expansion words are common synonyms, related words, words and typos -. For synonyms, we can easily understand, such as keyword positioning for the hotel, it can also be extended to the hotel accommodation, etc.; for Related words, and refers to the keywords associated words, such as related website construction and website production, website promotion and Shanghai dragon related; for shorthand, we should also proper use, such as CCTV CCTV, referred to as the American Basketball League called NBA, abbreviation "daily search volume is also very impressive; and finally we talk about typos, although the search engine of spelling error correction function, but every day there are still many user input typos and wrong Chinese, there are a lot of words in fact, about the significance, but a radical or radical, so we should be on the part of the wrong word also must be prepared.

sixth, add keywords added that consists of adjective complement, supplement and supplement brand names. When combined with many keywords needs and the reality of the situation, there are different keywords at the same time, also can refine customers below to illustrate respectively. Refers to the names of keywords in front with local names, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing and Phoenix common tourism; brand added refers to direct and relevant keywords brand in the front, an effective approach which is refinement of the market, such as Changhong TV; and the adjective complement refers to the keyword before some specific determiners, common words are free of charge, price, promotion, and other activities, we can often see this kind of situation, such as a free download source, TV promotion belong to this category. For the core competitive keywords, plus some xianzhici can not only reduce the difficulty of the optimization, but also can improve the conversion rate.

Different forms of

traffic statistics: Web site statistics is a worthy we often go to a place in statistics will find a lot of interesting words, these words we may not think that even thought will not feel someone to search, but the real situation is not so. Sometimes a large part of Web site traffic is from these keywords and come, we can take some is often the search query words in the noble baby tools, you will see many similar words, these words can be used as the long tail word to layout, so this is a good way to expand. Sometimes for a relatively large flow.

Search market changes less so, Sogou left

want to rely on social search in the Chinese search market share in theory does not work. It was acquired, the founding team scattered parties, but also the logical outcome.

this year, so its search engine even though failed to reach 0.1 percentage points of market share, but in the enterprise market and has had a great impact.

social search is not a straw, but not the startups.

This is the first The ?So

and people贵族宝贝.cn’s immediate search for cooperation, to provide the core technology. And later 36>

even if social search is feasible, the bear in the Chinese also may not be so. So shortly after the launch, I have published view, the social networking site starting search easy, because there are users, traffic and social data; but the search engine is not cut in social reality. Baby, love Shanghai aristocratic search giants have crashed in socialization. Baby + active since the nobility is far lower than that of Facebook, and love Shanghai account system has been not perfect, not to mention social space, love Shanghai also has been tepid. So for a later, what allows users to log on to the production of social data,

market has not proved the advantages of social search. Graph Search launched more than 2 quarter with no exception whatsoever, to user acceptance is not high. "A friend in San Francisco favorite restaurant" in Chicago Michigan Avenue, near the age of 25 years old single girl like search is not simple, need to enter a long sentence, but also a combination of logic and certain skills. I wrote an article called Graph Search is just a "correct" search products.

To C To B market market silence, have an important impact on

and so the product positioning of traditional web search + Light + social Q & a blog system + micro-blog search, what do hot is too complicated. But the core logic behind the study is social search, it was also the baby, love Shanghai, 360 new fields such as search and Sogou game player is not involved. In the Facebook Graph Search launched earlier this year, social search to gain more attention. Some industry insiders believe that social search or subvert the traditional web search. The theory of objective and subjective feeling, good friends will be recommended than the search engine more accurate recommendation. But the user habits is not a short duration of time accumulated, it is not easy to change.

media recently reported that the acquisition by Sina News, rumors of founder Liu Jun has to love the Shanghai office, the other founding members have left the cash. So after financing has been previously a founding member of the first wave of turnover. In the luxury noble baby team support, and so on have been wandering in the search market is its shadow game player, partly hidden and partly visible hot events. In this year the attention is far higher than its market position.

Discuss how to update the Shanghai dragon optimization ideas

key words: Dali tourism


with love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, optimization of Shanghai dragon is also in constant improvement, before a few day Shanghai increase the penalties for the source of the news, focus on punishment by inserting ads have links to their site’s behavior in the news, love Shanghai give the explanation is that such a serious impact on the user’s browsing content experience.

we’ve always emphasize the user experience for the importance of the Shanghai dragon, but now many industries especially in the machinery industry of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng idea is still the old ideas, when they do in Shanghai Longfeng operation is fully without regard to the user and only consider the search engine, the following is for everyone how to update the Shanghai dragon operation we are thinking of the simple share.

love Shanghai search drop-down box is a very important data we do Shanghai dragon, the user at this time for some keywords search volume is relatively large, the love of Shanghai is based on the drop-down box to sort.

1. we want to know when the user needs analysis of keywords, users in the search for a short keyword if you can’t find him to be content, he will take longer to search search keywords.

we take the chain as an example, if the whole industry website is to junk the chain, then we can really meet the needs of the user guide for the chain flow, our website will rank to the front. When all of our website industry in accordance with the old Shanghai dragon to operate, if we do the transformation of the industry, to really study keywords user needs, then we will be the user clicks to the first position, when other people see this industry and change, there will be a lot of imitate us man, this time we will drive the industry of Shanghai Longfeng update ideas.

at the same time we look at this phenomenon is a common or unique phenomenon, we can try to search for other city and tourism, we will naturally find Raiders will be the top few, so the conclusion is that the tourism industry is a considerable demand for the raiders.

we can see that Dali tourism Raiders and Dali tourism Raiders 2014 is ranked in the top two, so if we want to do this keywords Dali tourism we can analyze the needs of users is the Raiders, the user has a significant and timeliness for Raiders of the demand, because the user is not found in the search for Dali tourism strategy this year then, he will be in the back plus 2014, so we must go to the website reflects the tourism Raiders in the title and content of the quality content, so our website can attract most users click, steady our position.

We know that

2. if a short word can directly find he needs the contents of the search, then he will not search for long term, so we have to be very direct to meet the search needs of users of our main keywords.

For example:

Analytical optimization techniques I love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings for me

in the previous study, you will find the love for Shanghai products, whether it is love or love to know Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, in the content page often top are used in JS, in the content page most frequently used for TABLE and DIV, the other is CSS mixed form of writing. However we do stand, are often as much as possible the use of JS in the structure of unyielding, generally use the DIV+CSS way, as far as possible not to use TABLE. From these aspects, we can know that in fact the website of Shanghai Longfeng streamline optimization is not the main point. In our website navigation if not use the structure of DIV+CSS, then the search engine of your site included, whether it is from the optimization in to ranking weight, the effect is excellent. So here I suggest that we must according to their own website to reasonable "use" in the form of DIV+CSS.

(> three

(two) contain the keywords of the title, concise.

(a) the page structure natural, simple code.

often believe that every webmaster all know of the search engine, love Shanghai’s products such as: Shanghai, Post Bar library, know love and experience, whether it is any Encyclopedia of a search engine ranking is very high, in which especially love the most representative of Shanghai. So learn from Shanghai Longfeng researchers sense has fully demonstrated their love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon optimization do is very in place, a reference index but also by our study, and as long as we are reasonable according to their own website and the reference index to optimize it, then we place our own you can call the shots. So today I share with you my two years to study some experience of love Shanghai encyclopedia, hope to help you master.

in Shanghai company insiders give webmaster advice is clearly emphasized "the carefully written page title, keywords and description of" pay attention to." To see the importance of the title, and in the actual when so love their products in Shanghai. Take the Shanghai encyclopedia. Love, each title has a common, which is inserted in the title keywords, and quite concise, no concept of a little verbose, and they are some of the most important content and did not set the keywords relevant page description, from these aspects, the author keywords and description is superfluous? But we are thinking about, if the website does not add keywords and description of content, it will not be conducive to search engine to crawl? This is worth thinking. We also can be found in the title when the love Shanghai encyclopedia all the use of H1 tags to strengthen key words, so as to prove the point, that is the love of Shanghai attaches great importance to the H1 tag, so we are not it should be good to use labels? The answer is yes.

Entrepreneurial tide, entrepreneurship training camp to help you soarA few points on the small owner

2. user stickiness site content

3. in the blog put soft Wen, in the article appear 1-3 times own web site, so that user acceptance is reasonable.

1. makes money, gets more income, and doesn’t have to be that hard. Earn more money, more money, so a little home. buying a car, buying a house, raising a wife


for many entrepreneurs, we will encounter some good projects, because BP failed, and missed the best financing window, but also encountered the project because the architecture is messy and deviate from the track of development…… In the gold medal consultancy training camp, any entrepreneurial problem will be solved perfectly!


experts said that the public record to write the BP era? Financing from angel, Pre-A to A, B, C, how to attract investment? Option incentives, team management, shareholding structure, tax legal and so on, none of entrepreneurs have to face the problem but at a loss.

focuses on the hottest topic of entrepreneurship, and develops entrepreneur courses. Gold medal consultant training camp is committed to more accurate and effective solution to entrepreneurs doubts.

third, gold consultant entrepreneurial training camp and other entrepreneurial class share is different, in addition to students directly into the business community gold consultant VIP, regular unriddling instructors, all students must complete their homework after class time, a gold consultant training camp will organize industry investment institutions tutor reviews and counseling.


3. interest, think oneself have this kind of hobby is also good, so also play. interest is the driving force of all, most people still make money based, after all, mixing a little fame is not easy. Since it is making money, we must face up to the methods of making money. To make money, garbage stations are the necessary choice because money comes quickly.

4. blog should also have blog circle, so to make friends, wide links, have time to go to other people’s blog step on step, to others to add popularity at the same time, oneself also follow up.

: gold medal consultant training camp first stage photo

5. blog advertising advertising, blog advertising to sell this difficult position, obviously, but there are still many commentators have sold, such as: Zhan Peng, the first half of the 500 to webmaster Cai Liwen blog. There are many different ways, such as clicking on advertisements and so on.

small thinking, big thinking can earn money thinking is not

: gold medal consultant training camp second stage photo

3. reputation and reprint and other

first of all, in the number of participants, strictly controlled within 20 people, in advance to screen the participants.

The problems that

in case of traffic is the most important, not what is a flow. Search engines and users, most people are the first to please search engines, and then think of users, traffic to earn money is easy, much more money, earn less, entirely by advertising skills and luck.

1. search traffic SEO

said, "site, we all clear up the idea, the purpose of doing the web site, but nothing more than the following three kinds:

1., write articles, send logs, it’s better to be original and more popular with the audience.

2. hot spots, speculation, such as the recent king of the red wine, from other blogs different blog.

entrepreneurs face in the process of starting an undertaking will be taught by the gold medal training camp. Give entrepreneurs the most effective explanation, so that the road of entrepreneurship is no longer bumpy.

combined SEO in the eyes of small webmaster application of blog marketing is a very good choice, such as the blog website domain name PR is above 5, and the site is not afraid of being blocked, and the media attention and reproduced, good location can also quickly fire up to that point is no matter! A new station, and open a blog blog more than the value of the brush flow, so most of the small owners have their own blogs and propaganda platform, some people do not know how blog marketing is useless. How do you advertise your website with the influence of blogs?

in the second, the instructor on the choice of gold consultant entrepreneurial training camp on the initial teacher interviews, to understand whether it is suitable for entrepreneurs, are able to master their dry cargo effective transfer to entrepreneurs. The gold medal consultancy business training camp invites all instructors to have certain experience.

it is understood that the difference in society is not poor, a variety of business share, lecture, salon, to ensure the quality of the course, gold consultant entrepreneurial training camp took boutique supervisor mode completely different:

gold medal consultant training camp is a gold medal consultant, with many financial, investment experts and authorities set up jointly. Solve the problems of entrepreneurs in management, financing, legal affairs and so on. Gold medal consultant training camp for entrepreneurs to carry out "all-round, no dead corner" entrepreneurial training, including online communities and offline activities.

to quickly grasp the flow of the three elements:


2. fame, the network is easy to become popular, network celebrities a strong, blog, forums, industry and other sites are celebrities. hao123 is the best example

it is understood that the gold medal consultancy training camp mentor group by the financial, investment experts and senior authorities of the authority. Face to face communication, >

What are the benefits of website operations and sales Communications

work, many web operators novice friends, no matter what problems encountered, like a sitting in the station above the efforts of pondering, the result is pondering over half a day, did not think of the solution to the problem. In fact, the scope of operation is relatively wide, facing different problems, sometimes we can communicate with other related departments, perhaps you can quickly become clear thinking. For example, product positioning, we can communicate with the product manager, research users psychological behavior, we can and market sales, communication and so on. Then what we have to do is to integrate these information and help us do better operation. Today we are going to talk about sales, try to figure out the user’s mind a set of methods, systems, which can be used for reference to the operation.


in here to explain, we are here to say sales must be a qualified sales personnel, is the psychological change he will study the user, and then take the appropriate words for different periods of user psychology, help yourself to complete the transformation of goals. But in some small companies, many sales actually play the role of a customer service, and communicate with them is not meaningful, because they may not know how much they understand you. But today we exclude this situation, so all of the following is the premise that the salesman is qualified.

what’s the good of running, selling and communicating, then, looking down at


one, to help us more comprehensive and accurate positioning of user pain point

sales staff in the beginning of contact with customers when the headache is that the user in the end what the problem or demand can be tapped. As we all know, in order to conclude the transaction, the user’s pain point must be found, but it seems that there is no such point at all.

most of the time the user is holding the psychological interest here, in their words, I just look at this face; user psychology, the sales staff will often use a variety of methods, to tentatively find user pain points, to find the pain point, is to find the entry point;

‘s help with operations:

is not feeling pain points for the sales staff and our operations to target user portrait is somewhat similar, you know, to find out the sales staff through a lot of pain to get to, so to your brainstorming is more valuable than /p>? "

, we have to do is through the operation and sales of communication, accurate grasp of the actual user pain point where, and then from the point of pain and then reverse the target user’s portrait is not convenient for many.

two, provide ideas for operation copywriting,

whether operation or sales, to know the user’s psychology is not going to solve small problems (such as a lot of people do not think of their work with one hundred percent, but few people immediately to change jobs), will have a big problem when >

CN new station included a little experience

my small station ( in May 6th on-line, to today’s Baidu included, I put this station included in the process I do to share with you. Hope to have some enlightenment for beginners.

The title of

1. website is better than new words. It can’t be found best through Baidu. For example, my search network, in the beginning can not find a record through Baidu.

2. web site title should be simple, do not pile up a lot of hot keywords, I started a mistake, and then get rid of it.

3. home page interface, the best can be simple and clear, the content of the page is not too much, although some brothers do garbage station, but at least do not look like garbage stations.

4. updated in time, updated every day is the best, if you can not update every day, minimum 2-3 days updated once.

5. find links, through your people and circle, find some Baidu update station every day, for you to do links. If you can’t find it, you can go to some signature forums to reply or send some popular posts.

6. to Admin5 to write soft Wen, read more articles, will naturally write, and the effect is good.

7. to adhere to, just start not every day site, the effective time used to update your web site, suddenly one day you will find, Baidu included is not very difficult.

Teach you how to write friendship links exchange letters

since links are so important, we definitely want to get more quality links. Although the quality of the directory is large, but it is limited after all, and the difficulty is relatively large, and some even have to pay. In fact, the most potential source of our links comes from similar sites on INTERNET. Some of these sites have self-help link systems that make it easier for you to exchange links. But at present the domestic website has such system or the decimal number, generally only has to make the SEO website to have. So, the main way to exchange links with other sites is by writing E-mail. You must have written the letter exchange a lot, but the real number by writing with your link exchange website? Your success rate is how much? After reading this article, I believe your success rate will be significantly improved (of course, this is just the face of early contact site for beginners those old dishes, also do not need to take the time to read this article.).

remember, when you write an exchange letter, you’re dealing with people and asking for it. Instead of giving alms to others. So, you must be polite and polite. Some people will be very direct to say, " my website is, willing to exchange links with you. ": Yes, it’s really refreshing and clear. I personally like it that way. But imagine other people will be how to think, how to do? He will think: " you must have found my site use value will be put forward to exchange links with me, but you can bring me what? " generally, people will not spend a lot of time to study your website will bring what are the benefits to him. So here’s an obvious problem:

problem 1: when you want to exchange links with other websites, you should at least explain what benefits your website can bring to him.

if you have done some web sites, do you want someone to appreciate your site? And the same is true of other owners, hoping someone will appreciate and praise him. So, before you exchange the link, you have to go through the people’s website at least and know what your website is about. In this way, you will definitely find something unique on his website, and then take advantage of it and praise it in real terms. This way or you can get twice the result with half the effort. Remember: ", before you can get what you want, tell the other person what you can give him. "

question 2: before you exchange links, get to know the other party’s website. For example: the quality of the website; the general content of the website; the advantages and disadvantages of the website; the link of the website (maybe you can exchange it with his friendship link); the number of outgoing links; the quality of the linked website.

although you have told people what you can give, you haven’t really got what he wants

Talking about the importance of website positioning

now wants to build a website that is easy to do (here I do not specifically say) have a website, you absolutely, that is to earn profit (say that in addition to public websites and other special website). On the Internet, it’s really not easy to find one’s own sky. What types of websites have been done, and if you continue to do the same web site, the competition is pretty fierce. If you want to stand out, you have to find a good place and a good idea. Such as happy nets, depressed, and so on some of the sites now received good attention, especially Kaixin001, even thousands of oak all want to account for "happy" this cake. Obviously, his position is correct and successful,

so now, if you want to do stand, you have to do some special website, perhaps unpopular, but the competition will be smaller, and their chances of success will be relatively high. Everyone has a mood in their hearts home, I believe that all the webmaster are pondering how to come up with some now more alternative or special website. Recently often Adsense online, recently a lot of publicity the cross network will give us a good enlightenment, was to look at the site, it is relatively rare, unique content, as I do not do the evaluation.

Here I

that is the main site location, also give hope to build new friends some help, not everyone’s positioning is so hot, choose some relatively narrow, some relatively unique style, the probability of success of this web site will be bigger.

hope friends and I exchange mood home QQ:516209696