How to improve the site included rate better.

third, according to the chain:

we should all know, love Shanghai spiders love most is the original article, copy and paste the contents of the same as garbage, nor on the love of spiders in Shanghai a "attractive", so it will not be like Shanghai which included, even if included will be short-lived. It also tells us that the content of the website is very important, whether the treatment, or will affect the typesetting are included. Since the discovery of the problem, so it should be properly solved.

First, according to the quality of

due to the recent continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, found that most of the content of many web sites are not included, what is the reason? I believe that many owners have such problems. What is the cause of the content of the website has not been included? After the study and the time for a period of time, I think the following aspects will be included on the website of the influence.

second, according to the layout of the article:

like a lot of industry marketing, most of the promotion is outsourced to network promotion, and network company’s editing level is limited, the previous day to follow the prescribed order templates, style, page layout, not a new thing, the effect is small. Have done the experiment: the same is a group of articles, some of which still follow the old routine, old, old style templates are published; while the other part adopts a new layout, add picture correlation with the content of relatively large in the contents of the article, and the corresponding instructions. The results show that: the second part of the article included speed and is significantly faster than the first part, to the high. Is that the content of the new layout will also help to improve the site included.

you should be very clear, what is the role of the chain, it can not only provide weight support to the site, but also can attract spider. I do not know if you noticed, many owners in the chain, the chain most are concentrated in the home. Rarely in the form of publishing and construction. In fact, the URL chain effect is better than do the chain only to the home page. If the chain is only the construction of the home page, column page address words > domain+


is best to do original, even if you did not create original articles, false original degree to be high. The only way to guarantee the love of spiders in Shanghai caused by the "attention", add a very good collection. Since we want to ensure the original degree, then the corresponding time will be longer, the number will be reduced. Especially for the new station every day, there is no need to increase the quality of the low, can reduce the number of appropriate, to improve the quality of the article. This approach is not rob Peter to pay Paul. Practice has proved that the small, high quality content is easier to get the favour of spiders than a large number of low quality content, in terms of speed increases a lot.

Case analysis of stable rankings but why has included the constant loss

these repeated or high similarity Title although early search engines crawl and can be included, but soon the search engine will be eliminated, even if you write the content better, search engines will not be accepted. This is a waste for the site.


when we know the repeated or high similarity title will affect the site collection, so as a webmaster how to deal with this.

1: search engine value a title, the title will be too high similarity is not conducive to improving the quality of the site as a whole, we write the title of an article before, we should first search, look at the title repeat in the search results are too high. If you repeat the very high, we should change a title.

2: the same site also don’t appear too much repetition or high similarity of title, as shown in the figure below some repeat title is the author of the site content.

I have a

this site is a rural public information portal, mainly published some rural financial information, meeting record information and so on, the public information content will inevitably have similar problems. After a few days of observation, found that most of the deleted pages are some titles and high similarity, even as the title page. As a webmaster we can get from the experience of two.

site there is a strange phenomenon. Web site keywords ranking search results still ranked first, but with the increase of the contents of the website, the collection is in constant loss. I remain perplexed despite much thought, to say the site is down right lead to reduce included, why or why not keywords ranking. Specific as shown below.

in the past many webmaster in the title of the writing is too arbitrary, a lot of people directly collected copy of the content on the Internet, but with the continuous upgrading of love Shanghai algorithm, web content attention is also on the rise, the content of the website over similar sites were either K, or be right down, so is the same site content. If the similarity within the site is too high, it will definitely affect the overall quality of the website, the search engine in order to improve the quality of search results, the article must eliminate those poor quality content.

of the title of the site, we can roughly understand why the site included in the continuous decrease, because this title a site in a large number of repeat, thus reducing the site in Shanghai love status in virtually, the problem first reaction in the collection, then may lead to site is down right, which I recommend is adhering to in constructing the content of lattice: innovation content, discard the old thought.


From the above analysis for the

Seven models to make money network recommendedWanda acquisition after six months, time network first

four months ago, Wanda cinema announcement, announced a wholly owned merger time network, won an Internet position. However, time or Wanda did not come out to announce the next plan.

always called China time network IMDb, as early as in 1998, IMDb has been bought by Amazon, but Amazon IMDb guarantee of independent operation, ensure that IMDb can continue to provide free film information to the user. But, obviously, Wanda’s desire for the Internet, so that it will not be so reserved.

these two products are not for ordinary users. Time network professional edition is the information box office statistics, data integration, users can, depending on the type of film etc. different dimensions, to select the appropriate information, aided decision making. For example, users can choose their own movies, cinemas, theaters, data comparison, but also inquiries similar films on the first day, the first week, the total box office and other historical data and trends contrast.

The main target of the

September 2015, Wanda cinema strategic investment time network 20% stake, called "the two sides launched a comprehensive film business of O2O business, the use of mobile Internet will promote and movie theaters, movie derivatives line seamless connection, to create a new mode of film business, to better serve the film makers, cinema and public viewing". In May 25th this year, with the release of Warcraft, time network announced a strategic transformation, will design and manufacture film derivatives, while supplying enterprise users and mass consumers.

Ceng Maojun, President of

Wanda cinema, is not worried about the profitability of time nets. He said that time net is profitable this year and will continue to be profitable next year. How to profit? Ceng Maojun began with the acquisition last year are illustrated in the investor conference, said in the past, are doing business to go when Wanda, negotiation process, but it is one family, 100% natural resources to it. Moreover, because it is 100% holding, so the profits of the shadow fashion in the sales are listed companies.

November 14th, Wanda and time network in Beijing held a "mobile film eco products" Strategy Conference, handed in four months since the first answer. This conference, time net launched two products: time net Professional Edition Mtime PRO and MtimeLive live broadcast.

online to make money, this should be in the previous owners and the vast majority of people are the same: Rip its nose. Until someone really got dollars, only to do a full half believe and half doubt, anyway, is free of charge. No one advice, their own slowly groping, but also really realized a lot of truth.

write this experience to share with you: television, we should all know, advertisers for television advertising money, television and then come up with some money to the people who watch the commercials. Of course, television doesn’t do that, but email companies do. For example, advertisers give e-mail companies $15, e-mail companies come up with $12 for advertising, an ad for one cent, 1200 commercials, and 1200 people always buy advertisers’ products. In such a virtuous circle, advertisers are willing to pay for advertising because they are cheap and consumers are willing to accept it because they can get extra benefits.

why foreign e-mail company development is well developed, the development of free money online mainly through the following phases.

The first stage:

with China gradually joined WTO, accepted the evening as early, early exposure to early money! Let you more money!



1. to make money or get the mail.

One of the current mainstream


apparently, after the acquisition of Wanda, time network business has changed again.

live broadcast is the movie marketing staff. Time network CEO Hou Kaiwen describes the live use of the scene. For example, when a film to hold a press conference, time network can live broadcast of the main road theater meeting, the roadshow does not cover the city, the audience can watch in the theater, and interact with the creative. And these cinemas naturally by Wanda cinema to support.

Individual stationmaster wants to open website management mentality, need import originality

learned from micro-blog that the original hot love dating program "you are the one" is also imported from abroad. It seems that I’m really out. I thought it was the original brand of the domestic program. However, Chinese variety shows have always been imported culture, Chinese TV variety show is still too little, their original, I do not know whether we learn from the ability too strong, or our innovation ability is too low. Sometimes I have to admire some ideas and ideas of foreigners. In comparison, their works are more powerful.

Think of

in the sixth session of the annual meeting of China webmaster, many guests emphasize visit foreign websites, to know the foreign Facebook, twitter turned into a social networking site, micro-blog in China, and the group purchase website and so on, the current popular network elements is not imported products. They say that the Internet makes the world a global village, and we can learn more about the latest information from foreign websites, and some new patterns will be introduced into China in a very short time. As far as Internet development is concerned, we can not help but admit that foreign Internet is more mature and creative than china. Since the Internet has opened the window for us to understand the world, we should not close our eyes, contact as much as possible and understand the latest information and ideas from foreign websites.

in the A5 forum organized "graph king once recommended foreign webmaster webmaster must enter the international learning forum" this post, open a small window for grassroots understanding of foreign Internet, to understand the basic situation of foreign websites from these sites. Only by enriching our experience can we see farther only when we stand taller. China’s traditional educational model has made us lack the ability to innovate since childhood, so now we have to imitate and draw on the latest patterns abroad. If you can first translate the content of your web site into your own web site, then you might win.

there is a webmaster predecessors said, net age is not a problem, resources is not a problem, thinking is the most critical. There are too many similar information on the Internet, users have visual fatigue, and if your site can provide different information, you can get more users. But personal creativity and ideas are always limited, then jump out of yourself and find your own ideas from the website model abroad to get more information. Before the dream River blog post "when the commercial value of the site PK social value", introduced a foreign website a record others website History page, this website is of social value, but has not been found in other countries, this is the difference of thinking.

of course, to understand what foreign websites are introducing, we must first have a slightly good English foundation. The student was told us, English is very important, is the international language, just graduated for many years, is not the knowledge to the teacher? See a lot of people are more concerned about English in Sina micro-blog, Pocket English account has one hundred thousand fans ranging from tens of thousands to several. If you take a little time to study English every day, plus the previous foundation, read the foreign websites

Light this GOOGLE baseless PR update

there are many indications that the PR large-scale updates, a large number of Web sites PR rise is unfounded. Do not conform to the principle of PR value!


a lot of people in the industry are elusive, then I would like to make a wild guess: the rise of the PR value is generally Google performance

the last radiance of the setting sun!

everyone knows that Google has been bullied by Baidu all over the country. But Google has not given up the struggle, but also give dying kicks


but in front of the vast numbers of Chinese netizens. Under the specific national conditions of china. He Google only a dead end!


Google now finally can not hold in fact than Baidu Google excellent. As the webmaster know. But the strong dragon does not pressure to bow Google is now take the PR value to please Chinese AdSense for Chinese are good face..PR also face high light


, but it doesn’t make much sense. If the webmaster doesn’t get the real benefits, just face, not live long, you’ll see through it,


and Google once the webmaster spurned that his death is not far now because Google user station occupies a large proportion, and the webmaster is a group of people have the right to speak. A webmaster says no Google, then there will be thousands of people who will never enter "smelly long" Google in the address bar,


For two years, how did the little red book run from the Hongkong shopping guide to the unicorn club

Abstract: and other cross-border electricity suppliers from buyers or logistics, video live cut into the market is different, the little red book started from the shopping community. In this regard, Qu Fang said, each model is to solve different problems, different dimensions of the problem.


had heard of the little red book is a good color value of temperament, there is an obviously can rely on face to eat but insists on the founder of Mao Wenchao with the strength to speak, in June this year in Shanghai to play a little red book "meat to send a single service, a number of minutes to capture the heart of girl. That is new or black or red book founded more than two years, a way to run, the cross-border electricity supplier in this piece of the Red Sea kaijiangtuotu. Completing the B round of financing, the little red book will soon be among the $one billion club and become one of the most potential unicorns in many of Shanghai’s ventures.

is located in the Huangpu District Renaissance SOHO two floor of the little red book, a door on the left side wall that carves printed white slogans – any place you want to go, there are no shortcuts, people instantly tribute. Through the open end of the office with more than 100 people, everywhere snacks, all-weather supply all kinds of drinks, said little red books have their own kitchen downstairs, dedicated to their employees and distribution of three meals a day.

just yesterday morning, in the brush small book community recommended, I did not suppress the moment, I got the two single. And the page every dozens of seconds pop-up single message reminder, let people curious, little red book with what can attract so many people active here?.

"we’re not really overnight, but we’re lucky enough to catch the air,"

with the upgrading of consumption and lifestyle changes, overseas shopping has gradually become a new lifestyle favored by the new middle class population, resulting in a new form of consumption and electricity supplier form. However, due to asymmetric information, many users in the sea Amoy it is difficult to get comprehensive shopping information, of course, may not have the energy and time to soak inside. This pain point based on the red book to share shopping guide information started to build a whole by the user contributed content (UGC) shopping information platform, users can find the world’s good stuff here, the line will be moved to the online shopping scene, and joined the real purchase user endorsement. Users upload professional content, overseas shopping users can get detailed shopping in little red book".

from the beginning of 2013, outbound travel for Chinese for a high frequency events, with the upgrading of consumption continues to deepen, we want to buy more things, such as toilet cover, electric cooker etc.. But because of regional differences and language differences, many people do not know what to buy, and we feel that this is a need to seize." Says Qu Fang, co-founder of the little red book, explaining the original intention of founding the little red book.

little red book was originally called the Hongkong shopping guide, and it was handed down in the form of PDF. >

Recall that five years is not only the management career firewood knife

or many webmaster like me and no one education, like a warrior, because of various reasons, began his life alone network.

my online career should begin in 03 years. At that time, there was no ADMIN5. I didn’t know it was out of date. I didn’t know the difference between the sky and the white sky. I didn’t know whether there was a cloud in the sky. Five years later, this is the sixth year, back to. The five year is really not only to cut firewood, sharpening age as if at that time, I feel as long as to build a station, can be a millionaire. Do not know who said, a domain name sold hundreds of thousands, a site sold 50 million. Busy every day to make money, which has the function to sharpen it?.

, think about it, you can’t build 20 websites, but now that you’re still alive, how many?. Very deep, because these five years have how many painstaking effort, used in the network. Even if it is a stone, I would like to use our passion to melt it, it should be a love of water. 5 years, 20 websites and 5000 Internet (five years, 980 yuan per year), hundreds of domain name fee, more than 2000 space charges, has been 100US, (fortunately, in the most want to when the server’s own money, and lost a lot of investment) really funny, sleep what an idiot then suddenly remembered the phrase "Buddha network boundless, repent and be saved"

08 years in the second half of the year, I spent five months time, planning a new website, Kak network, website planning is not on the computer, and the A4 paper painted, it took a box of paper I think, this is my last one website. Here, I’d like to share my experience in the past few years with you all:

1, time. Do not want to think of a millionaire, a web site, as long as you work hard, a year can not, two years, three years, must be careful, will certainly have effect. I don’t need technology, it takes time. Forget technology. There’s more explanation later.

2, stick to it. What we insist on is the concentration of a website. Of course, if your experience is better, you can have more than one, and don’t recommend too much. Build a today, build a station tomorrow, that is not insist, that will become a station crazy. If you think the more stations you build, the more money you can get, then you are wrong. Just build a station, you can also have a lot of money. For example, do you have a ADMIN5 now and make sure it earns enough money for you,


3, investment. I feel more and more need to invest. Especially local stations. Shi Yuzhu’s story is legendary when you have time. In a word, the strongest defense is attack. Make a website and invest properly. I do this local station, the expected investment is 10 thousand, just publicity material this piece. Do not think, a website, a domain name is one million yuan. When you earn 100 yuan, it is recommended not to regard this 100 yuan as your profit, spend the one hundred yuan and spend it on publicity. For example, buy a A5 ad, or Ali mother’s advertising, if you do local station, build >

The media only updates 2 articles a day, and the business model is worth pondering

in the era of information explosion, the media start-up company played a very common name, but also made a seemingly contrary to the trend of Internet media development. The media, known as The Information, now has a total of 8 editors, but only 2 articles are updated each day on average. And everything needs to be paid to read, and the subscription is $399 a year.

, but don’t underestimate it. The subscription page is simply a CEO, founder and chief executives of various display screen, the first batch of content contribute to it including the legendary Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor Marc Andreessen, founder of Quora Adam D ‘Angelo, twenty-first Century Fawkes COO James – Murdoch, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg also attended their activities.

now, The Information is already over two years old. In a recent interview with podcast Digiday, founder Jessica Lessin revealed that their subscribers were far more than 1000, but there was still a certain distance from 10000". If calculated by 5000 subscribers, its annual revenue from subscribers has reached $2 million.

compared to other large network media, $2 million is only a small figure, but for only 15 employees The Information, it has been able to let them live very nourishing. This does not include income from offline activities.

in the attitude towards the article, The Information is the pursuit of originality and depth. Jessica said that 80% of the news on the Internet is repeated, rewritten or added slightly, while their reporters do interviews and produce unique content.

at the end of 2013, when The Information was first established, Business Insider, another very successful online media in America, reported on it. Business Insider editor Nicholas Carlson first with a large section of text to ridicule on it, then changed the subject, gives The Information a great affirmation.

"Although the fees are high, most of the target users of The Information are corporate executives who are willing to reimburse the executives for providing valuable content,"


, Business, Insider, and The Information have a totally different style. The former is known for its large number of updates and sensational headlines. It is a traffic business with more than 100 editors. But anything that has been sought after

How to choose the brand of home appliance cleaning service business

home appliance cleaning services in the market is very popular, it has a large demand, the market outlook is very good. Join home appliance cleaning service brand, we have to choose a good brand. Brand formal, it brings you a lot of protection. So, how to join the home appliance cleaning service businesses to choose the brand? We need to understand the principles and methods to choose the brand, which can help you quickly select the brand.

1, visibility

brand awareness includes brand identity and brand memory. Consumers who have the ability to identify the brand, after obtaining some kind of hint, can correctly indicate whether or not they have seen or heard the brand before. Brand recall refers to the ability to recall a particular brand when consumers think of a product without any warning. Brand awareness is often an important driving force for consumers to buy. For example, some people want to eat hamburgers, they may be the first choice of McDonald’s and kfc. The higher the brand awareness, the brand can bring the higher the flow and sales, the franchisee to expand the market before the more worry and effort. Therefore, China Chain Management Research Institute to remind entrepreneurs to join in, be sure to find out the brand, choose a high visibility of the brand, to achieve "backed by a good shade tree in a certain extent".

2, corporate culture

enterprise culture is embraced and attached on the practice value idea, is gradually formed in the production and management practice, with identity for all employees, and comply with the characteristics of the organization’s mission, vision, purpose and spirit, values and business philosophy. In essence, it includes the enterprise staff’s values, ethics, ideology and attitude towards work; from the external performance that includes enterprise’s culture and education, technical training, entertainment and other recreational activities. To cultivate a good corporate culture can make decision, smart, sensitive information, unity and harmony, tacit understanding, efficient and enterprising; power can cause strong cohesion and entrepreneurship in the members of the enterprise. Corporate culture contains a very rich content. The capitalist countries have regarded the corporate culture as a new management tool, with the help of this tool to elaborate the enterprise goals and strategies into specific performance. Join in the choice of brand, from two aspects to consider corporate culture. On the one hand, a good brand, often have some unique corporate culture, as the soul of the enterprise, given the inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development. On the other hand, the brand’s corporate culture is matched with you. If its corporate culture is restrained, rigorous, it is not suitable for those who are open, lively franchisee, because the concept of conflict, will naturally affect the subsequent cooperation

3, management

has a lot of franchise headquarters responsible person does not have the ability to operate and manage, just because of the opening of the one or two business very good shop, met many people want to

The guy was accidentally two Iran pengci beauty

Iran guy was pengci pengci, want to marry her daughter China two old guy, as the two daughter, is a small to handle the relevant formalities to go to Tehran, in the face of this adventure, what you want to say?


things because of a guy named Song Chuying in Hunan due to discuss the company’s business visa to Iran Tehran. During his stay in Tehran, because the night driving is walking down a woman, took place in this bizarre incident, the Xiao Song has with his parents to consult, all relevant formalities to Tehran. This incident caused a lot of discussion in the song’s hometown.

According to the

until the hospital confirmed the elderly without any physical discomfort, was discharged. The old man made a ridiculous request after discharge. She wants her two daughters to marry the Chinese guy. Xiao Song began to adhere to refuse, but after more than a month to get along with and understanding, Xiao Song courage finally opened the two girls veil, two girls let Xiao Song excited to have superior appearance, beautiful!

why hatti Sura must take two daughters "to" small song according to Xiao Song introduced hesitation Tehran now very young men lack two daughters before marriage were not what choice, expected to marry local older men, rather than marry little song for this young people abroad of course, Xiao Song Weirenchushi also deeply won the mother-in-law and two wife.

eight years of the Iraq war, which Iran lost nearly 650 thousand young men. Since then, Iran has a serious imbalance between men and women. According to a survey by the national youth organization of Iran, there are now 20 young women aged between 29 and 6 million 200 thousand, and between the ages of 25 and 34 are only about 2 million 800 thousand.

and since Iran man looking for younger women’s marriage customs, so there are nearly about 3000000 women may lose the chance to get married. Iran media said that even if all men are married, there are still about 1800000 women to live a single life.



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