How to open a stationery office supplies store

a lot of investors, although there is a business plan, but it can not be more specific to their career positioning, resulting in the entire business is easy to be affected. In fact, if you want to successfully set up shop, in a clear basis for the operation of products for further efforts, the probability of success will be higher. So, how to open a stationery office supplies store? Do you need to do a product positioning?

how to open a stationery shop? This kind of shop budget is not high, about 8-10 million can be, of which 50 thousand yuan for the store lease and decoration, the rest of the purchase of goods. Shop area is not large, 15-30 square meters can be. The following specific talk about.

is not difficult to do this line of business, as long as the opened before considering how to position, that is to say, business stationery office supplies store is to determine the direction of office supplies as the center, or in the stationery goods center.

if the stationery office supplies store is based on office supplies, it is necessary to prepare the sale of office equipment and consumables used, the location of the store should be selected in the company or institution focus.

companies are now very reasonable use of office supplies, which has an impact on sales of office supplies. For example, the company in order to improve the efficiency of the office, the use of consumables, there are strict regulations, with the use of the machine, in addition, the computer is very common; iron and office supplies, is the focus of the economy and its durability.

office supplies stationery shop in the distribution of office supplies, in order to adapt to the needs of the market, we must accurately grasp the consumption trend of recent office supplies, so that it was easy to find the target, our business policy and strategy adjustment in time.

office supplies management, centralized office premises or place where the occupation is not necessarily confined to business, many shops also take the company form of organization, they like to book goods used so much, if in the heart of the larger commercial street, the shops in the stationery office supplies store business the scope, it will has great potential.

while the stationery office supplies shop with Stationery sales as the center of the shop, the marketing scope is certainly more extensive. Because there is no office premises, shops and other places, do not use a pen, pen, pen or other stationery, but if we can attract these customers, or to open shops where to go, or to suggest operating office supplies mainly suitable for business, office supplies stationery business profit to be higher than. If it is to do a special stationery business, or to school or family as the main object.

but there may be one or two stationery stores near any school. If you want to do this business again, do it

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge for 120 thousand people free life is true

Zhangjiajie is an important tourist scenic spot in the country, which receives a large number of tourists every year. Not long ago, Zhangjiajie for the glass bridge re issued a notice on the Internet, 120 thousand people involved in the final decision of the tourism scenic area to provide free travel for these 120 thousand people is true?

includes the world’s highest and longest ten "world first" Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge is the last batch of bridge glass installation, is expected to open this year, 51 trial operation.

2015 in December, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic release word ten thousand, the global name of the announcement, for the global gathering of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge name, caused uproar in the network.

3 1 hearing on February 29th, at a time when the word for a period of 57 days, Hunan Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge global name of the activities of the end of the. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic WeChat official platform received a total of 120 thousand users of the world’s real name of the effective name.

unexpected heat of the event, so that the scenic spot will be announced for the extraction of 1000 people for an unlimited amount of free life, extended to participate in the active participation of nearly 120 thousand users.

nearly 120 thousand names, nearly 120 thousand people’s efforts, hundreds of millions of people’s attention." Chen Zhidong, chairman of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic sigh. Baked this generous free policy, that is, to repay users and the community of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge of this special attention and trust.

According to

news bulletin show time scenic, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon of the real name registration and submission of the levy participation of nearly 120 thousand users each presented a special "package": awarded the "Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk participants" lifelong honorary title; all the personal information of all input scenic intelligent management system, open the glass bridge I brush directly after the two generation ID card (with sign registered) unlimited free access to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic tour and visit the glass bridge (glass bridge adult visit tickets 138 yuan).

Chen Zhidong introduced, nearly 120 thousand names, the final one is "look for a needle in the ocean". In order to ensure that the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk zhengminghuodong fair, open and impartial, finally to get a good name worthy of the name of the glass bridge, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area will be held on March 5th to 6 at the Peking University, Fudan University, Zhongshan University, three university synchronized development levy name selection, college students and graduate students led by professors of the school above the team on the scene of the primaries.

each area from each of the 120 thousand names in the first filter out the name of the 100, and then summarize the area of the three, and finally get about 300 Options >

Survey shows that the level of education is inversely proportional to entrepreneurial intention

many people will think of a person by the higher level of education in many aspects of the views will be deeper and more comprehensive, such people are often not willing to people, working for other people, however, a recent survey has shown that with the opposite of a result!

at the same time, Guangzhou focus on business information, prepare the youth entrepreneurship is also the highest proportion of 46% young people surveyed in the future; the highest proportion of business plan. From the above data can be seen, although the Taiwan region with entrepreneurial spirit, but the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs in Guangzhou is higher than that of young people in Taiwan." Tu Minxia analysis.

economic situation worse entrepreneurial intention is stronger "in Guangzhou, the higher the level of education, the lower probability of business plan, this is a worrying phenomenon." Tu Minxia analysis said that this shows that the youth in Guangzhou can not find a job or find a job is not satisfied with the choice of entrepreneurship to change the situation.

Study on

more choose the low threshold of the industry, only 6.4% choose the high-tech industry survey shows that in Guangzhou the young respondents, the majority (90.2%) of youth is no entrepreneurial experience. Among the young people who have experienced the business, a large proportion of young people will focus on the sales industry (27.3%), the food and beverage industry (18.2%) and IT and other high-tech industries (15.9%>)

How to manage beauty salon

beauty salon management work is not good, the business will be affected. If you are investing in a beauty shop, then what should be done to do business? If you are not familiar with the problem, take a look at it!

Beauty Health Museum mainly engaged in cupping, scraping, ovary, stomach, neck and facial health, the products are good, but because of the "nest" in the business building, not many people know, so the store business has been stagnant. Even at the best of times, there are only five or six guests a day, and when the business is bad, there is no one.

family style beauty salon, the biggest feature is the internal atmosphere of the family style, Ms. Wong’s beauty salon overall area of about 130 square meters. Inside the room with warm yellow, pink tone. The hall is a place for guests, with an area of about 15 square meters. There are three boxes in the museum, one of which is a bed VIP box, the other is a total of two beds in the ordinary box of the two. In order to facilitate the guests to freshen up, beauty salon is also equipped with a shower room, a sauna room, can be used for two guests at the same time.

beauty service industry brand is very important. Family style beauty salon in the office, there is no exposure along the street shops, and therefore also need to strengthen the publicity to attract popularity. In addition, the source side, depending on the boss’s friends such a class is certainly not enough.

beauty health museum management knowledge of many, if you are not familiar with this just to contact us, we hope that more business advantages for you the strength of security headquarters mining, let you easily Denver, do not miss a good opportunity.

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What do you recommend to do the most profitable small business in 2015

is now in 2015, if you want to make more money this year, then entrepreneurship is a good way out. What do you do in 2015? This is a lot of people are thinking about the problem. If you have an idea, you need to do something about it, first of all, what are some of the more profitable projects in 2015?.

2015 what to do? Open digital workshop

1) digital stereo image; 2) digital dynamic magic picture; 3) permanent crystal image; 4) digital creative album; 5) features art printing; 6) personality art production; 7) digital advertising system; 8) digital electronic archives of digital life series; 9).

2015 what to do? A fat lady store

2015 what to do?

crystal house

2015 what to do? Open fashion nail shop

now stores China Manicure such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, just a few years, Manicure employees has reached tens of thousands of people, 1/5 beauty salon added Manicure project. In the western developed countries, as long as engaged in   occupation permit, people will increase this service project. Nail can be divided into crystal armor, silk armor, patch armor, carved

King my dream is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams

in such an entrepreneurial era, many entrepreneurs are chasing their dreams, there is such a person, their dream is to help others achieve their dreams. Wang Weigong is one of them.

"I love China traditional culture, often to listen to some Ancient Chinese Literature Search class." Every year, half the time living abroad he said, there are China meilanzhuju feelings of traditional culture, there is The Four Books and the Five Classics attitude to life, it is to make a lot of foreigners is obsessed with something, in fact, entrepreneurs also need good feelings and attitude towards life.

The value of

this view may be related to his growth and entrepreneurial experience. Wang Weigong was born in Heilongjiang, a rural family, from childhood to follow their parents around, high school and college time spent in Zhengzhou, in 1993 to make a living in the United States, in 2000 to become a foreign company executives.

2001, from the United States to return to business, he first thought of Zhengzhou. In 2006, he invested in the establishment of Henan Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd., starting from the entrepreneur to create a customer nurturing and entrepreneurial investors change.

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Plastic window ten brands list

for housing decoration, often need to do first is to close the window, and the selection of different materials, will be involved in the brand will naturally be different. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of plastic window list, so that people in the industry who have the demand to choose the right brand.

windows ten brands list NO.1, conch profiles: key high-tech enterprises, Chinese Anhui Conch Group investment holding new chemical building materials enterprises, ten large steel doors brand, Wuhu conch Polytron Technologies Inc.

windows ten brands list NO.2, Shide: national trademark protection, one of the largest production base of chemical building materials Chinese global scale, the top 500 enterprises, ten brands of steel doors, Dalian Shide Group Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.3 North: founded in 1979, won the national trademark protection, Chinese brand, listed companies, one of the largest Chinese new building materials building materials industry group, Limited by Share Ltd.

windows ten brands list NO.4, LG hi good good: LG’s Hausys, the leading enterprises of building decoration materials, plastic steel door ten brands, industry famous brand, South Korea, Jinhua, Le (Tianjin) Co., ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.5 Ke Meiling: Germany on 1897, the world’s leading brands in the field of material, large multinational companies, steel door ten brand Kemei (Tianjin) polymer materials Co Ltd.

windows ten brands list NO.6, VEKA VEKA: by German VEKA group to invest in the construction of high-grade PVC-U plastic profile production base, plastic doors and windows industry leading brands, VEKA plastics (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list NO.7, Zhongcai profile: Zhejiang Zhongcai Investment Group brands, national key high-tech enterprises, steel doors ten brands, industry famous brand, Zhejiang Zhongcai profile Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.8 Tech: Xi’an hi tech (Group) company, plastic window industry famous brand, national industry standard drafting units, state-owned enterprises, Xi’an hi tech wall windows limited.

windows ten brands list NO.9, AP: YKK Japan YKK group’s famous brand building materials, the world’s leading supplier of building materials, a well-known brand of plastic steel windows, the drafting of national standards, Dalian Yoshida building materials Co. ltd..

Some business matters needing attention fangpian

entrepreneurial career above, a lot of people want to be able to quickly achieve brilliant wealth market, but how to achieve this brilliant entrepreneurial road? In the rush to ask the way, many people have drilled a lot of loopholes to cheat, so we should pay attention to.

1, after receiving a letter of inquiry can be recovered, you can offer, but will not accept the invitation to personally come to discuss the company issued such an invitation has actually exposed the tail.

2, do not worry about their customers do not go there will run the business, because he really want to buy, is concerned about your credibility and strength.

3, the sample can be, pay the sample fee, even the courier charges to let him out, no gifts, but you must explain to the customer, the customer does not have the sincerity to do this thing because of anger, unless it is a liar, you haven’t started his way blocked, he can not anger you.

4, to buy gifts, no problem, as business is done, I also miss dinner tube, now no way. Real customers also consider long-term cooperation, the first time you even if you take the initiative to invite him, he will not go, not to mention the customer you want.

5, signed a contract and do not lose their eyes, a lot of crooks this time to put forward A: rebates in advance. B: want gifts.   C: reimbursement.   D: all kinds of expenses, etc.. In the name of various expenses to you, this time to awake, do not adhere to, don’t worry about the contract do not go down, because you have to know the matter to this step, you obviously have met a liar.

6, a certain amount to the delivery, or to invite customers to the company to pay the inspection of the contract, the terms of the contract must be considered in advance, it is possible that the trick in those terms.

7, the two companies never mind the key is to be strangers to each other, the course of events is normal.

8, not luck, there is no free lunch, the real customers care about is your strength, price, quality, reputation and service, only those with low IQ love liar will go the wrong door.

9, do not believe that only 100 yuan a big liar, people may cheat you, so be careful in peace of mind, good anti cheat.

10, don’t be impatient for success, your company only do 100 thousand order ability, why have to go for a single 10 million, and that to find your customers, he didn’t know your strength?


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Sports brand to fast fashion learning to build a strong supply chain

fierce competition in the apparel industry is not a day two days, in recent years, with the increase in the brand, especially. Recently, M announced that its H& H& M  Sport;   (H& M   sports series) in January 2014 will be the new appearance. It is reported that />

"will be introduced; M  Sport series is a comprehensive expansion of existing sports series, which confirms the long H& M of H& M  Sport input and to the rapid penetration of sports." H& M China spokesman, public relations manager Fu Xiarong on "Chinese entrepreneurs" said.

H& M sports series has been a branch of the men’s and women’s apparel sector. In store display, before the movement of single products will be based on gender distinction, and were displayed in the men’s and women’s clothing sector. Chinese consumers are not aware of the H&, M sell sportswear, and sports series in the Chinese market is less and less promotional efforts. With the launch of the new sports series, H&, M shop and some stores will be set up a larger sales area, more focused to allow consumers to access these products.

but not professional sports field fast fashion value, but the broader consumer groups sports fashion field.

How to open a Chinese fast food restaurant

food fast-food brands occupy the majority of investors, and in the fast food franchise industry in Chinese fast food is more popular, Chinese fast food fast food nutrition is not comprehensive enough to break the idea, for everyone to provide convenient and efficient colleagues can also let consumers eat fast food nutrition and health, as well as people’s favorite China. Because of the Chinese fast food market is huge, "how to open a Chinese fast food restaurant" this problem many people lost on the road of business confusion and don’t know what to do, here we give several suggestions, hoping to help catering entrepreneurs.

how to open Chinese fast food restaurant: location and location

has always been to the Chinese fast food delicious and inexpensive, easy to use and other advantages and so the positioning of Chinese fast-food restaurants are best parity and popular, if the location is too high, easy to limit the source, after all, the rich rarely eat Chinese fast food, and ordinary people can not afford to eat, how the business will be good


in general, Chinese fast-food target customers are mainly working-class, and the family of students, so the Chinese fast food restaurant the best opening in this kind of crowd gathering place, such as office buildings, large factories, or near the school, of course, the station terminal traffic is very good, after all, the flow of people in these places relatively large.

how to open Chinese fast food restaurants: decoration and layout

Chinese fast food shop decoration should highlight the modern characteristics, the use of simple style, bright colors, and strive to create a relaxed and pleasant feeling for customers. Shop furniture can use card tables and chairs, so that both the rich sense of the times, and to maximize the use of limited space. The kitchen should try to use stainless steel and other materials made of kitchen facilities, to consumers to leave a clean, healthy impression.

Chinese fast food shop layout must be reasonable, can be used in symmetric fashion, also can use the combination, the shop is divided into small areas one by one, anyway to give a feeling of spaciousness, don’t make people feel very crowded.

how to open Chinese fast food restaurant: operation and management

Chinese fast-food shop should have a complete and mature business strategy, opened before the opening, on the same day, and days after the operation, should formulate corresponding management plan, to know how to promote, but also good service.

Chinese fast-food restaurant management is also very important, especially the larger Chinese fast food shop, a staff, if the management is not in place, it is easy to affect the efficiency of the work, so the development of the management system should also be taken into account.

how to open Chinese fast food >